Too long to be intimate, beware of your sexuality

 They say that sexual ability is like a knife. If you don’t have sex for too long, be careful of your sexuality. However, some people were surprised to feel that each time the couple met and wanted to be gentle, their sexual abilities and pleasure were not as good as before.
Separation of sexes for too long Sexual abilities has plummeted. In fact, regardless of gender, there is a law of sexual abilities. For objective reasons, maybe you separate the two places; for subjective reasons, maybe you have one side. You may not have sex for a long time, but be careful.

“Everyone said that Xiaobie wins a new marriage. The husband and wife will meet again after a while. Sexual life should feel more and feel better. How can it make sexual performance decline-“

Gender separation for too long

In fact, there is a law of “use and retreat” in sexual abilities regardless of men and women. This is like a car. If you often drive it, you will feel more and more comfortable, and the performance of the car will be better; but if you do not drive or perform maintenance for too long, not only your driving skills will be unfamiliar, but the car ’s various Parts will also rust and malfunction, and naturally they are not so easy to drive. The same is true of human sexuality. Without sex for too long, it can lead to decreased sexual performance, endocrine disorders, and women can even cause a series of gynecological diseases. Therefore, we have always suggested that you should have sex regularly, which is good for your body and mind.

What you need to know about sex

Women with too little sexual life have a higher incidence of breast hyperplasia. From the “sexual” point of view, the following aspects can be addressed to address this disease-:

In addition, husbands and wives tend to be more excited during sex if they meet again after abstinence for too long. However, the rhythm of sexual life between men and women is different. If the husband moves too fast and “hassled things”, the wife will not have a good sexual experience, and in the past, he may hate sex life.

For separated couples who are not uncommon in modern life, how to avoid the “disuse” of sexual abilities-On the one hand, couples should strengthen communication and exchange each other’s feelings and ideas; on the other hand, they should try to meet regularly. After all, this is important to each other’s physical and mental health and happiness;

Afterward, masturbation can be used to resolve the desire in the heart when appropriate. This is a legitimate and reasonable sexual means, which not only guarantees loyalty to the partner, but also does not violate social morality, and is an effective way to release sexual feelings. Of course, if you choose some masturbation equipment, it is also a good choice, after all, the authenticity is very strong.

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