Sexual abuse of children violates the prohibition of child abuse

In recent years, the voices of children’s dolls are increasing, and the news of the prohibition of importing children’s dolls is also continuous. Today, the Norwegian Supreme Court passed a verdict explaining the position of the sex doll law.

  Article 311 of the Norwegian Criminal Code provides for a law prohibiting sexual acts.

A hot word produces a description or acquisition that describes a child’s sexual behavior, and anyone who imports or possesses a description may be punished or imprisoned.

Therefore, when buying a doll, please pay attention to whether the sex doll is prohibited in your country or region.

Sex dolls are considered family members

You have an idea. A product, even. How to do? How do you build a brand that attracts customers?

In our first episode, you’ll hear about Alex Fine, the co-founder of sex toy maker Dame Products, on the challenges of fighting from bad packaging to Facebook. The new episodes of my brand, including today’s most interesting brands and the founders and marketers behind them, will go live every other Tuesday.
Merchant Zhenguo Yu lives in a small town in southwestern China with his teenage son and their 11-character doll.

It has been several years since the Chinese man and a real woman have been together. He told Quartz that he lacked a romantic relationship and he turned to a sex doll to seek companionship.

“Whenever I order custom clothing for them, the tailor thinks I am joking because the measurements are comparable to the normal size of humans,” Yu told Quartz, who revealed the many pieces he brought to the sex doll.

When hackers stare at sex toys, your data has to be stolen?

As sex toys become more intelligent, they can now calculate calories, get people’s positioning, record audio and video, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and people can even remotely control each other’s happiness.

This also opened the door to hacking invasive toys.
In the SexTech hackathon and DIY sex toy workshops where hackers gather in most areas, more and more hackers spontaneously set up communities to find new ways to write sex toys, and some are supported by sex toy companies.

According to the independent publication “SEXTECHGUIDE”, hackers hope to increase the fun of people using sex toys and promote the advancement of sexual technology through exploratory technology.

For sex toy manufacturers, they collect data to improve products or services to attract more customers, or simply use user data to attract potential advertisers. In these hacker communities, the more common form is the hackers’ own DIY sex toys.

Because the sex toys on the market are generally uniform, the performance is not good, it is not suitable for everyone, and it is impossible to grasp the sexual needs of everyone. So hackers connect and innovate sexual technology and then create new sex toys based on their own ideas.
Angelo, the head of a DIY sex toy workshop, is currently working on a project called Lobe. This is a sex toy worn on the ear. It combines heat, sound, vibration and other three kinds of stimuli. People can get thrills without going through the genitals. This will help the transgender and the disabled.
The trend of DIY sex toys is very promising, technical educator Alice Stewart said:

It will create a private, customized experience for everyone, bringing more possibilities.

Another form is the controversial “hacker-invasive toy.”

A vibrator called the “Lion” can use biofeedback technology to track the user’s body temperature and pelvic floor muscle contraction, and then display relevant chart data in the phone’s app.
If hackers “enter” this sex toy, they can review the history of people’s orgasm. Through the data, they can better understand the functions of sex toys and how they affect users, and then decode the happiest time and way of people, and use This information to improve the future of more people’s sex life.

But for some criminals, these hacking knowledge can lead to sensitive data leakage and involuntary control of the most “intimate” devices. The delineation of the law in this piece is still very vague.

One of the notorious cases is the emotional brand WeVibe collects user data without the user’s knowledge. In 2017, WeVibe was sued by the user and ended with a $3 million payment.
But for the public, innovative technology is important, but security is still the first thing to pay attention to.

So when we buy a sex toy, we should first ensure that it meets the safe use standards, and then be sure to check the device’s privacy policy, as well as the data collection policy, and have a strict sense of privacy protection.

But as intelligence goes deep into the tools of our lives, the privacy crisis will only continue to expand. This is still a difficult problem that cannot be contained at the moment.

The method we can completely avoid may only be far from intelligent, or until there is a smarter way to solve it.

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Adult toy company gives employees four days holiday masturbation

To help workers practice what they are promoting, the UK-based company began offering “self-love days” outside of the usual annual leave of employees in November.

Encourage employees to spend extra time to achieve themselves in terms of sex and to reach as high as possible, inferring that masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits.
There is a climax that releases endorphins and oxytocin, which promotes love, relationships and well-being.

With this in mind, the company believes that “self-love days” will make employees happier, less stressful and more productive when returning to work. In the words of sex toy companies, the return of employees is “one step at a time.”

It’s unclear how the company monitors holidays; many people will undoubtedly be happy to spend a day to please themselves, but I want to know if you can save time and use it for vacations?
You can spend a long weekend, I believe you can still take time to masturbate. The company does say that they encourage employees to “do whatever they want to explore,” so I think it depends on the passion of individuals to find them.

Either way, the days of self-love are a good excuse for anyone to find themselves with a partner who has not done this for them in the bedroom. If you choose to have some fun without them, they will not be offended because it is for work.

A grandfather was caught trying to order a child sex doll online.

Keith Roddham ordered a human-like sexual image online, which is “anatomically correct” for a six-year-old girl, except for certain features, such as its large breasts.

The 71-year-old man was rumbling when the doll was intercepted by customs officials.

According to the “Chronicle” report, before the authorities arrested the former soldier, he ordered another person facing the child.
Roddham of Blyth, Northumberland was found searching for “girls with small breasts” online, but did not download any illegal materials.

He admitted to importing an indecent or obscene article and has now been sentenced by the New York State Royal Court to a community order.

He had not been convicted before and denied any sexual interest in children.

The parcel was intercepted by officials at Stanstead Airport on December 28, 2016.
Sue Nikeline said: “It was found to contain a sex doll like a child. Officials think it is an indecent or obscene article.

“There is a piece of equipment inside the box that can only be described as a doll, including a see-through top, a skirt and a thong.

“The Nosambian police were informed that the defendant was arrested at home on January 16, 2017.

“He accepted the items he ordered on the Internet and said it was described as a 100 cm sex breast doll.”

Christmas gifts for my daughter become sex toys?

Recently, I learned that Alex Bai, a father of Rhode Island in Greece, bought a set of wood-burning crafts for his daughter at Christmas. As a result, Amazon sent a sex toy that made him feel very angry. .

Alex Bai said that Amazon had mixed up his orders. Originally he ordered wood products, but when he opened it, he found that he was an adult sex toy, not a gift he wanted to give to his daughter. When he first opened the box, he realized that “this is definitely not a set of wood-fired kits, but I didn’t know what it was at first.”

After Google took the picture, he realized that it was an adult sex toy. “But the label is a wood product, which is the one I ordered.”

Bai said that he had called Amazon to complain about the problem and received an Amazon reply saying that he would call back, but there was no news. Finally, he was told that he would provide a refund and a $10 coupon.

Bai believes that Amazon does not take this issue seriously. “They didn’t realize that this might cause psychological shadows for customers and put customers in awkward situations. If I didn’t open the view first, my daughter in my early 10s got it.”

Finally, he suggested that when consumers buy gifts from Amazon, it is best to check the gifts before sending them out to avoid the confusion of orders. “You can’t completely trust the goods that Amazon sent you is the one you ordered.”

Why more and more people choose to “fall in love” with silicone dolls

Now more and more men choose to “fall in love” with silicone dolls. The birth rate in Japan continues to decrease, and more and more Japanese men are not willing to cope with the requirements of the other half and avoid falling out of love. They choose not to talk about true love, but find “true love” from the doll.

Although the marriage of a 45-year-old Japanese physiotherapist Masayuki Ozaki lost sparks, he found a peculiar export to fill his inner emptiness.

At present, the silicone doll Mayu is in bed with Masayuki Ozaki, and lives under the same roof with Ozaki’s wife and teen daughter.

He said: “Since my wife gave birth to her daughter, we no longer have intimate relationships. I felt very lonely at the time.”

Ozaki will use a wheelchair to push the doll out for a date, and also help her wear sexy clothes, wear different wigs and jewelry. “When I saw Mayu in the showroom, I fell in love at first sight.”

“My wife was very angry when she came home with Mayu. But recently she was forced to accept it.”

He also said that when her daughter discovered that Mayu was not a giant Barbie, she was completely frightened.
Ozaki is also frank, he is disgusted with the feelings between people, “Japanese girls are hard-hearted, they are very selfish. In fact, when men return home, they only ask someone to listen to their complaints, they will not complain all the time.”

Ozaki’s wife, Riho, tried to ignore the doll as much as possible. She said, “I will continue to do housework. I will cook, clean and wash. I choose to sleep without sex.”

According to market insiders, the Japanese market sells about 2,000 silicone dolls every year for about $6,000. They have adjustable fingers, removable heads and genitals.

Hideo Tsuchiya, executive director of Orient Industry, a company that makes dolls, said: “The current dolls are much different from the dolls of the 70s. The dolls now feel very real, just like real skin. More and more boys buy dolls because they think Can communicate with the doll.”

These sex dolls are very popular with disabled guests, widowed people and people who are obsessed with dolls. Some men even use dolls to avoid falling out of love.
Senji Nakajima, a 62-year-old Japanese man with two children, said: “People really have a lot of demands, such as money or promises.”

The relationship between Nakajima and the doll has broken the family, but he still does not want to give up the doll. His wife forbids the appearance of dolls at home, and the daughter also opposes, but the son has accepted the reality. Nakajima thinks that he finds true love and treats the doll as a real person. He said: “I will not derail or be embarrassed because I have treated her as an adult.”

Fantasy own day

Caterina is a small, petite blonde who is a little shy by nature. “I was raised by my mother to be an obedient and old-fashioned girl, so I never got a chance to date boys,” she says. “I was not allowed to wear make-up or short, revealing clothes either.”

But Caterina has confessed to us that she used to read a lot of porn magazines secretly in her bedroom, and play with herself every night, imagining a man touching her body and making dirty, sweaty love to her.

“If you are that man, then please know that though I am still a virgin, my mind and body are hot and ready to be initiated into adult sex play,” she assures. “Teach me how to give blow jobs and fuck with my pussy and ass, and I promise I will be the best lay you have ever had.”

Take her now, please!

sex doll

Summer doll is for you

This is 150cm 5ft1 M-cup Sex Doll Karla

22-year-old Karla is a stripper with an amazing body.

“It should be a crime for me to ever put on any clothes,” she says. “I hate hiding my breasts and butt under tight, uncomfortable clothing, and if I had a choice, I’d always be naked, showing off my body to any man who wants to devour it with his eyes, hands and cock.”

For Karla, being big and beautiful has always been an advantage. “I have always used my assets shamelessly to get ahead in life,” she continues. “Right from high school when my male teachers would raise my grade if I let them squeeze my boobs or play with my pussy. I loved being touched, and hot male hands makes me want to faint with desire.”

You want to squeeze those boobs and play with her fat pussy too? You could, you know…

sex doll

How to manage the doll’s wig?

Since you all know how to care for sex dolls, do you know the wig? If you buy expensive wigs, do you know how to care? In this article, we will delve into the care and maintenance of sex doll wigs.

It is important to want a sex doll to look more attractive and attractive. Generally, when purchasing sex dolls, they are tailor-made wigs, which are the simplest ways to wear them.
a. Use wig caps and hair clips
b. Use wig caps and velcro
But also note that:
• Avoid wearing a black wig cap. Always choose a light-colored wig cap, because black wig caps tend to leave stains on the doll when placed for too long. This is especially true for dolls with a soft complexion. Even if your baby’s skin is dark, experts still recommend using a light wig cap.
• Avoid adhesives. Adhesives and glue can damage the scalp of the doll. They are dirty, more difficult to remove, and can damage the skin of sex dolls. You don’t want this. What about you?
It is easy to clean sex dolls. How do you ensure that your dolls always have a beautiful and thick long hair?

  1. Take off the wig of the sex doll. This protects the skin of the doll from bruising and makes the whole process easier.
  2. Wet the wig with water. It goes without saying that reducing wigs makes brushing easier.
  3. Gently brush the wig. First untie the knot by hand and do not force the brush through the hair. Gently brush your hair from the tip of your hair. At this time, slight hair loss is normal.
    Then how to clean it? The frequency of washing depends on the material of the wig (synthetic or real hair). Although synthetic wigs do not collect too much oil like real hair, be sure to clean them after a while to remove accumulated dust.
    • Use warm water to a depth sufficient to drown the wig. Avoid using hot water because it can ruin the skin of a doll
    • Add shampoo and immerse the wig in the water. Using a little shampoo, gently immerse the wig into the water. Let the wig wait a few minutes in the water before washing.
    • Gently wash to avoid re-developing the knot in the wig.
    • Remove the wig and rinse with fresh tap water. Remove the wig from the soapy water and rinse with water.
    • Gently squeeze and dry the wig. Before using a dry towel to dry the wig, carefully squeeze to avoid tangling the wig.
    • Brush the wig and hang it to dry. Finally, gently brush the wig and hang it in a cool, dry place.