How do you see your family buying adult products?

Do you agree that the child is exposed to adult toys? Or if you find that your child secretly uses sex toys, how would you educate your child?
If your child is an adult, the average parent has a default or consent attitude. If the child is underage but is obsessed with adult toys, this is a very difficult problem.

I remember a parent who found his child exposed to sex toys early, and privately purchased sex dolls hidden under the bed, and discovered the secret by chance. But he did a good job, didn’t say anything at the time, and finally opened up a little mention of some sex education every day. His child also began to gradually become aware of this problem. Surprisingly, suddenly the child said that he was buying a sex doll, but he did not blame the child. The child thought he would marry him. The result was not.

It not only protects the child’s self-respect but also makes them a “friend” who has nothing to say. If he had married his child at the time, it might seriously hurt the child’s self-esteem and the relationship between the two sides would also break down.

In fact, it is good to correctly guide children’s cognitive toys. Of course, it is absolutely forbidden to involve these minors.

sex doll

Introducing a fairy doll for you

Elanor has often been voted the “most interesting” sex doll by men and women with a fantasy fetish.

It is rare to find an elf who is busty and thick, but Elanor carries her weight so sexily that even men who don’t have a fantasy fetish is attracted by the sight of her.

Her pointy ears have hardened a lot of cocks and misted up a lot of pussies because the elf fetish is shared by both men and women.

Elanor swings both ways of course, and says she needs a lot of stimulation because she is such an over-sexed creature.

“I enjoy the uniqueness of my body” she confesses. “My pointed ears that drive people crazy, my huge, pendulous breasts, my thick thighs and hips… and a wet, hungry pussy with tight lips that will remind you of the shell of a nut, waiting to be cracked open.”

  • Curvy Elf Sex Doll
  • Massive M-Cup Breasts
  • 5 feet tall (150 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Doll Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet (150 cm)
  • Weight: 93 lbs (42.5 kg)


  • Bust: 38 inches
  • Waist: 20 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches

Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes are)

  • Vagina: 7 inches
  • Anus: 6 inches
  • Mouth: 5 inches

sex doll

How many degrees of high temperature can TPE materials withstand?

People yearn for freedom, and the sea is a symbol of freedom.

Sex dolls are the concept of family in the hearts of many people, so they will be brought wherever they go. Do you know how much summer burning is hurting dolls?

The general dolls are made of TPE and silica gel. TPE is also called synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber. Its products not only have the high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, but also have ordinary plastic processing. Convenient and wide processing methods.

There are many different qualities of TPE, different material bases and different properties. Some TPE material suppliers have announced that classic TPEs have a temperature range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C.

But we did not know the exact name of the TPE supplier of the sex doll brand at the time of purchase.

Therefore, even if the doll has a heating system, the constructor himself claims that the TPE will be affected by the use of this function. Therefore, in all cases, it is best to avoid the temperature of the toy being too cold and too hot, which can also extend the life of the doll.

How to care for sex dolls?

I know that the most exciting thing about people now is that the courier is here. There is also the thrill of the moment when the parcel is opened, especially the excitement that the articles of my heart are finally coming.
Of course, although sex dolls are special items, they also need to pay attention to the following points:

  1. You have to remember that all the silicone dolls and TPE material dolls you buy have metal skeletons inside, so please look at the instructions in the swing position. Some places can’t move hard, otherwise, there will be broken skeletons.
  2. Never let your sex doll fall or hit a hard place, which can easily damage the surface of the doll.
  3. Don’t use sharp objects on the doll. Excessive stretching or excessive force will damage her skin.
  4. The limbs of the doll are very flexible to move the joints but don’t be too strong, so the internal skeleton screws will fall off.
  5. Never let a sex doll pose for a long time, which will deform her body. You should always change your posture. When you are not using it, it is best to put it back in the box, just like people are lying down.
  6. When having sex with a doll, don’t put too much pressure on their wrists or other places because of the excitement. After all, the doll is not a real person and cannot bear this weight.
  7. Do not use oil-based lubricants, which can damage the skin. Of course, it is recommended that you use a water-based lubricant because it is safe for you and the sex doll’s skin will not be damaged.
  8. Please do not clean it after use or if it has not been used for a long time. In fact, dolls are bathed and cleaned at least every 15 days, with mild soap or antibacterial shower gel. During bathing, the body and head of the doll must not completely invade the water, and the head and neck should always remain above the water.
  9. After cleaning, remember to gently pat the doll with a clean absorbent towel, remember not to use a hairdryer.
  10. Especially in the vaginal or anal area, the water stains must be wiped clean, otherwise, the water intrusion will cause the metal inside to rust.
  11. TPE material will be easy to oil, so remember to apply scorpion powder, corn flour, flour, etc.

I hope that these tips can help you.

should you allow your man to own a sex doll?

People who buy sex dolls are not necessarily unmarried or single. If you find that your other half bought a sex doll, would you object?

The answer is different for this question. After all, every woman is unique. Let’s discuss together, you should let your husband buy a sex doll, and how to ensure that sex dolls will not have a negative impact on you and your other half.

If you agree with your other half to buy sex dolls, it is also a good choice. Girls will encounter some illnesses or other things that cannot satisfy the other half, so sex dolls offer another option. It turns out that most men are unfaithful. When their partner can’t meet their sexual needs, no matter what, allowing the purchase of sex dolls greatly reduces the possibility of infidelity.

If you agree to your other half to buy sex dolls, it will reduce their brothel escort to eliminate sexual desire. Of course, this can’t guarantee 100%, let her buy a doll, which provides ready-to-use options for couples or couples. For the two people, this is the most important and safest disease that can avoid unnecessary infections.

Of course, in order to ensure that the relationship between the two people is not broken, you can make a request and use it only at a specific time, such as pregnancy, illness, work-related business trip, and physiological period. If you overuse sex dolls, you will lose interest in your wife or partner.

As long as the two of you agree, sex dolls are only used for the sole purpose, and it is discouraged to bring in some public places. As long as the two parties agree, there is no reason to prohibit the other half from purchasing sex dolls.

About reducing the aging of TPE dolls

Those who have purchased TPE-made sex dolls are expected to know this. TPE-made dolls love oil. Does it mean that aging is equal to aging? Can cleaning reduce oil production?

In fact, the main oil output is related to the ambient temperature and material formulation. The reason for the softness of silica gel and TPE is that the oil is encapsulated in the molecule. When the oil penetrates out of the material, it hardens and drys, and it is easy to crack

When cleaning, remember to apply flour, corn flour or hazelnut powder, because after cleaning, the surface of TPE will be very oily, which greatly affects the feel, and powdering can improve the hand feeling, and it will be easier to wear clothes. If the doll has been powdered for a while and found that the feeling is not smooth, it should be re-pulverized. Generally, it is necessary to re-bath after 2-3 times of powdering. The powder will absorb the oil for the first time, but it will not stop the oil. But remember, don’t use hot water when cleaning.

 Therefore, if you want to extend the life of a sex doll as much as possible, you should try to keep the oil out too fast. Generally speaking, the optimal temperature for the doll is 10-20 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.

So, have you remembered?

Do you look at how to bring sex dolls in public places?

We often see the news is that someone in a certain place brings a sex doll

So what do you think of it?

The first type: Everyone is free and free to think, so they cannot interfere with the decisions made by others.

Second: After all, in public, sex dolls are still somewhat inappropriate, not everyone can adapt.

Third: This has nothing to do with me, I can choose not to watch or not to go.

Fourth: Why do you want to bring sex dolls? Is it psychopathy or mental illness?

Everyone has their own point of view, but I think everyone has the right to choose, and sex dolls don’t necessarily mean ‘sex.’ Some people simply like it, some people pin their thoughts on them, and some use sex dolls as their own objects, and so on.

sex doll

The Real Feeling of Sexing with Male Sex Doll by Professional Sex Toy Reviewer

Sex dolls are not just another sex toy; it is more like a human substitute. In the sex doll world, this tendency is to create an idealized human beauty that cannot be attained.
Steven is the most famous male sex doll, and the new male sex robot is a follow-up to the female version. Every robot has an artificial intelligence. Its working principle is to pair a smartphone application with a robot head to simulate life. The app allows users to customize the personality of their realistic dolls, so each model will behave and speak according to the customer’s different behavior.
When the big day of the filming came, the BBC staff came to my apartment with “Steven,” and I was testing sex dolls. When I saw the size of the box, I could not believe it. It is like a cardboard coffin.
“I must assemble the lifelike sex doll.” It is not only very heavy, but also difficult to move. Needless to say, this is the most incredible boxing match ever. Especially when I discovered that I had to assemble him.

 These dirty droids are the ultimate gift for those looking for some plastic passion
I had to screw his delicate head around my neck. It was an impressive six pack. Then I took him out of the box and got some help.After further inspection, I found that Steven’s mouth can kiss, and it is also suitable for puncture.
I couldn’t help but beat his disturbing hips several times. I can’t believe it, when the sound of clapping is so similar to the clapping of humans. After a few fights, my arm was tired, so I put him face up so that I would not be upset by his seductive buttocks.
“Steven’s penis is too big.” Interestingly, his masculinity should be in a hole, allowing the exchange of a dildo. One size is not suitable for all. The huge penis he came to pack was too big for me.
Once, Steven was seated on my couch and the crew left so that we could start work. The first thing I did was to tear off his plastic penis and replace it with a much smaller curved dildo from my own collection.

This is much easier. I rolled a condom on it and then I passed it. When I rode him, I stimulated my clitoris. I closed my eyes and touched my personal psychology. This is a very human fantasies and soon reached a climax. My orgasm was doubled because I was very happy that my sex toy test was finally over. Shortly afterwards, the crew returned and I conducted an interview after the test.
Male love dolls are never as popular as rabbit vibrators and it is still the best-selling female sex toy in the world. In addition, most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and adult sex doll like Steven are not yet available.
I don’t think adult sex dolls will soon replace real men. Nothing can be compared with the sense inherent in organic, voluntary, human sexual contact, where there is a sincere, mutual desire.
Even so, adult sex dolls can be improved. For example, including a series of voice control functions can have greater market potential.
The trust between people is gradually weakening and the relationship becomes very complicated. In order to seek inner companionship, many humans have turned their attention to sex dolls. Sex dolls are pure, simple, and do not deal with complex relationships. Sex dolls are very good companions for people who seek peace and companionship.

Pron Make Men More Like to Have Sex with Sex Dolls

The impact of science and technology on almost everything that people do cannot be underestimated, and it is also true when it comes to intimate relationships and relationships. Although people find that more and more pornographic content will affect people’s sexual behavior, the increasing popularity of sex robots has also aroused people’s attention.

The realistic sex doll industry is one of the industries that have seen tremendous growth in recent years. At first, it was not only sexual realistic sex dolls that were not accepted in society, but also they were taboo when they were discussed in public. However, more people have accepted these happy gods, which has led to the gradual acceptance of realistic sex dolls that had been banned. There are many factors that can be attributed to the development of this industry. The numerous benefits of realistic sex doll, their most obvious effect is the excessive use of pornography, but only some of the power of the industry’s development.

“Sexual robots” cost thousands of dollars. They can “help people improve their feelings,” said Arran Lee Wright, creator of the Samantha robot, in a British program this morning.

“You can tell her that you love her and she will respond,” Wright said. He also boasted that his robot can enter the “family” mode and interact with children.

Men are visual, and they are more easily attracted by the physical aspects of women. For example, when a man encounters a woman, she usually thinks of a “better” version. If he has the opportunity to reshape her, he will create an image. If men find that women are fatter than they want, or are not as cute as they like, they will choose a lifelike sex doll that meet the expectations they get from adult movies.

This also happens in marriage. Men want their wife to keep their body shape when they first meet. But this is impractical. This has led men to turn to lifelike sex dolls because they can choose their favorite lifelike sex dolls and, over time, lifelike sex dolls will maintain the same beautiful body and appearance.

Basically, the amazing benefits of robot sex dolls, and the supernatural image of porn videos created in men, make most women feel inferior because they can’t match men’s sexual fantasies. In addition, the continuous improvement makes the robot’s sex dolls more like real sexy women, more like porn stars in videos, and there are multiple options, which makes more men prefer these happy lifelike sex dolls.

5 Common Mistakes About Sex Doll

Sex dolls occupy a very large market share of sex toys in a very fast trend. People also have different opinions about sex dolls, some people support it.,and some people resist it. Most people have the following misunderstandings about sex dolls.

1 Since then I will be addicted to sex dolls?

According to psychology, “addiction is when a person … engages in a pleasant activity, but continued use of it can create compulsiveness and interfere with daily life responsibilities such as work, relationships, or health. A person can Indulge in drugs or gambling instead of sex dolls.” This is true, he may be used to his sex toys and love it. If this is the case, you will get used to the stimulation of sex dolls.

2 Normal people do not use silicone sex doll.

Sex dolls can be used by any type of person – from your neighbors, friends, to cashiers in supermarkets, and sexually demanding people using silicone sex dolls. It will not make anyone bad. It will only make you more fun in the bedroom! In addition, who will know? What you do in the bedroom is your business, unless you are willing to, otherwise you do not need to share.

3 The use of silicone sex dolls is very dangerous.

Wrong! In fact, silicone sex dolls have a very positive effect on sexual health.

First of all, silicone sex dolls have a healthy material, realistic texture. Made mainly of medical silicone, this material has a realistic feel. The skin of a silicone sex doll is very soft, like the skin of a real young lady. Medical silicone has been tested and is harmless to the human body. There is no need to worry about the unhealthy material of sex dolls.

Second, realistic sex dolls can bring many benefits to your sexual life. The skin has a pure natural sheen and a silky feel. The beautiful face is carved by an experienced sculptor. Her highly firm and rounded breasts, slightly pink areola nipples, this realistic sex doll will definitely give you an unforgettable experience you have never had before. The realistic sex doll’s body is more sexy and perfect than the real woman’s figure, and it can satisfy all men’s illusions about women or sex.

4 My sex life is very good. I don’t need a realistic sex doll.

Nothing is perfect, right? Sex is always better. Always look at it in the same way. If you like chocolate ice cream, if you eat every meal for a month, you will definitely get bored. The same is true for sex. If you and your partner are the same each time you make love, it’s boring. Why not replace it with a realistic sex doll? Try it and you will find new fun and excitement.

5 Do not clean them often, or the cleaning method is incorrect

I know that the last thing you want to think about after you reach a climax is to clean up your lifelike sex doll. If you are like me, you may just want to take a nap.

However, you must regularly clean or use condoms. Otherwise, the really annoying bacteria will pile up on the surface. Guess what happens after you use her again for some time. You understand: the ugly bacteria are on you.

We know that lifelike sex doll have a certain weight, and handling them is not easy. Some people use showers, and others use baths. Forget to dry the sex dolls after cleaning, or do not use baby powder after drying, this will cause the skin surface of lifelike sex dolls to be very sticky. Pay attention to the instructions for cleaning your lifelike sex dolls, make sure they are clean and tidy every time, and make sure that you don’t damage them with the wrong cleaners.

These are some of the main misconceptions people have of sex dolls that I think of. If you have done something else or have other opinions, please leave it in the comments!