How To Correctly Masturbate For A Male

Masturbation is a natural and healthy way to express your sexuality. It can provide pleasure, sexual release, relief from stress, self-exploration, and ultimately help to achieve an orgasm. Knowing how […]

How To Clean Sex Toys

Sex toys are becoming increasingly popular, because using sex toys can be one of the easiest and sexiest ways to spice up your sex life. But they can also be […]

Which type of condom is better for couples to have sex?

A condom is a barrier device that can be used during sexual intercourse and cannot completely reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy in women. Condoms can […]

What is the jumping egg for?

Why is it called a jumping egg? Perhaps it is because it is shaped like an egg. The jumping egg is divided into: a wired jumping egg and a wireless […]

Is it okay to use orgasm masturbation devices frequently?

The masturbator is a tool used by men and women for self-stimulation. In the past, the masturbation device (like TPE sex doll, male masturbator toys or torso) was something that […]

Couple supplies advice

Couple products usually refer to items used for sexual life between husband and wife, such as condoms, lubricants and sex toys. These items can be purchased in specialized sexual health […]

Do you use sex products if your sex life is not harmonious?

The market of sexual health products is growing at an annual rate of 63.9%. According to expert analysis, the market of sexual health products will maintain high-speed development for at […]

What does a female orgasm really feel like?

In Europe before the twentieth century, the scientific community believed that women had no sexual desire, and that sexual desire only existed in men. In a depressive environment and under […]

When to use adult products?

In order to prevent the abuse of sexual toys, it is best to follow the principle of “need”. Sex experts explained that the first is “the use of people in […]

Useful adult sex toys

Sex toys are easy to understand literally. The use of sex toys to increase sex has a long history. There are textual researches in ancient and modern China and abroad. […]