Perfect Cheap Sex Dolls – Braelynn – Full Entity Sex Doll

You must need to know about this fascinating cheap sex dolls,and i can’t help showing you this series of photo and introduce her character to you, this sex doll has four different body size ( 4.6ft, 4.8ft, 5.2ft and 5.5ft) and her body is TPE….

This TPE body of a beautiful and elegant Asian woman is a wonder, I think is gorgeous .

How about you? What do you think of this face and body?

Beautiful Asian face Braelynn – Full Entity Sex Doll

She is extraordinarily pretty, delicate facial feature.she seems cute and seductive, everything pales when she look at you.

It is a sightly pointed face and her eyes were full of curiosity,noble nose ends with cherry lips overhanging a slight chin.

Plump body,perfect figure!

Braelynn at 4.6ft has no abnormal measurements,and she remains well endowed with rather normal chest in 26.37in, and very graceful hips 29.53in.

Her body weight no more than 61lbs, which seems perfect figure.don’t you think so ? Right now,she’s waiting for you to take her home!


Height: 4.6ft – 5.5ft

Net weight:61lbs – 81lbs

Bust: 26.4in – 32.7in

Waist: 17.3cm – 22.5in

Hips:29.5in – 32.3in