Safe with Sex Toys

First consider whether the item is designed to be a sex toy, or whether it’s a “pervertible” . Use a safe cleaner made specifically for sex toys, like Classic Erotica Toy Cleaner, or mild soap and warm (not hot) water. Never submerge a battery-operated sex toy or an electric non-waterproof vibrator. You can boil silicone and Pyrex toys or run them through the dishwasher as long as they don’t have electrical components.

If two healthy people are already sharing fluids through oral sex and intercourse, then there is likely no additional risk to sharing a sex toy if they are monogamous. However, STDS can be transmitted via adult sex toys, so it’s not a good idea to share sex toys with friends or roommates.

When using toys, don’t go back and forth between anal and vaginal/anal play without cleaning the toy thoroughly. And always clean the toy off after each partner when using it for anal play.

Any material or toy could conceivably be used by any person, regardless of gender or orientation. Everyone has an anus, and no one type of person is overwhelmingly likely to eroticize his–or hers–or not. Pathogens that might hang out on a poorly cleaned sex toy aren’t there because of the user’s sexual orientation.

A well-made sex toy should be smooth and unbreakable, and can be cleaned sufficiently. Some hard plastic toys–which are typically safe products–have a seam in the middle or a hole where a battery or cord protrudes. Avoid toys like this that have hard-to-clean parts.