Some premature advice on buying a physical doll

1、How to choose from you height and weight

for example,if you are 178 and 80 in height,it is recommanded that you choose 163-165 dolls to match.just an example,of course

2、The length of the doll’s legs is matched with its figure

The length of the doll’s legs ranges from 83– 90CM

If you have long legs, then 90 is ideal, but once you choose this leg shape, the doll’s legs are slender and graceful

If you choose symmetrical legs, then the doll’s legs will be different fat and thin

life sized sex doll

3、The doll’s waist fat thin choice

The waist of bowl mouth or it is even a few waist, or the waist that looks a bit plump a few more slightly, it is ok to choose

This specific want to see your doll height to decide

If you choose long legs and then a bowl waist, the doll will not look so beautiful

Of course, these will all be asked of you when we sell you a match

4 doll’s chest selection

Flat, small, general, large, huge


These are to need you to confirm, so big bosom is an example, can choose solid or hollow, also can have difference on handle

Solid is closer to the touch of real people, and the hollow is soft and elastic. Then how to choose? Generally, I do sales with real voice and video to give you a direct explanation

life sized sex doll

5、Separate and integrate

If you want the doll to look like one, beautiful, and obsessive-compulsive, there’s nothing wrong with one

If you find cleaning difficult and laborious, then splitting is the first choice

6、Standing and not standing

If you like to stand back, or go out for a photo shoot, or take a group photo, then standing is the first choice

If you’re a foot person and have a foot fetish, then a non-standing style is your first choice

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