British couple buy 240 inflatable dolls, choose 5 sleeps per night

I forgot which psychologist had said a paragraph, to the effect that love is to find someone who is suitable for playing games together. British couple Dave Hodge, Shauna Bigelow is so lucky to find the “Tao”. Two people have been in contact for more than a year. The most talked about is spending 20,000 pounds to buy inflatable dolls. It is reported that there are often five life-size inflatable dolls sharing their love beds.

Dave and Shauna met through a dating site. At the beginning of the acquaintance, Dave and the disk were out, and they used dolls. I didn’t expect Shauna to be quite interested, though surprised. As the relationship deepens, these dolls also play an important role in their husband and wife life. Surprisingly, moving Dave’s “dolls” to the bedroom turned out to be the hostess’s idea. Shauna also said that because of Dave’s attention to the doll, she would have a little bit of embarrassment, but it is easy to overcome.

Now, love is a game for two people, and sex is already a game for three people. Shauna said that this is a “three-person trip” where no one is hurt. Dave said that such a “three-person trip” is safer and has no emotional entanglement. However, Dave has purchased a male “doll” for Shaona, which seems to be a game for four people.

The couple’s deeds were also broadcasted by an independent television station in the UK. The Huffington Post reported that there are also couples in the UK who are collecting dolls for fun. They collected 240 life-size sex dolls and spent $150,000, but they just collected them.

Live a happy life with the right mate selection view

Correct choice of spouse will make people happy, but if there are some wrong psychology, it will lead to bad results. Which psychology should not be chosen? For the choice of marriage object, everyone has their own requirements and standards, but the gender health experts should remind men and women that there is bad psychology when choosing a spouse, then it will hinder your real feelings, So when choosing a mate, don’t appear the following kinds of psychology.

I. Career oriented mate selection psychology

In fact, everyone is willing to pay attention to this point and hope that their target can become a person with strong sense of career and make great achievements in work and career. However, due to the limitations of various factors, at present, there are not many people with this psychology of mate selection, but there are still many people in the intellectual group. They regard work achievements and career progress as the greatest happiness in life. Take the other party’s ambition and fighting spirit as an important weight on the balance of mate selection, and place the happiness of love in the struggle of career. This kind of love is eternal because of the eternal nature of business.

2. The psychology of mate selection in pursuit of spiritual satisfaction

With the progress of social civilization and the improvement of people’s cultural quality, there are more and more people with this kind of mate selection psychology. They focus on each other’s thoughts and feelings, moral quality, personality hobbies, etc., and pursue mutual spiritual communication and emotional harmony. It doesn’t matter if you can get pleasure and satisfaction in spirit, even if the other economic conditions and physical conditions are not good. This kind of love based on spirit is noble, and many beautiful love stories belong to the pursuit of this kind of love psychology.

3. The psychology of choosing spouse with money as the highest priority

This kind of psychology is common, especially in economically backward areas. They put each other’s economic situation in the first place, and their marriage is to get a comfortable nest for them to eat, wear, live and play, or rely on for survival. This kind of marriage based on material and money is not reliable, because the economic conditions can be changed. It often loses the attraction of cohesion of two people’s hearts due to the loss of favorable material conditions of each other, so it has to part ways

The correct concept of mate selection, good psychology of mate selection, to choose a good partner, perhaps you do not realize. Psychological and emotional existence, but some people think. If you want to better manage your relationship and marriage, you must fully understand these relationships, so as to help you find the most suitable partner for you.

Body material skeleton and joint introduction

Sex doll bones generally have 14 movable joints. They are neck joints, shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrist joints, lumbar joints, double hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints, etc. The fingers are also made of metal wire to make a universally bent phalanx.

The stversion will have 3 bones on the sole of the foot and the bones of the soles of the feet. When the solid doll stands up, the screw caps on the bottom of the feet will support the body weight. The standing function is a favorite of photography enthusiasts. These movable joint designs are very close to the real range of physical activity and can simulate most of the sexy postures that people pose.

The waved physical doll has also recently launched a new joint skeleton that can shrug. The shrug joint is a joint between the shoulder joint and the clavicle. Holding the upper arm of the silicone doll with your hand and lifting it up, she will make a shrug posture, very simple. Users who have a personal need or like it and who can pose can choose this option.

What is the market value of high-tech toys?

According to a report provided by the Guardian, the sex technology industry is less than a decade years (including smart toys that can be operated remotely, finding sexual partners and building applications for virtual reality porn services), and its value is estimated to be $30 billion. And sex robots could be the next hardware product to be sought after. In addition, a 2016 study conducted by Duisburg Essen University found that more than 40% of 263 heterosexual men said they could imagine buying sex robots for themselves now or in the next five years.

In fact, men in relationships, like single or lonely men, are interested in having sex robots. Perhaps, to build a dynamic relationship with a cold silica gel requires the user’s imagination, so sex dolls will never be the choice of most people. However, building a relationship with a robot that can speak, move, and learn new skills could lead to more markets for intelligent robots.

The difference between European aesthetics and oriental aesthetics is very large. Some Chinese women are so ugly, but European and American like it very much. This is the difference between the East and the West. French dolls are warm, but they dare not compliment their faces. Since technology, touch and temperature are all good, why not add more faces? Next is the entrance of heating. enter from anywhere image will destruct, a head pulling a line, always feel that there is a section of electrocution, even if 100% of the safety, the feeling is not good, which is the shortcomings of humanity, but if a girl is listening to music, there are two lines on her ears, it’s much better, and two inlets, one can be used as a spare. Let’s not talk about the lower body. The integrity of the real needs to pay the trouble of cleaning.

Secondly, we have to say artificial intelligence. Although a lot of energy has been put into AI, it still needs a long way to go. A natural smile on the face requires supercomputer computing. This is a long process, but the most important problems have not been solved. Skin touch and authenticity in Europe and the United States have reached a very high level. France’s self However, the body temperature also makes the beauty come alive, but close their eyes, this is an important problem that has not been solved. Close eyes, it will have to change it’s head. It’s a bit scary. What many people need is company. A woman who sleeps with her eyes open is not humanized. A doll floats across the sea, plus tariffs, freight, the price paid by the dealer is not cheap. Why to simulate? My personal feeling is clean, close to perfect and quiet. It’s pure blasphemy, and it can’t move the tongue. The head is still stiff. Sex is needed, but the simulation is first, and the simulation is also comfortable.

The perfect doll in my heart is Oriental beauty’s face, which has temperature control (with headphones is heating), can close it’s eyes and open eyes, can easily change it’s lower body, take it out and clean it. The skin feels delicate, durable and clean. Another excessive requirement is that the joint can be adjusted.

Adult products are becoming smarter

It’s not just the men and women in the world that are passionate about it, but also a group of entrepreneurs. “just need, high profit” makes the entrepreneurs bloody, shouting the subversion of the traditional slogan, because of technology, this long-hidden concealed world is about to change its appearance?
Most people’s impressions of adult products are mostly “very low, wretched, and horrible.” Because of this, a high wall that isolates consumers is built, but this situation is gradually changing.
Sex, the reason why attracting many people to look good, not for anything else, is business opportunities. Sex is the essence of human beings. The mainland mantra is the “just-needed” industry. The market is naturally optimistic. On the other hand, the past society has a conservative attitude towards sexual issues, which makes the adult products industry closed, fewer people invest, less competition, and better profits.

Do we need adult products for networking?
The discussion on this topic has always had two voices. Massiv, who has 10 years of experience in the adult products industry, is not very optimistic. “In addition to setting and connecting, it sometimes causes inconvenience in use, and there may be risks of information security.” It is also why there is no reason why the well-known adult products companies are becoming smarter.
Another faction believes that intelligence can help improve user experience. “I have been thinking about this for a long time. If not, it means that our proposition is also wrong.” He further uses a massager as an example. Smart adult products can let users create their own shock. Waveforms, after the system records, you can directly call back the next time. On the other hand, you can also use the waveforms shared by others, share the experience, and record the usage status. As a health reference, these are traditional adult products that cannot be used. of.
Adult products have belonged to the traditional industry for a long time, and naturally, they will encounter the development ceiling. For the new team, how to make products that do not interfere with the user’s emotions, control the materials and mass production with strict standards, and develop To be able to convince venture capital and consumers of the business model, it depends on the team is not enough.

sex doll

Is the nature of sex robots companionship?

Is the nature of sex robots companionship? Of course, in addition to Lumi dolls and Abyss, a large number of companies are also developing and manufacturing “sex robots”, such as true companion, a New Jersey technology company.

When a computer engineer named Douglas Hines lost his close friend in the 9 / 11 incident, he immediately got an idea: Although he can’t talk to him anymore, can he keep his personality in the computer forever? Hines works for the Computer Research Institute at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey and as an AI engineer. He decided to take the software home, tweak it, and design his friend’s personality as a computer program – he could chat with him anytime, anywhere, and keep a version for his friend’s children.

A few years later, Hines’s own father suffered several strokes, which damaged his body, but his mind was still clear For this reason, Hines reprogrammed the AI so that the robot partner could accompany his father when he was away. Hines founded true companion to sell his robots to the public, believing that the smart mate will have great market potential. His first project, however, was not an “Ai medical assistant” or “Ai companion device,” but a product with the greatest commercial appeal, the sex robot.

The robot, named Roxxxy, socializes with lonely, widowed and “socially abandoned” men. She will provide them with an opportunity to practice socializing and building relationships. Hines told the guardian: “The sexual part is superficial, the difficult part is duplicating the personality and providing this emotional connection.” He doesn’t think replacing human presence with circuits and silica gel could lead to emotional gaps. On the contrary, the purpose of sex robots is to provide unconditional love and support.

Hines launched the product at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in 2010, after spending three years making the first prototype Roxxxy. It is worth noting that this exhibition is the most famous annual conference and trade exhibition in the global adult industry, where studio owners and sex toy designers will show off their latest products.

However, although the product has become a topic of discussion before the exhibition, it has become the object of ridicule after the exhibition. Because she’s not sexy, she’s a clumsy Finnish model in cheap clothes, leaning awkwardly to one side, even with a square chin. Although she is equipped with internal sensors, for example, if you touch her hand, she will say: “I like to shake hands with you. “But Roxxxy’s lips can’t move and can only be heard through speakers under the wig. Seven years have passed since the launch, but Hines revealed on twitter that he is preparing a lot for the launch of his 16th version of Roxxxy.

Although it’s not sure whether Roxxxy ‘s appearance will be liked by male consumers, the title of “sex robot” has made headlines and brought a series of inspiration to other companies that produce companion robots

When a wave of “AI sex doll” products hit, are you sure you don’t see the market value of the sex technology industry?

What did you usually do on weekends? We may enjoy an extra hour of sleep in bed, play video games all morning, or walk easily to the city center to visit the erotic Robot Museum, which may become a reality in Spain in a year’s time.

According to digital trend, more and more enterprises are trying to circumvent the law banning brothels by introducing lifelike robots. Spanish companies describe themselves as “the first sex toy agency in Europe.”.

Although it is still producing static sex dolls, it is also trying to expand its operation, trying to combine the latest AI technology with sex dolls.

A spokesman told reporters: “all people have sexual fantasies that we can’t realize in real life, maybe because they are embarrassed, or because they are not allowed to realize these fantasies with real women for physiological or physical reasons.” “The doll won’t comment on you, she won’t say anything. “

Lumi dolls recently opened its first store in Barcelona, but the “special robot site” was shut down because of complaints from prostitutes in the city. Now it’s reopening elsewhere in the region for $85 half an hour, or $106 an hour. This “erotic Robot Museum” has dolls in various clothes and with different personalities. There is even a high-definition plasma screen in the room, which is used to play some movies to let users “enter the situation”

A Lumi spokesman said he hoped to expand his business operations outside Spain and planned to introduce the product in the UK before further expanding its business: “we are confident that our brand will operate well in the UK. Our ideal location is London, looking for a major city with a certain population and an investor willing to help us expand our operations in the UK. “

In the United States, there is already a company that specializes in inflatable dolls for sexual partners. The company, called abyss, is based in California. Their artificial intelligence silicone doll realdoll can smile, blink and frown. She can also talk, joke and quote Shakespeare. She will remember your birthday, what you like to eat, and the names of your brothers and sisters She can even talk to you about music, movies and books. Of course, she can also meet the physiological needs of users. According to Matt McMullen, the company’s chief executive, abyss is developing an intelligent system called harmony AI to add a new dimension to the relationship between people and realdoll series dolls.

Can you identify the quality of a doll? four steps teach you to identify the quality of a sex doll

Discern “sex doll”, Now the sex doll market is a mixture of all grades of products, and the product quality is uneven. Most of the dolls on the market are made of TPE materials. However, it is not that the dolls with TPE name are all high-quality dolls. If you come into contact with dolls in exhibitions or stores, a practical way to identify the quality of dolls will be taught. The identification and summary of doll quality can be divided into four steps: look, smell, ask and cut.

Look, A doll can attract people close to, face and figure is the most intuitive embodiment. In addition to the factors of makeup, facial expression is the most important. The so-called look, to see whether the five features are coordinated, whether the expression is natural. In terms of stature, it’s not necessary to have the same big chest, snake’s waist and buttocks. Different types of dolls have the most appropriate proportion of their own stature. The key is to coordinate the proportion of their own stature.

In terms of details, first, look at the location of the split line on the side of the doll. In the production process, this is the mold closing line of the doll. If not handled, it will seriously affect the beauty of the doll, so it needs to be repaired manually in the later stage. The second is to see whether there are traces of bubbles on the surface of the doll, because bubbles may occur during the injection molding process of the doll, which may affect the beauty, and also need to be repaired manually. A good quality doll can’t see the trace of repair. In fact, the first impression of the buyer on the product depends on the manufacturer’s attitude towards their own products.

Smell, If you smell the pungent fragrance nearby, the sex doll must have added essence in the production process. The essence of dolls can not only taste bad, but also cause serious harm to human respiratory tract, skin and sexual organs. If you smell the glue, don’t feel normal. The doll with glue will also make people feel nauseous and vomiting, and harm the doll with fragrance. We don’t add flavors to our dream dolls, only a small amount of touch powder. This is the product standard for good quality dolls.

Ask the staff about the aging performance of the dolls and whether the products will fade? Will it turn yellow? Will it crack? Good quality dolls will not have the above problems. If the staff are vague or boastful, people should think twice before buying.

Cut, The skin feels rough and hard to press. This kind of doll will seriously affect the use effect and make the consumer experience the real touch. Moderate softness, flexibility, human like touch is what a good doll should have. Some buyers only value the price of dolls, but ignore the quality and details of dolls.

You bought a poor quality doll for a cheap price, not only the experience effect is poor, but also in less than a few months, there are many parts cracked, the skeleton is loose, yellow and faded, and other irreparable damage. This not only wastes his time and money, but also mistakenly believes that all dolls are of this kind, which makes him lose the “sexual interest” of experience to the entity dolls.

In fact, the concept of consumers needs to be changed. The real entity doll is a noble work of art. Her mission is to make people happy, satisfied and comfortable. As the saying goes, “every penny, every product”. Using good quality dolls can not only effectively exercise their sexual ability, but also be responsible for their health. For enterprises, a responsible enterprise is always strict with its own products. The way out is to pursue quality and innovation. And those who muddle along, mercenary or even adulterate the fake enterprises are doomed to be eliminated.

Generally speaking, the quality of entity dolls is a kind of intuitive attitude of manufacturers to consumers.

The evolutionary history of sex dolls — the fourth generation of sex dolls

Let’s take a look at the very cheap and often said inflatable dolls. This kind of inflatable dolls need to be inflated to form a real person’s appearance. The appearance is rough. It looks very different from the real person. It can’t change the posture very clumsily, and the texture is not very good. The vagina part is similar to the real person’s vagina inverted mold.

Secondly, let’s look at the semi-solid dolls that belong to the inflatable dolls. The so-called semi-solid dolls are actually the fixed shapes of their heads and breasts. The appearance and texture of the semi-solid dolls are much better than that of the inflatable dolls. The chest of the semi-solid dolls can be filled with water, which increases the elasticity of the chest and makes it more like the real breast. Semi solid dolls have a higher degree of simulation than inflatable dolls, and the price is not much more expensive than inflatable dolls, generally around $100.

Then let’s look at the entity doll. The so-called entity doll is mostly made of all silica gel material, which has a more real feeling than the inflatable doll. The appearance of the entity doll is also much better than the inflatable doll, and its simulation degree is much higher, almost the same as the real person. Because the solid doll has a mechanical frame as the keel, it can change many positions for you to use, which is more real than the general inflatable doll.

Entity dolls and inflatable dolls are not in the same level. Entity dolls are made of all silica gel and do not need to be inflated, so the price is also very expensive, generally around thousands of dollars, which is not acceptable to ordinary people. But with the improvement of people’s living standards, people will enjoy them more and more now, so entity dolls are gradually popular.

The solid doll adopts the non inflatable design of all silica gel design, so it has a large shape and can’t be folded and stored like the inflatable doll, which is a little difficult for the current Chinese people to accept. However, with the gradual opening of people’s minds in China, the acceptance of the solid doll will gradually improve. Although the price of dolls is not cheap, but the pursuit of high-quality human dolls is a good choice.

We also need to talk about intelligent entity dolls. Ordinary dolls can no longer meet people’s needs. There have been intelligent doll manufacturers in China. Intelligent dolls can talk intelligently. They have temperature all over their bodies, blink their eyes, and their mouth can move slightly. Intelligent entity dolls are also called robot dolls. This is a breakthrough in the current ordinary dolls, but also the realization of doll intelligence, information technology.

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Detailed description of the use of physical dolls

Physical doll is done now more and more beautiful. more and more alluring. the physical doll that has pure angel face to add perfect figure, have taking blurred eye expression to send out the physical doll that gives weird aesthetic feeling to tempt the heart. To sum up, the current type of physical doll can be roughly divided into: pure girl, queen, wild girl, cute girl, cougar and so on.

How to use physical dolls? The use method of entity doll can be roughly divided into the following three steps: before, during and after use, please see the detailed explanation below. The doll should be cleaned before use.

When using the physical doll, lubricant must be used to keep the private parts of the entity doll sufficiently lubricated. If lubricant is not used, the internal parts of the entity doll are not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private parts of the entity doll to break after use. It’s ok if you wear a well-lubricated condom. After using the doll, the inner part of the doll should be cleaned with water, and the whole body of the doll should be cleaned. After sterilizing the doll, wash it with warm water, dry the doll’s interior and surface with a towel, or let dry naturally, and store it for next use.

The difference between a physical doll and a sex doll, The sex doll that we say commonly, solid doll is to belong to sex doll series replace real person to achieve sexual intercourse the sexual thing of the purpose, of course still have a kind of type is half solid doll also belongs to sex doll series one. To understand the difference between sex doll and entity doll, we first need to understand what role both of them have, both belong to sex doll series actually play the same role, sex doll role is a kind of sex masturbator, in the non-sexual partner to achieve the purpose of physiological needs.

As mentioned above, there are three types of inflatable dolls: inflatable dolls, semi-solid dolls and solid dolls. People often say that the inflatable doll refers to the inflatable doll and semi-solid doll.

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