How is VR adult game production done?

More and more new types of VR porn have appeared in the adult porn industry, taste and sexual orientation can be satisfied. The owner of the headset is trying to find something special, high-quality content to watch in VR. Sex toys, hot underwear, unique lifestyle and more.

Not only VR movies, but also many cameras need to be prepared in many VR games. If general 3D only needs 2 cameras, then the birth of a VR game requires 112 cameras. As an adult industry as well as science and technology, Japan is also advancing with the times in porn games, taking pornography to another level through virtual reality.

The birth of VR has inherited business opportunities related to the film industry, so there are unlimited business opportunities in VR in every field. What’s more interesting is that VR is more interactive. The advent of the VR era will not only change the adult gaming landscape, but will also test every company in terms of production. First of all, the problem of how to model.

The biggest difference from previous game production is that due to the extremely interactive nature of VR games, developers must consider every detail, and the actor’s body angle must be grasped in more detail. In a studio built with 112 Canon Rebel cameras, various poses or poses are likely to interact with the player, and then the staff will input these pictures into specific software for synthesis and repair work.

Meet your realistic love doll model in real life, enjoy her various services, smell her, kiss her, love her and have a great time with her. Pure will be used in more facilities in the future.

Create the perfect real doll you desire — live feeling your love doll — individually attributed according to the partner you dream of — for him and her — in the house or delivered to your home, for sale or rent.

TPE anti-tearing materials help adult toy products, improve product performance

People often leave messages saying that they are upset because the adult toy products often crack and ask us if we have any solutions or recommend suitable materials?

First of all, we have to find the source. The tear strength of TPE materials is poor, mainly due to the following factors:

  1. Problems of TPE and TPR material compounding system

The type of rubber substrate, the proportion of plastic, and the content of oil will all affect the tear strength of the compounded material.

2. The TPE and TPR materials are degraded or the performance is reduced after repeated use.

The higher the molding processing temperature, the more processing times, and many physical properties of the material, including tear strength, will deteriorate.

  1. Stress defects
    The product has sharp inner edges or edges, and there are stress gaps, which easily lead to stress concentration. When experiencing tensile tearing with external force, product tearing often starts from these locations.

To improve the tear strength of TPE materials, we recommend:

  1. Improve the performance of TPE material:

A. Select the SEBS substrate with high molecular weight and star structure;
B. Appropriately reduce the amount of inorganic filler powder such as oil and calcium carbonate

Jiu Shuoxuan TPE material recently recommended a high tear product with a tear strength of more than 10N / MM. Ordinary TPE materials can only tear about 6.5N / MM. The tensile strength of TPE material reaches 22KGF / CM3. The effect is shown in the figure. After several times of stretching, the spring back has no effect:

  1. Understand the molding characteristics of the material and use a moderate processing temperature; pay attention to controlling the proportion of the secondary material when using it (generally, the secondary material does not exceed 25%);
  2. When designing products and molds, try to avoid sharp or abrupt corners, and design the corners as arcs as possible to reduce stress defects.

sex doll

How often is sexual blessing healthy?

As we all know, good sex life is not only conducive to physical and mental health but also can promote the love between couples. Will women’s vagina become firm if they have not had sex for a long time? What diseases may be caused by sexual deficiency? Excessive sexual activity or long absence of sexual life is not good for physical and mental health, so how long does it take to benefit physical and mental health at different ages?

  1. First of all, the “small garden” will not be compacted because of this

Whether the small garden is compact or not has nothing to do with the frequency of the sisters, so forcibly stopping sex can make the small garden compact. Of course, sex does not make the small garden lose, but it is feasible to do more related exercises to strengthen compactness.

2, the younger brother may not be able to stand up

Although this discovery is annoying, we need to talk to our brothers who are down. Stopping sex is likely to cause erection disorders. An experiment on older people yielded surprising results, and all older people agreed that regular sex is very helpful for masturbation.

The use of advancement and retirement, not to mention research has shown that regular rise can prevent prostate cancer. So even if you do it yourself, it is better than nothing.

3, a weakened immune system

Sexuality seems to improve the body’s immunity (for girls, this means a higher chance of conception). On the contrary, if you only open it once a year, the above benefits will not only miss you, the cold infection will find you more easily, and your immunity will become worse and worse.

  1. Desire will fall with it

Although this has not yet been fully confirmed. But many doctors are vigorously promoting regular sexual activity. They believe that once stopped, the body will further suppress hormone secretion and reduce desire.

But some doctors also think it varies from person to person. After all, some people shut down for too long, and the power of floods in their bodies continues to erupt only one day.

5, easy to feel the presence of stress

Many studies have suggested that people with less sex are relatively more stressed. Studies have found that people without normal sex usually have a higher blood pressure than normal people. Especially for those who are accustomed to using sex as a way to lower blood pressure, stopping sex may affect your daily life and make your stress resistance plummet.

  1. Cardiovascular health may be affected

Sexual life is closely related to cardiovascular health. Not only does it help the body secrete hormones, but it is also an excellent aerobic exercise. If the truce is prolonged, the heart’s blood and oxygen supply will be lacking.

Single brothers are not unruly, run more. After all, by doing this, you can reduce the anxiety of lack of a hey life, and at the same time exercise cardiovascular.

  1. “Humidification” time will become longer

Facts have shown that regular sex is the basic way to maintain younger brothers and younger sisters. Therefore, if it is not used for a long time, restarting it again maybe time-consuming (you may need to help warm up with your left and right hands first).

Sexual health experts point out that people who have a normal hey life will have an easier time turning on, which means shorter humidification times. While stopping for a while, it may take a bit more effort (especially for women) at the next startup.

  1. The chance of suffering from urinary tract infection and sexually transmitted diseases will decrease, but …

Ignore STDs first. During sex, bacteria can take the opportunity to enter the urinary tract, increasing the chance of a urinary tract infection. So not pa for a long time sounds like good news. However, urinary tract infections and STDs can also be transmitted through other routes. If you think that stopping sex can be all good, sorry, it’s not that simple.

There is a reference formula made by scholars based on the influence of age on sexual performance. When calculating, as long as you multiply the ten digits of your age by 9, the tens digit of the product is the number of days that a sex cycle lasts, and the single-digit is the due frequency of sex.

Taking a 30-year-old person as an example, his sex frequency should be “3 × 9 = 27”, that is, having sex 7 times in 20 days is healthy, about once every 3 days; the sex frequency of people in their 40s should be “4 × 9 = 36 “, that is, 6 times of sexual life in 30 days, about once every 5 days; while people in their 50s are” 5 × 9 = 45 “, that is, 5 times of sexual life in 40 days, about once every 8 days. But after all, sex life is a matter of affection, which is largely controlled by passion and physical strength. It is impossible to follow the rules and restrictions, and your feeling is the most important.

Sexual medical research shows that the frequency of sexual intercourse in young people often determines the frequency of sexual activity in middle and old age. In other words, if he had more sexual life when he was young, his sexual needs will not be too low after middle and old age.

Three factors that determine the frequency of sex:

Feelings: Feelings of a partner are the determinants of sexual desire. If he (she) is no longer interested, or even full of resentment, sexual desire is certainly not high.

Mood: A person who is depressed, living in stress and anxiety all year round, it is difficult to become interested in sex, because sex requires passion and relaxation.

Age: Dongguan adult products agency research shows that male sexual desire peaks between 18-25 years old and females between 35-45 years old. Thereafter, sexual desire gradually weakened.

If couples are at different ages, the sex frequency is likely to be inconsistent. At this time, the couple should understand and support each other. Actually, sex is not just the frequency of intercourse. Healthy sexual life content includes masturbation, sexual dreams, orgasm-free play without sexual intercourse, etc., they can bring orgasm experience.

sex doll

What to do more after couples have sex

After a husband and wife have sex, some husbands fall asleep and their wives are a bit lost. What do they do after sex to make each other more happy? After sex, talk about each other ’s feelings. This is to discuss sex and make it Best time for better.

Gender knowledge: What is more fun for couples to do after sex? The love is wonderful, and the intention between your ears is more than just physical lingering. Passion is the best time to come back to talk about sex and make each other closer. Recently, The Times of India invited sexology experts to guide people on how to discuss sex after the fact.

What you like and what you don’t like. After sex, it’s wise to discuss what you like or dislike, which not only makes people feel relaxed, but also improves their weaknesses. “A couple can lie down intimately, caress and chat, talk about each other’s good feelings and longing for sex in sex,” said Amit, a sexologist in Mumbai, India. “Sexuality Discuss later that the performance of sex is healthy, but do n’t over-analyze sexual behavior. If you feel that the other party is inadequate, tell him / her patiently, but do not compare your partner with others, otherwise it will be harmful to your relationship. “

Plan the next round of passion. If your sexual interest remains undiminished, you can plan your next round of sex. This will not only ignite enthusiasm, but also bring you closer. Amit suggested that at this time, highlight and emphasize the favorite action just now, so that the partner knows how to improve and avoid weaknesses in the next round. You should also take this opportunity to devise new ways of intimacy.

Expressive fantasy. Gender consultant Dr. Bucks said: “After sex, because your partner is affectionate at this moment, it is enough to listen patiently. You can fully express the sexual fantasy that you desire to put into practice, and next time you will be more heated.”

Appreciate each other’s body. Your partner is eager to appreciate not only that you praise his / her sexual behavior, but also that he is obsessed with his appearance. Tell your partner how his / her curves are touching and how nice you feel when you touch his / her body. Dr. Roy said: “Praising each other after sex will make your partner more confident and more secure.”

Mutual appeals. Maybe you’ve said “I love you” countless times to your partner, but it’s not interesting to say this after sex. This is like a sublimation agent, which maximizes the sexual satisfaction and happiness. At this point, whispering sweet words close to your partner’s ears is enough to make their heart bloom. Dr. Bucks pointed out: “After enjoying sex, most couples are lethargic without thinking that their partner may be eager to hear the expression of love. Therefore, seize this special moment and tell each other how much you love him / She, how much he cares about him / her. “

Lie quietly after sex

As people get older, many middle-aged and older men start to complain that they are getting tired after sex and the recovery period is significantly longer. Although everyone understands that this is a normal physiological phenomenon, they still hope to find an effective remedy.

“For middle-aged and older men, it is best to lie down for a while after sex.” Experts said, “From the perspective of modern medicine, lying down after sex can relieve testicular congestion as soon as possible. The heart and testicles are lying flat. Being in the same horizontal position at the same time is conducive to unobstructed testicular venous return, avoids testicular varicose veins, and promotes its rapid recovery. “Vascular constriction during sexual life will reduce blood supply to the brain, causing temporary hypoxia of brain cells, feeling tired and lying flat It can promote blood flow in the brain, restore oxygen to the brain, and eliminate fatigue.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, “the blood lies in the liver when lying down.” When lying down, the blood will fully flow into the liver, the liver’s qi and blood will be sufficient, and the heart and brain blood supply will be full. When lying down, we can simply adjust our breathing, with the tip of our tongue against the upper jaw of our mouth, and embracing our hands in front of the lower abdomen, inhaling deeply, and then exhaling. You can also do anal lifting while inhaling. Doing this several times will help Qi Qi to flow smoothly and eliminate fatigue.

After sex, couples lie still and massage each other, which not only helps regulate local blood flow, but also deepens feelings and promotes sexual harmony.

Dongguan sex toys production also pointed out that after lying down for a while, you can take a warm bath. Warm water bath can stimulate blood vessel expansion, promote blood circulation and metabolism, accelerate the excretion of metabolites, improve the nutrition of neuromuscular muscles; it can also stimulate parasympathetic nerves, relax mood and eliminate tension during sex. In addition, the sweat and body fluids during sexual life can be washed away together. Then the couple lay down and talked for a while, the mood will be more happy.

sex doll

Beware of G spot liquid, rhino liquid! Suspected of trafficking in drugs without permission

Recently, someone has promoted a lubricant called “G spot fluid”, claiming that as long as it is applied to the sexual organs, it can have a “refreshing and helping” effect without any side effects. I want to ask if this is a drug?

I checked the ingredients. It turns out that this is not a new item. It is the same as the “Capsule 0” in the previously popular gay circle and the “rhino fluid” reported in the news some time ago. It is prohibited by Chinese law. New psychoactive substances, third-generation drugs. Their main component is 5-MeO-DIPT, which is 5-methoxy-N, N-diisopropyltryptamine, which is a tryptamine compound, and N-diallyl-5-methoxytryptamine and N -Methyl-N-isopropyltryptamine is somewhat similar.

There are too many chemical terms above, in other words, it is a new synthetic hallucinogen. Due to the lack of knowledge of such new psychoactive substances, these new drugs in adult clothing have taken up space and have been popular for some time, but now they have become the object of severe crackdowns.

In June 2019, when the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference to inform the society of cracking down on drug crimes, it specifically mentioned the arrest of multiple criminal suspects who sold “rhino fluid” drugs and the investigation and use of “rhino fluid” More than 80 people.

At the end of October, a local hotel in the Hengjie police station of Haishu Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China caught an illegal person using “G spot fluid”. According to the suspect’s explanation, I knew that “G spot liquid” was a contraband product. I bought it only when I was curious, and I used it for excitement.

The new drug containing 5-MeO-DIPT, which was first popular in the United States and Japan (**, clubs, bars), is also known as “firefox”, “black cat”, and “pipe”. The original method of use was smoking, and in the later stage it was directly absorbed by the sexual organs, so there was a saying of “refreshing and helping”.

However, the side effects of this new type of drugs are very large, including but not limited to symptoms such as dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, tachycardia, nausea, jaw confinement, and persistent tightness of the muscles throughout the body. Experiments have shown that frequent use is also prone to seizures.

In addition, because these new drugs are very effective, they can easily lead to excessive poisoning, which can cause users to suffer from hallucinations, slow movements, and even loss of will. In severe cases, systemic convulsions and acute heart failure can occur, leading to sudden death.

And by applying the absorption method of the sexual organs, the user is prone to toxic reactions afterward, such as panic, fear, fear, muscle pain, insomnia, etc. The severity of the situation varies from individual to individual. And in the process of use, the body is often injured due to sudden loss of consciousness.

Previously, there were news reports that a 29-year-old man stuffed No. 0 capsule through the anus in search of sexual fun, and soon a series of violent reactions eventually led to the death of acute heart failure. The autopsy results showed arteritis in the heart and liver, Myocardial ischemia, increased white blood cells, pulmonary congestion, and other symptoms.

From the news above, we can understand that the majority of these new drugs in adult clothes are mainly gay. The reason is simple. Absorption through the rectum is more likely to make people crazy, hysterical and at the mercy of others. User’s original words: During the onset of efficacy, a person will remain in a state of insanity for several hours, with difficulty breathing, legs weakness, convulsions, and even a little carelessness may lead to life danger.

Because the abuse of 5-MeO-DIPT is extremely harmful, the United States and Japan successively listed 5-MeO-DIPT as a controlled drug in 2004, and our country also included it in the Supplementary Catalogue of Non-medical Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Drugs “, This means that private abuse is drugs.

By the same token, if you sell “G spot fluid”, “rhino fluid”, and “Capsule 0” in China without permission, you will already be suspected of drug trafficking. I believe that no serious introduction is needed for serious consequences.

sex doll

Japan is a country full of sex

You can buy sports newspapers at any newsstand. The newspapers will list which oral sex service is the best or who has the best sex massage. Any sex service you can think of can be bought in Japan.Even before 2014, it was legal for Japanese people to buy whatever they wanted.

After 2014, although Japan legislated to ban this phenomenon, the phenomenon of sexualized children still exists.In short, this is a country with a fairly developed sex industry. But when it comes to dating rape or sexual assault, these topics will never be mentioned by public opinion. You (in Japan) don’t see public discussions on this. Finally, 110 years later, Japan revised its rape law, driven by a “tragedy”-Shame of Japan.

At the police station, she was asked to, in the presence of three male investigating police officers, hold a puppet that is the life-size real doll, and restore the sexual assault under the flashlight … use the puppet to reproduce the violation Sending it through is a common practice of the Japanese police. Although this practice can cause psychological trauma to women, some even call it “secondary rape.”

Rape and assault are rarely mentioned by public opinion. Violence against women is not considered a serious social problem. With the popularity of realistic sex doll brothels, the assaulted women are regarded as shame. Many people have suggested that this type of brothels should be promoted vigorously, and that inflatable dolls can satisfy pedophiles, or people with rape fantasies, in order to reduce the crime rate of pedophilia and rape.

However, this view has also drawn strong opposition and condemnation from many people.

Sexual Toys Have Endless Desire

According to the Japan Special Reports Report Group, in Japan, the adult products industry is getting more and more prosperous, and more and more women are eager for adult products, and they are especially interested in providing product catalog sales methods to avoid the embarrassment of buying face to face.

In Japan, women make up a large percentage of buyers of sexual aids. “About 70% of our customers are women. This is a guess, but it can be said that most of them are using our vibrations alone rather than with sex partners,” Yoshikawa told the reporting team. And simulated penis. Buyers range in age from teenage middle school students to middle-aged women. “

He Jichuan said that their company receives more than 1,000 messages from the company’s website every day. Many of the letters were written by female readers who asked for the development of special types of adult aids. Female customers’ advice on product development seems to be a common feature of the industry. One of the most successful adult products on the market today-a product named “K”-is designed with ideas from a female customer. K is shaped like a male sex organ but has a pair of protrusions similar to rabbit ears on top. When in use, it is inserted by rabbit ears.

The boss of the company that produced K told the reporting team: “Our customers sent us postcards, talked about our products and made new suggestions for us. Frankly speaking, most ideas are far beyond imagination and cannot be adopted. But these Women are very serious and a lot of advice is valuable, but it is almost a fantasy for ordinary people. “

K’s competitor Yoshikawa said 60% of the letters his company received were from office white-collar women and women officials. Many people use diagrams to describe their ideal aids, and they need more methods that do not require hands. “Operating the vibrator with your hands seems to remind you that you are masturbating, which reduces a lot of fun. I think this makes them more aware that they are not with men. This is why the tools most women want to use can be automated. “

He added that there is no such product at present, and even if the product changes, the change will not be too great. “Women’s needs are endless. After they are satisfied with one thing, they start to need something else. They need automatic sex toys like tongues, and they want to rub their hips when they are used. But I think We have nothing to complain about because at least some people still love our products. “

Karaoke into a sex hotbed

Karaoke was first invented in Japan, and this entertainment has quickly swept the world over the past dozen years. However, as for the origin of karaoke in Japan, people are no longer confined to karaoke rooms, but now karaoke rooms have become a soundproof refuge for sexual lie, violent crime.

In the 1990s, crime cases that occurred in karaoke booths once became the blockbuster news of the news media, but in recent years, such illegal and criminal activities have become commonplace. An unannounced interview reporter from Japan pointed out that karaoke rooms are usually locked. Singing in this small soundproof space is no longer the only entertainment activity. Beer, condoms, and sex toys have become the new themes of karaoke rooms. Many passions Couples use it as a sex hotel. At present, the business of karaoke rooms is still very popular, and the private rooms have attracted many customers. The reason why they have a preference for karaoke private rooms is that this soundproof environment is a safe haven for illegal and dirty activities.

Ichiro Toyokawa, a part-time waiter at a famous karaoke chain, said that during work, I often see the dirty and obscene scenes of customers in the private rooms. When some customers come to shop for karaoke, they usually bring prostitutes in the street. Especially on weekend nights, our karaoke room launches 700 yen per hour and offers free beer service. They sing passionately here and enjoy a free beer. Private rooms and health room compartments are often their sex venues. Sometimes they also exposed their obscene scenes to the service staff unabashedly. At the same time, it is also common for sexual disputes between men and women in the private room. Once I heard that a pair of men and women quarreled in the private room. The man slaps the woman rudely, and the woman runs out of the private room with tears on his face. I didn’t care about getting dressed and rushed out wearing only a pair of underwear, trying to stop the woman.

It is understood that most karaoke rooms in Japan provide overnight services of at least 1,500 yen, and it is not uncommon for some working-class men to drink drunkenly and spend the night in a private room. Of course, they will usually be accompanied by call girls overnight. Karaoke rooms have become a hotbed of malformations for Japanese erotic orgy.

In addition, various violent and illegal activities have repeatedly occurred in karaoke rooms. In 2003, the Japanese National Police Agency issued a white paper stating that 32 cases of juvenile crime occurred in karaoke booths, of which 14 were violent assaults, and 9 were rapes and 9 were murders. In addition, a total of 95 adults were arrested in karaoke rooms, of which 55 involved assaults and 11 involved violent crimes.

Soundproof karaoke booths have also become the main venue for drug trafficking, and many drug addicts and drug dealers often conduct illegal transactions here. At the same time, the karaoke hall knew all the filthy things that happened in the private room, and they would put a mini camera in the private room to secretly record the scenes of fish and water in the private room. These videos were even made into compact discs and sold around to make huge profits from them.

VR Adult Industry Report, Alternative Business Blue Ocean

When sex toy provider Virtual Doll’s toys specially made for VR first appeared on the Indiegogo crowdfunding, they were snapped up; adult movie companies always occupy the headlines of global media in some large-scale technology, movie, and music events. At this speed, people will soon realize that the way to enjoy adult services is constantly changing, and this is just the beginning!

The future of VR adult movies

It can be said that the adult entertainment website once became the leader of the VR industry. The first small VR movie appeared in September 2014. At that time, the VR hardware device could only support 120-degree viewing and a refresh rate of 25 frames per second. The average length of early films is about 3-4 minutes. Although they are not comparable to current standards, they have laid the foundation for the rapid growth of adult content now. Until March 2015, the emergence of DK2, the hardware was generally upgraded and also allowed content manufacturers to upgrade the quality of small movies. In less than a year, the small VR movie has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second from 180 degrees to 360 degrees.
According to SexLikeRal (the world’s largest small VR movie website), there are currently 13 studios developing adult content, and the development, in the beginning, was relatively simple, but now some short films are almost longer than movies, generally more than 30 minutes, And the content is more interactive. The development studios now focus on technology, hoping to make the overall experience more immersive and more commercial.

With the upgrade of consumer hardware again this year, many people are eager to develop VR content. Some people say that before 2017, the quality of small VR movies can reach very high standards and even become industry standards.

From past adult industry experience, content manufacturers have learned that it’s important to interact with users. Because static small movies provide only a one-time experience, and the results are the same every time. And if the model on the wire can communicate, the user can ask her to do different things, such as changing clothes, singing, performing, etc.

What is the future of VR adult content? Through imagination, you can go anywhere. The beauty of VR content is that it provides a nearly blank canvas for creators to develop on their own. Only imagination, no boundaries, so that startups can grow. We look forward to higher-quality videos, and startups can let users take the initiative. Another is that it brings stimuli to the user’s body.

For example, there are already some sex toys that can be controlled with a mobile phone. For example, sex toys manufactured by RealTouch can be connected to a computer and synchronized with the video.

The ultimate goal of VR adult movies is to make people’s experiences feel real. Wearing a VR headset and some sensory devices on the body, players can not only experience immersive effects but also be satisfied with the physical senses.

VR adult industry is ready to break out

 Some tech companies are also joining the battlefield.

Virtual Real Porn is making awful virtual reality adult content. The promotional image we see is a naked girl sitting next to the technology’s VR headset. We guess the content must be interesting!

At this year’s SXSW, high-tech entrepreneur Brian Shuster is best known for helping emerging internet companies in the 1990s. He said he is now developing Oculus-compatible virtual reality adult content software. His previous speech at South By Southwest caused a sensation. This competition has changed the adult content industry because virtual reality technology helps pornographic films have an immersive and interactive experience! Does this make porn more sensational and addictive? I think so!

Virtual Real Porn is a VR adult content production start-up company founded by two brothers. They have started shooting 360 erotic movies as early as the first quarter of 2015. They can be considered one of the industry leaders! Holofilm Productions is an erotic content production company, This year officially announced the creation of the subsidiary HoloGirls VR to attack the virtual adult industry! The first plan of HoloGirls VR is to invite the best actress and male award winner of the year to join the production of VR content!

In addition to being a content maker of high-quality 360 AV movies, VR Bangers is also a high-tech startup.

In addition to providing ultra-high-definition 4K video playback, there is also original VR audio equipment. I believe that friends who have seen adult content know that sound is very important !!!! This is even more true in the VR experience. Companies that can provide stimulation and immersive virtual experiences that can stimulate the five senses will have greater advantages to attract consumers to pay!

Some high-tech interactive sex products are popular with men and women.

Can you imagine that in the future, VR adult content can be synchronized with high-tech artificial intelligence robots that look as real as the dolls in the movie?

This is what we found during our investigation on the subject of adult content in virtual reality! When a man is enjoying virtual reality oral sex, in order to make the experience more authentic and immersive, he can use this toy called Robotic Blowjob 2 invented by the company. Go buy it before you sell it!
Women may want to complain that the market caters only to men. But this is not true. Vstroker is planning to develop a market for both sexes. They have virtual reality porn and sex toys to cater to both sexes.

KIIROO was founded in 2013 and is located in Amsterdam. It is a creative technology company that develops unique technologies to create intimate relationships on the Internet.

Kiiroo devices are different from traditional sex products. Just like the interaction between couples, Kiiroo’s sex toys for virtual reality can have a high degree of interaction with each other and a unique sensory sex experience. Pearl-style luxurious G-spot vibrator; Onyx is the latest male masturbation toy with Fleshlight? With KIIROO, you can touch your lover everywhere in the world.

Lovense is one of the most popular interactive sex toys. After 5 years of research and development and optimization, the latest version of Lovense ’s exclusive sex toys can be controlled by smartphones and Bluetooth, which means that users can control each other ’s masturbation toys, which is really fun!
VirtuaDolls is preparing to bring virtual reality adult content devices to adult toys like never before. Not just “unexpected devices”, VirtuaDolls is a controller for adult games and adult content. Adult games can now break the boundaries of the screen and interact with characters in new ways. They can really feel rewarded after breaking the puzzle or saving the princess.

The most special thing about this toy is probably the vacuum suction. The main function is to increase the authenticity of the experience. He could make the toy breathe. Another added benefit is the cleaning function. You don’t need to go to the sink, so you can hang up the detergent and press the button, and you can operate it again after about 10 seconds.

As for inspiration? The inventor said: “VirtuaDolls started out as a hybrid of adult games and sex toys. But when we discovered that we could turn this 5-inch sex toy into a 12-inch desk device, I thought that when a relative made an unexpected visit, Virtual Dolls does not accept any orders, mainly because the fund-raising plan at IndieGoGo was too successful a few months ago, and orders flooded in. The founder of Virtual Dolls stated that the order volume was beyond expectations, so the output was too large. Therefore, we need to temporarily take off the shelves for preparation. Please keep track of our website. We will tell you as soon as the pre-order is opened! “

Some 3D virtual adult erotic games and social networking sites, millions of users!

Second Life is currently the most well-known virtual adult community. Developed by Linden Lab in San Francisco, it was officially launched in 2003 and has over 1 million subscribers.
Red Light Center, 3DxChat, and Chatuhouse3D are three other popular virtual reality adult entertainment communities. Both are 3D and can support multiple players. Red Light Center has more than 4 million users. The purpose of completing these games is very straightforward, that is, you can face other virtual reality players, chat, and have sex in other private virtual spaces. Although this is not our dish, it is clear that millions of fans like this virtual adult world!
Players can choose characters to live in the virtual world with their imaginary characters. We are very surprised that at this early stage, there are many adult entertainment companies adopting virtual reality and 3D technology! This makes us think, is there really such a huge demand in the virtual adult world? If anyone can tell us the answer, I really appreciate it! but now! We can only praise Virtual Porn Desire as an emerging virtual reality adult content company. The content is original, filmed in Europe, and has many of the best actresses in the industry.

Many of the videos on the website are exclusive, and every week there are new works that allow you to experience the most immersive virtual reality senses! Virtual Porn Desires provides users with a full 180-degree 3D movie, shot with a special lens, so you can watch these beautiful girls in 3D quality. Many VR movies are shot at 60 frames per second for a smooth experience. With a resolution of up to 2880 × 1620, enjoy detailed images!

Vision and Forecast of VR Adult Industry

By 2025, adult content is expected to have a market value of more than $ 1 billion, holding it as the third largest industry in virtual reality, behind video games (1.4 billion) and football-related content (1.23 billion), which is Piper Jaffray’s prediction. Analyst Gene Munster said: This is the “large-scale high-tech theme” of the next generation in the United States, just like the 15-year-old mobile phone industry.

Piper Jaffray said that by 2025, the scale of this industry can reach 1 billion US dollars, which is the third-largest industry of virtual reality. The relationship between adult content and virtual reality is clearly complementary. Virtual reality adult content has improved the use and sales of VR head-mounted displays, and membership subscriptions have brought considerable income to the A-chip industry. We have learned in the past that adult content can help popularize new technologies, such as DVD and Internet acceptance by mainstream consumer markets!

The virtual reality adult content industry and applications have gradually attracted attention and become popular search keywords for virtual reality! Major players are well aware that virtual reality adult content is entering the market and continues to evolve. When asked about OculusVR’s views on adult content in virtual reality, Oculus CEO PalmerLucky said: “Rift is an open platform, and we don’t care if those software are compatible, this is an amazing place!”
We can’t help but think that the potential coup is the impact that virtual porn can have on men and women, especially men who are not popular with women. In the near future, they can have sex with human-like sex robots on the Internet or date in virtual reality.

What if virtual reality technology develops rapidly in the next few years, becomes highly interactive (which is probably the focus of future development!), And looks like a human virtual reality sex experience come true? Can interactive virtual reality films be a solution for people with sexual dysfunction?

Is it possible that as technology advances and virtual reality experiences become more and more real, men become more and more addicted to virtual reality porn? What if, in the future, virtual characters are almost as real as the hot girls in “Ultimate Girlfriend Cosplay”?

Will men become more and more unwilling to chase real women, as long as they have sex with highly interactive sex robots? Let’s keep watching! If you want to learn more about the impact of virtual reality porn on society and the relationship between men and women.

Bundle or sex toys, weird thoughts on the bed make you sex

Well now, in a survey of more than 2,000 readers worldwide, we found that women are waiting for us to teach them how to go crazy and out of bounds: more than 90% of women show a strong desire, 70% of them Some people have the urge to try these weird ideas.

And the other 21.5% of the women faced these weird thoughts, and they were very excited. “If they are in bed, they should ask me this!” If it is really useful, don’t call it “weird thoughts”. Think of it as a kind of entertainment that will make it easier for you to get happy, and throw your doubts about it out of the clouds.

I. Bonding, ordering, obedience, abuse

Don’t be surprised by the abbreviation of the initials of several words, B, D, S, and M stand for binding, order, obedience, and abuse. Now let’s look at the letters B and D, which are bundles and commands, which may be more fashionable than you think.

“When she was restrained, that strong sexual desire would excite them, and many women were very interested in this practice,” said Carol, MD. She is a sexologist, and also runs a sex toy store herself and runs it well. “Their rebellion will give them an impulse, and when they are bound and bound, a good show is about to take place.”

First: When you are playing around, cover your head with her with your hand, so that she can’t move. If she likes it, then you should consider how to further control her. She grabbed a tie, her silk scarf, or a pair of stockings and tied her gently. Then bundle, don’t stop, be sure to slow down.

Yelling loudly can make you play more vigorously. “It’s up to you personally to scream hard,” said Emma Taylor, one of the co-authors of “The Nervous Guide to Sexual Life.” Son. “This is your sex additive. If she laughs, you laugh with her. Let her keep moaning.

Then: let’s listen to the advice of Alder, a sex researcher, “BDSM may be dangerous for those who have little experience in this area or are too enthusiastic about BDSM. It is important to understand beforehand Check this knowledge so as not to hurt the other party. “Before you start, you should instill the word” safe “in your head, so that you can grasp the time and proportion when you play.

Second Sex Video

Don’t hope too much first. In our survey, only 15% of women will record their activities in the bedroom, probably because they are afraid that other people will see it too. “They were curious about what she was like when she was full of passion, and that was the most natural person in her life,” said Candida, author of “How to Tell the Naked He How to Do”.

You can try if she can accept sexual video this way, but there is no guarantee of success. If she is nervous but very cooperative, you should give her the strap as soon as you are done, or destroy it when the excitement between you passes. If you absolutely want to save it, lock it up, and don’t let it be copied.

First: “Try to forget the strap,” Candida said. “We can connect a video recorder to a TV,” she said. “It’s best to put the screen at an appropriate angle so that we can see ourselves even when we are most passionate. In the beginning, we can Consider using more secure still-life cameras, digital or polaroids. This will also ensure that beginners are protected from or are less frightened.

Then: Sex is a wonderful experience, but when we look directly at it, we may not get used to it. “Don’t hang photography lights on the ceiling,” Candida said. “It creates shadows, and when the lamp is above your head, it may look ugly,” said Robert M.D. The clinical sexologist also reminded us that when men are intoxicated with visual impact, “women trust the hearing more. The greater the moaning and shouting, the more women can enjoy it.”

Three, role-playing

Two people can change various role relationships, such as boss and secretary, teacher and student, cleaner and occupant, but all of this must have a theme, such as one of them is weak and the other is to him or she gives infinite tolerance and mercy. This is a powerful motivation that can even improve your health and interesting sexual relationships between you.

First of all: we can have this feeling of change in the bedroom. “Putting on different underwear, it seemed like I was a different person on the bed, becoming very erotic, crazy, and mighty,” Kun said. Go to a bar that you are not familiar with, and you can give yourself different feelings in public.

I arrived 20 minutes earlier than her, and then made the appearance that neither of you knew anyone. If you can design a story for you “for the first time”, do it. In addition, it is more interesting to design an ambiguous scene for the other party when they meet with you by name, profession, etc. Then you found each other and hugged more passionately than usual.

Then: Play a little prank “Let her forget”. Wear a dress she has never seen before and spray different colognes, because the smell is always tightly tied to memory. All you have to do is make her forget who you are. Try to make yourself happy, of course, not the kind of hysteria. For example, if you work in sales, then you act as a traveling salesman, throw her alone at home, and let her be a lonely waiting wife at home. A rapid sexual storm will make it difficult for you all to extricate yourself.

  1. Sex Toys

Sex toys, be aware that when you are not with her, she may have used something like an oscillator. This is sex toys. “Men may be most worried about whether they will be replaced from now on, or women indulge in it, and later, even if they want women to reach orgasm, they can’t do it,” said Johnson, an experienced sex therapist.

First: Start with a bath and prepare a bottle of massage oil. The way to make a woman feel intense physical stimulation is usually in conjunction with non-traditional sexual activities. The best time to use sex toys is on Friday night. A full set of tools includes a bath ball, orange mango body oil, massage liquid, and a magical mini oscillator. Tell her that she will be given a new toy whenever she is ready.

Afterward: Her orgasm may come at any time. “If this woman uses an oscillator, when you enter her body, she can reach orgasm very quickly,” said Luo Yali. She recommended to us the oscillator with a simple outline. Although its design is very sexy, it looks very warm.

When we pulled a group of usually well-behaved girls to the oscillator, they all felt very interesting. So what does a man feel like?

  1. The “exposure” with just the right size

“The tremor after being noticed by passers-by is definitely related to the focus of so many eyes,” Kun said. “For women, it’s a feeling that puts them at the center, feeling that they are attractive and sexy, even though they look really different from ordinary people.”

First: When you rush out of the room wearing a skirt, make a decision immediately, take advantage of any opportunity, and at the same time help yourself realize your desire to show. “After a quick meal, I was going to accompany a friend for a drink. When I hurried to change clothes, I suddenly decided not to wear that underwear,” said Karen, a 25-year-old female writer. “I thought that if the light in the bar wasn’t that dim and we didn’t drink that much, maybe nothing happened, but I’m still happy to do it.”

And then: outdoor sex. “You have to make sure you are completely awake and you have to think about how much sexual experience you have,” Kun said. “When exposed almost completely without privacy, those poor teenage sexual experiences like teenagers can’t help worrying about them.”