How women should choose a sexy lingerie

There are thousands of different types of erotic lingerie on the market. It is not easy to choose sexy lingerie that is very suitable for you. If you wear the wrong erotic lingerie, it will not only be sexy but also hurt your health. Therefore, women must Learn to choose a sexy lingerie that suits you. So how should women choose erotic lingerie? What styles are there for erotic lingerie? Next, I will introduce them one by one for your reference.

1.Select the color of sexy lingerie according to your type

When talking about sexy, we first think of black and think that black is the sexiest performance. In fact, black lingerie is really sexy and hot, but before buying, there is one more issue that needs to be considered, which is the color and hairstyle of the hair. If your hair is black, consider buying fuchsia underwear; if your hair is reddish or yellowish, consider pale pink underwear. Short hair can buy bright underwear, long hair is recommended for dark. So, according to your type, hurry up and check-in.

2. the choice of erotic lingerie should be in harmony with the figure

The selection of sexy lingerie should be coordinated with the figure. If you don’t coordinate, even if it looks good and is sexy, it’s all useless. Beauty with a small bust, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup when choosing underwear, this will make your breasts stand up and expose your nipples. If your breasts are large, you can choose underwear that is not lined and can gather the cleavage so that the breasts will not sag. Therefore, you must choose according to your body shape, in order to choose the sexy underwear that best fits your body shape

3. Pay attention to small details when choosing erotic lingerie

Many people buy clothes, they are relatively rough, and think that it is almost enough. But this is not the case when buying sexy lingerie. You must know that exquisiteness can represent taste. Don’t buy some cheap and rough underwear, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. In addition, pay attention to the details and take a closer look. Don’t break it as soon as you put it on. Therefore, any piece of sexy underwear should be based on the premise of exquisiteness and comfort.

4. try a garter

We need to change things and give him a fresh look. So, try garter. If you don’t know what it is, go to the Internet to find it. This is a new type of sexy lingerie that will make your waist look thinner and your hips curvier.

5. Don’t be too complicated

Sexy lingerie is not as simple as possible, but it should not be too complicated. If you have a piece of sexy lingerie, you have to put a lot of effort into it, so in the middle, men have no patience to untie your cumbersome sexy lingerie one by one. Well, there is still fun, and after unsolving it, there is no sexual interest. Therefore, in the selection of sexy lingerie, do not be too cumbersome, simple as well, the most important thing is that he can easily untie it.

What styles of sexy lingerie

1. panties with straps

Ultra-high underpants are equipped with straps on both sides of the waist for tying. These underpants are bold and hot, suitable for women of all sizes. As long as you untie one of the ropes, it is enough to stimulate.

2. lace panties

The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic inner beauty. The pubic hair is looming, which is very provocative to the visual. It is also a pleasure to directly touch with your hand.

3. open crotch pants

This kind of underwear happens to be uncovered between the two strands. If you wear a mini skirt and go out again, it can be intimidating. This is a stunning and hot design.

4. stockings with open crotch

There is a large opening between the two strands to touch the underwear without hindrance.

5.Elastic band for garter

Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, that sultry style can just fascinate sentient beings.

6.Upper and lower sleeves

Made of red silk fabric, it looks very energetic. When you wear it, your skin is more delicate. The top is simple, with a small bow, and wide lace at the waist; the skirt is made into a mini skirt style, which is light and smart.

7. Tuxedo type

The natural waist and generous style are its main features. With short oil, the lace on the cuffs is flared, the skirt is curved, and the breast looks like a non-exposed breast.

8.wrinkle type

She mostly uses creamy white silk and pure white lace to match her waist, large skirt, and good drape. The lace is decorated with wrinkles, which is elegant and elegant and looks like an angel.

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Demystifying men’s sex 5 times

As with the development of anything, there are ups and downs for men’s sex, so when is the golden age of men’s sex? Today, Qin Renyuan will take you to reveal the five major periods of the male sex!

  1. Out of control period (before 18 years old)

Men’s attention to sexual affairs begins after adolescence. After years of hibernation, that part of the body finally recovered unstoppably. The pain is that it can suddenly erect whenever and wherever it is. This situation even happened in the summer when the clothes were thin when the teacher shouted to the podium to recite the text to the students. It seems increasingly difficult to navigate. Some boys are radiant in their school days and are more successful in entering society. The important reason is that they have properly controlled their instincts. But this is not easy! As the development grows more and more sound, he will often fantasize about the opposite sex and his intimacy, and the question of who she is and whether she is beautiful or not is next.

  1. Blazing Age (18-28 years old)

Men’s emotions began to stabilize slowly. Sex is not the main thing, there are also feelings and careers, and there may be some achievements in these areas. If a man does not want to be aggressive at this stage, nothing will happen in his life. But he is not strong enough for the time being, he wants to prove that his desire is very strong, care about owning more than care about fit. When chasing girls, he usually said sincerely, “I love you, really, for the rest of my life …” However, women often struggle to endure their fiery and endless illness. This stage is also a time for men to learn a lot about women.

  1. Charming period (29-38 years old)

After years of ups and downs, he has become very stable, graceful and decent, good at controlling his emotions, and more importantly, he already has his own career. He is full of confidence and knows that sex is a matter for two people. If he is rejected, he will not be as sad as before. He can lift everything lightly, because to him, women are no longer mysterious. A large part of his desire for sex has given way to mutual support with his partner. He can appreciate the charm of women, and make his charm feel to women; he will not embarrass women, nor will he embarrass himself. In a very calm state, he would stir up the waves in a woman’s heart.

  1. Shoucheng (age 39-55)

A frightening reality lay ahead: the libido was diminished, even though the sight of a pleasant woman also gave rise to sexual fantasies. He was able to completely control his emotions, but this dullness worried them again. Out of intentional or unintentional compensation, he longed for warm family life, his wife, children, and weekends at home. As the main organs began to age and his hair became thinner, he often took pity on himself and dreamed of recovering his youth. Therefore, once he met a woman who admired him, he would easily do something out of bounds. But these relationships usually don’t last long and often end in tragedy.

  1. Thinking period (after 56 years old)

Although sex may have caused pain and injury to every man, once the demand for it is completely lost, men will have the fear that their lives will end. In this period, they have almost paid attention to sex, and like to devote their interests to other aspects, such as playing chess and flowers, and of course, including the memory of the golden age. According to a survey, if a couple ceases to have sex, 95% of them are raised by men, although this is unfair to women. They felt that their teeth were bald and their sexual organs began to shrink, losing their attractiveness completely. In fact, this is a physiological effect on psychology. If they can adjust themselves, they can also enjoy satisfying sex life.

It is the common wish of all to have an immortal love, and it is the man’s responsibility to have the ability to make love immortal!

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Improve slamming ability and sexual ability by taking a bath

Bathing is something that people do almost every day because bathing can clean the body and promote sleep. In addition, bathing has benefits you can’t think of. For men, scientific bathing can also improve sexual performance and make men braver in sex. However, how to take a bath to improve sexual performance?

Benefits of bathing on sex

Bathing is the basic cleaning method, and it also has an impact on sexual life. First, bathing can relax the body and mind, making couples more engaged in sex. Second, taking a hot bath before sex can help restore body temperature and increase skin sensitivity. Later, couples bathing is still a good foreplay, which can increase interest.

Wrong bathing style impairs sexual ability

However, some wrong bathing methods can negatively affect sexual function. Especially for men, taking a long hot bath may damage the reproductive organs such as the prostate. Therefore, men should learn to take a scientific bath to improve sexual function while cleaning.

Stimulate the root of the penis in the shower

When taking a bath, the water temperature should not be too high, but it should not exceed 38 ° C, so use a shower. Men can shower warm water around the base of the penis with a shower head, which can increase local blood circulation, relieve the testicle and penile fatigue, and help erect. And the erection of the penis makes the ligaments and nerves that support the penis quite fatigued, and the longer the erection time, the more severe the fatigue. And warm water stimulation can speed up blood circulation and can restore fatigue of testes and penis as soon as possible. In addition, showering is different from bathing in the bathtub in the whole body. Showering can stimulate the local acupuncture points to cause stimulating consequences. Of course, stronger shower water pressure is better.

Warm water stimulates the groin and massages

The groin inside the thigh root should also be properly stimulated with warm water, because the groin is the “traffic channel” that transports blood and nerves to and from the testes. Blood circulation in the groin is critical to men’s sexual function. Stimulating the groin with warm water in the shower and stroking the groin with two fingers from top to bottom is also very beneficial to enhance the sexual performance of men. Using two fingers to stroke the groin from the top to the bottom at the same time can increase the maintenance of the sexual organs. In addition, there are some important acupuncture points in the lower abdomen of men, such as Guan Yuan and Qi Hai. Stimulation with warm water can also enhance sexual function.

An alternative bath of hot and cold water improves sexual performance.

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Too long to be intimate, beware of your sexuality

 They say that sexual ability is like a knife. If you don’t have sex for too long, be careful of your sexuality. However, some people were surprised to feel that each time the couple met and wanted to be gentle, their sexual abilities and pleasure were not as good as before.
Separation of sexes for too long Sexual abilities has plummeted. In fact, regardless of gender, there is a law of sexual abilities. For objective reasons, maybe you separate the two places; for subjective reasons, maybe you have one side. You may not have sex for a long time, but be careful.

“Everyone said that Xiaobie wins a new marriage. The husband and wife will meet again after a while. Sexual life should feel more and feel better. How can it make sexual performance decline-“

Gender separation for too long

In fact, there is a law of “use and retreat” in sexual abilities regardless of men and women. This is like a car. If you often drive it, you will feel more and more comfortable, and the performance of the car will be better; but if you do not drive or perform maintenance for too long, not only your driving skills will be unfamiliar, but the car ’s various Parts will also rust and malfunction, and naturally they are not so easy to drive. The same is true of human sexuality. Without sex for too long, it can lead to decreased sexual performance, endocrine disorders, and women can even cause a series of gynecological diseases. Therefore, we have always suggested that you should have sex regularly, which is good for your body and mind.

What you need to know about sex

Women with too little sexual life have a higher incidence of breast hyperplasia. From the “sexual” point of view, the following aspects can be addressed to address this disease-:

In addition, husbands and wives tend to be more excited during sex if they meet again after abstinence for too long. However, the rhythm of sexual life between men and women is different. If the husband moves too fast and “hassled things”, the wife will not have a good sexual experience, and in the past, he may hate sex life.

For separated couples who are not uncommon in modern life, how to avoid the “disuse” of sexual abilities-On the one hand, couples should strengthen communication and exchange each other’s feelings and ideas; on the other hand, they should try to meet regularly. After all, this is important to each other’s physical and mental health and happiness;

Afterward, masturbation can be used to resolve the desire in the heart when appropriate. This is a legitimate and reasonable sexual means, which not only guarantees loyalty to the partner, but also does not violate social morality, and is an effective way to release sexual feelings. Of course, if you choose some masturbation equipment, it is also a good choice, after all, the authenticity is very strong.

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These parts of the male body expose his key fundamental “sizes”

  When it comes to something unique to men, many people have a question: Does its size matter? Some people think it is important because it may be related to the survival of future generations;
There are also some people who think that it is not important. After all, men can lead normal lives regardless of their size or even presence or absence. However, most people don’t know that the size difference between different men can be huge.
如何 How to judge whether there is “strong appearance” by various parts of the body? Generally, the body of a “big man” has the following characteristics:

  1. Height status
    Height is a reference for easily determining “size”. The proportion of body organs is almost affected by height and there are differences in size.
  2. Neck condition
    Whether the neck is healthy or not can reflect the physical strength of the body to a certain extent. It has a thick and strong neck with a firm muscle and usually has a strong “root”.
  3. Second sexual characteristics

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SM = perverted?

In the face of chili, no one will criticize the stimulus of chili to taste. In the face of bungee jumping, no one will ridicule people’s pursuit of extreme sports; in the face of abusive love, some people like to follow the rules, and some people like to break the rules.
But facing SM, many people will equate with metamorphosis.

“SM” exactly refers to “BDSM” used to describe some human sexual behavior patterns, it is the first letter of a collection of multiple phrases.
According to a Finnish study, more than 40% of the BDSM population realized that they had this orientation before the age of 18, so the cause of BDSM may not have much to do with the impact of social culture on people.
However, evolutionary biologists have explained to BDSM as the phenomenon of primates “seeking higher courts”. In short, S is a party with a higher social class but more dominant resources. : Marriage with higher ranks is more conducive to future generations, so in the long biological evolution
Primates have formed an instinct to have a strong sexual urge to higher-order people. This may be the mental motivation of the M side, but it may also be the biologist’s self-emotion.

SM didn’t deserve a name at first

In fact, more than one civilization has been or is conservative about “sex”. Therefore, in the past, the DBSM medical community was regarded as “heterogeneous” and “morbid”. After being stable, more outgoing, more receptive to new things, and more responsible, they immediately humped and said: SM is actually just some people’s leisure activities in their spare time.

So since it ’s not a disease, it ’s just entertainment, so what do you want to do? No, if you want to join this kind of play, you also need to bear the risk. When your body feels numb, you need to know to loosen it in time, otherwise, you will not be able to play.

No matter how hot it is at night, you need to use low-temperature candles, otherwise, it will be very embarrassing to be burned by your friends. Don’t pick up things and put them in your body. If you don’t, you need to go to the emergency department overnight to become big news.

How to play happily

First of all, BDSM must be “you love me,” otherwise this is a crime, SM does not blame sexual violence! In a real BDSM relationship, comfort and trust are the rules of the game. Please set your “safe words”. Once you feel uncomfortable, you should stop immediately when you say safe words.

Please upgrade your personal consumption. Your “kitten” needs high quality. Use a safe collar. SM is a physical task. Please do not work in a state of physical exertion. Forcibly play to avoid unpleasantness. Finally, you need to partner with you. Learn together, explore, and practice hard.

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How to use a lubricating fluid?

How to use lubricating oil? Sexual lubricating oil is a kind of lubricant used by people in sexual life.

West, but many people don’t know how to use it.

  1. It is quite interesting to fill the entire sex organ with lubricating oil.

If you have been touching the nucleus for a while, and she starts to feel dry, you can use your fingertips to add some water to the original lubricating oil, and the smeared part will restore the original lubricity. Some people like to use the very liquid Astroglide.

There are many lubricating oils that you can use. Some lubricating oils are particularly sticky. Just like petroleum jelly or these petroleum products are very suitable, it can make the surface of the foam not dry for a long time, and you don’t need to apply it again. But this kind of oil will stain the sheets, and some people don’t like the feeling of applying it.

2, when using KY glue, it is often applied along the labia minora, starting from the shade

Use two to three fingers, and when touching the nucleus, be careful not to lubricate it. Another method is to slowly and carefully caress each of the two labia minora, which is a good technique for those who like to apply Vaseline. You can take some time to lubricate the two labia minora, and caress and apply in the opposite direction until you are close to the nucleus. You can also touch her directly below the vaginal nucleus, calling it the vestibule. You can even apply and caress from under the vaginal nucleus, let your fingertips stay on the vaginal nucleus for a few seconds, and then return to the vestibule. on. You can invent all the creative ways to lubricate your lover so that she will have a different surprise every time she has sex.

3. The way of applying depends on personal preference and physical fitness

Lubricant is a topical preparation that acts directly on the female canal and can help to complete sexual intercourse, but it is impossible to increase sexual desire. It can only be said that it is beneficial to increase female sexual pleasure.

The common method is to apply to the condom. Secondly, it can be applied to the outer shade of women, such as the shade, and some women like to apply it directly to the shade. Water-soluble lubricants are usually less likely to cause allergies and can be used with confidence.

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In the past few years, which “fake pits” have you fallen into?

For a long time, sex toys have flowed out as mudstones in the commodity world and are now in the impression of the Chinese people. They are secretly bought and cannot be described, and it is difficult to resist them

The definition of sex toys in most people’s minds is an exaggerated huge male penis, a mace-shaped condom, a vulgar looking Indian divine oil.OH, my dear friend, what age is it now, please You erase all these impressions in your mind! wipe! wipe!

In recent years, great changes have taken place in the field of sex toys. Men and women no longer need the piston movement of pure sex. More men and women have begun to enjoy the excitement and happiness brought by various sex toys together. Let me talk about sex with you today. Several misunderstandings about supplies.

  1. Sex toys look weird

As a part of the early sex toys, the appearance will be more realistic, because of the limitations of the industry communication, so the product design is mainly intuitive. However, as young people today, the product’s value requirements are very high, so most of the current sex toys are designed as cute little toys, which are not as beautiful as sex toys at all.!

  1. Use sex toys = you can’t

Many men reject the use of sex toys, and subconsciously feel that using sex toys will make others think that I can’t.

Surveys show that people who have sex have more sex toys than people who do not have sex. Partners who use sex toys usually have a higher quality of sexual life and better emotional intimacy. About 20-30% of people will use sex toys at least once in their lives. Suitable sex toys are men’s comrades rather than opponents. Choose a few suitable products and fight hard every day from now on.

  1. Women do not need men if they use sex toys

Many men are worried about this. Sex toys are not a substitute for people, they are just a little toy that will help flirt and will not hug, kiss or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women’s use of sex toys because they think that their importance to women is mainly their “big guys”, so men will feel insecure. In fact, it is not necessary, size is not a problem, what is important is to give the other party’s whole-hearted input in the process.

  1. Make sex unnatural with sex toys

We hear a lot of incorrect statements about sex. One of them is that natural sex means that it can only contact the body, and only when it is water-soluble and interlinked is the expression of love. If you use pencils and paper, wouldn’t it be natural to draw? of course not. If we use tools or toys to make it more interesting and not make sex unnatural, sex toys are not activated by batteries, but our imagination. Imagine when we and our partner lost interest in mechanical sex year after year, why not use sex toys to add some color?
5, using sex toys may cause harm to the body

There is no evidence that sex toys can damage your sexual sensation or genitals. If you use sex toys properly, your sexual well-being index will increase a lot. Egg jumping is a fairly easy-to-use foreplay tool that stimulates sensitive areas and enhances male and female sexual love. Many women require the use of sex hopping eggs to achieve unlimited orgasms when having sex with a partner, and even many women who have never reached orgasm during sex can reach orgasm. Plane cups and other useful and interesting products are not mentioned here.

  Survey data show that sex toys are increasing at a 30% repurchase rate each year. This shows that some people, after being rich in material, have begun to pay attention to their sexual well-being index, and sex toys have become a big market in everyone’s mouth. For men, sex toys are good comrades-in-arms. For women, it is God’s right hand. Let’s look at and use sex toys in a correct manner.

Talk about sex and adult health products

Sex is the basis of human survival and development. The scientific development to this day has gradually eliminated all kinds of suppressive psychology such as sexual mystery, uncleanness, guilt, and inferiority. Socially recognized harmony of sexual life is one of the important factors to promote the consolidation and development of love. Improving the quality of sexual life has become The common aspiration of the majority of adult men and women.

Not every adult in the world can enjoy the joy of fish and water. Many couples have become complainers due to the disharmony of their sexual lives. Many people have never or rarely had orgasms; single, divorced and widowed, left-behind women, “space” men, long-term business trips and nearly ten million Disabled people, they all have the needs of sex life. Their sexual problems are not only personal problems but also social problems. Solving the above problems and helping these people, the emergence of sex products has a positive value. Under this circumstance, various kinds of sex products with the purpose of helping and improving the quality of sex life came into being. They can be roughly divided into aphrodisiac irritating sprays and internal products; sexual intercourse aids; masturbation and assisting devices for sexual appliances; contraceptives for family planning and sex toys.

If a person has a desire for sex, but can’t achieve the purpose for some reason of the body, he can choose sex medicine in a targeted manner. Physical health and normal physiology, just use sex medicine to indulge for indulgence enjoyment, which overloads the body’s energy and is very harmful to the body; regardless of the specific reasons of your own body, if you use any sex medicine, it must be damaged Healthy body. Adult health products should be used reasonably and appropriately on the basis of correct diagnosis by clinicians. For the collection of adult health products, the scope and effect of its application should be strictly controlled, and it should be selected in a moderate and appropriate amount without abuse.

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Sexual Fantasy: Significant Differences between Men and Women

Sexual fantasies are the most common sexual psychological activity of human beings and are commonly known as sexual immorality. Every person with a sound mind will have sexual fantasies that vary from person to person. Only the frequency, length, content, nature and attitude of appearance are very different. Studies have shown that the level of detail and vividness of sexual fantasies is directly proportional to an individual’s sexual experience, imagination, and media information. The 1994 National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS) found that 19% of women and 54% of men had sexual fantasies at least once a day. It shows that sexual fantasies are normal sexual psychological phenomena and an important part of the sexual psychological personality. Sexual fantasies do not mean that a person must have sex. He may be a flash of thoughts, images, or a story made up of boredom. Sexual fantasies reflect certain sexual desires and experiences in individual life.

There are gender differences in sexual fantasies. Women often fantasize about their own sex-dominated way of making love, or they have sex with the objects they admire and admire. Most female sexual fantasies have romantic plots. Male sexual fantasy is more active and objective, often based on visual imagination. Men usually take the female who is most attractive to them as the object of sexual fantasies. They have the fantasy to have sex with two or more women and to watch other people’s sexual intercourse. The common point is to satisfy the desire to peep. The content of sexual fantasy is generally pleasant sexual behavior. Some people are bystanders in fantasy, watching other people’s sexual behavior like watching a movie; some people are playing the role of sexual behavior as if they are participating in sexual behavior; some people are playing multiple roles in sexual fantasy Role; there are also a few who are sexually fantasizing about being raped and sexually abused.

Regarding the interpretation of sexual fantasies, psychoanalytic theory believes that it is the result of a combination of the subconscious attack instinct and sexual fantasies. If it is directed at sexual objects, it constitutes the illusion of abuse. If it is directed at itself, it constitutes the illusion of accepting sexual abuse. The psychoanalytic theory also believes that, due to the traditional influence of sexual depression, women often feel shame and guilt about sex. If you imagine your pursuit of sexual behavior in sexual fantasies, you will cause inner guilt and anxiety. At this time, through the “anti-phase” psychological defense mechanism, you will imagine that you will be forced to “rape” behavior, and forgive yourself for enjoying sexual pleasure. This is the interpretation of rape in sexual fantasies. The consensus in the psychological community is that sexual fantasies are the result of cortical activity. The relationship between mediation and consciousness and subconsciousness is the spiritual satisfaction of the unrealizable sexual desires in real life. Sexual fantasy can strengthen the body’s sexual stimulation and enhance the sexual experience, so as to obtain deeper sexual satisfaction.

Sexual fantasies have a positive effect. Sexual fantasies are a necessary factor for sexual behavior. When combined with physical stimulation during sexual activity, sexual fantasies can produce a stronger sexual experience. The sexual energy in the body is more fully released, and the orgasm is promoted. Some people also think that yin and yang are easy to be full of and self-sufficient. That is, ordinary people or vigorous, or kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency, will easily produce sexual fantasies.

Secondly, sexual fantasies can keep sexual life in marriage fresh. Sexual life in marriage is often numb due to factors such as physical strength, emotions, and environment. The subjective satisfaction of each sexual life cannot reach a satisfactory result. Especially those women who have difficulty in orgasm can self-adjust and reach orgasm through sexual fantasy. Also, sexual fantasies can help treat functional orgasm disorders. Sexual fantasies are the most powerful way to achieve sexual stimulation. Therefore, sex doctors will encourage patients to mobilize their positive memories to improve the situation. This is the main treatment idea of ​​sexy concentration training. Many psychological treatments for male impotence and premature ejaculation, female sexual apathy, and vaginal spasm must accept the role of a sexual partner through sexual fantasies, lying on their backs, relaxing, and experiencing each other’s feelings when they touch the body. In a safe, comfortable, softly lit room with music, focus on sexual fantasies to treat sexual dysfunction that has long been scarred inside. It can be seen that sexual fantasy is also a means of clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction.

Third, most people are positive and optimistic about sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasy can make us more joyful and understand the diversity and happiness of life, and also fulfill some unsatisfactory sexual desires, and strengthen our self-confidence in another virtual cloud space. Why not? As for whether sexual fantasies can lead to sexual crimes, this is also the confusion of many people about sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies are a kind of idea between consciousness and subconsciousness, just like any three-dimensional figure we draw on a piece of paper. Both are two-dimensional, and the behavior and movement in real life are three-dimensional. The thought and consciousness in dreams have no time and logic, that is, four-dimensional space. That’s why our sexual fantasies are. When an individual leaves the living environment, consciousness becomes the master of his behavior. Reason and morality enable one to separate sexual fantasy from reality. A normal consciousness, mental health, and generally do not confuse the boundaries between imagination and reality. Sexual fantasies are not implemented.
Of course, there are also some people who have less self-control, such as adolescent teenagers, who may linger in sexual fantasies, so that they interfere with their normal lives. If this is the case, adult and doctor help is required. As for those who have developed “compulsive fantasy”, it is a psychological deviation and requires medical treatment.

Sexual fantasies are different from sexual dreams, and they are also very different. Whether it is in the state of sobriety and confusion, as long as it is healthy and pleasant, we should accept it naturally.

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