Why are fewer and fewer people buying inflatable sex dolls


Judging from the sex dolls currently available on the market, it has to be said that the design is quite good. Developed from the first generation of inflatable dolls, it has been innovated and adjusted while retaining its characteristics, and it has been improved. For example, the appearance design of realistic sex doll is more delicate, with the proportions of real people, the eyebrows and eyes are made more vivid, almost the same as the appearance of real people, and the use of TPE materials and silicone is mainly used to increase the touch of the skin of sex dolls, which is similar to human skin , Which can more promote the user experience.

Moreover, sex dolls have more functions. Compared with the rigidity of inflatable dolls, sex dolls bring a very high degree of enthusiasm. Temperature control and sound control have brought great comfort to the soul of lonely people. In a person’s night, there is no need to suffer from loneliness and loneliness, and the company of sex dolls, so that their body and mind can be liberated. , I have to say that this is a good choice to relieve stress and comfort yourself.

Sex dolls have the characteristics of fever and have a better experience when hugging or kissing people. The third-generation sex doll can heat up in sensitive parts, bringing you a real-life experience.

Again, the material of TPE sex dolls is very safe and can be used with confidence. Sex dolls are high-end dolls, made of high-tech materials. It has been strictly inspected before leaving the factory and will not cause safety hazards to the human body during use.

Also, the appearance and clothing of sex dolls are more satisfying than real people. The facial features of sex dolls are very delicate, which can be said to be ideal for many men. The figure is close to perfection, and matching different styles of clothing can show you different characteristics.

Most people have trouble buying physical dolls for fear of being known

A lot of people have this problem when they buy a physical doll — they want to buy it, but they are afraid of being known. They are always struggling and unable to make up their minds.

This is quite normal. If I were asked to buy a physical silicone doll in public, I would probably be afraid of being judged.

However, if we keep this tangle, both want and fear, that is a bit of a fuss! Because now the entity silicone doll business has done a very good job of privacy, the general situation is not to worry about. If you keep worrying about being known, you might miss out on a lot of good things.

As long as we search baidu, we will find that many people are asking the same questions and have the same mentality. Meanwhile, many experienced people say that such worries are basically unnecessary.

Entity doll network believes that everything should have a certain degree, afraid of others know, be careful, that is normal, everyone is like this. But it’s not a good idea to overdo it, which could put your plans to buy a physical silicone doll on hold for a long time. You won’t enjoy the excitement and beauty of the good, and you’ll probably keep the five fingers company.

In fact, as long as we have a close look at the packaging display of some physical silicone doll sellers, it is not difficult to find that they have done a very good job of privacy, as long as it is not deliberately damaged, it is difficult for others to find what it is. There are even some solid silicone doll packaging into a leather sofa, which can be used to collect the physical silicone doll, but also can be disguised as an ordinary sofa, the concealment is extremely strong, do not have to worry about being found.

If you’re buying a physical silicone doll, the only thing you need to do is:

Find a reliable seller and don’t go cheap.

Conquer your fears. The real silicone doll is just a slightly more advanced adult product, and it’s perfectly normal to buy adult products. Even if he doesn’t buy a physical silicone doll, doesn’t he buy a condom?

To put it bluntly, most of the time we just worry about it. Keep a normal mind, in fact, as long as we carefully look at the online news about the physical silicone doll, it is not difficult to find that many people have been able to show their physical silicone doll in public.

So what happens if, in the worst case, someone sees your physical silicone doll? It doesn’t break the law, and it doesn’t hurt anyone. Just let him go.

Differences between sex dolls and real people

In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of people to survive, many people have not found a suitable partner when they reach the age of marriage or dating. With the increasing number of single men and women, it is difficult for this group of people to meet their physiological needs. Therefore, some people choose some sex toys like inflatable dolls in order to be able to solve their personal needs in daily life. Is there any difference between a realistic sex doll and a real person?

If you don’t know so much about sex dolls, you will definitely have such questions. In fact, this product is modeled after the human body, and the product has a very close structure to the human body. When most people choose an inflatable doll, it is often to meet their actual needs. Few people can really explore the difference between it and real people. If you analyze it in depth, you can find that there are indeed some differences between this kind of sex toys and real people.

For example, some ordinary sex doll have no body temperature, and it is impossible to carry out actual emotional communication. However, as the market for such products continues to develop, more and more high-tech products are incorporated, and some products that can change body temperature and produce sound have appeared. And such products are often different from real skin in terms of material selection. Too much difference. Whether it is the feel or touch, it is very soft and very close to real people.
If there are any advantages over sex doll compared to real people, it is that it can give people a more satisfying experience. Many users are particularly satisfied with this. This is also an important reason for the rapid development of such sex toys.

How to explain intimate adult toys to your partner

Some people find emotional comfort by buying physical dolls. But for some, dolls are simply a substitute for emotional connection. Many children are also keen to seek and maintain emotional connections with others.

This brings us to a question worth pondering: You may be looking for a physical doll to store in your life, but how will you let your partner know that you have a doll? When should I let her know? How can she recognize and accept this lifestyle?

The hard part is that there are plenty of hurdles to your hobby, and some people have a cliche about it: some people think you’re subconsciously disgusted or afraid of the opposite sex; You see the opposite sex as objects; Or maybe you’re not ready or having a hard time having a real, normal relationship.

Here are 7 simple tips that may help you:

Don’t leave room for prejudice

Nothing helps dispel any rumors about owning a physical doll better than your own approval and the knowledge of your loved ones. If you pay attention to the other person’s feelings and give them steady, close communication in your life, it will eliminate any concerns they may have about you.

Think twice before you choose your partner

You and your partner should live in harmony and accept each other’s differences. For example, you may want a physical doll or may be interested in other things. Your partner may not like it, but it would be nice if she could be receptive to different ideas of consciousness because of you.

The blame rests with you

Obviously, you need to accept all of this. You also have to accept their fantasies or quirks. Of course, it’s not just what it looks like, your attitude toward different fantasies will really influence whether the other person is willing to accept your tendencies, or communicate their needs when they feel secure, and don’t laugh or criticize those little quirks, no matter who conveys them.

Anticipate problems

Your partner may ask questions, and they may even be annoyed. For them, when you find a doll more and more attractive, do you lean toward it, or do you wonder if this is atypical cheating?

It doesn’t hurt to open your heart. Obviously, you shouldn’t say how the doll gradually attracts you, whether or not you are likely to get a very realistic and high-quality physical doll in. What you need to say is that you find that your partner is important and irreplaceable and that the doll is just a fantasy for you.

Keep honest

In a way, tell the truth about how and why you bought the doll. If you have more time than your partner, you can let them know that you don’t want to force them to make the most of your time for you. The doll is basically a companion toy that allows you to get spiritual satisfaction.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution

Ideally, your loved ones are tolerant, whether they understand your thoughts or not. Some people may even allow you to have more than one doll, but they would rather not know about its existence or its subtleties. It would be nice if you could admit that.

Need to be proactive

You may not need the other person to find your physical doll or ask you to demonstrate it once. This is an area that is not yet universal. If you make a mistake with your doll, you may make the same mistake with your partner. If you really don’t want your partner to worry about your little toy, then you have to hide it so they don’t know. Otherwise, you’d better set up a serious and serious conversation. Just remember that a partner who loves you will not laugh at you or judge you.

I hope these Suggestions will come in handy.

What are the characteristics of a good experience with a physical doll?

Although the physical doll is still relatively expensive, our living standard is getting higher and higher. In addition to the increasing number of domestic manufacturers and the extensive application of TPE materials, the price of the current physical doll has dropped a lot, so many people can afford to buy it.

The price of physical doll is very messy at this stage, the domestic price from a few hundred yuan to more than ten thousand of the physical silicone doll have, a variety of physical dolls are multifdianous, the following is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the present physical doll, to see which is better.

It is well known that a physical doll is an adult toy used to replace a real person to satisfy the desire requirements of the body. To have a better experience of love and snapping and a better make love feeling, a physical doll needs to have the following characteristics:

First of all, the physical doll should have a high degree of simulated skin, non-toxic and safe materials, feel good, and has a high degree of durability, touch and human basically the same. It also has to be anti-fouling, very easy to clean up. The skin color of a good physical doll is delicate, and the touch is closer to the real skin.

Secondly, the experience of using a physical doll has a lot to do with its built-in skeleton. A good physical doll should be able to move its joints and pose in any position you want to satisfy your various needs and fantasies. So you can do whatever you want with it, and you can treat it like a sexy, beautiful, beautiful, sweet little girlfriend.

Finally, real people are warm, not cold, want a physical doll to experience better, then she must have the temperature, especially in the winter use, experience will be better. The good news is that many of today’s dolls already have a heating function, and the technology isn’t complicated.

But do you know,this feature all insist in sexrealdoll brand,if you want buy a sexdoll which quality good,you mustn’t can miss sexrealdoll!

Proper use of physical dolls

Do you know how to proper use of physical dolls?see this article,maybe you will know it!and get along with your sex doll!

  1. The body of the physical doll is equipped with various joints and can be in various positions within a certain range. However, since the product is naturally straight when it leaves the factory, it cannot be placed or maintained in a highly difficult bending position for a long time to avoid deformation and damage!
  2. If there is dust and dirt on the surface of the doll, it can be cleaned by using general detergent, such as shower gel. Do not grasp the doll surface vigorously in a large area, and then air dry the water naturally after cleaning.
  1. The physical doll takes a bath every 10-20 days on average. After the bath, the protective powder is applied to prevent the oil from cracking
  2. If the physical doll is not carefully dyed, you can use the color removing paste to clean the physical doll, evenly apply the color removing paste to the dyed position and then put the doll in a dry and cool place. After 24 hours, the dyed position can be removed by itself.
  3. the physical doll should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, it is recommended to put it in a dry and cool place, and ensure the environment is clean and hygienic. At the same time, it is recommended to put it in a range of 5-35 degrees. Pay attention to avoid the temperature being too high or too low. Please keep the doll lying flat for storage.

Have you learned how to use sex doll?if you have,just use it!

Cleaning of female sex toys

The cleaning of sex toys is divided into two parts: cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning can only make the toy clean the stains on the surface of the toy, but if you want to kill the bacteria on it, you must go through the steps of disinfection!

The first step is to remove the battery and apply the cleaning solution. No matter what kind of toy it is, it must be cleaned before and after use. Please take out the battery when cleaning. Don’t forget to take out the battery when not in use for a long time. Rechargeable products If there is a waterproof plug, cover the waterproof plug, if not, try to avoid the charging port for cleaning.

Step 2: Apply a cleaning solution to clean: Please use a mild shower gel or a professional cleaning solution to apply to the vibrating rod, rub the vibrating rod with your hands, and then rinse it off with water.

The third step is to clean the grooves: Many vibrating rods have lines and grooves. These dead corners must be rinsed. You can carefully wipe the dead corners such as the groove with cotton to prevent bacterial dirt from remaining. Do not use a brush to clean, or it will scratch the delicate soft plastic material.

The fourth step, wipe clean: use a clean towel or use a non-depilatory paper towel (such as facial tissues, kitchen paper) to dry by pressing (such as kitchen paper towels), or air-dry it, please do not use ordinary Paper towels to avoid residual paper scraps and cause bacteria to grow. If the product has lines or grooves, gently wipe these grooves with a folded kitchen towel at 90 degrees to avoid leaving bacteria on the surface of the appliance.

Step 5: Disinfect toys
The first two steps can clean the stains on the toy and the body fluids of the human body, but there are more invisible bacteria remaining on the surface of the appliance, which cannot be eliminated by by-products such as shower gel. At this time, you need to disinfect the appliance. Use professional sex toy disinfection spray or Dettol disinfectant hand sanitizer to clean.

Professional sex toys disinfectant does not contain alcohol and silicone, no irritation to toys, and the liquid is weakly acidic, will not damage the human PH value, more health and safety, so Uncle Foreskin recommends buying professional sex if possible Toy disinfection spray is only tens of dollars, but what you buy is great health!

How to use the disinfectant spray for sex toys:
The method of using disinfection spray is also very simple. Spray the disinfectant spray directly on the sex toys, especially those parts that touch the body, and it can be stored after spraying. If it is ready to use, please stay for 2-3 minutes, In order to let the disinfectant completely eliminate the germs, and then use it. Good user habits should be cultivated, and toys should be disinfected once before and after use.

Step 6: After spraying the disinfectant spray, you can put it directly into the storage bag and place it in a cool and ventilated place. Exposure to the sun is prohibited to avoid deformation and bursting.

How to wash the dirty skin of a physical doll

Many customers who have just bought a real doll face the problem of how to clean the dirty skin of the doll. After the doll has been placed for a long time, the surface of the skin will stick to dust and stains. At this time, you can gently wipe the doll’s skin with a wet towel. It is better to use shower gel or soap to clean the doll. When the surface of the doll’s skin is dry, you can add talcum powder to make the doll’s skin smoother and more elastic.

Oil will appear on the skin surface of the simulated entity doll after it has been placed for a long time. This is due to the silicone oil material in the raw material, which is a normal phenomenon. We don’t need to worry too much about it. We need to maintain doll only regularly can, see the environment that lives commonly and lifestyle and decide, a month or so cleanness is better.

In fact, we do not have to think of the cleaning doll very complicated, sometimes do not have to clean regularly. After we use the doll, we need to wash the doll. But there are more lazy customers, or the body of the body of the doll, only clean the body of the word, that is a different matter. My personal advice is to give the doll a bath after use because it looks more comfortable.

Some customers may encounter the problem of doll skin dyeing, so they need to use the cleaning glue delivered by the manufacturer at this time. And use it under the manufacturer’s guidance, because the glue is corrosive and can burn the doll’s skin if not handled properly. In the process of maintaining the doll encounter what can not solve the problem, suggest the first time to contact the manufacturer to seek solutions, do not deal with their own blind.

What happens to the human body during sexual intercourse under MRI?

Human beings are the only creatures in the world that do not have sex for the purpose of reproduction. Have you ever wondered why only humans can evolve sex?

Have you ever wondered what happens to the human body during sex? So after reading this article today, you may get the answer.

MRI images can let us see more intuitively, what happens inside the human body during sex?


First of all, under normal circumstances, the number of heartbeats of a person is 60 to 100 times per minute. Before “start”, our heart is still beating at a normal frequency, after “opening”, it may be slightly faster than normal.

However, as long as you are not the first time, there will be no heartbeat.

Respiratory system

Excluding the causes of physical strength and intense exercise, we will find that our breathing begins to become a little bit short before we start. But at this time, we can still self-regulate and control the breathing rhythm to adjust the state. This is due to the excitement of the central nervous system, causing your blood pressure to rise, muscle contraction, and body metabolism, which directly leads to the accelerated consumption of oxygen. Therefore, oxygen intake will need to be increased, causing you to breathe shortly.

The bladder and rectum also begin to tremble due to muscle contraction. This is why sex can sometimes make you feel urinary.


At this time, due to the secretion of adrenaline, you may experience brief pupil dilation and increase the focus of your eyes.

Of course, you may not have much obvious visual changes, but studies have shown that when people are emotional, their pupils can be enlarged to about 5-10 times, and they enter a state of excitement. At this time, people’s eyes tend to look bigger and more enlightening, and you may even feel that the other’s eyes are glowing.


Do you think your tongue is at your disposal? The pattern is broken, and excitement will make your tongue start to restless. At this time, your tongue is already in your mouth and you are eager to break through the cage.
With the appearance of tongue reflection, your saliva begins to secrete more, which will make you appear involuntary swallowing action.

Kissing will increase excitement, further increase the heart rate, breathe more quickly, and irregular contraction muscle tension begins to appear in the muscles of the whole body.

High-energy warning ahead

The picture below is the key process of sex.

At this time, our blood flow will be redistributed, and blood will gather on the body surface in a short time, resulting in more abundant blood flow in subcutaneous capillaries.

This makes your skin’s surface sensitivity and feeling more obvious than usual, and the muscles begin to change from irregular contractions to regular contractions.

sex doll

Why does a physical doll have a skeleton, and what does a skeleton do to a physical doll?

A normal quality physical doll usually has a skeleton (skeleton), which is an important part of the physical doll. So why does a physical doll have bones? What’s the use?

entity doll bone on the bending of the body, position transformation has an important role, it is because the entity dolls with bone, when we make love with them can the be fond of according to oneself, to make a variety of shy posture, can obtain a variety of different experiences, unlock many can only be seen in the movie.

If entity dolls have made from bone and silica gel (or TPE materials), bone skeleton is roughly stainless steel plate or composite metal laser cutting processing, the difference depends on the material used is stainless steel plate or composite metal materials, production and manufacturing, include all mechanical processing and manufacturing, skeleton joints spirit degree, etc.

The solid doll is embedded with artificial ergonomic aluminum alloy skeleton. Some good products can be bent at will for precise positioning, and the range of bone movement can reach 85-90% of the range of human joint movement. As a result, the position of the physical doll turns more easily and can change all kinds of make love positions you want, such as kneeling position, backward position, riding position, etc., so that you can have a more comfortable feeling in the make love process.

So, when we buy a physical doll, in addition to paying attention to her materials, we also need to pay attention to her bones, to see how she bends and what positions she can achieve, which will be very important for your future use.