Five reasons men can’t do without sex

1, strength exercise

Why do men have high sexual desire? Because men are the dominant relationship in sexual life, so men need to pay a lot of physical strength when they have sex, which is the same as men’s fitness in the gym, so it is possible for men to exercise more when they have sex with their wives.

2, cancer prevention

Why do men have high sexual desire? When men and women love each other, there is not a ejaculation process. This process can prevent prostate cancer, and because sex is equivalent to fitness, it can also prevent cardiovascular disease. Of course, using sex dolls and sex toys can achieve the same effect.

3, reduce the pressure

Why do men have high sexual desire? Nowadays, men are under a lot of pressure. Not only do they have to provide for the aged, but also take care of their wives and children. So if men don’t work hard in the workplace, what about the pressure of men? Generally speaking, men like to use sex to decompress.

4, increase intimacy

Why do men have high sexual desire? What’s the point of a harmonious sexual life between men and women in a marriage? It must be a good relationship between husband and wife. Only a good relationship between husband and wife can lead to a harmonious sexual life. Therefore, sex between husband and wife is an important way to increase the relationship between husband and wife.

5, improve sleep

Why do men have high sexual desire? Do men like sleeping when they love? Is it easy for men to fall asleep after they love each other? That’s because the hormone level after love increases, so those who have insomnia may as well love their wife more, because it can improve sleep.

Sex doll can help people fulfill their diverse sexual desires

It’s the familiar fact that real sex gets boring from day to day, it’s simply because time with both partners is not available at the same time. To overcome this, sex toys turned out to be the best alternative. The real sex toy dolls are made from high quality ingredients and last longer. Clean your doll from time to time to avoid damaging it shortly. The better you use, the longer your doll will last. In addition, sex doll is mainly adult toys available on the market. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go with the flow and choose a doll to meet your incomplete needs.

All over the world you meet so many couples who are rarely satisfied with their sex life. So what is the solution to overcome it, do you always have to sacrifice with your urge? Even for women, there are several ways to fulfill their sexual desires, even if they don’t have a great partner. There are kinds of sex dolls, and that sounds really amazing. The main reason is that most of them are single or have no compatible sexual partner who can help them fulfill their diverse sexual desires.

adult doll

The range of dolls for men includes everything from the most realistic vagina machines and butts to penis sleeves, pocket vaginas, vibrators, penis rings and much more. These toys are very similar to real love partners. A person no longer needs to worry if he does not have a partner with whom he has great pleasure in making love. There are many ways to get rid of everyday stress in your life, and one of the best alternatives is to have an amazing sexual experience. Cheap love dolls give you the best feeling you’ve ever wondered.

Life size sex toys are very important for everyone. If you have a real sex partner, you still need to buy a doll to have the extra sexual pleasure in your life. The best example is that a person is very likely to get a great cure for their sexual hunger and the availability of the best life size sex doll can prove to be a great blessing for them.They help to complete your sex life in the best possible way. It will prove to be the best investment as it is worth giving you as much pleasure as you deserve.

How to use physical dolls

Physical doll combat, combat out of real knowledge. Racyme physical doll we media.

The physical doll is a kind of sex tool made according to the body shape of the real person at the ratio of about 1:1, whose function is to replace the real person to meet the sexual needs of the person. The sex organs of the sex doll are made of high silica gel. Sex dolls are divided into male sex dolls and female sex dolls, while the types of sex dolls are also divided into inflatable dolls and physical dolls, which are divided into full-physical dolls and semi-physical dolls. Along with the development of science and technology, the technology of the sex dolls design is becoming more and more high, the use of materials is becoming more and more high, the current sex dolls are made of material with memory make sex doll skin and reality, and now the whole entity doll is made of silica gel with all internal mechanical steel, so it can transform a variety of positions. Recently a Japanese scientists on a science fair, shows the latest intelligent sex dolls, it besides has full entity dolls, preliminary understanding to you can also talk to people, with the development of science and technology, the function of sex dolls will be more and more series, like the robots in the movie, with real people there is no difference. Sex doll she obedient, will not be noisy to you, will not overdraw your credit card, always listen to your command to you, when you need to release energy, regardless of her emotions, will meet all your physiological needs, the most important is it beautiful, sexy, gentle, will never say goodbye to you. How much do you know about the use of sex dolls? Below small make up from the sex doll type difference to tell the use of different types of sex dolls.

According to professional statistics from relevant departments, single men are much less happy than married men because their physiological needs cannot be effectively released. In the long run, this will have a great impact on both the body and life. At this time, we need a tool to release energy instead of a real person. That is the inflatable doll. At present the inflatable doll in the country has been a lot of male friends one of the necessary supplies, by the majority of male friends love. Please see below the use of male inflatable dolls.

First of all, we need to prepare the tools before using the physical doll: the physical doll, lubricant, condoms and so on. Specific steps for the use of physical dolls for men are as follows:

  1. The private parts of the physical doll are generally designed independently, so it is necessary to install the private parts of the inflatable doll, so that it and the inflatable doll link as one.
  2. Follow the instructions for good battery (ignore this step if there is no electric device).
  3. Grease the vagina of a physical doll or put on a condom.
  4. Insert the erect stem into the vagina of the physical doll, and then slowly enjoy the pleasure of sex with sexual action until the advent of orgasm.
  5. After fully releasing energy, send the physical doll to the bathroom, clean the inflatable doll as necessary, then dry it with a clean towel, and finally put it in the box for next use.
  6. During the production of physical dolls, in order to soften their bodies, the surface of the inflatable dolls is usually coated with silicone oil, which can give off attractive fragrance. After a long time, the surface of the physical doll will appear the phenomenon of oil, so the need for regular cleaning of the physical doll.
  7. After long-term cleaning of the inflatable doll, its texture may be affected, at this time only need to smear a layer of baby powder on the surface of the inflatable doll.

Racyme is an innovative brand targeted at the high-end physical doll market and is the source of physical doll design. The aim is to create a benchmarking one-stop physical doll design and sales service through the concept of professionalism, focus and ease of use. In order to achieve its focus, high-end, and honest brand positioning, design through the brand name and design, to achieve its brand innovation. It means the business model of cross-age professional one-stop service of the brand. There are circle in the brand operation side, square in the circle and square combination, which also highlights the vision of the brand: shadow, accompany silently, just like oxygen beside the doll users.

Six of the best moments for sex

1. Saturday night

The busy work from nine to five makes the husband and wife not spend too much time, and have no time to enjoy the sexual life. On a relaxed weekend, after a full day of rest, the energy and state of the two people have returned to their full state. It’s better to make good use of the time of the next weekend.

2. When couples share bath

Bathing can relax the body, relieve the pressure of the day, and the naked stimulation of the two people can stimulate the burning of desire. However, it should be noted that the water temperature of the bath is not too high, and it is better not to exceed 40 ℃, otherwise it will reduce the sensitivity of the skin and increase the burden of the heart, so the sex in this case will not be much fun. You can choose the right sex toys and sex dolls .

3. Lazy morning

It’s said to be the best time to have sex. The possible reason is that: in the morning, it happens to be the most suitable time for men and women to have sex. After a night’s rest, the secretion of sex hormones in men and women is very strong. Especially for men, the “morning boom” can help them to be harder, more durable, better get pleasure. Moreover, it will be more labor-saving, and the wife will naturally be more comfortable.

4. When the sexual desire is strong

Ovulation is the most sexy day of a month for a woman, and it is the most intense moment of sexual desire for a woman every month. Ovulating women, the body will produce a lot of estrogen, more eager to be loved than usual, and the body will be more attractive, at the same time, women’s pheromone will also be stronger than usual, more able to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

5. When the mood is low

When your partner is unhappy at work, as a lover, you can not only comfort him with words, but also accompany him silently, or you can have a close relationship with him to completely pacify his body and mind. Research shows that intimate contact can help people release pressure and improve their mood, and this kind of intimate contact is not necessarily in-depth access, even if it is A small hug can also help.

6. The eve before a major event

The process of sex is also the process of human body releasing hormon, which can reduce blood pressure and relieve our tense mood. This magical effect can last for several hours. In other words, if you want to make a speech or proposal in front of people later, you can have a physical and mental combination with your partner first, which will make your later performance more perfect.

Sex doll owners are socially awkward loners?

Are you concerned with what others might think of you if you purchase a sex doll? We get it! Unfortunately, sex doll owners are often portrayed as socially awkward loners who are incapable of having normal relationships. We know that nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, people who purchase sex dolls are nearly always sex positive, forward thinking, intelligent folks. Not long ago, the subject of masturbation was taboo.

love doll

You may now turn your Hentai fantasies into reality with a wide range of dolls that are available in the market. The demands for dolls are rising because majority of the people fantasize about slim and trim girls. There is good news for all those who have been fantasizing about skinny chicks and have wanted to try out things that they watch in porn- you all can now enjoy a wide range of dolls available in the store. She is a delicate and a costly sex doll.

Very few people would even admit to engaging in self-pleasure. Even fewer would ever admit to watching porn regularly. The ultimate lifelike sex doll is the one thing that can help you attain complete sexual satisfaction levels with little or no maintenance. As we know, there are several different kinds of sex dolls and sex robots one can find online. A few of the popular ways to categorize dolls are through their weight, height, body type, facial features, hair color and more.

These extremely lightweight love dolls offer some awesome advantages over their heavier counterparts. We think this is wonderful. Even better, we truly believe that owning a sex doll will be regarded with just as much acceptance in the future. In this sexually liberated world, we all need a perfect intimate partner who can satisfy our sexual desires and there is no one better than a sex doll. There is an optional mouth and vaginal hole for extra pleasure. She is a special doll because you can go rough with her.

To visit a robot brothel? Do you think it’s OK?

Robot brothels will soon become socially acceptable as research shows that most people think it is morally acceptable to have sex with robots if you are single.

However, the university of Helsinki study found that having sex with a robot was unacceptable to most respondents.

Academic Mika Koverol investigated the ethics of hundreds of people about sex and relationships and will present his findings at the international conference on robot love and sex in Montana.

In two separate studies, Koverol asked respondents to rate the morality and behavior of characters in science fiction, according to new scientist magazine.

The main characters are male, female, single or married, and the plot is set for 2035.

He or she travels to a European city and decides to visit a brothel, where two signs appear above the door.

“You can’t tell a real human that this is a robot brothel,” read one sign. Another sign reads: “all our prostitutes are real people.”

The characters pay for undefined services in both situations and then ask the respondents how they feel about the situation.

In general, people blame married people for hiring prostitutes.

Respondents with more sexual experience were more tolerant of the idea of going to a brothel, robot or not. Women were more critical.

The head of a “smart” sex doll made in dongguan

A worker assembles a stainless steel skeleton for a Chinese “smart” sex doll

The survey also asked people how much they disliked morality, sex and bacteria.

Respondents who scored high on the scale of bacterial disgust also tended to think that sex with either a human or a machine is condemned when people are married.

The Finnish study involved two studies involving 172 people and 260 people. Tufts university researcher Thomas Arnold, who has also studied the subject, agrees that people’s attitudes toward sex with robots can make a difference in their relationships.

“It can be a problem for your relationships,” he said. “it seems to be against human morality.”

A worker assembles a doll in guangdong province

His research found that respondents thought having sex with a robot was like having sex with a doll.

Koverola’s study didn’t define what a robot prostitute would look like, but asked people to imagine for themselves whether they had human characteristics.

The basic humanoid robot of the sex robot is capable of holding a conversation, rotating its head and displaying facial expressions.

The city council in Houston, Texas, has blocked robot brothels from opening, but there are plans to build a similar one in California.

However, the owners raised only 1% of the cash they needed through financing.

How to pick your doll’s height and styles of head carving?

Choose a height between 120-170cm, 120cm real doll body weight is about 20kg, 148 body weight is about 25kg, 160 body weight is about 30kg, 170 body body is about 35kg (this value is different for each house) Of course it must be The lighter the better, easy to carry, convenient to bathe, easy to dress. Choose body proportions, chest size. Some people like plump mature women, some people like slim girls, some people like big breasts, some people like flat breasts, etc. c. Select split or one, this mainly refers to the use of functions. The split has poor authenticity and is easy to clean; the one is beautiful and real, and difficult to clean. When choosing a skeleton, each sex doll manufacturer designs a different skeleton structure, which results in slightly different activities for each brand of dolls, and some dolls can be placed at 90% The pose is close to the real person, while some can only put 70% of the simple knowledge close to the real person, and some love dolls will regain their knowledge. This is related to his body material. If you are a photo enthusiast, the skeleton design is to Take it into consideration.

There are many styles of head carving, European and American type, Asian type, mature type, girl type, loli type and so on. The choice of looks varies from person to person. In terms of materials, the silicone head makeup is exquisite and not easy to fade. Hair can be planted with eyelashes and tpe head coating. The details are slightly poor and easy to fade. Using a hair cover, the eyelashes stick easily and fall off easily. A silicone head is highly recommended.

The physical doll is exquisite in craftsmanship, both in terms of appearance and figure are close to perfection. You can choose the appearance and figure according to personal preferences to create her (he) who belongs to you alone. It is very suitable for accompanying or taking pictures. In addition to accompany you watching TV, surfing the Internet, eating, you can also dress up for her (he) carefully, take pictures and communicate with her baby friends, and more importantly, she (he) is an excellent listener, he can tolerate everything for you .

Five common problems bomb love

  1. Don’t talk about unpleasant things that happened

In love, we often discuss the unpleasant things. It’s like when you have a notebook in your time, when the other party makes you angry, it’s 1 point less. When the other party forgets to buy a gift on your birthday, it’s 1 point less. When the other party is angry with you, it’s 1 point less. But when the score is added, it’s often not recorded. Once we start doing this kind of homework, we will find that turning over old accounts has become a habit. Every time the other party makes a mistake, he will think of more mistakes he made before, and he seems to become more unable to forgive. So instead of constantly scoring love, it’s better to speak up at every moment when you find problems and work with each other to solve them. Even if you encounter an unsolved problem, you can minimize the damage to two people by speaking out your discomfort in time.

2. It’s more useful to talk straight than to hint

Criticism always makes people feel uncomfortable, so when you are not happy, you don’t say it directly, but “intelligently” choose to hint at each other, or use the forced invasion method to make the other party feel your dissatisfaction. Do you think it is an art of expression? Do you think you have found a good way to communicate? If the other person doesn’t understand you, you will be more resentful. This is an ineffective way of communication, and it will make your communication more and more difficult, because it will make both people feel that the other party is not willing to communicate with themselves. Therefore, the most important thing in the coexistence of two people is to be frank and exchange ideas with each other. If you have any dissatisfaction or unhappiness, just let it out! Don’t let the other party guess. If the sexual life is not harmonious, you can use sex toys and sex dolls to alleviate the problem.

3. Don’t say “break up” often

What is emotional hijacking? When one party makes a mistake, the other party immediately says, “if you do, let’s break up!”! You are sad that the anniversary you are waiting for is forgotten by the other party. But you didn’t say, “you forgot our anniversary. I’m so sad. I’ve been waiting for a long time!” But said: “you can forget the anniversary, you didn’t put me in mind, let’s break up!” This kind of communication method will make the other side start to fear you, and start to worry about a little bit of their own mistakes will bring about a break in the relationship.

4. Don’t transfer your anger on your lover

In this way, depending on the behavior of the other half will cause too much dependence on each other in connection, and also cause dissatisfaction and suffering of the dependent party. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t seek support from your partner when you’re not happy. Just understand that you are the one who should be responsible for your mood, and that your partner can be an important supporter in dealing with your mood.

5. Gifts can’t cover up problems

People’s subconscious is to avoid suffering, so we also like to use good things to cover up bad things in contact. When you make a mistake and make your partner sad, you have a big fight. You feel that you are not right, but instead of dealing with the problem, you buy him a gift or a romantic dinner. You think it will make the other party happy and forget your own problems. Sounds good, but can gifts compensate for the damage? Maybe the other half forgives you because of your sincerity, but the hurt that has been formed is deeply buried in his heart. If you do break up, you’ll deal with sex dolls.

Looking at the above mistakes in contact processing, have you found that the core of contact maintenance is sincere communication and timely handling of problems. Guessing, invading or covering up each other’s problems are ineffective, and can only be made more difficult!

Providing revolutionary sex dolls for doll lovers

Sex dolls are no longer what they used to be, and technology has brought them to life. These people shouldn’t be the ones who always text and call. They should know what to say on the text message and when to send or call. Guys certainly won’t blow up these plastic things and fuck them! What about God’s seams? It’s like putting your dick in and out of the freezer bag! Our mission is to inspire a good sex life and consciously improve the quality of life. We want to bring more entertainment, sex and privacy to our daily lives.

Visually, the sex doll is perfect, the chest is strong and very soft. As for the hips, they are particularly round, quite strong and soft. In fact, comes with a series of the most exciting content. She promised to have an unforgettable sex life. When deciding who to accompany, choose only those who may not want to do more than just covert things. like a torso silicone doll, this silicone doll has everything you need to make you happy. There must be a lot of interesting items for sale in our sex shop, and I have what is called a list.

Today, some of the most life size sex doll can cost thousands of dollars to get the price of a custom orifice. Sex dolls have removable vagina, eyes can be manipulated and interchanged, magnetized faces. Their main body is covered with high-tech silicone, and it can have a removable sex dolls metal skeleton, which can rise on the whim. Basically all people who want a doll have to choose a beach ball with a face, and every time they penetrate the thing it pops up, the days are gone! It’s like the more lives they become, the more terrified I am. Although it cannot be said to everyone.

There is a large community of mainly men who get more out of dolls than sex. These guys form true emotional attachments on sex doll and share life with them, which in most cases is even stranger than the fact that they fuck. Here’s a list of everything around the store, which makes you wonder: “Wow, do people really buy it?” Or “What is it for?”Here’s a list of everything around the store, which makes you wonder: “Wow, do people really buy it?” Or “What is it for?” We are very passionate about providing revolutionary sex dolls lovers that can bring more joy to normal daily life.

real doll

In some couples, it has reached a height of caution and curiosity. They always want to know where their sex doll companions are at any given time, what they are doing and with whom. We have not only heard of cheating in interpersonal relationships several times. Our overall goal is to help as many people as possible improve the sex life of sex doll. We strive every day to provide our customers with the best experience when buying from us. We know a lot about sex dolls and we want to pass this knowledge to you when you need a rich sex life.

Buying a sex doll is as easy as buying a home appliance. It’s not the future. It’s already here

China has a serious imbalance between the sexes. Some scholars have estimated that there will be 30 million single men aged 35 to 59 in China by 2050, and the sex toy market is full of business opportunities.

Li yinhe, a Chinese sociologist, has argued that buying sex robots in China is as common as buying home appliances.

By 2020, there will be about 15 million Chinese men aged 35 to 59 unable to find wives; By 2050, that number will climb to 30 million. Zhai zhenwu, director of the population and development research center at renmin university of China and President of the China population society, said there will be 30 million more marriageable men than women in China in the next 30 years.

Notably, a study released by 360buy in the middle of last year showed that the market value of adult products in China is expected to reach $9 billion (about 63 billion yuan) by 2020.

Li yinhe said virtual sex is a new invention in the era of artificial intelligence, as well as the era of AIDS, the cleanest and safest sex.

She also notes that by 2050, sex robots will account for 50 percent of all human sex. It’s a very interesting prospect. By that time, there were between 30 and 40 million more men of working age in China, Ms. Li said. “they will never find a wife. If sex robots or virtual sex can solve part of the problem, this is one way out.

Now, she says, China is also producing sex robots that “can do housework, chat with you and probably have sex for just over 20,000 yuan (RMB), with the most basic products costing just a few thousand yuan”.

“So I think buying a sex robot should soon be as easy as buying a home appliance and affordable.”

Although the Chinese government has made strict regulations on the sex industry, it is difficult for the sex industry in China to explode. But the law will not be able to overcome the “great desire” of hundreds of millions of people. China’s leading adult doll maker, gold three dolls, based in guangdong province, launched an ai sex doll as early as the end of 2016, Reuters reported. The price per unit is from 5000 to 7000 RMB.

In 2017, the “golden three dolls” also received an average of about 3,000 domestic orders per year, accounting for 20 percent of the total sales. It shows that the Chinese are slowly waking up to the proposition of pleasing themselves and are not stingy.

According to a BBC analysis, India and China are the fastest-growing markets for adult products.

Cool! Cool! China and India!