The things about bikini hair removal

Why do private parts grow hair?

The scientific term for pubic hair is pubic hair. You can hardly see the presence of pubic hair when you are young. It usually begins to grow after puberty. Female long pubic hair is actually a sign of sexual maturity, just like a mature male will grow a throat. But from a physiological point of view, pubic hair is produced by the continuous secretion of male hormones in the body.

In general, female pubic hair is divided into six major periods:

◆ There is almost no hair before the age of 10;

◆ A small part of soft pubic hair will appear around 11 years old, but the color is lighter;

◆ 12 to 13 years old pubic hair gradually increased, and the area began to become larger, gradually curled and blackened;

◆ 14-15 years old pubic hair began to cover the entire cherry lips;

◆ After 16 years old, the pubic hair will spread to the entire pubic area, in the shape of a typical inverted triangle.

What is the real role of pubic hair?

Pubic hair seems to affect aesthetics, but very few people know what pubic hair really does. The vagina is one of the most vulnerable organs in our body. The presence of pubic hair is to protect the vagina from harm and resist the intrusion of some dirty things. Prehistoric humans are covered with hair all over their bodies, which is used to preserve body temperature and protect the body from harm.

The pubic hair grows in the location where the sweat glands are distributed (including the genitals and underarms). Because these parts are prone to sweat and dampness, these hairs can well avoid fungal infections, and the complex structure of women’s vagina is caused by the underwear package. The presence of bacteria and pubic hair can reduce vaginal infection by bacteria and greatly reduce the attack of gynecological diseases.

In addition, pubic hair can also counteract the impact and friction during sex, preventing women from damaging the vagina due to intense live-plug movements.

Should pubic hair be removed?

The ancestors were covered with heavy body hair. With the upright walking and the birth of new tools, humans have the ability to perspiration and no longer need body hair to keep out the cold. With the continuous evolution, humans do not need body hair as before.

Pubic hair can be removed, but the correct method should be adopted. A 1997-2003 British study showed that excluding pubic hair can reduce the incidence of pubic lice. Pubic louse is a parasite that can be transmitted through sexual contact. They mainly parasitize the hair around the genitals and anus. Clearing the parasitic parts of pubic lice is one of the methods of treatment and cutting off its transmission.

All things have advantages and disadvantages. Although shaving can avoid pubic lice, make the genitals look more beautiful, add fun and freshness, it can also cause new problems. Because my sister is more delicate, she will become more sensitive after shaving her pubic hair. If the method of shaving is wrong, skin wounds, allergies, and infections may also occur.

I encountered a case during the offline class:

A girl went to the beach to play, in order to be able to wear a sexy bikini to attract everyone’s attention, shaved the pubic hair with a shaving knife, and then went to play in the water, the result was less than two hours, the pussy was full of red like a fire truck The rash was clearly seen by the people at the beach (embarrassment in the capital).

Why is this so? In addition to scraping the hair, the scraper also scrapes off the outermost layer of the epidermis, causing tissue damage. Coupled with the immersion of seawater and the exposure of sunlight, this will happen, like an injured bald-hair goose.

Therefore, you must take the correct shaving method to reduce damage to the genitals and make your genitals more beautiful.

Introduce an adult website here: mini sex doll, there are also sex toys that girls can use!

Silicone sex doll is used to meet the need for lack of sexual behavior

Silicone dolls are sex toys that many men dream of. Indeed, it is very different from other sex toys and love dolls, because it is getting closer to reality. Indeed, these realistic silicone sex doll look like two drops of water. Just like a real woman, they can take different poses and feel better than inflatable dolls.

Store dolls when not in use. These dolls look real. If someone wants to enter your room and see her lying on your bed (or if you are a real lazy person, lying on your floor), they will be shocked. They may think this is a corpse. Also, you do n’t want to like this thing too much, right?


Therefore, please find a place to store the doll when not in use. Whether it is the original cardboard box, under the bed, the items in the closet or whatever, please make sure you have a safe and undisturbed place where you can store unused dolls. The Silicone sex doll was once used to meet the need for lack of sexual behavior. But realistic dolls are designed to reproduce the joy of real women. Therefore, the shape of the vagina, anus and mouth can be perfectly reproduced, almost without any roughness and its characteristics.

Thanks to silicone, the contacts are soft, non-irritating, soft, and corrosion-resistant. Because the doll looks like a real woman, it feels better and more natural. Sex robots have triggered discussions in the professional world, involving robot design, social norms, and the status quo of human behavior related to interpersonal relationships, and the possible benefits of sex robots. For example, one of the benefits is the use of sex robots as a treatment tool for sexual disorders. Different types of assistive and therapeutic robots have been used in healthcare applications, for example, people suffering from stroke, dementia, autism or physical disabilities.

How much is the best physical doll?

As a partner, a sex doll can accompany you to arrange loneliness and pass the boring time. More importantly, it can meet the usual needs and is an important existence.

If you are looking for a partner, you must find the best one. How can we buy a real doll? What is the best entity doll and how much is it?

There are several good things about physical dolls: First, the appearance, beautiful dolls have exquisite faces and perfect proportions, which is also the most attractive place for baby friends, because it is really difficult to find such an ideal girlfriend in reality, and now she At your fingertips, she can really accompany you and satisfy all your fantasies, so the beautiful and beautiful doll is very popular with your friends.

Of course, what is the best look? This is a bit different, just like the female star, everyone will like it differently. Actually, it’s nice to like multiple, what do you think?

The best sex doll is also the production process and materials. The best material at present is the use of silicone materials. The production process mainly includes the production of some material proportions, skeletons, and details. The labor cost is higher, so the price is higher.

So how can you find the best entity doll? Here I recommend to you a Nekane of sexrealdoll. This one uses a silicone head carving. It has a delicate makeup and a very high degree of authenticity. The face is very beautiful. It is the face contour of European and American girls. The facial features are very three-dimensional. The body uses TPE material and soft Q. It’s elastic, and I don’t have to say my body. I’m 158cm tall, I have big breasts and hips, I have bumps and slender legs, I wear sexy ultra-short hoodies, and I like girls in cool styles. This is the gospel of this style. Built-in metal skeleton, you can pose more poses, there is one at home, usually do not have time to idle. More importantly, the combination of the silicone head and the TPE body is very cost-effective. It has a flexible feel and delicate makeup. It is worth buying.

Pay attention to privacy when using sex dolls

Notes on the use of sex dolls:


1.Sex doll is made of silicone or other skin-friendly materials, but everyone should pay attention to hygiene when using sex doll. Pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after each use. Cleaning and disinfection steps should also be performed before.

2. Do not think that the use of sex dolls is unsightly or particularly embarrassing. Sex dolls are a relief tool for normal sexual needs, a substitute for a partner who is not around, and a supplement for normal physiological needs of humans.

3. Before buying sex doll, it is best to discuss it with your partner and discuss it before you buy it. Do not buy or collect without your partner’s consent or knowledge. Communicate to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.


4. In addition, pay attention to privacy when using sex dolls. Sex dolls are very private items. If the family has a large population, it will cause embarrassment to see them. Even if you live alone, you should not directly put them on the sofa or In a conspicuous location such as the living room, you must store it to avoid embarrassment.

5. Before using the TPE sex doll, you must read the instructions carefully, and maintain and store and use them strictly in accordance with the instructions on the instructions. Be careful not to scratch the surface of the doll at any time.

“Remains” of the residual sex, how to clean it without leaving stains?

Love is not only to be cleaned at the beginning, but also to “clean the battlefield” afterward, otherwise, it will produce bacteria, or the stains left by others will be embarrassed…

What about this situation? Don’t worry, let’s talk about the stain cleaning method left after love today so that you can easily deal with it without worry!

Vaginal discharge, sweat stains, urine

These three should be the most common, female partners are too hard, they will happen too hard.
If this happens, the first step should be wiped off, the second step should be cleaned with water, pay attention to the use of cold water, hot water will make stains attached to clothing. At the same time, if there is hydrogen peroxide, add a little into the cold water stains will disappear.


Semen cleaning is divided into two kinds of wet and dry. The wet one is easier to clean. The cold water cleaning can be the same as the above three, but be careful not to use bleach, otherwise, the semen stains will turn yellow.

If it is dry, you can use vinegar or baking soda to treat, pour a little on the top and soak for a while to clean. If the person is outside, it is inconvenient to clean immediately, you can first come to the wet cleaning method, soak it after you return home.


First, you need to wash away the solids with cold water, and then wash with hot water and bleach to effectively make the stain lighter or even disappear. If you can’t use bleach, you can also use detergent powder containing enzymes to clean!


The most important point to clean blood stains is to wash with cold water, because hot water will make the stains adhere to it, and it is easy to smudge, but it is more unfavorable for cleaning. In addition to washing with cold water, you can also use detergent to pour on blood stains Wait for 10 minutes on both sides of the side, it can be very clean after doing the rinse.


If it is a water-soluble lubricating fluid, it can be washed off with water (such as Antai Medical’s aloe herbal lubricating fluid), but if it is an oil-based lubricating fluid, such as some condoms, it is an oil-based lubricating fluid. Pour some detergent first, then wait 10 minutes, then wash it off with hot water.

The same is true if you buy a mini sex doll. You must clean it after use.

Find the best sex doll for you

The sex doll was quickly accepted by society. What used to be considered taboo is now considered a good purchase, a cool product or a couple of toys. It’s not hard to understand why this happens. One of the main reasons for the increased interest in sex dolls is pure realism of the product. Today, sex dolls can look, and perhaps more importantly, feel real. This could be a fun way for a couple to explore the idea of a multiplayer option that can’t find the right partner to play.


Sex dolls were quickly accepted by society. What used to be considered taboo is now considered a good purchase, a cool product or a couple of toys. It’s not hard to understand why this happens. One of the main reasons for the increased interest in  sex doll is the sheer realism of the product. Today, sex dolls can look, and perhaps more importantly, feel real. This could be a fun way for a couple to explore the idea of a multiplayer option that can’t find the right partner to play.


The sex doll industry was once an unknown part of the web. Today, a variety of movies and videos have opened up the world of sex dolls. It has caused many men, women and couples to question whether TPE sex doll is the right choice for them. Once you decide to buy a sex doll, you need to consider the type, size and even appearance of the sex doll.

How to choose a sex doll?

First, understand that the sex doll should start with her material. At present, the sex doll on the market is mainly divided into silicone dolls and tpe material.

Silicone material: two-component addition molding heating or room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. This product is a colorless or skin-colored oily liquid. After vulcanization, it becomes a soft elastic material. Silicone is a non-toxic, non-polluting, high-softness material, etc. The chemical substance, silicone, the alias is also called silicone rubber. It is a highly active adsorbent material. It is an amorphous substance and its chemical formula is mSiO2·nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, and has stable chemical properties. It does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Therefore, the silica gel material is corroded. The chemical composition and physical structure of silica gel determine that it has many characteristics of other similar materials that are difficult to replace: high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, good mechanical strength and flexibility, and ductility between A01 and A80.

TPE material: both thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR, also known as artificial rubber or synthetic rubber. Its products not only have the high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, but also have the characteristics of convenient processing and wide processing methods of ordinary plastics. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and other processing methods. After the nozzle corner is crushed, 100% is directly used again. It not only simplifies the processing process but also reduces the processing cost. Therefore, the thermoplastic elastomer TPE/TPR material has become the latest material to replace the traditional rubber. Its environmental protection, non-toxic, comfortable feel and beautiful appearance make the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a more humane and high-grade new synthetic material, and it is also a world-standard environmental protection material with ductility ranging from A01 to A100.

What kind of sex doll should I choose?

First of all, the two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. The silicone material sex doll material is harder than the tpe material doll, but the body lines and various organ parts are more realistically portrayed. However, it needs to be vulcanized during processing, so the processing cost is relatively high, and the general price is more than 10,000. The sex doll made of tpe is soft and close to the human skin touch, but its authenticity is slightly worse than the silicone doll, and it is actually “usable”. It is the best choice for men to live alone. Because it only needs hot-melt processing during processing, the scraps can be Recycling.

The benefits of physical dolls are high

Physical dolls can bring people very high benefits, because nowadays people are more open-minded, so they are more acceptable to this kind of physical dolls. As a result, more and more people are living in this kind of doll. So that’s it. More and more people will come to buy this doll, and the manufacturer who gets more income from it will be more willing to increase production if more people come to buy it.


So they can make more people to buy the doll, so they can get higher benefits, so the production entity dolls can bring great benefit for people, this is the entity dolls and people know not all people can produce, because need to be very advanced technology for the production of the doll, so I need some unique machine can be produced, also need to have a professional guide. In this way, the doll can be made to meet people’s requirements more.

So a lot of people are more serious about the production of this kind of doll, because at the beginning to do is often more in line with people’s requirements, can bring more income for themselves, so many people in the production of dolls will be very strive for perfection so that they can get more income. So now these doll manufacturers for the production of this doll are very heavy, they pay more attention to the quality of the problem.


Because if a doll is bad, so will bring many losses to oneself, because the cost of each dolls are very expensive, if a doll appeared defects, so will can not sell, this will make the cost of producing the doll completely lost, so a lot of manufacturers are very pay attention to the quality of this entity doll.

Physical doll maintenance must see


Physical dolls are a luxury item at the moment. They’re a new industry, so there are people who don’t know how to care for them. It’s really easy to maintain a physical doll and just pay attention to the points I mentioned.

  1. How to store physical dolls: In our factory, we usually hang and lie down (we must put back the action of opening mold for better protection).
  2. Physical dolls must be protected from high temperatures and uv rays (not to mention dolls, other objects can also undergo physical changes under high temperatures and intense sun exposure)
  3. The environment is also directly related to the damage of the physical doll, so avoid the environment with much humidity and dust. (Just leave it alone without any discomfort, no special requirements) The powder on the physical doll will also protect the doll!

Notes on how to clean physical dolls:

Can a physical doll be thrown straight into the bathtub? Yes, but make sure you protect the area from flooding. Be sure to dry with a non-shedding cloth towel after washing and then powder it. Otherwise, wash it again. (I don’t have to explain what happens to the undried parts.)

Teach everyone how to buy adult sex toys for both sexes

Because adult products are relatively special items, how to buy a sexy adult product suitable for yourself on the Internet? Many people have no experience in buying, do not know how to buy, how to avoid buying fake products?

  1. It is recommended that you choose a well-known brand when buying, so that it is guaranteed in terms of quality and safety, especially some products with thorns and beads, encountering fake and inferior products, it is easy to use in the process of use Shedding off and staying in the female vagina has serious consequences.
  2. Material of adult products: The material is generally divided into hard plastic, soft rubber and silicone, and so-called “virtual skin texture”. Hard plastic and soft rubber products have no smell, and silicone products have a smell, sometimes even heavy. This is brought by the material itself, if it feels that it is a quality problem, it is a misunderstanding. Usually, the taste of these products will fade after being put on for a few days, or rubbing with alcohol before use can also reduce the odor. Virtual skin products are mostly used in solid dolls and half-part inverted products. This kind of product feels good, and it is very realistic to imitate the folds of the skin. However, because of the characteristics of the material, some friends found that “wrinkles” should be produced in places where there are no “wrinkles” after purchase. Kind of misunderstanding.
  3. The price of adult products: adult products are the same as other products. For a penny or a penny, the more functions, the higher the price. It is normal for the prices of different products to differ in different places. This does not mean that high prices are genuine products and low prices are imitation goods. Because different evolution channels, different product positioning, and different sales methods directly affect the sales price. But it does not rule out the situation of selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head. At present, Pingu’s products can be verified by phone or online. There are also some aphrodisiac products that can be verified online. As long as you follow the methods in the package or instructions, enter your product’s anti-counterfeit barcode.
  4. Quality inspection of adult products: Generally speaking, a product can only be known if its quality is good or not. However, in view of the particularity of adult products, once used, it cannot be refunded. So how do you know if the product you purchased has quality problems?

Method one: See if the appearance is cracked, scratched, or defective.

Method 2: Install batteries on the electric appliances, turn on the switch, and see if the appliances expand and contract normally, vibrate, rotate, swing, etc.

  1. Repair and maintenance of adult products Electric appliances are generally repairable, you only need to send the product back. Adult products should be disinfected with alcohol before use, cleaned after use, and then stored in the original packaging to avoid contamination and cause discomfort to your body.

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