Can I wear a condom to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease with gonococcal purulent infection as the main manifestation of gonococcus. Males are mostly urethritis and females are vaginitis. In severe cases, epididymitis, prostatitis, and appendicitis can be complicated. If anal sex is performed, gonorrhea can cause gonorrhea. Analitis, oral sex can cause gonorrhea pharyngitis.

A condom is not safe

The condom is a male contraceptive tool. We are used to calling it a “condom”. Putting on a condom to have sex can indeed reduce the possibility of sexually transmitted infections, but it cannot be considered 100% safe.

Infection can still occur in the following situations:

① Condoms are generally worn only after the penis is erected. During the caressing process of couples before sexual intercourse, urethral secretions and a small amount of prostate fluid may flow out. Contact with mucous membranes such as the vagina, anus, or mouth may cause infection;

② repeated friction during sexual intercourse may lead to condom rupture, leakage of semen and infection;

③ If the penis is not pulled out before ejaculation, the semen may overflow or the condom may fall off in the vagina and cause infection.

in conclusion:

Therefore, men should avoid sexual intercourse when they have gonococcal urethritis, so as not to spread to their partners. When women have gonococcal vaginitis, they can have no obvious symptoms, or they can only be infected. This will become the source of infection and in turn infect the man. This is why male gonococcal urethritis recurs. Therefore, the husband who asked the lady earlier in this article, please bear with me even if you have sexual urges during the treatment.

Reminder: Whether you are suffering from gonorrhea or other sexually transmitted diseases, it is best not to have sex during the period of no cure. This is not only protecting your partner but also protecting yourself. Harmonious and healthy sex can lead to a harmonious and happy family.
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Erotic bells make sex ring

Bell panties

As the name suggests, it is sewing underwear with small bells, which will make a sound like the female body swings, and it is used more in foreplay. Bell thongs help sex better.

Bell Belt

The bell belt is similar to the “Ling Ling Shao” mentioned in the Song Dynasty, but it is tied to the waist rather than the thigh. Married couples may wish to try out the popular boudoir in the Song Dynasty.

Bells stopper

The bell mouth plug is a sex toy often used in SM sex. On a small ball is a small copper bell. The slave is often used in sex games between the master and the slave, and the slave will make a crisp ringing sound as long as he shakes his head.

Nipple Bell

SM In SM sex games, the happiness of the abused come from the physical “pain” and the spiritual “humiliation”. Bell milk clip series products can effectively combine the “pain” and “humiliation” effectively, so that the abused can maintain a high degree of excitement and passion from beginning to end.

This sex toy is a clip with a bell that grips a woman’s nipple. Put the elastic band into the nipple and push the positioning beads to tighten the nipple. The elasticity can adjust the positioning beads. When you pull the elastic band around the nipple, the pain of the nipple will increase, and the bell on the clip will follow.

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5 Foods That Decline Men’s Sexual Function

As the saying goes: disease comes in from the mouth, and disaster comes out of the mouth. As living conditions get better, more and more food is eaten, but know that eating too many things can cause a series of health problems. Today we will take a look at 5 types of foods that can reduce the sexual function of male friends. Pay attention when you eat them in the future!

  1. Fat can cause men’s erections to be weak
    Fat contains too much-saturated fat and cholesterol. Saturated fat will increase the thickness of the blood vessel wall, narrow the internal space of the blood vessel, and reduce the blood capacity. If the blood supply is insufficient, it will directly affect the function of each body. For men, the inadequate blood supply will be a major problem. If there is insufficient congestion in key parts, they will not be “hard”. In the past, kidney function will be reduced. Insufficient erections will also lead to infertility in men.
  2. High-fat milk can cause prostate cancer
    A scientific experiment has shown that men who consume less than 150 mg of calcium per day from milk have a 32% lower risk of developing the prostate disease than men who consume more than 600 mg of calcium per day. Dairy products are high in calcium, and the body consumes a portion of vitamin D while absorbing calcium. The important role of vitamin D is a hormone that can inhibit cancer, especially for prostate cancer tumor cells. Therefore, vitamin D deficiency brings many hidden dangers to men’s health. For men, the effect of vitamin D is greater than that of calcium.
  3. Refined flour can cause infertility in men
    Many people like to use bread as their main nutrition for breakfast. Three-quarters of the zinc is lost during the processing of whole wheat into refined bread. Zinc is very important for developing sexual desire and promoting reproductive health. Zinc deficiency in adult men can severely lead to infertility. You know that the male body contains a lot of zinc in the prostate, so the importance of zinc to men can be imagined.
  4. Beans can cause men to lose sperm
    There was such a piece of news that a man had eaten bean sprouts every day for 3 years, and his chest became as full as a woman. This is not a strange phenomenon. Sprouts are rich in estrogen. Eating too much estrogen in the male body can inhibit the growth of male hormones in the body. Long-term androgen deficiency will lead to decreased sexual function of the body, the main manifestation is reduced sperm count or sperm quality.
  5. Fried foods can reduce hormone secretion
    Fried foods contain trans fats. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claims that trans fatty acids can increase the amount of “bad cholesterol” in the body, which can cause heart disease. More importantly, trans fatty acids also reduce male hormone secretion, affect sperm quality, and even reduce sperm count.
    The above are the 5 kinds of foods that can reduce the sexual function of men. If you like the food above, or if you have eaten a lot of food for a long time, then you should pay attention to it.

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How women should choose a sexy lingerie

There are thousands of different types of erotic lingerie on the market. It is not easy to choose sexy lingerie that is very suitable for you. If you wear the wrong erotic lingerie, it will not only be sexy but also hurt your health. Therefore, women must Learn to choose a sexy lingerie that suits you. So how should women choose erotic lingerie? What styles are there for erotic lingerie? Next, I will introduce them one by one for your reference.

1.Select the color of sexy lingerie according to your type

When talking about sexy, we first think of black and think that black is the sexiest performance. In fact, black lingerie is really sexy and hot, but before buying, there is one more issue that needs to be considered, which is the color and hairstyle of the hair. If your hair is black, consider buying fuchsia underwear; if your hair is reddish or yellowish, consider pale pink underwear. Short hair can buy bright underwear, long hair is recommended for dark. So, according to your type, hurry up and check-in.

2. the choice of erotic lingerie should be in harmony with the figure

The selection of sexy lingerie should be coordinated with the figure. If you don’t coordinate, even if it looks good and is sexy, it’s all useless. Beauty with a small bust, it is best to choose a 1/4 cup when choosing underwear, this will make your breasts stand up and expose your nipples. If your breasts are large, you can choose underwear that is not lined and can gather the cleavage so that the breasts will not sag. Therefore, you must choose according to your body shape, in order to choose the sexy underwear that best fits your body shape

3. Pay attention to small details when choosing erotic lingerie

Many people buy clothes, they are relatively rough, and think that it is almost enough. But this is not the case when buying sexy lingerie. You must know that exquisiteness can represent taste. Don’t buy some cheap and rough underwear, it will make you extremely uncomfortable. In addition, pay attention to the details and take a closer look. Don’t break it as soon as you put it on. Therefore, any piece of sexy underwear should be based on the premise of exquisiteness and comfort.

4. try a garter

We need to change things and give him a fresh look. So, try garter. If you don’t know what it is, go to the Internet to find it. This is a new type of sexy lingerie that will make your waist look thinner and your hips curvier.

5. Don’t be too complicated

Sexy lingerie is not as simple as possible, but it should not be too complicated. If you have a piece of sexy lingerie, you have to put a lot of effort into it, so in the middle, men have no patience to untie your cumbersome sexy lingerie one by one. Well, there is still fun, and after unsolving it, there is no sexual interest. Therefore, in the selection of sexy lingerie, do not be too cumbersome, simple as well, the most important thing is that he can easily untie it.

What styles of sexy lingerie

1. panties with straps

Ultra-high underpants are equipped with straps on both sides of the waist for tying. These underpants are bold and hot, suitable for women of all sizes. As long as you untie one of the ropes, it is enough to stimulate.

2. lace panties

The material is mainly translucent, surrounded by lace piping, which is a typical representative of romantic inner beauty. The pubic hair is looming, which is very provocative to the visual. It is also a pleasure to directly touch with your hand.

3. open crotch pants

This kind of underwear happens to be uncovered between the two strands. If you wear a mini skirt and go out again, it can be intimidating. This is a stunning and hot design.

4. stockings with open crotch

There is a large opening between the two strands to touch the underwear without hindrance.

5.Elastic band for garter

Imagine a woman putting one leg on a chair, that sultry style can just fascinate sentient beings.

6.Upper and lower sleeves

Made of red silk fabric, it looks very energetic. When you wear it, your skin is more delicate. The top is simple, with a small bow, and wide lace at the waist; the skirt is made into a mini skirt style, which is light and smart.

7. Tuxedo type

The natural waist and generous style are its main features. With short oil, the lace on the cuffs is flared, the skirt is curved, and the breast looks like a non-exposed breast.

8.wrinkle type

She mostly uses creamy white silk and pure white lace to match her waist, large skirt, and good drape. The lace is decorated with wrinkles, which is elegant and elegant and looks like an angel.

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Gender new knowledge: Men and women bathroom intimacy should pay attention to six points

  1. Multi-belt condoms

Having sex in water has its own fun, but it still needs to pay attention to contraception. Hot water and chemicals (such as chlorine) are likely to damage the durability of the condom, and the protective effect of the condom can be greatly reduced. In addition, the probability of sex condoms falling off in the water will greatly increase, it is best to prepare more spare condoms. Secondly, it is easy to take a lot of water with a sleeve in the water, it is best to bring it before going into the water.

2, pay attention to safety

A big problem with swimming pool sex is that chlorine is often used for disinfection, and the pool water will go in and out of your female partner’s sexual organs, which will cause injury and infection. Having a bath or shower is relatively safe, but it’s best to stick the non-slip paper on the floor. I think once you start, you don’t want your baby girl companion to be embarrassed. What can be held in my hand (a solid shelf on the wall, an iron rod). This provides a support point for rear-entry.

  1. Dealing with troubles

Sex in water is naturally a factor of water. The water itself has resistance and buoyancy, which will hinder the male penis from entering and exiting to a certain degree. In addition, if there is not enough space to stretch, sex in the water will make them bothersome, and maybe accidentally be choked by water.

Sex in water is not only that men need more strength to cope with the resistance of water. Secondly, the water will wash away the natural lubricating fluid secreted by the woman, so the pleasure of dating is also reduced. It is prudent to use silicone oil-based lubricants that are not water-soluble because of this type of lubrication.

  1. Find more pivots

The danger of having sex in water mainly comes from the position when making love, if there is no fulcrum because the water factor is easy to slip and hurt. Therefore, it is best to choose a well fixed fulcrum when having sex in the water, so that men can lean on their backs or women can hold their hands. It is best to choose a back-in posture in order to increase the stability of the sex position.

5, let her husband sleep more after sex

After sexual passion, maybe you also long for a lingering “suffix”. But for his long-term health, abandoning this request is a sacrifice you deserve. American physiologists have done a lot of investigations and found that men who sleep well have longer erections and persistence than men who have chronically lacked sleep.

  1. Prepare more low-fat food for your husband

Busy work has made many men choose fast food to cope with the common problem of fast food is a high fat, high calories. Therefore, the wife may consciously give him more low-fat foods, such as fish, meat, shrimp, bamboo shoots, green leafy vegetables, radishes, low-fat or skimmed milk, and various fruits. If he has to eat fast food at noon, why not pack an apple or a cup of low-fat yogurt in his bag.

A high-fat diet or excess calories can easily cause cholesterol in the blood to increase, forming hyperlipidemia, making the blood thicker, slower flow, lowering the amount of oxygen carried, and even worse, atherosclerosis. In this way, the arteries of the Y-stem naturally become less smooth, and the blood supply to the Y-stem is reduced, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the Y-stem, which has become “passive water”, which impedes male sexual intercourse.

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How do women buy masturbation appliances and give themselves a big “sex blessing”?

Women buy masturbation equipment _ simulation penis should pay attention to:

  1. Buy a simulation penis, the material of the product is very important.
      Before purchasing, you must determine whether the material of the product meets national safety standards, whether it contains substances harmful to the human body, and whether it is suitable for direct contact with the skin. Will it have a stimulating effect on the soft skin? If the product material is not selected properly, it will bring its own health Security risks.
  2. Choose the masturbation simulation penis that suits you.
      When shopping for masturbation products, female consumers should not blindly pursue stimulation, so as to ignore their proper models and varieties, or they will cause jams and slippage of equipment and private parts. For example, penis collars with the wrong model are liable to slip off, and oversized masturbation penis is likely to cause damage to private parts. Therefore, when purchasing masturbation equipment, you should follow your own situation or the couple’s own situation, so as not to become clumsy.
  3. Choose clean and hygienic adult products.
      Most adult sex toys come into direct contact with the sexual organs, so when buying sex toys, you need to choose relatively clean and clean appliances. You should wash them before and after each use. One product should not be shared by multiple people. If you accidentally give you Bringing serious hidden health hazards, it really costs more.
    4, choose the big brand of simulation penis.
      When you buy a simulation penis masturbation product, there is no need to choose expensive ones. The ones that are suitable for you are good. It is good to choose big brand products. The quality of the brand products is excellent and it will not be bargained. Registered to produce Racyme brand simulation penis.
    5, before choosing adult products, you should first understand the usage, dosage, or supporting products.
      Before choosing masturbation products, you should first ask the customer service staff about their usage and dosage to avoid unnecessary damage to your body. Such as the simulation of the use of penis, the amount of female vibrating stick products, some male and female appliances need to use lubricants before use.
  4. Please identify the authenticity of the product before purchasing it. Brand products often have anti-counterfeiting marks. Before you buy, please pay attention to whether the purchased product is genuine, so as not to be deceived and cause unnecessary damage to your body and mind.
  5. Purchase masturbation supplies from regular channels.
      Judging from the current market status, counterfeit and counterfeit products pass through various illegal circulation channels and eventually go to the consumer group. Please be sure to buy from regular stores or malls when buying adult products to avoid being deceived.
  6. Know the cleaning and storage environment before purchasing the product.
     Before purchasing a product, you should first understand the product’s performance, storage conditions, cleaning conditions, etc., especially charged products, especially pay attention to. Such as charging a deposit, battery decay, cleaning precautions for electric products, so as not to cause unnecessary losses to you.

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What clothes are sexier with erotic lingerie

The use of erotic lingerie during husband and wife intercourse can increase the passion of husband and wife and make husband and wife intercourse to a higher level. Today I want to share with you what sexy lingerie is sexier with clothes, let’s take a look below.

Lined jeans

When wearing jeans, it is best to wear underwear with a soft and comfortable texture instead of wearing pants. However, if you really think that the thighs are too thick, you can choose long-legged light-pressing pants.

Matching set

The design of business wear and suits mostly focuses on the chest and waistlines, so you should wear a full-length corset or a high-side rib corset with long-length beam pants. A three-dimensional cropped trousers tighten and modify excess cellulite on the waist, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. Wearing a pair of trousers or a full-body corset can make the curve exquisite, highlight the beautiful body of a woman, and make the wearer more confident in the figure and more elegant.

Pair with open collar clothes

Most of this clothing is a tight design, highlighting beautiful lines and charming cleavage. More plump people can use a side-padded bra, and those with thin chests must choose a strong upward pull with a cushioned pattern below. Because at this time you need to raise the breast height, not just deepen the cleavage. People with small breasts can only push up to show the curvature of the breast. At the same time, be careful not to expose the shoulder strap. Use a three-quarter cup that does not expose the shoulder strap or a half cup that is strapless.

Lined with see-through

The importance of wearing underwear in erotic underwear is worthy of an adjective. Because this dress itself is on the “avant-garde” and “bad” wires. If you choose inappropriate lingerie, the result is disastrous. Generally speaking, the price of sexy lingerie at this time will never be inferior to that of outerwear, and it is required to be beautiful and delicate enough to be worn outside without hurting the weather. Another thing to pay attention to is the color, the unbalanced color will look vulgar and ugly. Choosing the same color matching can make sexy underwear and outerwear complement each other and have a sense of complete integration. Of course, the size of the cup cannot be ignored. If the cup is too small and the fat is protruding, that is a terrible thing, so be sure to choose the appropriate cup size.

With cheongsam

The thin cheongsam is close to the carcass and the curve is complete. Therefore, the choice of sexy lingerie can not be ignored. At this time, a self-cultivation full-body corset can show its charm. It can concentrate and lift the chest at the same time, tighten the fat on the abdomen and buttocks, and adjust all parts of the female body as a whole. If the chest height is not enough, you can consider choosing a pad style. It should be noted that the cheongsam is tall, and the panty feet should avoid flat feet. If you have a full-body, you can’t choose a style that is too tight, because the briefs on the buttocks are really unsightly. Wearing a cheongsam without a bra or half-length stockings with garters is a taboo for wearing a cheongsam. Few people can withstand this test.

Lined T-shirt

When wearing a T-shirt or knitted clothes, the lines of the breasts are particularly noticeable, so creating a natural chest line is especially important. A simple design with a seamless bust or full cup is best. Not only can it prevent the bust line from showing on the T-shirt, but it also can create a more rounded shape for both breasts.

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What is the difference between using TPE raw materials and silicone raw materials for adult products

In recent years, more and more customers have asked about TPE soft plastics for making adult products, such as artificial dolls, men’s plane cups, women’s masturbation sticks and so on. A few years ago, silicone has been widely used in many fields such as daily necessities, sex toys, medical equipment, electronics industry, etc. due to its soft touch, good flexibility, non-toxic safety, and other characteristics. No matter how good the materials are, they must stand up to the times. People are pursuing development and looking for new materials to replace silicon.

According to the current situation, the success of adult products TPE has risen. In Taobao or brick-and-mortar stores, more adult products of TPE materials are used. The application of TPE to replace silicone in the adult sex toy industry is basically recognized by the market. Jiu Shuo TPE combines his own understanding of the plastics and TPE industries to analyze the reasons why TPE environmentally friendly materials replace silicone rubber in the adult products industry.
Features of silicone materials for adult products:

  1. High price and cost, good quality silica gel starts at 30,000 yuan / ton lower in the market.
  2. The processing cycle is longer. The silica gel needs to be crosslinked (or vulcanized). Except for a few injection-moldable silica gels, the molding and processing time of most silicone raw materials needs to be measured in minutes, which reduces the production capacity.
  3. It cannot be recycled, cannot save costs and wastes resources.

特点 Features of TPE raw materials for adult products:

PETPE and silicone have many similar properties, such as soft-touch, rubber resilience, non-toxic and environmental protection, etc. Compared with silicone, TPE has the following advantages:

  1. TPE is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, in line with EU environmental protection ROHS, PAHS, 12P, DIN53160, EN71-3, PFOS, FDA, REACH and other directives.
  2. Soft skin touch. The soft TPE material can be very close to the real human skin. If it is matched with skin-like color, it can almost be fake.

3.TPE is easy to grade

Transparent sex toys are sometimes left for a long time because the yellowing will obviously yellow. Some TPE manufacturers will add some blue organic pigments (such as ultramarine blue and phthalocyanine blue) when granulating. In this way, the processed adult sex toys will have a transparent blue background. The background color is bluish, and transparency is better visually. The color matching of adult sex toys, such as green, blue, pink, etc., is mainly to increase the use of sex. The toner should be an organic toner with a small particle size, which is more conducive to coloring while maintaining the transparency of the product. Sometimes in order to get a more realistic and fun experience, skin flesh colors are blended.
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The funeral of sex dolls

Have you ever think about how is the funeral of sex dolls will be like.

Couples or partners can get divorced or break up when getting bored, but for owners who have sex dolls, what happens if they get tired of their sex dolls, In Japan, puppets are considered to have souls, so when a sex doll is abandoned, it is also considered unlucky. But for the owner who wants to throw away the doll, it is most important to find a way to deal with it.

The sex doll funeral plan costs 50,000 yen, including funerals and memorial services, and the homeowner will receive a funeral certificate and a commemorative photo or video of the memorial service.

For those who want to return the doll to the world at a low cost, there is a joint funeral plan of 30,000 yen, which includes everything in the standard plan, a ceremony only will be held at the same time as the other dolls, and the owner will get a memorial-only photo.

People may put it in the closet or forget its presence in the basement as it fades away. You can also take it out of the house, but it will not be easy and will not look like you are trying to deal with a murder victim. But what happens when the nights spent together and the round form a bond?

Ningen Love Doll Company seems to have a very special solution to this very special problem. It has been offering memorial services for sex dolls since January 22, 2020. It had a thoughtful funeral, while Japanese monk and porn star Rei Kato offered a memorial service for sex dolls. They ensure that silicone lovers rest in peace.

Demystifying men’s sex 5 times

As with the development of anything, there are ups and downs for men’s sex, so when is the golden age of men’s sex? Today, Qin Renyuan will take you to reveal the five major periods of the male sex!

  1. Out of control period (before 18 years old)

Men’s attention to sexual affairs begins after adolescence. After years of hibernation, that part of the body finally recovered unstoppably. The pain is that it can suddenly erect whenever and wherever it is. This situation even happened in the summer when the clothes were thin when the teacher shouted to the podium to recite the text to the students. It seems increasingly difficult to navigate. Some boys are radiant in their school days and are more successful in entering society. The important reason is that they have properly controlled their instincts. But this is not easy! As the development grows more and more sound, he will often fantasize about the opposite sex and his intimacy, and the question of who she is and whether she is beautiful or not is next.

  1. Blazing Age (18-28 years old)

Men’s emotions began to stabilize slowly. Sex is not the main thing, there are also feelings and careers, and there may be some achievements in these areas. If a man does not want to be aggressive at this stage, nothing will happen in his life. But he is not strong enough for the time being, he wants to prove that his desire is very strong, care about owning more than care about fit. When chasing girls, he usually said sincerely, “I love you, really, for the rest of my life …” However, women often struggle to endure their fiery and endless illness. This stage is also a time for men to learn a lot about women.

  1. Charming period (29-38 years old)

After years of ups and downs, he has become very stable, graceful and decent, good at controlling his emotions, and more importantly, he already has his own career. He is full of confidence and knows that sex is a matter for two people. If he is rejected, he will not be as sad as before. He can lift everything lightly, because to him, women are no longer mysterious. A large part of his desire for sex has given way to mutual support with his partner. He can appreciate the charm of women, and make his charm feel to women; he will not embarrass women, nor will he embarrass himself. In a very calm state, he would stir up the waves in a woman’s heart.

  1. Shoucheng (age 39-55)

A frightening reality lay ahead: the libido was diminished, even though the sight of a pleasant woman also gave rise to sexual fantasies. He was able to completely control his emotions, but this dullness worried them again. Out of intentional or unintentional compensation, he longed for warm family life, his wife, children, and weekends at home. As the main organs began to age and his hair became thinner, he often took pity on himself and dreamed of recovering his youth. Therefore, once he met a woman who admired him, he would easily do something out of bounds. But these relationships usually don’t last long and often end in tragedy.

  1. Thinking period (after 56 years old)

Although sex may have caused pain and injury to every man, once the demand for it is completely lost, men will have the fear that their lives will end. In this period, they have almost paid attention to sex, and like to devote their interests to other aspects, such as playing chess and flowers, and of course, including the memory of the golden age. According to a survey, if a couple ceases to have sex, 95% of them are raised by men, although this is unfair to women. They felt that their teeth were bald and their sexual organs began to shrink, losing their attractiveness completely. In fact, this is a physiological effect on psychology. If they can adjust themselves, they can also enjoy satisfying sex life.

It is the common wish of all to have an immortal love, and it is the man’s responsibility to have the ability to make love immortal!

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