Industry Status and Future Trends of Sex Dolls

Development History of Various Types of Sex Dolls: The popularity of sex dolls began in 2013 and surged in 2015, but the birth of this product can be traced back […]

Who will benefit from a sex doll?

With technology rapidly advancing, sex dolls have become more popular and accessible to both men and women of all ages. Sex dolls can provide emotional support, physical interest, sexual pleasure, […]

Novia – Curvy Life Size Adult Sex Doll Toys

Novia is a curvy life size adult sex doll toys which is designed to resemble life-size females. They are usually made of high quality medical grade TPE material. Novia allows […]

Tips to Have Sex With Sex Dolls

There are a few things that you can do to make your experience with a sex doll even better. Here are a few tips: 1. Make sure that you are […]

Cleaning of female sex toys

The cleaning of sex toys is divided into two parts: cleaning and disinfection. Cleaning can only make the toy clean the stains on the surface of the toy, but if […]

You need to consider these things when buying sex dolls

With the increasing use of physical dolls, the contrast between silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls has always been controversial. As the name implies, the materials used are the first […]

Have to say, there are these benefits of physical dolls?

Although physical dolls are still unacceptable in the eyes of most people, they do bring many benefits appropriately. What I mean is how many people in life are involved in […]

17 global sex records

Sex record 1, the highest ejaculation Horst Schultz shoots semen up to 6 meters away. He is also the world record holder for ejaculation speed and altitude-his ejaculation speed can […]

6 sensitive parts of the personality

The famous American sexology magazine “Red Book” recently revealed 6 previously undiscovered body parts that can bring sexual pleasure. Sacral female    The sacrum is a small segment of vertebrae […]

Sex is only for physical satisfaction?

Sex is only for the body to satisfy 10 single women’s sexual views    The sex life pattern of single women    1. Masturbation: Masturbation is always an indispensable part […]