Sexual abuse of children violates the prohibition of child abuse

In recent years, the voices of children’s dolls are increasing, and the news of the prohibition of importing children’s dolls is also continuous. Today, the Norwegian Supreme Court passed a verdict explaining the position of the sex doll law.

  Article 311 of the Norwegian Criminal Code provides for a law prohibiting sexual acts.

A hot word produces a description or acquisition that describes a child’s sexual behavior, and anyone who imports or possesses a description may be punished or imprisoned.

Therefore, when buying a doll, please pay attention to whether the sex doll is prohibited in your country or region.

Sex dolls are considered family members

You have an idea. A product, even. How to do? How do you build a brand that attracts customers?

In our first episode, you’ll hear about Alex Fine, the co-founder of sex toy maker Dame Products, on the challenges of fighting from bad packaging to Facebook. The new episodes of my brand, including today’s most interesting brands and the founders and marketers behind them, will go live every other Tuesday.
Merchant Zhenguo Yu lives in a small town in southwestern China with his teenage son and their 11-character doll.

It has been several years since the Chinese man and a real woman have been together. He told Quartz that he lacked a romantic relationship and he turned to a sex doll to seek companionship.

“Whenever I order custom clothing for them, the tailor thinks I am joking because the measurements are comparable to the normal size of humans,” Yu told Quartz, who revealed the many pieces he brought to the sex doll.

Pet dog found sex toys

Sara is a firefighter at Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. He wrote: “Good!!!! I didn’t think of this surprise when I went to the woods today!

“Flossie sizzles in her new discovery and then walks for 2 miles, her tail proud in the air.

“Pray to God that no one will see us, you can guarantee that we are seen.”

Sarah said she tried to wrestle the toy from the three-year-old Flosi, but she refused to give it up yesterday afternoon.

The 40-year-old man claimed that her naughty idiot even thought that Sarah’s attempt to recover sexual aid was part of the game and that her poor owner chased her trying to recover it from her chin.
But Sarah of Ashington, Northumberland, said her pet’s antics caused a warm reaction from her companion dog walker.

She said that one person shouted: “Most masters give their dogs a ball,” Flosi proudly shook his tail in the air as she wandered through the forest.

Sara added: “I went on fifty kinds of red.”

sex doll

When hackers stare at sex toys, your data has to be stolen?

As sex toys become more intelligent, they can now calculate calories, get people’s positioning, record audio and video, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and people can even remotely control each other’s happiness.

This also opened the door to hacking invasive toys.
In the SexTech hackathon and DIY sex toy workshops where hackers gather in most areas, more and more hackers spontaneously set up communities to find new ways to write sex toys, and some are supported by sex toy companies.

According to the independent publication “SEXTECHGUIDE”, hackers hope to increase the fun of people using sex toys and promote the advancement of sexual technology through exploratory technology.

For sex toy manufacturers, they collect data to improve products or services to attract more customers, or simply use user data to attract potential advertisers. In these hacker communities, the more common form is the hackers’ own DIY sex toys.

Because the sex toys on the market are generally uniform, the performance is not good, it is not suitable for everyone, and it is impossible to grasp the sexual needs of everyone. So hackers connect and innovate sexual technology and then create new sex toys based on their own ideas.
Angelo, the head of a DIY sex toy workshop, is currently working on a project called Lobe. This is a sex toy worn on the ear. It combines heat, sound, vibration and other three kinds of stimuli. People can get thrills without going through the genitals. This will help the transgender and the disabled.
The trend of DIY sex toys is very promising, technical educator Alice Stewart said:

It will create a private, customized experience for everyone, bringing more possibilities.

Another form is the controversial “hacker-invasive toy.”

A vibrator called the “Lion” can use biofeedback technology to track the user’s body temperature and pelvic floor muscle contraction, and then display relevant chart data in the phone’s app.
If hackers “enter” this sex toy, they can review the history of people’s orgasm. Through the data, they can better understand the functions of sex toys and how they affect users, and then decode the happiest time and way of people, and use This information to improve the future of more people’s sex life.

But for some criminals, these hacking knowledge can lead to sensitive data leakage and involuntary control of the most “intimate” devices. The delineation of the law in this piece is still very vague.

One of the notorious cases is the emotional brand WeVibe collects user data without the user’s knowledge. In 2017, WeVibe was sued by the user and ended with a $3 million payment.
But for the public, innovative technology is important, but security is still the first thing to pay attention to.

So when we buy a sex toy, we should first ensure that it meets the safe use standards, and then be sure to check the device’s privacy policy, as well as the data collection policy, and have a strict sense of privacy protection.

But as intelligence goes deep into the tools of our lives, the privacy crisis will only continue to expand. This is still a difficult problem that cannot be contained at the moment.

The method we can completely avoid may only be far from intelligent, or until there is a smarter way to solve it.

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Adult toy company gives employees four days holiday masturbation

To help workers practice what they are promoting, the UK-based company began offering “self-love days” outside of the usual annual leave of employees in November.

Encourage employees to spend extra time to achieve themselves in terms of sex and to reach as high as possible, inferring that masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits.
There is a climax that releases endorphins and oxytocin, which promotes love, relationships and well-being.

With this in mind, the company believes that “self-love days” will make employees happier, less stressful and more productive when returning to work. In the words of sex toy companies, the return of employees is “one step at a time.”

It’s unclear how the company monitors holidays; many people will undoubtedly be happy to spend a day to please themselves, but I want to know if you can save time and use it for vacations?
You can spend a long weekend, I believe you can still take time to masturbate. The company does say that they encourage employees to “do whatever they want to explore,” so I think it depends on the passion of individuals to find them.

Either way, the days of self-love are a good excuse for anyone to find themselves with a partner who has not done this for them in the bedroom. If you choose to have some fun without them, they will not be offended because it is for work.

Carefully recommend summer dolls for you

The sex doll, Scarlett is from Dakota Dunes, She is a super model. When she was young she was chosen by a lingerie company. When she was a child, she was take pictures for children’s swimsuits. When she grew up, she started to shoot  for underwear and sex clothes. She is enjoy her job.

However, there is a little regret, she is eager to have a man who can love her because she wants to wear the lingerie for her man.

Can Scarlett  fulfill this wish?

This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! You can unlock any position you like.Also provide realistic voice experience in that time what you have never feel it before.Don’t worry about its safety,It has been tested to be safe to humans.You can go with her at odd with loneliness.

A grandfather was caught trying to order a child sex doll online.

Keith Roddham ordered a human-like sexual image online, which is “anatomically correct” for a six-year-old girl, except for certain features, such as its large breasts.

The 71-year-old man was rumbling when the doll was intercepted by customs officials.

According to the “Chronicle” report, before the authorities arrested the former soldier, he ordered another person facing the child.
Roddham of Blyth, Northumberland was found searching for “girls with small breasts” online, but did not download any illegal materials.

He admitted to importing an indecent or obscene article and has now been sentenced by the New York State Royal Court to a community order.

He had not been convicted before and denied any sexual interest in children.

The parcel was intercepted by officials at Stanstead Airport on December 28, 2016.
Sue Nikeline said: “It was found to contain a sex doll like a child. Officials think it is an indecent or obscene article.

“There is a piece of equipment inside the box that can only be described as a doll, including a see-through top, a skirt and a thong.

“The Nosambian police were informed that the defendant was arrested at home on January 16, 2017.

“He accepted the items he ordered on the Internet and said it was described as a 100 cm sex breast doll.”

Replica of sex dolls that have lost loved ones and famous porn stars

The sex toy industry is a thriving business that is favored by consumers and looking for other ways to improve their sex life.

However, a woman is leading one of the most expensive products in the industry – a lifelike doll.

According to Birmingham Live Broadcasting, Jade Stanley is one of the UK’s leading sex doll retailers, creating incredible detailing products to meet customers’ greatest desires.

The 36-year-old even made a replica of a famous porn star.

Photo and 3D scanning ensure that the smallest things on the model body are completely replicated.

Jade said: “Sex dolls will stay here. We will put Ann Summers next to the Disney store. These dolls are the next big thing. The market will continue to expand and we are investing a lot of energy.”

Jade has previously talked about the launch of her sex doll rental service. Twenty models of sex doll officials from Halesowen are currently booked and orders are increasing every week.
But she now offers customized services that allow customers to create and buy their own dolls.

Workers can get photos and get important statistics – and can make near-perfect similar images
Boss Jade Stanley told Birmingham Live that the service has proven that the pigeons have missed their lost love.

A four-person mother with a series of sunbed shops opened an adult business in September 2018 after discovering the market gap.

She emphasizes cleanliness and caution – including “white gloves” door delivery – is the slogan of her rental service.

She said: “I am very entrepreneurial, I have a business mind. I am reading an article that stimulates my imagination.

Christmas gifts for my daughter become sex toys?

Recently, I learned that Alex Bai, a father of Rhode Island in Greece, bought a set of wood-burning crafts for his daughter at Christmas. As a result, Amazon sent a sex toy that made him feel very angry. .

Alex Bai said that Amazon had mixed up his orders. Originally he ordered wood products, but when he opened it, he found that he was an adult sex toy, not a gift he wanted to give to his daughter. When he first opened the box, he realized that “this is definitely not a set of wood-fired kits, but I didn’t know what it was at first.”

After Google took the picture, he realized that it was an adult sex toy. “But the label is a wood product, which is the one I ordered.”

Bai said that he had called Amazon to complain about the problem and received an Amazon reply saying that he would call back, but there was no news. Finally, he was told that he would provide a refund and a $10 coupon.

Bai believes that Amazon does not take this issue seriously. “They didn’t realize that this might cause psychological shadows for customers and put customers in awkward situations. If I didn’t open the view first, my daughter in my early 10s got it.”

Finally, he suggested that when consumers buy gifts from Amazon, it is best to check the gifts before sending them out to avoid the confusion of orders. “You can’t completely trust the goods that Amazon sent you is the one you ordered.”

Sex robots are prone to failure and attack users

Although sex robots have been limited to the world of science fiction, they are now a reality.

As their name suggests, these robots are designed for sex, but now an expert warns that sex robots can “easily” fail and attack users.

A simple coding error may cause the sexy robot to conflict with its owner.

He said: “This makes me scared. This is a machine. It always becomes a machine. It won’t be something you can hit with a pipe, it will collapse.” I always say, when When the composition can support itself, the composition will be much stronger than the average person.

“It will become more durable, not the bone will produce high impact, plastic or aluminum frame, it will be very powerful, it will not be tired, it will not stop unless it runs out of energy supply.

“Unless you can use some type of projectile to stop it, such as a gun or the like, if this thing gets out of control, it can cause some serious damage.”

Worryingly, Brick claims that only a bad code is needed to make sexbot against its users.

He added: “If you make a mistake and you have a bad series of code and it will encounter this series of bad code, depending on what it is doing or where it is or many other instances, it may just decide it is What it is supposed to do.
It has been programmed, and it is likely that it will respond to some kind of cloud server to get updates to do any type of work on the AI ​​itself, it will have to link to the server.

“It won’t stop until these things happen. Just say it can put its arms around your neck, just stop you from breathing, you can’t get rid of it, just as simple as that, a simple hug might be a Shrinking can compress your chest and respiratory tract and prevent you from breathing.
“It can keep shrinking until you stop breathing.”

Shortly after the futurist Dr. Ian Pearson claimed that there should be a “graphic rule” to prevent the sex fighter from appearing too realistic, Brick’s warning appeared.

He explained: “This is possible (we won’t know the difference), but regulation may force some obvious differences to be obvious.”

sex doll