Have to say, there are these benefits of physical dolls?

Although physical dolls are still unacceptable in the eyes of most people, they do bring many benefits appropriately. What I mean is how many people in life are involved in […]

Saliva as a lubricant?

I believe you must have seen “small movies”. As a background of conservative concepts, most people’s channels for “Apricot Enlightenment” come from some “green” content, including “small movies.” But it […]

Men who are too fat can affect sexual offense

Modern people have a tense life and high psychological pressure. With the change of the relationship between the sexes, there are more and more men who are not easy to […]

Do you want to wash the solid dolls immediately?

As more and more baby friends enter our baby circle, there are many newcomers in the forum. Recently, some friends asked how to clean the baby and how to maintain […]

Use less scented condoms

In sexual health supplies stores, the patterns and colors of condoms are becoming more and more abundant. Many people think that this is just a kind of decoration on the […]

The ultimate sex pleasure brought by the threaded condom

Why do men always get physiological sex pleasure first? And women’s feelings are always weak? This is because the thin sleeves cannot stimulate the inside of the female vagina during […]

Female common sense nursing tips

Seven common sense of female private care Minimize the use of sanitary pads. If there are any secretions, the bottom of the pant may be wet and wet. You may […]