Most of the silicone doll materials are not silica gel but it

I believe that everyone can distinguish between inflatable dolls and sex dolls. Some people refer to solid dolls as silicone dolls. However, most of the simulated dolls on the market are not made of silica gel, but TPE is used as raw material. Let’s take a look at what science is TPE, and hope that everyone can get up.
TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, and it is a polymer material that is the most common rubber and plastic in life. TPE has the dual characteristics of rubber and plastic and has its own advantages. It is widely used in adult sex toys. In addition to artificial body dolls, there are many kinds of raw materials such as aircraft cups, artificial human body molds, vibrating stick massage sticks, and simulation DD. TPE used.
Some people may ask, why do we call silica gel as a raw material? That’s because silicone is actually harder to touch, and the cost of silicone is several times higher than TPE. Therefore, when the simulation doll was first introduced, the price would be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, because at that time it was made of silica gel, and the price of the physical doll now dropped sharply.

Of course, silica gel has some advantages over TPE, such as durability, plasticity in product details, etc., so some doll manufacturers still insist on using silica gel as raw material.

The following is a professional introduction to the chemical industry of TPE:

TPE was born about 35 years ago and is quite attractive as an alternative to rubber elastomers. TPE can be processed by thermoplastic processing machinery, which is a simple and energy-saving polymer material compared with vulcanized rubber.

Rubber and plastics have an extremely important position in the rubber and plastics industry. As the third polymeric material (thermoplastic elastomer TPE), it has gradually become the most attractive rubber elastomer material in the industry.
    TPE elastomers are also known as elastomers or synthetic rubbers. TPE elastomer not only has the excellent functions of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, but also has the characteristics of convenient processing and wide processing mode. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods. At present, the thermoelastic TPE material has become the latest material to replace the traditional rubber. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to the touch and exquisite in appearance, making the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a new type of synthetic material with more humanization and high taste. It is also a world standard environmental protection material.

TPE does not need to be heat vulcanized, and the production of the product can be completed by using general plastic processing equipment, which can shorten the production process of the rubber industry by 1/4, save energy by 25%-40%, and improve efficiency by nearly 10 times-20 times. In addition, due to its easy recycling, strong self-compensation performance, and simplified formula, it has become a hot darling in the rubber and plastics industry. In addition to being used as raw materials for adult sex toys, it is also widely used in automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, etc. field.

TPE, which is in the limelight, has many obvious advantages over rubber and plastics, but whether its performance and durability can withstand the time, whether it is environmentally friendly during processing and use, whether there is any public hazard, etc. It is a technical issue that must be faced by international and domestic circles and needs further improvement.

The main features of its TPE materials are: 1. Environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting (with non-toxic certification); 2. No vulcanization, simple processing; 3. Good resistance to low temperature and high temperature; 4. Soft-touch, surface quality temperature; 5, a wide range of hardness: 0A-100A; 6, nozzle material, trim can be recycled, environmental protection.

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Latex leather is a new growth point

With the retreat of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” boom, the bundled products began to change, turning to higher quality products for those loyal users.

Lavi Yedid, president of NS Novelties, said: “The restraint products are still very popular. The 50-degree gray series has already made many people aware of such products. Although the boom has passed, there may be fewer newcomers to try. Loyal users are constantly trying new products and their spending power is constantly improving.”

Lovehoney is the official manufacturer of sex toys for “Fifty Shades of Grey”, and its public relations director Phoebe Frost said: “From our sales data, the restrained products are still in an explosive growth stage. The biggest contribution of the 50-degree gray series is to The audience showed the charm of BDSM culture. Many viewers experienced a variety of bold gameplays because of the movie, and they got unprecedented pleasure. In order to attract more new users, we tried to launch the “fun suit”, which contains the entry SM products and Sex toys. At present, this action is very successful, avoiding the user’s choice of difficult situations and providing them with more playability.”

Bisaux Isccrets co-founder and designer Elsa Viegas said: “Our shackle products are designed in the direction of fashion wear. In the bedroom, wearing underwear and matching our products will be extra sexy, definitely let the partner The bondage rope is our most popular item, and the classic products such as handcuffs and whip are also maintaining a large shipment. Consumer behavior trend report shows that more and more consumers are paying attention to environmental protection. And animal protection, they are more willing to choose environmentally friendly products. So we rarely use leather materials, but instead of polyurethane, metal and other recyclable materials, our MAZE series products have obtained PETA (good animal organization) Recognition.”

Yedid also said: “Our NS Novelties is also trying to use new materials, but not because of the pressure of animal protectionism. Materials like polyethylene are far less expensive than leather materials and will not harm animals. From the market point of view, leather is still a popular material for SM products, but more and more man-made materials are becoming a new choice for manufacturers.”

Another SM supplies giant, Sportssheets, said: “Although artificial leather is cheap and environmentally friendly, it is not acceptable for users not to pay the bill. In the past few years, we have also introduced a lot of polyurethane material, the mouth ball, the whip hand, giving the impression. It’s very luxurious, and it doesn’t feel much different from the touch. But from our current sales data, classic leather materials are more popular.”

Compared with the evolution of materials, the color of SM products has not changed much, and it is still dominated by black. Although many brands in the market have tried different color schemes, black is more mysterious and sexy on lingerie and SM supplies. John Turi, Director of Marketing at Sportsheets, said: “Black and red are the most popular colors for SM products. These two colors will darken the edges of the product and blend better with the scenes to create a looming mystery. “”

In the past year, latex leather has become a new growth point for the SM category, and Lovehoney has launched a series of latex leather products that give consumers more choices. The color scheme of latex leather is also mainly black and red, but from the market feedback, the bright color of pink and purple is also very popular.

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Artistic performance of doll photography

Excellent portrait photography can reflect people’s character and demeanor, revealing the inner spiritual world. Portrait photography can be roughly divided into portraits and portraits with an environment. The portrait (or head) is depicted by the face of the person; it is called a portrait with a specific environment by the posture, clothing, background and environment of the person.

A successful portrait photography should be “formed with both form and spirit”. “Shape” refers to the shape of the external image of the character, including composition, light and color; “God” refers to the character’s gaze, that is, the expression of the expression. To shoot indoor lighting portraits, first of all, be familiar with the characters being photographed, and establish a mutual understanding relationship with people of different personalities so that they (she) will not be nervous and lose their original character.

1, picture composition

When shooting indoor light, the first problem encountered is the choice of shooting position. First, you should determine the scope of the picture. It is generally not appropriate to make the camera too close to the character to avoid deformation of the face. Second, choose a more rational shooting direction according to the face features, in order to decide to shoot from the face or side. Third, according to the characteristics of the face, the shooting height is selected, and the selection is adjusted from the shooting angles of the flat, the down, and the back. It means that three factors directly affect the picture shape of the portrait. If used well, it can highlight the advantages of the face or make up for the lack of shape. At the same time, pay attention to the stability and balance of the picture composition. The face is directional. Generally, there should be more space in front of the face. Of course, there is also a way to take the opposite way for the composition of the artistic effect.

When constructing a picture, consider the distribution of colors. The color should be on the screen for the purpose of setting off the characters, and remember to take the lead. In the composition, you must handle the posture of the portrait. The head can be seen as a spherical body, and the shoulders are seen as a semi-arc shape. The rotation of the head and the semi-arc of the shoulders form a certain angle, so that the image has a posture momentum. If the shooting range includes the gestures of the hands and the body, the momentum of the hand helps to express the emotions of the person, and the posture of the body also plays a role in expressing the inner activities and emotions of the characters.

2, background processing

In light portrait photography, the background should set off the main character without distracting the viewer’s attention to the picture. If the character’s clothing is complicated, the background should be simple; the clothes should be bright and the background color should be bright. The configuration of the background is not easy to over-produce, and should be coordinated with the identity and personality characteristics of the subject. The background and the color of the face should not be too strong, because the color of the skin has always been used as a visual basis for identifying the correct color reproduction of color portraits. The background distance should not be too close, otherwise the color of the background will be reflected on the face and body, affecting the character’s performance. There is a distance between the background and the person being photographed, which can be treated as a separate individual for individual lighting treatment when illuminated. The contrast between the character and the background is not always obtained by the difference in brightness, but also by the difference in color.

3, clothing and accessories

The color of the subject’s clothes should be in harmony with the color of the skin, in accordance with the atmosphere of the performance. For a person with an active personality, the color of the clothes should be clear. Not so vivid colors, only used to express a static character. The color of the clothes is more vivid, and it is more suitable for people with dark skin and black hair than those who use light skin and light hair.
Soft, cool tones (light or dark) to enhance the warmth of a fresh complexion. White clothes with a proper gray background can reflect the color of the skin. In addition to characters in the scope of portrait photography, other items such as props, costumes, etc., should be simple in quantity and color. They help to express the main characters. Often used to enrich the plot of the picture, or play a role in decorative beautification.

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The main points of buying dolls and the identification of material quality

One: material

The material of the sex doll is TPE, silica gel, the high-quality doll has elasticity, the hardness is soft, the hand feels smooth and soft, the flesh color is white, the surface is smooth and the authenticity is strong.

Two: smell

Real goods have a faint scent, some are not, almost close to tasteless.

Three: function

Good quality dolls can be used repeatedly without problems.

Four: health and safety

TPE materials are generally environmentally friendly and non-toxic and have no negative effect on the human body.

Five: performance characteristics

High-quality dolls generally have the advantages of environmental protection, high efficiency and odorless ness, high hygienic grade, high transparency after molding, anti-yellow, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, physiological inertness, and resistance to biological aging.

Six: price difference

Regular manufacturers have industry standards, which can be referenced from the price side. Don’t think that you can buy high-quality sex dolls at a cheap price.
It takes at least 4 to 5 days to make a sex doll, and some special orders take more time.
The reason why sex dolls are so expensive is that the production cost is high, and the second is that the production process is complicated. Therefore, the difference between a physical doll of 1~20000 and a few hundred inflatable dolls is still very big. It is really a penny!

At present, TPE soft rubber is increasingly used in the sex doll industry. The hardness and physical properties of the TPE materials used are different from different manufacturers. For manufacturers who are already mature in the production of adult products, this knowledge may be familiar. However, for those who are new to the physical doll industry or interested, they may not know much about such materials because they have not been exposed to TPE before.

Here is a simple material for everyone to say, how to use the naked eye to see the sex toys bought back? How to distinguish between good and bad?

Oil leakage test:

Performance status: After a period of storage, it naturally seeps oil and rots, giving off a strong pungent smell.

Reason: raw materials are not qualified, raw materials are not correct

It is normal for TPE to seep oil, for example, the oil will seep out after one month, but inferior TPE materials will see oil leakage in a short period of time, such as within an hour, and emit a strong pungent smell. Then we need to pay attention to this time! For example, after one month of storage, toys made from unqualified TPE materials will rot.

Adult sex doll science knowledge: cleaning

Hair cleaning – doll hair is also needed to care, wash the wig for one to two months, the same as washing the head, the difference is not to circle, slight sputum can be, want to make the wig achieve better results, you can use conditioner. After washing, rinse with water and conditioner, soak for about half an hour, take it out and let it dry naturally.

Vaginal cleaning – gifts have a vaginal washing device, in fact, the mouth and anus can be used, you can prepare more, very cheap things, but very convenient. When you see something, it will be used. It is the same as the water-absorbing pen. It absorbs water, sprays water, absorbs water, and sprays water. There will be residue. Simple, let the babysit, the water will naturally come out, or you can take a hairdryer and blow it down. After a long time, you can occasionally use what to do with the woman, not for the sex doll, for your own, there is disinfection. But remember to use herbal neutral, Fu Yan Jie a dozen pieces. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but it must be screwed down and washed. Of course, it can be washed directly when taking a bath.

When cleaning, if you find that the sex doll is dirty, don’t trust other people’s immature treatment methods, such as alcohol, gasoline, or even 84, a slight dyeing business will let you buy a color paste, here you need a little common sense to know, it will corrode the doll. Use normal water for cleansing and add body wash. What to do with dirty things, use olive oil, or other oil, pour on the cotton pad, try Bailing, wash and healthier. In addition to large areas of staining, as well as very serious, you can use a color paste, others are not recommended.

Secret men’s 9 views of sex toys

Sex toys are not a substitute for people. Sex toys won’t make breakfast for you, won’t hug you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think that their importance to women is mainly their “big guy”, and men will feel insecure.

  1. Sex toys are used by people who have sex or have no sex life.

Truth: Anyone can use sex toys. Surveys have shown that people who have sex are more likely to use sex toys than those who do not. Sexual partners often have a higher quality of sexual life and better emotional intimacy. About 20 – 30% of people use at least one disposable toy in their lifetime. Sex toys are not a straw or a panacea, just a supplement to sex games.

2, sex toys will be addicted

Truth: Addiction means some kind of harm. But using sex toys won’t hurt you (as long as they are used correctly). Although some people may be dependent on the use of sex toys, you do not need to be forced to quit, and anyone can easily return to sex activities with sex toys or sexual partners who do not use sex toys.

  1. If a woman uses sex toys, she does not need a man.

Truth: Sex toys are not a substitute for people. Sex toys won’t make breakfast for you, won’t hug you or tell you how much he loves you. Many men are afraid of women using sex toys because they think that their importance to women is mainly their “big guy”, and men will feel insecure.

4, men only use sex toys when they do not get real sex

Truth: When people think of men and sex toys, there are men in their minds who buy masturbation tools and then masturbate while watching AV in the basement. But the truth about men and sex toys is that millions of men are using them, whether they are in a relationship or single. The best way for a man to become a better lover is to understand his sexual reaction. Whether or not sex toys are used, masturbation is a key way to learn how to control your body. The use of sex toys does not mean that this man is a “loser.” He is actually very smart and is likely to perform better in bed. Because he is interested in sex and pays more attention to skills.

5, sex toys make sex unnatural

Truth: We hear a lot of incorrect statements about sex, one of which is that natural sex means only contact with the body. If you use pencils and paper, isn’t it true that painting is natural? of course not. If we use tools or toys to make it more interesting and not make sex unnatural, sex toys are not battery-activated, but our imagination.

6, some sex toys are good, some are bad

Truth: In addition to those who are likely to cause danger, sex toys don’t matter good or bad. Sex toys are all about how we use it. A vibrator may be too strong for someone, but it may be perfect for another person. The trick is to find the sex toy that suits you. Most sex toys are liked by some people, and some people don’t like them.

7, the more expensive sex toys the better

Truth: A vibrator with a price of tens of dollars can bring you more pleasure than a vibrator worth hundreds of dollars. Your sex toys may be more durable or use better materials, but they don’t necessarily make you feel better or bring you more fun. Sex toys, like many other products, can also play the same role in the budget. Usually what we need is to find the right one for ourselves.

8, sex toys look very weird

Truth: weirdness and normal are relative. Maybe you think it’s uncomfortable to talk about it in public, but if you realize that everyone closes the door, it may be “weird”, your sex life will be happier. ,easier. Sex toys don’t make sex strange, it just means that you feel that sexual pleasure is worth pursuing.

9, sex toys may cause harm to the body

Truth: There is currently no evidence that sex toys can damage your sexual sensation or genitals. Of course, if it is not used properly, there will be some danger, but this is like a bottle opener. No one throws it because it may be hurt by improper use.

Sex toys, why do girls have to have?

If sex is the “bumpy fat buttocks” in the context of machoism, then the stars will be eclipsed.

Sexy is the ability to please your own desires and to be happy.

Since I got my first climax in my sexual life, I have become more and more eager to please myself, and I also want my boyfriend to get more satisfaction and conquest.

Valentine’s Day, he asked me what gift I want, I don’t think about it: I want to vibrate. Soon, he ordered me a double-headed massage stick.

Fortunately, there is a little god who understands me and tolerates me. I have no doubts and devalued my desires, but I have tried my best to give me a perfect sex experience.

Looking at the world, no more than 30% of girls can get the climax of sex, but the proportion of girls who pretend to be climax is more than 90%.

Influenced by traditional ideas, Chinese women are used to suppressing their desires.

Our ancestors and even our parents, maybe women have never felt the climax of their lives. The pursuit of pleasure, you must be like me, I feel that they are too sorry.

But have you ever thought that “no climax intimacy” is also common among our generation of girls.

High school girlfriends and their boyfriends have been together for the fifth year. We chatted last night, she portrayed the so-called “climax”, and finally asked: I am not sure, you help me judge, is this the climax?

I suddenly remembered and told her seriously: At the moment you arrive, you will be very sure that it is! Asking this question shows that it has not arrived.

She said, hey, I haven’t thought of the legendary “great harmony of life” for so many years.

I advised her, why not try the sex toys, as long as you find sensitive points, you can quickly enjoy this feeling.

Girlfriend shook her head: I am afraid that my boyfriend will be upset.

I said that in a relationship if you have to look at your partner’s eyes even if you are happy with yourself, can you still be your true self? Besides, you can play together and be more intimate than before.

She looked awkward, and from her expression, I read “Is there such a god operation?!”

The sex toy arrived, and the boyfriend cares for the place to play for me.

After the body was fully relaxed, he took out the cleaned vibrator, starting from the lowest file, gently helping me to stimulate the little sister, fully moistened, and stuffed the longer end into the body.

Thoughtful, he constantly adjusted my Gnod and Y pedicure according to my reaction. I tentatively crossed the legs – a burst of a current hit, I felt like an electric shock, suddenly sat up and kissed the male ticket.

At that moment, I found that the woman’s sexiness is not due to Peugeot’s face and bare ketone body, but to express a kind of strength in the depths of her body.
I used to feel how sexy and fascinating the heroine of the erotic movie.

He stared at my shuddering body as if watching a rare treasure.

Since then, whenever you don’t reach the apex, you will take out the vibrator and continue to let yourself high, while he touches my body while quietly and smiling.

When it comes to toys, boys always worry, does the girlfriend think that I can’t? Will the toy replace me?

As a mature male with a soul, know that toys can never replace your value and meaning. In my feelings as a girl, there is no boyfriend’s temperature, and the toy brings me only sensual satisfaction.

However, the brain is the largest sexual organ. Learning to use a toy to satisfy a female partner can allow her to reach the dual climax of spirit and flesh.

Smart men don’t pay too much attention to the so-called “self-esteem”, but accept the woman to play with toys.

Just like the little boy said: When I work or finish my fitness, the energy can’t be enough, the toy can save a lot of power, which really helped me a lot. Now, he has fallen in love with playing toys with me.

Toys are not the “love rivals” of men, but the right assistants. Girls will also bother: play with fun sex toys, will he think that I am not reserved enough, too frivolous?

Looking at the climax of my eyes from the male ticket, I came to the conclusion that if the boy really loves you, he will like you who are real, sexy and know how to be happy.

If traced back to the source, the prototype of the massage stick that is found today is a rod-like body polished from a German cave 28,000 years ago. It can be seen that humans have known how to use erotic appliances to please themselves tens of thousands of years ago.
During the ancient Greek period, women were asked to seek medical advice because of irritability, insomnia, and emotional uneasiness. The treatment was done by loving the pelvic floor muscles, that is, inserting the fingers into the vagina to massage the vagina and uterus. This disease is actually because of the dissatisfaction, the way to cure is to love and get orgasm.

In countries such as Europe and the United States, the popularity of sex toys, especially massage sticks, is very high, almost everyone has one.

I said that many girls will wear them when they are. If I don’t get to the climax, do you want me to install, or do you want me to solve it with sex toys to reach the climax?

He replied, as long as you enjoy it. I don’t care if you solve it yourself, or pretend to love me.

It’s enough to have this good life.

Film real people as sex dolls. The world’s first reverse transfiguration photo studio

” Film real people as sex dolls studio ” is a popular photo service for you to turn into a sex doll, whether you are a man or a woman…

No matter the appearance and texture, sex dolls are becoming more and more real. For some men, they are not only sex toys but also companions. In the past we’ve seen pictures of sex dolls as models, But this ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio)production a real person into a sex doll … It claims to be the world’s first turnaround studio ” 人间ラブドール制造所(Film real people as sex dolls studio) Just as people go to Kyoto to experience kimono and maiko photography, this studio offers photography services that production a real person into a sex doll.

The resulting photos are hard to tell from real people or sex dolls

Forty percent of the customers who came to the studio for consultation were man, and not only women customers wanted to become sex dolls.

The studio was covered by local news in Japan

Not only do they offer pre-shot makeup and hair styling, but the post-shot photos are also redone to make the skin look more like the silicone of a sex doll. In addition, the naming, packaging, opening, and shipping of the sex dolls after the manufacturing process will also allow customers to experience. Finally, there will be a period of “selfie time” for customers to take selfies in the studio with the shape of the sex dolls.

In fact, as far as the fidelity of the sex dolls is concerned, putting these photos together with the photos taken by ordinary sex dolls does not seem to be too discongruous. However, it can be imagined that the shooting will consume more time.

Just like cosers cosplay their favorite characters, maybe cosplay sex dolls will become a part of cosplay in the future…

What do you think about that?

Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

Adult toy company gives employees four days holiday masturbation

To help workers practice what they are promoting, the UK-based company began offering “self-love days” outside of the usual annual leave of employees in November.

Encourage employees to spend extra time to achieve themselves in terms of sex and to reach as high as possible, inferring that masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits.
There is a climax that releases endorphins and oxytocin, which promotes love, relationships and well-being.

With this in mind, the company believes that “self-love days” will make employees happier, less stressful and more productive when returning to work. In the words of sex toy companies, the return of employees is “one step at a time.”

It’s unclear how the company monitors holidays; many people will undoubtedly be happy to spend a day to please themselves, but I want to know if you can save time and use it for vacations?
You can spend a long weekend, I believe you can still take time to masturbate. The company does say that they encourage employees to “do whatever they want to explore,” so I think it depends on the passion of individuals to find them.

Either way, the days of self-love are a good excuse for anyone to find themselves with a partner who has not done this for them in the bedroom. If you choose to have some fun without them, they will not be offended because it is for work.

Do you know how artificial diced was born?

Do you know the history of sex toys? Next, I will reveal it to you.

Time: 30,000 BC
At this time, some stone or bone material Tintin appeared. There is no definite evidence that these things are used for “entertainment”, so it is more likely to be a statue of genital worship.

Material: stone, bone
Comfort: 0 stars
Obviously, the artificial diced at this time can probably be used as a weapon, like a dagger, like a shot.

Time: 3000 BC
It is said that the Greeks at this time called the sex toy Olissis, which is almost “slippery”, but also cute; but the Romans like to use the “Scorteum Fascinum” expression, meaning “leather Tintin” – this makes me I think of a saying that although Europe and the old Ding Ding is thick, but the hardness is not enough, while Asians are short, they are the hardest in the world.
In addition, some of the stories that have been handed down show that “slippery” is prepared for women in war, because their husbands are recruited to realize their ideals of life, and they have a “slippery” comfort. Can reduce the possibility of derailment of their own vacant rooms.

Material: leather
Comfort: half star

Time: 770 years

The Japanese really did study on the sex side, saying that in 770, there was such a thing, a monk and a queen hooked together, and the two often took the words out for 300 rounds, but later The monk slowly became an old monk, and gradually became unable to do so, so the buddy cleverly compared his own Tintin to a “slippery” dedicated to the old lover to meet her desires.

Material: wooden
Comfort: half star

In the beginning, the dildo was something that the rich ladies could enjoy. The raw materials used to make it are also very strange, and even some people will use the Spurs to make.

Material: wood, ivory, metal wrapped in silk, etc.
Comfort: one star

The “vibration” technology that people are familiar with today is initially used in the medical industry. At that time, the doctor used a vibrating stick to treat snoring.

Material: metal and wood
Comfort: one star

Some people say that the early 20th century was the era of the big explosion of science and technology. The same was true for masturbation devices: humans used their smart materials to make themselves comfortable, including mechanical vibrators, steam vibrators and electric vibrators. Have appeared one after another – are you very touched? There may not be many people who can use the electric light, but the electric vibrator has been invented~

Material: metal and wood
Comfort: two stars

The epoch-making moment, from this time on, the personal vibration rods were invented, and before that, the vibrators were medical.

Material: bakelite
Comfort: two stars

A super-extraordinary product, Filter Queen, puts this stuff on the tube of the vacuum cleaner to make the tube vibrate. Of course, the advertisement says so, its purpose is to clean, but if you want to use it to do strange things, it may be encouraged. Another thing that is very scary to think about is that this product is said to be very popular at one time!

material: plastic
Comfort: two stars

The era of sexual liberation is always very good. It is also true. Various sex shops have sprung up in the city of Dad, and new styles have emerged, including the most popular ones (foggy) and remote control vibrators. It also appeared at this time.

Material: rubber, plastic
Comfort: three stars

Considering that the previous artificial diced is really not very comfortable, at this time, a really comfortable material was finally born and used in the sex toy industry. This is latex, they are flexible, soft, and can be turned into any colour.

Material: latex
Comfort: four stars

The new material was invented again! After the latex, silica gel is added to the luxury package of artificial diced, which is more comfortable, even in terms of comfort, is the peak of artificial dicing. So people began to pursue additional stimuli, such as the shape of Tintin.
   As you can see, there are rabbit masturbation devices, dolphin masturbation devices and tulip masturbation devices.

By the time we lived, the imagination of people on sex supplies began to blow out, cucumbers, lipsticks, snakes, caterpillars. Or straight or curved, it can also be set with gold and diamonds on it, only you can’t think of it, you can’t do it!

Material: silicone, elastomer, glass, plastic, feather, quartz…
Comfort: Five stars!

Greetings from Racyme

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