Adult toy company gives employees four days holiday masturbation

To help workers practice what they are promoting, the UK-based company began offering “self-love days” outside of the usual annual leave of employees in November.

Encourage employees to spend extra time to achieve themselves in terms of sex and to reach as high as possible, inferring that masturbation has many physical and mental health benefits.
There is a climax that releases endorphins and oxytocin, which promotes love, relationships and well-being.

With this in mind, the company believes that “self-love days” will make employees happier, less stressful and more productive when returning to work. In the words of sex toy companies, the return of employees is “one step at a time.”

It’s unclear how the company monitors holidays; many people will undoubtedly be happy to spend a day to please themselves, but I want to know if you can save time and use it for vacations?
You can spend a long weekend, I believe you can still take time to masturbate. The company does say that they encourage employees to “do whatever they want to explore,” so I think it depends on the passion of individuals to find them.

Either way, the days of self-love are a good excuse for anyone to find themselves with a partner who has not done this for them in the bedroom. If you choose to have some fun without them, they will not be offended because it is for work.

Do you know how artificial diced was born?

Do you know the history of sex toys? Next, I will reveal it to you.

Time: 30,000 BC
At this time, some stone or bone material Tintin appeared. There is no definite evidence that these things are used for “entertainment”, so it is more likely to be a statue of genital worship.

Material: stone, bone
Comfort: 0 stars
Obviously, the artificial diced at this time can probably be used as a weapon, like a dagger, like a shot.

Time: 3000 BC
It is said that the Greeks at this time called the sex toy Olissis, which is almost “slippery”, but also cute; but the Romans like to use the “Scorteum Fascinum” expression, meaning “leather Tintin” – this makes me I think of a saying that although Europe and the old Ding Ding is thick, but the hardness is not enough, while Asians are short, they are the hardest in the world.
In addition, some of the stories that have been handed down show that “slippery” is prepared for women in war, because their husbands are recruited to realize their ideals of life, and they have a “slippery” comfort. Can reduce the possibility of derailment of their own vacant rooms.

Material: leather
Comfort: half star

Time: 770 years

The Japanese really did study on the sex side, saying that in 770, there was such a thing, a monk and a queen hooked together, and the two often took the words out for 300 rounds, but later The monk slowly became an old monk, and gradually became unable to do so, so the buddy cleverly compared his own Tintin to a “slippery” dedicated to the old lover to meet her desires.

Material: wooden
Comfort: half star

In the beginning, the dildo was something that the rich ladies could enjoy. The raw materials used to make it are also very strange, and even some people will use the Spurs to make.

Material: wood, ivory, metal wrapped in silk, etc.
Comfort: one star

The “vibration” technology that people are familiar with today is initially used in the medical industry. At that time, the doctor used a vibrating stick to treat snoring.

Material: metal and wood
Comfort: one star

Some people say that the early 20th century was the era of the big explosion of science and technology. The same was true for masturbation devices: humans used their smart materials to make themselves comfortable, including mechanical vibrators, steam vibrators and electric vibrators. Have appeared one after another – are you very touched? There may not be many people who can use the electric light, but the electric vibrator has been invented~

Material: metal and wood
Comfort: two stars

The epoch-making moment, from this time on, the personal vibration rods were invented, and before that, the vibrators were medical.

Material: bakelite
Comfort: two stars

A super-extraordinary product, Filter Queen, puts this stuff on the tube of the vacuum cleaner to make the tube vibrate. Of course, the advertisement says so, its purpose is to clean, but if you want to use it to do strange things, it may be encouraged. Another thing that is very scary to think about is that this product is said to be very popular at one time!

material: plastic
Comfort: two stars

The era of sexual liberation is always very good. It is also true. Various sex shops have sprung up in the city of Dad, and new styles have emerged, including the most popular ones (foggy) and remote control vibrators. It also appeared at this time.

Material: rubber, plastic
Comfort: three stars

Considering that the previous artificial diced is really not very comfortable, at this time, a really comfortable material was finally born and used in the sex toy industry. This is latex, they are flexible, soft, and can be turned into any colour.

Material: latex
Comfort: four stars

The new material was invented again! After the latex, silica gel is added to the luxury package of artificial diced, which is more comfortable, even in terms of comfort, is the peak of artificial dicing. So people began to pursue additional stimuli, such as the shape of Tintin.
   As you can see, there are rabbit masturbation devices, dolphin masturbation devices and tulip masturbation devices.

By the time we lived, the imagination of people on sex supplies began to blow out, cucumbers, lipsticks, snakes, caterpillars. Or straight or curved, it can also be set with gold and diamonds on it, only you can’t think of it, you can’t do it!

Material: silicone, elastomer, glass, plastic, feather, quartz…
Comfort: Five stars!

Greetings from Racyme

sex doll

Warning: Sex dolls will replace real women

In recent years, the popularity of sex dolls has gradually increased, but there is still some concealment when it comes to sex dolls. Although people’s thoughts are open now, there is inevitably shame in their hearts.

 With the demand of the market, the development of sex dolls is becoming more and more perfect. Using the most advanced materials and techniques to create a sex doll that is almost close to the real person, the delicate face and the devil-like figure are all people’s desires, so It is inevitable that sex dolls will replace real women, including men.

In fact, a real sex doll is better than a woman in bed. why? Someone will ask. This amazing piece of art offers unparalleled sexual pleasure, and its articulation makes it more flexible, which means you can harass the doll with little tension.

According to the study, the number of divorces in marriage increases every other day, although many factors are attributed to disharmony or others, but most people are sexually dissatisfied. Sex dolls can come in handy to induce some shrinking relationship. Before you actually try with your partner, you can use realistic dolls to try new sexual movements, which greatly increases the chances of success.

Imagine the future

The technology of the future will definitely surpass the present, then we can think about what the future dolls will look like.

Do future robots have their own consciousness? Will it be a crisis to humanity? What would a sex doll look like? Will, there be a feeling of sexual love like a human being, and the temperature in the body gradually changes in the process of sex? Sex dolls can be made according to your favorite makeup and hairstyle. When you are in love, you will also do various postures and make a sound to satisfy your desires.

  However, there is also a question, will this completely replace women? After all, sex dolls are perfect both in appearance and size, and they will satisfy all that you want. Except for lack of vitality, the rest is perfect.
If you choose, will you choose the perfect sex doll or the real woman?

Do you know TPE dolls?

In general, how much do you know about TPE dolls?

TPE dolls, one is to completely imitate the human body structure, change the mold, make the chest and abdominal cavity (the cavity can be slightly smaller). In this way, it is possible to save raw materials and reduce costs as well as reduce weight. If the doll has a chest cavity, there are many articles that can be done in the future.

Second, the metal bracket inside the doll can be changed into a metal hollow tube (such as an aluminum tube) with a certain diameter. In this way, it is possible to increase the maturity of the doll, as well as save TPE material and reduce weight.

But you remember, cotton or air, all belong to inflatable dolls, and the inside contains metal skeletons, all of which are physical dolls.
The higher the height of the sex doll, the more you must buy the stand-up, otherwise, the footsteps will hurt the silicone, so the overall is not very beautiful.

Sex robots upgrade in “foreplay” mode

It must be said that the current technology is so developed, and the arrival of sex robots has added a sublimation trend to sex dolls. Randy sex robot lovers can now use the app to call and unlock virtual versions of their love dolls.

It has a virtual version of a sex robot that you can talk to – you can choose to customize her personality. But the app has now been upgraded to “foreplay” mode to inspire interest in robot play.
The app lets owners flirt and talk about your virtual sex robot and even let you strip off her clothes. “After flirting, do you want more? Go to the foreplay mode and find out what is best for you and your partner,” the creator of the app explains.

“When you touch and touch, slowly approach and reach an intimate relationship. Take off clothes one by one and then enter sex mode.”
Just in July of this year, psychologists warned that sex robots may lead to an increase in sexual addiction.
Dr. Birchard, the clinical director of the Marylebone Psychotherapy Center, told the Daily Star that they provide the same purpose as alcohol for people who drink alcohol.
“This is just another way to express sexual activity or addiction,” he explained.
“Sexual addiction is a way of enduring anesthesia in sensory states… these include but are not limited to loneliness, shame, boredom, and stress.”
Recently, experts expressed concern that the growing popularity of sex robots has the potential to turn the Japanese into “endangered species”.
A study warned that rising sex doll ownership was linked to a decline in birth rates in some parts of Japan.

You don’t know a few facts about sex dolls.

  1. Nowadays, many young people like to buy sex dolls and articles for fun. Japan has a documentary, which records a Japanese. There are many male sex dolls in the family. When the reporter asked why she bought so many sex dolls, she said They are much better than real boys.

2. The Japanese sex doll industry has a unique term for sex dolls: the Dutch wife. Historically, Dutch sailors have spent a few months on the high seas and tried to creatively solve their “lonely” problems. So use a cloth to shape puppets to meet their impulses. Also known as “dame de voyage” in French and “dame de voyage” in Spanish, meaning “travel lady”. For Dutch sailors, they make these dolls in leather and like to stay and trade these works in Japanese ports. So, until today, the history of sex dolls from the Netherlands has been plaguing the Japanese.

3. Everyone knows Barbie, this is always known as a child’s toy, but in fact, Barbie’s origin is more mature. Originally based on sex dolls, as early as the 1950s, there was a little doll called Bild Lilli in Germany. In fact, this is a very popular and attractive little girl actor in Germany, and the dolls are made for adult males. American toy manufacturers have discovered and created a doll that is more suitable for children.

4. Sex dolls can be more realistic, moving from limbs to the details of the hair on the eyebrows. Do you know that the weight of a sex doll can also become very realistic? That’s because the interior contains a metal skeleton that is made according to the weight of real humans.

Many sex doll manufacturers now offer not only male sex dolls but also Hermaphrodite dolls in order to meet the needs of customers. For male sex dolls, the number of choices is much less. After all, the customization of female homosexuals is still quite small.

Do you look at how to bring sex dolls in public places?

We often see the news is that someone in a certain place brings a sex doll

So what do you think of it?

The first type: Everyone is free and free to think, so they cannot interfere with the decisions made by others.

Second: After all, in public, sex dolls are still somewhat inappropriate, not everyone can adapt.

Third: This has nothing to do with me, I can choose not to watch or not to go.

Fourth: Why do you want to bring sex dolls? Is it psychopathy or mental illness?

Everyone has their own point of view, but I think everyone has the right to choose, and sex dolls don’t necessarily mean ‘sex.’ Some people simply like it, some people pin their thoughts on them, and some use sex dolls as their own objects, and so on.

sex doll

Ban the sale of child sex dolls

Sex dolls are about adults in many people’s minds, but nowadays, in order to meet the needs of a variety of sex dolls, including hermaphrodite people, children’s height, etc., or for breasts, vagina, penis and so on.
In order to protect children from being harmed, many countries have begun to ban the sale or import of sex dolls similar to children.

Why should we ban it?

Because the current dolls are too realistic, realistic, sometimes you think that it is a real person, some people have “pedophilia”, but do not dare to start with real children, so only by buying sex dolls Satisfy yourself. But not necessarily some people will not start with real children, this topic has always been controversial.

Since the introduction of children’s sex dolls by a Japanese sex doll company, the letter has been controversial. The company has indicated that it can suppress those who like children, so in order to protect children, children’s dolls are introduced.

So, do you think that child sex dolls should not be forbidden to sell?

What Is The Similarity And Difference between Sex Dolls And Real Women?

Sex dolls appear in front of men as replicas of perfect women. With the growing popularity of sex dolls, women also gradually feel threatened by sex dolls.Lonely men’s demand for sex dolls is increasing, and the meaning of sex dolls is not only sex for them, but also for companionship all the time.Although the economy, science and technology and culture of modern society have been greatly developed, but the relationship has become complicated, the sense of emptiness and loneliness of modern humans has gradually increased, so sex doll just fill in the gap of human heart.Sex dolls have obvious similarities and differences from real women.

The similarities

Same body structure and similar appearance.Realistic sex doll is created to simulate women in real life, with beautiful heads, perfect body proportions and sexy figures, all of which satisfy male sexual fantasies.And with the same vagina and anus as real women, men can experience multiple sexual intercourse and increase the way they experience sex.

sex doll

The differences

1. In reality, women have life and soul, while realistic sex dolls have no life and no soul.Realistic sex doll will never say no to you, and real women may reject you when you feel tired or uncomfortable when you want to have sex.A realistic sex doll is always there for you 24 hours, but if it is a real woman, she will have her own business to deal with and cannot be with you at any time.If it is a realistic sex dolls, you can according to your idea change her appearance, but for a real woman, you need to respect her thoughts, you can communicate with her, if she is willing to change for you, this is the best results.Silicone sex doll don’t complain, or you don’t have to spend a penny to meet the requirements of she, however, real woman has a lot of complaints theme, anniversaries, her you need to find ways to meet her various requirements.

realistic sex doll

2.Real women can get pregnant, but silicone sex dolls don’t.There is no need to use condoms in order to have sex with silicone sex dolls.On the contrary, when having sex with a real woman, preventive measures must be taken.

3.Having sex with a real woman can lead to STDS.When we have a one-night stand, we have sex with a strange woman. In this case, we don’t know whether the other person is healthy or not.Silicone sex dolls can avoid such things happening.

silicone sex doll

4.The purpose of sexual intercourse is different.In the course of sexual intercourse with a real woman, the man often tries hard to please the other person.But having sex with a silicone sex doll is a completely different thing. You don’t have to worry about the feeling of other people.Even if you have sex with a sex doll just to practice your sexual skills, it doesn’t affect your relationship with the sex doll.

From the above description, this is why sex dolls are becoming more and more popular and why women feel threatened.