What do love hotels all over the world look like?

In the Edo period of Japan, some inns and tea houses set up secret passages for lovers or special groups to try out. This is the embryonic form of love […]

Too long to be intimate, beware of your sexuality

 They say that sexual ability is like a knife. If you don’t have sex for too long, be careful of your sexuality. However, some people were surprised to feel that […]

Primary female masturbation Guide

Sex is a very common desire of human beings. When it can not meet the benign requirements, single men and women will seek sexual liberation through masturbation. So, how do […]

What to do more after couples have sex

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Pregnant wife buys sex dolls for her husband

Penpals confided: Since I was pregnant, my husband and wife have been living less and less, and when having sex during pregnancy, I always worry that I ’m not good […]