Sex toys, why do girls have to have?

If sex is the “bumpy fat buttocks” in the context of machoism, then the stars will be eclipsed.

Sexy is the ability to please your own desires and to be happy.

Since I got my first climax in my sexual life, I have become more and more eager to please myself, and I also want my boyfriend to get more satisfaction and conquest.

Valentine’s Day, he asked me what gift I want, I don’t think about it: I want to vibrate. Soon, he ordered me a double-headed massage stick.

Fortunately, there is a little god who understands me and tolerates me. I have no doubts and devalued my desires, but I have tried my best to give me a perfect sex experience.

Looking at the world, no more than 30% of girls can get the climax of sex, but the proportion of girls who pretend to be climax is more than 90%.

Influenced by traditional ideas, Chinese women are used to suppressing their desires.

Our ancestors and even our parents, maybe women have never felt the climax of their lives. The pursuit of pleasure, you must be like me, I feel that they are too sorry.

But have you ever thought that “no climax intimacy” is also common among our generation of girls.

High school girlfriends and their boyfriends have been together for the fifth year. We chatted last night, she portrayed the so-called “climax”, and finally asked: I am not sure, you help me judge, is this the climax?

I suddenly remembered and told her seriously: At the moment you arrive, you will be very sure that it is! Asking this question shows that it has not arrived.

She said, hey, I haven’t thought of the legendary “great harmony of life” for so many years.

I advised her, why not try the sex toys, as long as you find sensitive points, you can quickly enjoy this feeling.

Girlfriend shook her head: I am afraid that my boyfriend will be upset.

I said that in a relationship if you have to look at your partner’s eyes even if you are happy with yourself, can you still be your true self? Besides, you can play together and be more intimate than before.

She looked awkward, and from her expression, I read “Is there such a god operation?!”

The sex toy arrived, and the boyfriend cares for the place to play for me.

After the body was fully relaxed, he took out the cleaned vibrator, starting from the lowest file, gently helping me to stimulate the little sister, fully moistened, and stuffed the longer end into the body.

Thoughtful, he constantly adjusted my Gnod and Y pedicure according to my reaction. I tentatively crossed the legs – a burst of a current hit, I felt like an electric shock, suddenly sat up and kissed the male ticket.

At that moment, I found that the woman’s sexiness is not due to Peugeot’s face and bare ketone body, but to express a kind of strength in the depths of her body.
I used to feel how sexy and fascinating the heroine of the erotic movie.

He stared at my shuddering body as if watching a rare treasure.

Since then, whenever you don’t reach the apex, you will take out the vibrator and continue to let yourself high, while he touches my body while quietly and smiling.

When it comes to toys, boys always worry, does the girlfriend think that I can’t? Will the toy replace me?

As a mature male with a soul, know that toys can never replace your value and meaning. In my feelings as a girl, there is no boyfriend’s temperature, and the toy brings me only sensual satisfaction.

However, the brain is the largest sexual organ. Learning to use a toy to satisfy a female partner can allow her to reach the dual climax of spirit and flesh.

Smart men don’t pay too much attention to the so-called “self-esteem”, but accept the woman to play with toys.

Just like the little boy said: When I work or finish my fitness, the energy can’t be enough, the toy can save a lot of power, which really helped me a lot. Now, he has fallen in love with playing toys with me.

Toys are not the “love rivals” of men, but the right assistants. Girls will also bother: play with fun sex toys, will he think that I am not reserved enough, too frivolous?

Looking at the climax of my eyes from the male ticket, I came to the conclusion that if the boy really loves you, he will like you who are real, sexy and know how to be happy.

If traced back to the source, the prototype of the massage stick that is found today is a rod-like body polished from a German cave 28,000 years ago. It can be seen that humans have known how to use erotic appliances to please themselves tens of thousands of years ago.
During the ancient Greek period, women were asked to seek medical advice because of irritability, insomnia, and emotional uneasiness. The treatment was done by loving the pelvic floor muscles, that is, inserting the fingers into the vagina to massage the vagina and uterus. This disease is actually because of the dissatisfaction, the way to cure is to love and get orgasm.

In countries such as Europe and the United States, the popularity of sex toys, especially massage sticks, is very high, almost everyone has one.

I said that many girls will wear them when they are. If I don’t get to the climax, do you want me to install, or do you want me to solve it with sex toys to reach the climax?

He replied, as long as you enjoy it. I don’t care if you solve it yourself, or pretend to love me.

It’s enough to have this good life.