How do you see your family buying adult products?

Do you agree that the child is exposed to adult toys? Or if you find that your child secretly uses sex toys, how would you educate your child?
If your child is an adult, the average parent has a default or consent attitude. If the child is underage but is obsessed with adult toys, this is a very difficult problem.

I remember a parent who found his child exposed to sex toys early, and privately purchased sex dolls hidden under the bed, and discovered the secret by chance. But he did a good job, didn’t say anything at the time, and finally opened up a little mention of some sex education every day. His child also began to gradually become aware of this problem. Surprisingly, suddenly the child said that he was buying a sex doll, but he did not blame the child. The child thought he would marry him. The result was not.

It not only protects the child’s self-respect but also makes them a “friend” who has nothing to say. If he had married his child at the time, it might seriously hurt the child’s self-esteem and the relationship between the two sides would also break down.

In fact, it is good to correctly guide children’s cognitive toys. Of course, it is absolutely forbidden to involve these minors.

sex doll

Introducing a fairy doll for you

Elanor has often been voted the “most interesting” sex doll by men and women with a fantasy fetish.

It is rare to find an elf who is busty and thick, but Elanor carries her weight so sexily that even men who don’t have a fantasy fetish is attracted by the sight of her.

Her pointy ears have hardened a lot of cocks and misted up a lot of pussies because the elf fetish is shared by both men and women.

Elanor swings both ways of course, and says she needs a lot of stimulation because she is such an over-sexed creature.

“I enjoy the uniqueness of my body” she confesses. “My pointed ears that drive people crazy, my huge, pendulous breasts, my thick thighs and hips… and a wet, hungry pussy with tight lips that will remind you of the shell of a nut, waiting to be cracked open.”

  • Curvy Elf Sex Doll
  • Massive M-Cup Breasts
  • 5 feet tall (150 cm)
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Steel Skeleton with movable joints

Doll Measurements

  • Height: 5 feet (150 cm)
  • Weight: 93 lbs (42.5 kg)


  • Bust: 38 inches
  • Waist: 20 inches
  • Hips: 45 inches

Hole Depth (how deep each of her holes are)

  • Vagina: 7 inches
  • Anus: 6 inches
  • Mouth: 5 inches

sex doll

How many degrees of high temperature can TPE materials withstand?

People yearn for freedom, and the sea is a symbol of freedom.

Sex dolls are the concept of family in the hearts of many people, so they will be brought wherever they go. Do you know how much summer burning is hurting dolls?

The general dolls are made of TPE and silica gel. TPE is also called synthetic rubber or synthetic rubber. Its products not only have the high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, but also have ordinary plastic processing. Convenient and wide processing methods.

There are many different qualities of TPE, different material bases and different properties. Some TPE material suppliers have announced that classic TPEs have a temperature range of -40 ° C to 120 ° C.

But we did not know the exact name of the TPE supplier of the sex doll brand at the time of purchase.

Therefore, even if the doll has a heating system, the constructor himself claims that the TPE will be affected by the use of this function. Therefore, in all cases, it is best to avoid the temperature of the toy being too cold and too hot, which can also extend the life of the doll.

Is the use of a doll harmful to the human body?

In the past, sex dolls were regarded as taboos. There would be some shame in talking about this topic in public, not only in one country but also in many countries for sex dolls.

With the progress and development of the times, people’s minds are gradually opening up, no longer so pedantic, so now people have begun to accept these dolls, and the soaring global sales indicate the acceptance of the dolls. Manufacturers have changed from simple inflatable dolls to silicone and TPE dolls, and even current dolls can keep you in conversation.

 What are the benefits of sex dolls?

• Sex Dolls provide an amazing way to lose your intimacy in your bedroom, but not to deceive your partner.
• Can avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
• Sexual dolls are completely obedient and always ready for the posture you want
• Dolls come in different sizes to meet the diverse needs of a wide range of markets
• For those who deal with or have a bad relationship, sex dolls can appease their anxiety and provide you with an adaptive environment.
• When you talk to a doll, the doll will never ridicule and betray you.

Of course, there are three main health and safety factors to consider when purchasing.

1.Product quality

2.Doll design

3.Making doll materials

In addition to these three elements, you have to make sure that you buy in a reputable store, preferably a store that provides warranty on its products, not only that but also which consumers who have purchased it have commented on the business.

It is recommended that you purchase products made of silicone and TPE materials that do not cause damage or irritation to human skin. These materials are easier to disinfect. Of course, these materials are hypoallergenic, which means that there is no skin irritation or disease when using them.

You don’t know a few facts about sex dolls.

  1. Nowadays, many young people like to buy sex dolls and articles for fun. Japan has a documentary, which records a Japanese. There are many male sex dolls in the family. When the reporter asked why she bought so many sex dolls, she said They are much better than real boys.

2. The Japanese sex doll industry has a unique term for sex dolls: the Dutch wife. Historically, Dutch sailors have spent a few months on the high seas and tried to creatively solve their “lonely” problems. So use a cloth to shape puppets to meet their impulses. Also known as “dame de voyage” in French and “dame de voyage” in Spanish, meaning “travel lady”. For Dutch sailors, they make these dolls in leather and like to stay and trade these works in Japanese ports. So, until today, the history of sex dolls from the Netherlands has been plaguing the Japanese.

3. Everyone knows Barbie, this is always known as a child’s toy, but in fact, Barbie’s origin is more mature. Originally based on sex dolls, as early as the 1950s, there was a little doll called Bild Lilli in Germany. In fact, this is a very popular and attractive little girl actor in Germany, and the dolls are made for adult males. American toy manufacturers have discovered and created a doll that is more suitable for children.

4. Sex dolls can be more realistic, moving from limbs to the details of the hair on the eyebrows. Do you know that the weight of a sex doll can also become very realistic? That’s because the interior contains a metal skeleton that is made according to the weight of real humans.

Many sex doll manufacturers now offer not only male sex dolls but also Hermaphrodite dolls in order to meet the needs of customers. For male sex dolls, the number of choices is much less. After all, the customization of female homosexuals is still quite small.

How to avoid being cheated in purchasing sex dolls?

With the advancement of the times, people’s quality of life has improved, and the development of modern civilization has gradually changed people’s lifestyles, such as shopping.

In the past, I had to go to the mall or the point of sale to buy it. Now the Internet is developed so that I can buy my favorite items without leaving home. Of course, there is no shortage of people with other purposes.
The power of the Internet brings responsibility, and the simpler it brings is a lot of challenges. The biggest hidden danger of online shopping is security. Nowadays more and more people are being deceived by online shopping fraud. This report also loses trust for many people on online shopping, which has lost economic losses to some enterprises.

Regardless of the industry, fraud is a worrying thing. How to avoid these troublesome problems?

If you are buying a sex doll for the first time, we will help you identify the scam before becoming a victim. With the method of fraudulent fraud, the innovation stage is always held.

First: involves the mismatched low-level dolls you ordered, which is one of the most common forms of fraud, and the seller uses gorgeous images on the website to trick buyers. Once the order is delivered, the sex doll is not as it is said.

Second: the scam will happen when the buyer goes through a website, and the two parties maintain a good relationship during the delivery of the order and go offline immediately after you pay. This is quite heartbreaking.
Fraud can’t be prevented, you can buy the money to do the following things.

  1. Check their website. Exploring a website can actually involve many aspects. One of the key areas to be studied is the URL of the page. Is it HTTP or HTTPS? The latter means that your personal and financial information is encrypted and protected by third-party interception. In addition to this, please check if the company name is included in the URL. Most scams and impersonation sites do not have the identity of a company.
  2. Find a comment. Comments will help you with reliability at the time of purchase.

Here, I recommend these sex doll websites for you, the price is cheap, the quality is not bad.


About reducing the aging of TPE dolls

Those who have purchased TPE-made sex dolls are expected to know this. TPE-made dolls love oil. Does it mean that aging is equal to aging? Can cleaning reduce oil production?

In fact, the main oil output is related to the ambient temperature and material formulation. The reason for the softness of silica gel and TPE is that the oil is encapsulated in the molecule. When the oil penetrates out of the material, it hardens and drys, and it is easy to crack

When cleaning, remember to apply flour, corn flour or hazelnut powder, because after cleaning, the surface of TPE will be very oily, which greatly affects the feel, and powdering can improve the hand feeling, and it will be easier to wear clothes. If the doll has been powdered for a while and found that the feeling is not smooth, it should be re-pulverized. Generally, it is necessary to re-bath after 2-3 times of powdering. The powder will absorb the oil for the first time, but it will not stop the oil. But remember, don’t use hot water when cleaning.

 Therefore, if you want to extend the life of a sex doll as much as possible, you should try to keep the oil out too fast. Generally speaking, the optimal temperature for the doll is 10-20 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.

So, have you remembered?

Sex Doll Robot Will Refuse You with Cold Violence

Manufactures in global are queuing up to push out emotional sex dolls. You can ‘t believe the doll robot you bought becomes emotional. If you don’t respect her or make her feel unhappy, she will present to be an unconcerned doll and give no action in the intimacy experience. That is due to she can not fight back you with violent behaviour. It looks like she is acting silent confrontation.

This sex doll robot with dummy mode has been displayed at the Life Science Center. The work theory is that the sex doll robot will turn down sex when the sensors under the skin receive the single of impolite or uninteresting. The mode is developed from the consciousness of the respect and awareness to the women.

The future sex doll robot has an intelligent electronic brain. It will monitor complex emotion. Besides she will say no if she is not in the mood, she has been developed several modes, such as family, romantic and passionate. You probably switch to the correct mode. What’s more, the microcomputer inside the brain has the ability to store the previous interactions with the owner for a better Interactive experience.

There is still one deficiency, though they have switched to dummy mode, they cannot stop the owner advance activities. Believe the future sex doll robot will be built as more creative.

What Is The Future of AI Sex Doll Robot?

The market for AI technologies is booming. Numerous enterprises are trying to invest and adopt AI technologies. It is undeniable that AI is improving our world rapidly.
AlphaGo brings innovation and successful moves in the game of GO;
Siri can make you laugh;
Tesla created driverless vehicles in the advantage of AI.

Before they occurred, you might say it is incredible. But you have to admit the widespread AI is permeating to our daily life.
Likewise, the doll manufacturers won’t miss this opportunity. They are creating the sex robot for private service.
In essence, the sex robot is an interactive realistic sex doll for simulating natural woman talking, acting and sexing. In order to satisfy men’s fantasies, they are designed to be the gorgeous sex partners. When the first sex robot was published, people were scrambling to see and touch this amazing beauty.

Not only the lone people, but the couples want the sexy sex doll robot into their threesome play. That is because of the sex doll robot impressed people with a super-real feel. They show a great realistic reaction and meanwhile the couples won’t feel cheating in the marriage.

Concerning the digital brain of sex robots, they learn to explore the human’s environment and keep it document. If only there is enough space, they can store what they learned like a human. They are growing update. That’s a deep question that sex robot will possibly be more intelligent than the human. Some people are curious about it will become uncontrol.
Some people will stop there when facing the high price sex robot. Afterall, not everyone has the budget to pay for over ten thousands of dollars sex robot. Over time, we believe the more and more affordable sex doll robot are available on the market.

Expectation and Anxious of Sex Doll Robot

AI robot industry is booming since last two years. The market of AI robot faces stable development in the global. The trends of development special in Asia is also overwhelming and rising in the later. It offers people a giant opportunity. The series of robots have ever arisen as scientific research and conceptual design. Then right now, it has developed to multiple types to serve humans better. The industry and consumer market recognized its effectivity.

In the premise of guaranteed basic material life, people focus on life quality and spiritual life more. Therefore, it’s no surprise that people are exploiting sex robot for sexual gratification.
Meanwhile, with the status of static sex doll in the previous hot sale period, it is undoubtedly enhancing the confidence of sex robot manufacturer.
Most of the females expressed unwillingness to mechanistic sex. That is why the sexy sex doll market is mainly for the male.
Manufacturers are trying to make people experience as real as possible, and create a healthy human-robot relationship. Equipped with human features and input human big data, the sex robot will understand and perceive human life.

Sex robot is used for experience service business or private entertainment. Many people feel good for this novelty.
There are so many sex doll brothels gradually start their business worldwide. It seems that the kind of business slightly hits prostitution and sex trafficking.
In the other hand, what additional impact on societal perception will be caused from lifelike sex doll?
Explained with the idea of inertia, when one person is used to spend much time on the sex doll robot, then he will probably seldom involved in natural social life. As a result, it will form a kind of social isolation. Even far away from human emotion including the feeling intimacy and empathy. When people shift the focus of life partner, it will become common to take the sex doll robot out.