You need to consider these things when buying sex dolls

With the increasing use of physical dolls, the contrast between silicone dolls and TPE sex dolls has always been controversial. As the name implies, the materials used are the first comparison between the two. Silicone is a kind of rubber similar to man-made materials, while thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a mixture of advanced plastics and rubber. This change in material composition brings many differences between the two dolls.


To put it bluntly, it refers to the ratio of the number of pores to the total volume of the material. The trend and rate of fluid permeability determine the porosity of the physical doll. The silicone material is non-porous, so it cannot penetrate the secreted liquid during contact. On the other hand, TPE dolls tend to accumulate these fluids, thereby reducing the efficiency of cleaning and disinfection after use.


Another major difference between silicone dolls and TPE dolls is elasticity. Compared with silicone materials, TPE has both rubber and plastic properties, making it more flexible and more realistic. The silicone doll is not easy to deform, which also makes the silicone doll more rigid.


It is inevitable to use lubricants when using physical dolls, which is very necessary. TPE dolls are compatible with silicone oil and water-based lubricants, but silicone dolls can only use water-based lubricants, otherwise it will destroy the nature of the doll. Compared with silicone dolls, this difference makes the use of TPE dolls wider.


The pressure that the material can withstand and the liquid that may be in contact during use determines the quality and durability of the doll. For standard silica gel and TPE, silica gel has a relatively long service life. But unlike standard quality silicone, the quality of TPE is more dependent on the combination of its components. The service life of high-quality TPE dolls will be longer than that of silicone dolls.


TPE sex dolls are more flexible, so they have enough slip resistance when in use. On the other hand, the rigid material of silicone also makes silicone dolls have a more realistic appearance than TPE. In terms of price, there are more complicated steps in the manufacturing and production of silicone, and it is also more difficult to mold the doll, because it is much more expensive than TPE material, and TPE material dolls are affordable by many people.

The secret of women’s anti-aging

Many women do not hesitate to spend their skincare in order to retain their old looks. In fact, the source of aging is the reproductive system. The reproductive system controls the hormone levels of women. When the level of female hormones gradually decreases with age, the symptoms of aging will begin to appear. Therefore, anti-aging needs to start with the care of the reproductive system.

  Reproductive health foundation of women’s health

  If there is a problem with reproductive health, there will be a problem with the face. The two have a great relationship. The female reproductive system is not only the birthplace of life, but also an important place for sex life, or the production workshop of women’s beautiful hormones-estrogen. Whether its health is directly related to women’s beauty, youth, and health.

  The definition of reproductive health put forward by the World Health Organization is: reproductive health is not only a reproductive process without diseases and disorders but also a physical, psychological, and social intact state under which reproductive processes are completed. The introduction of the concept of reproductive health in my country is in recent years. Although the topic of reproductive health is far less difficult than before, people’s understanding of reproductive health has been unsatisfactory.

  ** Valves to resist viruses

  ** is like a small village in a woman’s body, and a lot of probiotics in ** are the guards who defend this village. It is precise because of their resistance to various viral bacteria that women can be healthy.

Women’s ** itself is weakly acidic. Once this delicate acid-base balance is damaged by the external lotion or the alkaline lubricant of the condom, the health guardian of probiotics will be greatly reduced. Women **It will become an unprotected path for virus intrusion.

  Secondly, women** are the main organs of sex life. Happy and harmonious sex life can keep women’s body and spirit happy and relaxed for a long time, so that beauty and youth are not easy to fade. A 10-year study in England proved that middle-aged people with harmonious sex life look 12 years younger than their peers who have fewer sex lives.
Ovary, a beautiful factory

  The ovaries can produce estrogen, which makes the woman’s facial skin smooth and delicate, white and rosy, and keeps the toughness and elasticity forever.

  The ovary is one of the important endocrine glands in women. The main ** is to secrete female hormones and produce eggs.

   For example, when a woman matures, she secretes estrogen and progesterone, and under her influence, menstruation comes. At the same time, estrogen can promote the development and maintenance of female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics. It can be said that women can rejuvenate their youth and vitality, and the role of ovaries is indispensable.

  However, after middle age, women’s ovaries begin to decline. At this time, the number of ovulation decreases, hormone secretion levels decrease, and even menstruation stops, the breasts become soft and atrophy, other sexual characteristics degenerate, and the internal and external genitals atrophy. Women also gradually lose their former youthful glory.

  The ovary is a factory that produces estrogen. Estrogen is a woman’s beautiful hormone and young hormone so that women have soft skin, beautiful hair, and a vibrant body.

  Once a woman becomes an adult, as her age increases, her ovaries will gradually decline, and eventually, she will stop producing estrogen. This has caused great trouble for women, and there will be a series of female-specific physiological changes and diseases. Such as irregular menstruation, abnormal menstrual flow, facial flushing, and other symptoms.

  That is to say, once the ovaries age and the estrogen secretion is disordered, women’s health will also encounter various problems.

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“Remains” of the residual sex, how to clean it without leaving stains?

Love is not only to be cleaned at the beginning, but also to “clean the battlefield” afterward, otherwise, it will produce bacteria, or the stains left by others will be embarrassed…

What about this situation? Don’t worry, let’s talk about the stain cleaning method left after love today so that you can easily deal with it without worry!

Vaginal discharge, sweat stains, urine

These three should be the most common, female partners are too hard, they will happen too hard.
If this happens, the first step should be wiped off, the second step should be cleaned with water, pay attention to the use of cold water, hot water will make stains attached to clothing. At the same time, if there is hydrogen peroxide, add a little into the cold water stains will disappear.


Semen cleaning is divided into two kinds of wet and dry. The wet one is easier to clean. The cold water cleaning can be the same as the above three, but be careful not to use bleach, otherwise, the semen stains will turn yellow.

If it is dry, you can use vinegar or baking soda to treat, pour a little on the top and soak for a while to clean. If the person is outside, it is inconvenient to clean immediately, you can first come to the wet cleaning method, soak it after you return home.


First, you need to wash away the solids with cold water, and then wash with hot water and bleach to effectively make the stain lighter or even disappear. If you can’t use bleach, you can also use detergent powder containing enzymes to clean!


The most important point to clean blood stains is to wash with cold water, because hot water will make the stains adhere to it, and it is easy to smudge, but it is more unfavorable for cleaning. In addition to washing with cold water, you can also use detergent to pour on blood stains Wait for 10 minutes on both sides of the side, it can be very clean after doing the rinse.


If it is a water-soluble lubricating fluid, it can be washed off with water (such as Antai Medical’s aloe herbal lubricating fluid), but if it is an oil-based lubricating fluid, such as some condoms, it is an oil-based lubricating fluid. Pour some detergent first, then wait 10 minutes, then wash it off with hot water.

The same is true if you buy a mini sex doll. You must clean it after use.

The temperament expert teaches you to make sex toys by yourself

Rubber glove massager

   The friend in charge of washing dishes at home must have used rubber gloves. The advantage of this kind of gloves is that the rubber texture is very good, it can be blown up, or it can be filled with water. Some gloves have floating points on the surface. Then inflate or irrigate according to personal preference! When the gloves are full, be sure to tighten the bottom, wrap it with plastic wrap, and use a few strong rubber bands to bind it, so as to ensure that there is no air leakage or water leakage. If there is a better way.

After simple processing, the rubber gloves swelled up like angry pufferfish, and there are five small tentacles of different sizes! Use it to tease women’s sensitive areas, and even use small tentacles to tease the vaginal opening, the effect is very ideal. You have to try your own specific feelings.

  Small milk clip

   clips are very common, but clips that can be processed into sex toys require innate conditions. Plastic or wood, the clip supported by the iron ring in the middle is ideal. First of all, let the clip’s strength become loose. If it is too tight, it will easily hurt the delicate chest; secondly, remove some soft substances from the cotton swab or dish sponge, which must be thick, and then put the two small “mouths” of the clip “Er”, in this way, there will be no pain when clamping the chest, only pleasure. Remember, iron and too strong clips must not be used! If the woman shouts pain, you must also remove it.

  Lollipop with mini fan

   The following sex toy is a bit different, even a bit “perverted”, but the effect is very outstanding. First, find a lollipop, and then wrap the sugar balls with plastic wrap non-stop to make it bigger and bigger; according to the size of ordinary lollipops, it can be doubled, and the small point does not matter. Secondly, the mini fan is familiar to everyone, but it is a summer baby! Take it out, remove the fan head, and bind the lollipop to the small motor. The method is more casual, as long as it can be fixed and can be turned on Just turn it around. When you’re done, you’re done and the homemade rotating massager is OK!

  It needs to be reminded that the lollipops wrapped in plastic wrap are better than small ones, and the mini electric fans must also find qualified products, and do not get wet when teasing.

life size sex doll

Do I need to clean the newly purchased doll?

Everyone knows that whether it is a silicone or TPE physical doll, it is actually made by a simulation. Moreover, the body of the doll is made of solid materials, which has a certain waterproof performance. Compared with some other supplies, physical dolls are not as convenient and quick as people to clean, but they are not as difficult as imagined.
I suggest checking the baby for any problems and defects as soon as possible after receiving the baby and clean the baby after no problem. Because after the merchant leaves the factory, in the process of transportation, it is inevitable that there are no such little guys as bacteria. If it is not possible to clean it in time, it will be less hygienic during use at the beginning. When using physical dolls, you must clean them frequently so that you can be more hygienic.

Whether we need to clean up after using the doll or the doll has been left for too long to get dust or stains on the skin surface, we need to clean the doll. So how to clean the physical doll? Take off the head first to prevent water from staining the makeup of the face, then put a little shower gel and gently wipe with a wet towel to clean. The water can be cold or warm water.
If you have a bathtub at home, you can put the doll in the bathtub and wash it. It is more convenient. Of course, you can also wash it with her-after washing, wipe the water with a towel, and let it dry. After the surface of the baby’s skin is dry, apply powder to the baby, so that the sister’s skin will be smoother, more elastic, and dustproof. If you find that there is a place that cannot be washed off, you can see if it is dyed. You can use color removal cream or cleansing oil to clean up. If it is other problems, you have no solution. You can contact the merchant who bought the doll and seek a solution from the merchant.

  Do you need to wash it after wearing the condom? Anyway, the service life of the physical doll is limited, it needs to be maintained all the time, and it is its own “girlfriend”. Although I was wearing a condom, I was also worried about whether it would contaminate the doll. After all, I still need to use it in the future, and it will affect my own if I don’t clean it. It is better to clean it after use, which is more hygienic and beneficial to the life of the doll.
The more expensive and delicate things are, the more they need to be maintained. Just like a car, it will be maintained during the interval. The same is true for physical dolls. The price of a physical doll is more than a thousand dollars, which is a relatively high-end thing and requires good maintenance. Physical dolls are energy-saving and can be bent, and the skin is resilient. It won’t affect if you fold it back again, but if you bend the temple for a long time in a curved state, there may be some wrinkles on the skin at the bend.

Therefore, if you do not use it for a long time, it is best to restore the joints to the factory posture, that is, the hands and feet are lying flat. If you have bent for a long time, you can simply massage the joints. Just a while. There are also physical dolls that can be dyed, so be sure not to wear clothes that can be dyed. You must wear an extra white Xing Niu bottoming shirt.
Physical dolls should be powdered regularly to keep the skin dry. Do not use corrosive cleaning wattles, strong acid, strong alkaline solution, strong disinfectant, and detergents when cleaning the dolls, so as not to cause damage to the doll’s skin. If you want to know more about the price information of physical dolls or have questions, you can contact me, can provide you with advice, welcome to follow me.

tpe sex doll

I once indirectly contacted a sex toy experience instructor

That was in the summer of 3 years ago when I got up and was going to the bathroom, I accidentally saw a few pictures of unsuitable children on my colleague’s computer desktop.

At first, I only thought it was a joke from a colleague. Later, after contact, I realized that there was a profession in the market called sex toy experience teacher.

She is a funny, cool, and odd woman. I have never met her. I don’t even know what she looks like. I have only communicated online.

About her information, I heard more from colleagues.

She is a little older than I am a few years old and is said to have been in this business for some time. Often, many manufacturers will take the initiative to contact her, ask her to evaluate some new products and recommend to netizens, and she will occasionally plant some high-quality plants for netizens, and then let everyone find and buy them by themselves.

She is not the kind of person with a strong “sexual desire”, nor the person who “opens her legs and waits for a man”. To be precise, she is only interested in sexual psychology and sex studies of men and women and wants to do something that others dare not do It’s just a matter.

Being a sex toy experience teacher is only part of her job. The threshold is not high, and you can get an extra income to solve your daily expenses.
Colleagues said: “Last time I saw her measuring a ball, it looked almost as big as a golf ball. “The expression was slightly surprised.

I have also read a review, which is really not easy. In addition to describing the feeling of personal experience, you must also feel the packaging appearance, touch, smell and taste, etc., and write an experience report that can be liked and paid for by others.

According to her, this is a manual job. “”I don’t know how many people are allowed to be “Jin Ping Mei”. Look. “”

She is very easy-going, maybe everyone is in a safe network environment, she will discuss some grounded men and women with netizens, and occasionally share some good reviews and negative reviews after the experience.

Perhaps it is because we are not friends. Even in front of her, I seem to have lost the ability to organize language. I don’t know what to say that I don’t care, and I don’t know what to say.

But I heard that when they do their business, they are often subject to some harassment. They are often asked many questions: “Where did you come from so much gender knowledge?”
“Have you been with many people? Why do you know so clearly?”
“Do you use every toy when you evaluate sex toys?”
“Do you rely on sex toys and don’t like to applaud people?”
“What should I do with some of the tricks?”
“Do your parents know what you are doing?”
“You should understand your partner so well, right?”

What’s more, they will ask for some private photos. But they generally ignore it, and occasionally pick a few “real” questions to answer when they are in a good mood.

And those 260,000 accounts, each account spent more than 4,000 yuan on average, I really, one can not understand, the other feel sick.

Teacher Mikami, Teacher Hatano, so many teachers aren’t they fragrant? Are you going to see this kind of stuff? What makes me unable to understand is that some members feel that they are innocent and are the victims?

To tell the truth, it is normal to have needs, but you cannot “beautify” perverted behaviors into needs. “”

There are probably more kind people in the world, and what seems to be the closest to human nature is also sex. We haven’t talked about anything anymore, so we went to work separately.

The sunlight outside was dipped in chili water, and there was no shady place on the open street. Someone said: “The sex toy experience teacher, like a small stream sandwiched between extremely cold glaciers and hot lava, feels the most malicious attack and the most forgiving understanding.”

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The world’s first female erotic prescription drug Addyi is launched in the United States

Addyi, the world’s first prescription drug to boost women’s sexual desire, was launched on the 17th. Most women who lacked interest in sex would not be in a hurry to try, but they had a choice.

Addyi is called “female Viagra”, but its effect is different from the blue tablet Viagra. It stimulates the brain to secrete more chemicals related to sexual needs, rather than acting directly on Viagra. Genitals, increase blood flow.

   It is reported that Addyi is a pink pill that must be taken daily. It should not be mixed with alcohol and some other drugs, otherwise, the effect will be reduced, and even adverse side effects such as low blood pressure and sudden coma may occur.

   However, these restrictions may also encourage pharmaceutical companies to develop better new drugs for women’s erotic issues. Over the past 10 years, the world’s major pharmaceutical companies have neglected women’s needs in this regard.

   Kim Wallen, a professor of psychology at Emory University in Atlanta, USA, pointed out that Addyi is a historic milestone that opened the door for the development of more drugs to treat men and women.

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Over the past 15 years, the sex doll industry has evolved from producing cheap novelty items to creating a multi-million dollar industry featuring high-end, realistic love dolls. The manufacturers and consumers of this product are all over the world. Since 1996, the most famous sex doll company in the United States has sold more than 3,500 dolls worldwide, and sales in 2009 exceeded $ 2 million (“Abyss Creating Personal Communication”, October 4). 2010). Modern sex dolls made of silicone that resemble flesh sell for between $ 3,500 and $ 10,000. Although the main function of these dolls is superficially sexual in nature, the owners of the dolls describe varying degrees of emotional attachment to their sex dolls. From identifying their doll as a life partner, to describing their doll as just a novelty

There were customers who wanted to be able to customize real dolls that are exactly the same as those they love. Because customization requires special technical support, and the price is relatively expensive. What’s more, custom real sex dolls are not real people, they can’t be exactly the same as real people, so the end result is just like the love doll you want.Having a sex doll can help you find inner peace in meditation and make yourself happier when you fall asleep. Night is just a great protective cloak for falling in love with real sex dolls, especially during the week when people sleep because of work.

Unable to accept the departure of the lover, when it can truly realize the human technology, but when it can create the same love dolls as their wives, but even if they are similar, they can be satisfied. Time to get rid of a shorter sad life.

Sex toys were confiscated and worn by nieces as watches

Amy-Jade Barlow, an 18-year-old woman in the United Kingdom, and her 20-year-old boyfriend, Ben Lauder, have forgotten to store sex toys after they loved each other a few days ago. , Put it on your hand, and Amy Jiede uploaded the photos to the Internet afterward, making netizens laugh.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, Lauder and his girlfriend recently finished the next day and received a message from each other, “Are you kidding me … Did you close the penis ring?” Then he remembered himself Put it on the bedside, and then his girlfriend sent another photo to him, only to find his girlfriend’s maid Macy (Macy), using sex toys as a new watch, even wearing it on his hand.

Amy Jiede mentioned that she discovered that Messi put the sex toy on her hand and immediately took it away, but Messi burst into tears and kept searching through the drawer. After learning of the incident, the two friends felt quite funny, and some friends said, “This is the best thing that happened in 2017!”.

life size sex doll

Improve slamming ability and sexual ability by taking a bath

Bathing is something that people do almost every day because bathing can clean the body and promote sleep. In addition, bathing has benefits you can’t think of. For men, scientific bathing can also improve sexual performance and make men braver in sex. However, how to take a bath to improve sexual performance?

Benefits of bathing on sex

Bathing is the basic cleaning method, and it also has an impact on sexual life. First, bathing can relax the body and mind, making couples more engaged in sex. Second, taking a hot bath before sex can help restore body temperature and increase skin sensitivity. Later, couples bathing is still a good foreplay, which can increase interest.

Wrong bathing style impairs sexual ability

However, some wrong bathing methods can negatively affect sexual function. Especially for men, taking a long hot bath may damage the reproductive organs such as the prostate. Therefore, men should learn to take a scientific bath to improve sexual function while cleaning.

Stimulate the root of the penis in the shower

When taking a bath, the water temperature should not be too high, but it should not exceed 38 ° C, so use a shower. Men can shower warm water around the base of the penis with a shower head, which can increase local blood circulation, relieve the testicle and penile fatigue, and help erect. And the erection of the penis makes the ligaments and nerves that support the penis quite fatigued, and the longer the erection time, the more severe the fatigue. And warm water stimulation can speed up blood circulation and can restore fatigue of testes and penis as soon as possible. In addition, showering is different from bathing in the bathtub in the whole body. Showering can stimulate the local acupuncture points to cause stimulating consequences. Of course, stronger shower water pressure is better.

Warm water stimulates the groin and massages

The groin inside the thigh root should also be properly stimulated with warm water, because the groin is the “traffic channel” that transports blood and nerves to and from the testes. Blood circulation in the groin is critical to men’s sexual function. Stimulating the groin with warm water in the shower and stroking the groin with two fingers from top to bottom is also very beneficial to enhance the sexual performance of men. Using two fingers to stroke the groin from the top to the bottom at the same time can increase the maintenance of the sexual organs. In addition, there are some important acupuncture points in the lower abdomen of men, such as Guan Yuan and Qi Hai. Stimulation with warm water can also enhance sexual function.

An alternative bath of hot and cold water improves sexual performance.

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