Sexual Toys Have Endless Desire

According to the Japan Special Reports Report Group, in Japan, the adult products industry is getting more and more prosperous, and more and more women are eager for adult products, and they are especially interested in providing product catalog sales methods to avoid the embarrassment of buying face to face.

In Japan, women make up a large percentage of buyers of sexual aids. “About 70% of our customers are women. This is a guess, but it can be said that most of them are using our vibrations alone rather than with sex partners,” Yoshikawa told the reporting team. And simulated penis. Buyers range in age from teenage middle school students to middle-aged women. “

He Jichuan said that their company receives more than 1,000 messages from the company’s website every day. Many of the letters were written by female readers who asked for the development of special types of adult aids. Female customers’ advice on product development seems to be a common feature of the industry. One of the most successful adult products on the market today-a product named “K”-is designed with ideas from a female customer. K is shaped like a male sex organ but has a pair of protrusions similar to rabbit ears on top. When in use, it is inserted by rabbit ears.

The boss of the company that produced K told the reporting team: “Our customers sent us postcards, talked about our products and made new suggestions for us. Frankly speaking, most ideas are far beyond imagination and cannot be adopted. But these Women are very serious and a lot of advice is valuable, but it is almost a fantasy for ordinary people. “

K’s competitor Yoshikawa said 60% of the letters his company received were from office white-collar women and women officials. Many people use diagrams to describe their ideal aids, and they need more methods that do not require hands. “Operating the vibrator with your hands seems to remind you that you are masturbating, which reduces a lot of fun. I think this makes them more aware that they are not with men. This is why the tools most women want to use can be automated. “

He added that there is no such product at present, and even if the product changes, the change will not be too great. “Women’s needs are endless. After they are satisfied with one thing, they start to need something else. They need automatic sex toys like tongues, and they want to rub their hips when they are used. But I think We have nothing to complain about because at least some people still love our products. “