Japan is a country full of sex

You can buy sports newspapers at any newsstand. The newspapers will list which oral sex service is the best or who has the best sex massage. Any sex service you can think of can be bought in Japan.Even before 2014, it was legal for Japanese people to buy whatever they wanted.

After 2014, although Japan legislated to ban this phenomenon, the phenomenon of sexualized children still exists.In short, this is a country with a fairly developed sex industry. But when it comes to dating rape or sexual assault, these topics will never be mentioned by public opinion. You (in Japan) don’t see public discussions on this. Finally, 110 years later, Japan revised its rape law, driven by a “tragedy”-Shame of Japan.

At the police station, she was asked to, in the presence of three male investigating police officers, hold a puppet that is the life-size real doll, and restore the sexual assault under the flashlight … use the puppet to reproduce the violation Sending it through is a common practice of the Japanese police. Although this practice can cause psychological trauma to women, some even call it “secondary rape.”

Rape and assault are rarely mentioned by public opinion. Violence against women is not considered a serious social problem. With the popularity of realistic sex doll brothels, the assaulted women are regarded as shame. Many people have suggested that this type of brothels should be promoted vigorously, and that inflatable dolls can satisfy pedophiles, or people with rape fantasies, in order to reduce the crime rate of pedophilia and rape.

However, this view has also drawn strong opposition and condemnation from many people.