Can sex enhance brain function? Learn about five magic effects

Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.

What effect does sex have on the brain?

1. Antidepressants: women exposed to men’s semen are 40% less likely to develop depression, because semen contains a large number of compounds, such as prostaglandins and estrogen, which can fight depression. Sex with a sex doll has the same effect.

2. Let sad things forget temporarily: when the pressure is too high, head injury, physical pain, and violent sexual life, the patient will have a short-term amnesia, especially when the sexual behavior is strong, men and women will get the corresponding orgasm, resulting in amnesia or amnesia symptoms, and they will forget the sad things. Sex toy can be used to make sex for more fun.

3. Calming effect: according to gender experts, sex is the safest sedative, and the more frequent sex is, the calmer people will be, thus improving their ability to resist stress and their tolerance. In addition, it can also relieve insomnia symptoms. Men’s sex life is more easy to quickly enter the sleep state, because after ejaculation, the prefrontal cortex of the brain will slowly relax, thus improving the quality of sleep.

4. Improve memory: studies have shown that people who maintain a normal life can promote the growth of nerve cells, thereby improving memory and attention. Migraine can also be relieved. The study found that 30% of group headache and 60% of migraine patients relieved their symptoms in sexual life, because sex can stimulate women’s G-spot, thus increasing the pain threshold, mainly due to the role of oxytocin.

5. Bring spiritual pleasure: because performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, we will be more eager for and like sex life, which can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, but also can make people more excited.