Improve slamming ability and sexual ability by taking a bath

Bathing is something that people do almost every day because bathing can clean the body and promote sleep. In addition, bathing has benefits you can’t think of. For men, scientific bathing can also improve sexual performance and make men braver in sex. However, how to take a bath to improve sexual performance?

Benefits of bathing on sex

Bathing is the basic cleaning method, and it also has an impact on sexual life. First, bathing can relax the body and mind, making couples more engaged in sex. Second, taking a hot bath before sex can help restore body temperature and increase skin sensitivity. Later, couples bathing is still a good foreplay, which can increase interest.

Wrong bathing style impairs sexual ability

However, some wrong bathing methods can negatively affect sexual function. Especially for men, taking a long hot bath may damage the reproductive organs such as the prostate. Therefore, men should learn to take a scientific bath to improve sexual function while cleaning.

Stimulate the root of the penis in the shower

When taking a bath, the water temperature should not be too high, but it should not exceed 38 ° C, so use a shower. Men can shower warm water around the base of the penis with a shower head, which can increase local blood circulation, relieve the testicle and penile fatigue, and help erect. And the erection of the penis makes the ligaments and nerves that support the penis quite fatigued, and the longer the erection time, the more severe the fatigue. And warm water stimulation can speed up blood circulation and can restore fatigue of testes and penis as soon as possible. In addition, showering is different from bathing in the bathtub in the whole body. Showering can stimulate the local acupuncture points to cause stimulating consequences. Of course, stronger shower water pressure is better.

Warm water stimulates the groin and massages

The groin inside the thigh root should also be properly stimulated with warm water, because the groin is the “traffic channel” that transports blood and nerves to and from the testes. Blood circulation in the groin is critical to men’s sexual function. Stimulating the groin with warm water in the shower and stroking the groin with two fingers from top to bottom is also very beneficial to enhance the sexual performance of men. Using two fingers to stroke the groin from the top to the bottom at the same time can increase the maintenance of the sexual organs. In addition, there are some important acupuncture points in the lower abdomen of men, such as Guan Yuan and Qi Hai. Stimulation with warm water can also enhance sexual function.

An alternative bath of hot and cold water improves sexual performance.

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