What are the changes after the infidelity between couples

Nine changes after a man’s infidelity:

1. He no longer has sexual life with you, or asks for less sex, or starts trying new ways.

2. He began to buy new clothes.

3. When the phone rings, he will be nervous. When he answers the phone, he tries to speak in a low voice.

4. He often makes excuses to work overtime, especially on weekends.

5. He began to find reasons to stay out.

6. When he is on a business trip, he will not tell you the itinerary, flight or hotel information. When you ask him where he is going and when he will come back, he yells at you and he will say that you can’t contact him at all.

7. He would go out on his own at the weekend for some bad reason.

8. He began to hide credit card receipts and phone bills.

9. He began to have his own private line.

Five anomalies after a woman’s infidelity:

Purposeful dressing

When a woman goes out of love, she usually pays attention to her image when she is immersed in the romance at the beginning of love. That is to say, women are the most beautiful when they cheat. They pay attention to their own modeling, will dress themselves up more charming and beautiful than usual. They will start buying new clothes, and will give them a fragrant perfume. If, as a wife, there is such a radical change in their clothes, then the husband should pay attention to it. This is a common real phenomenon after women cheat. Lose interest in your sexual life and your sex toy.

Contradictions are increasing

When a woman goes out of love, there will be more and more conflicts between husband and wife. Of course, most of these contradictions are caused by women. They start to be dissatisfied with their husbands, complain, and take some small problems to argue with them. A small number of women who cheat will also make small conflicts and frictions and propose divorce to their husbands. Because they have cheated, they will not care about the pain in their husband’s heart, and they will forget their vows and pledges.

No tears

When a woman does not cheat before, if a husband, often have conflict with his wife, most women will use tears to vent, to let their husband coax her. If a woman is in conflict with her husband after her infidelity, it is not easy for her to shed tears and ignore her husband. I wish neither of them were involved. The adulterous woman will never cry so easily because of her husband’s accusation. Because in their hearts, they have a new love, no longer have their own husband, but think of other men.

No more nagging.

After the derailment of the woman, it seems that and her husband gradually began to maintain a distance, will not be like just in love, so romantic, and her husband has so many sweet words. So some men feel confused about women’s changes. For example, why doesn’t she care about me recently? Why doesn’t she care about me recently? Why doesn’t she like to chat with me recently? These are the real changes of women after their infidelity. When a woman loves this man, at home or in real life, she is very mother-in-law to the man she loves. When this woman, no longer mother-in-law to her man, and when this woman doesn’t often talk to her man, then this kind of woman can definitely prove that she doesn’t love him or has fallen in love with others .

Cold sexual life

After a woman has an affair, she will never have sex with her husband. Of course, the husband can never find out that his wife and other men have abnormal behavior. That’s the difference between women and men. It’s hard for a man to have that sexual interest with his wife again when he is at home. But women are different. Even after a woman’s infidelity, her husband still proposes to have sex. Most women will not refuse her husband’s sex request in order to cover it up. Of course, there will be some women who refuse, which are a few. When a man finds out that his woman is not so passionate or romantic in her sexual life, or when she pretends to be a model, he must observe carefully, which is also the best way to identify how his woman cheated.