Communication For Better Sex

You may always feel that you don’t have enough time. Sexologists point out that couples lack non-sleeping time to go to bed together without interference, so couples should make full and proper use of time.

When communication is not effective, it means no communication. So is sex. If one party keeps asking or complaining to the other party, but the other party does not accept it, or does not understand it at all, this is invalid communication. Sex without communication is like two nocturnal walkers in the dark, no better than sex toys.neither knowing where the other is, nor knowing how to find each other, relying on their own blind exploration, the result is often misguided, and goes a long way After overcoming many and many difficulties, the result is getting farther and farther from my goal.

Tip: If there are ten minutes available, come for a quick sex. It may sound overly hasty, but rushing to have sex is not necessarily a bad thing. Some even take sex dolls as another partner. In fact, many couples appreciate the excitement of rapid sex and can create a secret feeling that belongs to only two people, especially before relatives and friends come for dinner.

The thing that everyone wants to know the answer to, is how to have great sex. Not just as a one off or occasionally, but consistently. Just type into your search bar ‘How to have a good sex life’ and Google tells me that it has “About 2,680,000,000 results (0.73 seconds)”. That means that there are a lot of people searching for the answer.

As psychosexual therapists we are often helping people explore this on an individual basis in the therapy room, and across the board the point that we came back to time and time again when working with couples is that the key to good sex is… communication.