Which type of silicone should be used for silicone fake chest?

Silicone fake chest should choose which hardness of silicone feels better?


·Used for silicone products such as sexual organs and adult products.

●How to use and precautions

·Original treatment: release agent: professional release agent available

· Mix the two components A and B according to the weight of 1:1, and then water them by vacuum defoaming. Room temperature (28 degrees) 30 minutes operation time, 2-3 hours complete curing; heating 60-120 degrees, can be fully cured in tens of minutes.

• Separate from the container using the condensation type silicone rubber during operation. Operate the silicone rubber with a non-use room temperature silicone rubber tool.

·Because this product is a platinum catalyst, water, impurities, organotin catalysts, acids, alkalis and other organic substances containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen may affect the curing of the glue. When used, it should not be mixed or contacted. In use, it should be prohibited and condensed. The organotin compound of the silicone rubber is mixed. Otherwise, the rubber is not vulcanized. It should also be avoided to mix with organic compounds containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, metal salts of organic acids, etc., and the vulcanization of the product may not be complete or not. vulcanization.

·Before using, if you do not confirm the original model material, you can clean the original model and then perform a skin test on the model to see if it will solidify and put it into use.


Low shrinkage, no low molecules are released during cross-linking, so the volume is constant and the shrinkage is less than 0.1%.

Deep curing without product thickness limitation

Excellent high-temperature resistance, the erature can reach 300-500 degrees

Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, FDA food-grade certified

High tensile and tear resistance

Good fluidity, easy to infuse; can be cured at room temperature or warmed, easy to operate.

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