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When sex toy provider Virtual Doll’s toys specially made for VR first appeared on the Indiegogo crowdfunding, they were snapped up; adult movie companies always occupy the headlines of global media in some large-scale technology, movie, and music events. At this speed, people will soon realize that the way to enjoy adult services is constantly changing, and this is just the beginning!

The future of VR adult movies

It can be said that the adult entertainment website once became the leader of the VR industry. The first small VR movie appeared in September 2014. At that time, the VR hardware device could only support 120-degree viewing and a refresh rate of 25 frames per second. The average length of early films is about 3-4 minutes. Although they are not comparable to current standards, they have laid the foundation for the rapid growth of adult content now. Until March 2015, the emergence of DK2, the hardware was generally upgraded and also allowed content manufacturers to upgrade the quality of small movies. In less than a year, the small VR movie has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second from 180 degrees to 360 degrees.
According to SexLikeRal (the world’s largest small VR movie website), there are currently 13 studios developing adult content, and the development, in the beginning, was relatively simple, but now some short films are almost longer than movies, generally more than 30 minutes, And the content is more interactive. The development studios now focus on technology, hoping to make the overall experience more immersive and more commercial.

With the upgrade of consumer hardware again this year, many people are eager to develop VR content. Some people say that before 2017, the quality of small VR movies can reach very high standards and even become industry standards.

From past adult industry experience, content manufacturers have learned that it’s important to interact with users. Because static small movies provide only a one-time experience, and the results are the same every time. And if the model on the wire can communicate, the user can ask her to do different things, such as changing clothes, singing, performing, etc.

What is the future of VR adult content? Through imagination, you can go anywhere. The beauty of VR content is that it provides a nearly blank canvas for creators to develop on their own. Only imagination, no boundaries, so that startups can grow. We look forward to higher-quality videos, and startups can let users take the initiative. Another is that it brings stimuli to the user’s body.

For example, there are already some sex toys that can be controlled with a mobile phone. For example, sex toys manufactured by RealTouch can be connected to a computer and synchronized with the video.

The ultimate goal of VR adult movies is to make people’s experiences feel real. Wearing a VR headset and some sensory devices on the body, players can not only experience immersive effects but also be satisfied with the physical senses.

VR adult industry is ready to break out

 Some tech companies are also joining the battlefield.

Virtual Real Porn is making awful virtual reality adult content. The promotional image we see is a naked girl sitting next to the technology’s VR headset. We guess the content must be interesting!

At this year’s SXSW, high-tech entrepreneur Brian Shuster is best known for helping emerging internet companies in the 1990s. He said he is now developing Oculus-compatible virtual reality adult content software. His previous speech at South By Southwest caused a sensation. This competition has changed the adult content industry because virtual reality technology helps pornographic films have an immersive and interactive experience! Does this make porn more sensational and addictive? I think so!

Virtual Real Porn is a VR adult content production start-up company founded by two brothers. They have started shooting 360 erotic movies as early as the first quarter of 2015. They can be considered one of the industry leaders! Holofilm Productions is an erotic content production company, This year officially announced the creation of the subsidiary HoloGirls VR to attack the virtual adult industry! The first plan of HoloGirls VR is to invite the best actress and male award winner of the year to join the production of VR content!

In addition to being a content maker of high-quality 360 AV movies, VR Bangers is also a high-tech startup.

In addition to providing ultra-high-definition 4K video playback, there is also original VR audio equipment. I believe that friends who have seen adult content know that sound is very important !!!! This is even more true in the VR experience. Companies that can provide stimulation and immersive virtual experiences that can stimulate the five senses will have greater advantages to attract consumers to pay!

Some high-tech interactive sex products are popular with men and women.

Can you imagine that in the future, VR adult content can be synchronized with high-tech artificial intelligence robots that look as real as the dolls in the movie?

This is what we found during our investigation on the subject of adult content in virtual reality! When a man is enjoying virtual reality oral sex, in order to make the experience more authentic and immersive, he can use this toy called Robotic Blowjob 2 invented by the company. Go buy it before you sell it!
Women may want to complain that the market caters only to men. But this is not true. Vstroker is planning to develop a market for both sexes. They have virtual reality porn and sex toys to cater to both sexes.

KIIROO was founded in 2013 and is located in Amsterdam. It is a creative technology company that develops unique technologies to create intimate relationships on the Internet.

Kiiroo devices are different from traditional sex products. Just like the interaction between couples, Kiiroo’s sex toys for virtual reality can have a high degree of interaction with each other and a unique sensory sex experience. Pearl-style luxurious G-spot vibrator; Onyx is the latest male masturbation toy with Fleshlight? With KIIROO, you can touch your lover everywhere in the world.

Lovense is one of the most popular interactive sex toys. After 5 years of research and development and optimization, the latest version of Lovense ’s exclusive sex toys can be controlled by smartphones and Bluetooth, which means that users can control each other ’s masturbation toys, which is really fun!
VirtuaDolls is preparing to bring virtual reality adult content devices to adult toys like never before. Not just “unexpected devices”, VirtuaDolls is a controller for adult games and adult content. Adult games can now break the boundaries of the screen and interact with characters in new ways. They can really feel rewarded after breaking the puzzle or saving the princess.

The most special thing about this toy is probably the vacuum suction. The main function is to increase the authenticity of the experience. He could make the toy breathe. Another added benefit is the cleaning function. You don’t need to go to the sink, so you can hang up the detergent and press the button, and you can operate it again after about 10 seconds.

As for inspiration? The inventor said: “VirtuaDolls started out as a hybrid of adult games and sex toys. But when we discovered that we could turn this 5-inch sex toy into a 12-inch desk device, I thought that when a relative made an unexpected visit, Virtual Dolls does not accept any orders, mainly because the fund-raising plan at IndieGoGo was too successful a few months ago, and orders flooded in. The founder of Virtual Dolls stated that the order volume was beyond expectations, so the output was too large. Therefore, we need to temporarily take off the shelves for preparation. Please keep track of our website. We will tell you as soon as the pre-order is opened! “

Some 3D virtual adult erotic games and social networking sites, millions of users!

Second Life is currently the most well-known virtual adult community. Developed by Linden Lab in San Francisco, it was officially launched in 2003 and has over 1 million subscribers.
Red Light Center, 3DxChat, and Chatuhouse3D are three other popular virtual reality adult entertainment communities. Both are 3D and can support multiple players. Red Light Center has more than 4 million users. The purpose of completing these games is very straightforward, that is, you can face other virtual reality players, chat, and have sex in other private virtual spaces. Although this is not our dish, it is clear that millions of fans like this virtual adult world!
Players can choose characters to live in the virtual world with their imaginary characters. We are very surprised that at this early stage, there are many adult entertainment companies adopting virtual reality and 3D technology! This makes us think, is there really such a huge demand in the virtual adult world? If anyone can tell us the answer, I really appreciate it! but now! We can only praise Virtual Porn Desire as an emerging virtual reality adult content company. The content is original, filmed in Europe, and has many of the best actresses in the industry.

Many of the videos on the website are exclusive, and every week there are new works that allow you to experience the most immersive virtual reality senses! Virtual Porn Desires provides users with a full 180-degree 3D movie, shot with a special lens, so you can watch these beautiful girls in 3D quality. Many VR movies are shot at 60 frames per second for a smooth experience. With a resolution of up to 2880 × 1620, enjoy detailed images!

Vision and Forecast of VR Adult Industry

By 2025, adult content is expected to have a market value of more than $ 1 billion, holding it as the third largest industry in virtual reality, behind video games (1.4 billion) and football-related content (1.23 billion), which is Piper Jaffray’s prediction. Analyst Gene Munster said: This is the “large-scale high-tech theme” of the next generation in the United States, just like the 15-year-old mobile phone industry.

Piper Jaffray said that by 2025, the scale of this industry can reach 1 billion US dollars, which is the third-largest industry of virtual reality. The relationship between adult content and virtual reality is clearly complementary. Virtual reality adult content has improved the use and sales of VR head-mounted displays, and membership subscriptions have brought considerable income to the A-chip industry. We have learned in the past that adult content can help popularize new technologies, such as DVD and Internet acceptance by mainstream consumer markets!

The virtual reality adult content industry and applications have gradually attracted attention and become popular search keywords for virtual reality! Major players are well aware that virtual reality adult content is entering the market and continues to evolve. When asked about OculusVR’s views on adult content in virtual reality, Oculus CEO PalmerLucky said: “Rift is an open platform, and we don’t care if those software are compatible, this is an amazing place!”
We can’t help but think that the potential coup is the impact that virtual porn can have on men and women, especially men who are not popular with women. In the near future, they can have sex with human-like sex robots on the Internet or date in virtual reality.

What if virtual reality technology develops rapidly in the next few years, becomes highly interactive (which is probably the focus of future development!), And looks like a human virtual reality sex experience come true? Can interactive virtual reality films be a solution for people with sexual dysfunction?

Is it possible that as technology advances and virtual reality experiences become more and more real, men become more and more addicted to virtual reality porn? What if, in the future, virtual characters are almost as real as the hot girls in “Ultimate Girlfriend Cosplay”?

Will men become more and more unwilling to chase real women, as long as they have sex with highly interactive sex robots? Let’s keep watching! If you want to learn more about the impact of virtual reality porn on society and the relationship between men and women.

Bundle or sex toys, weird thoughts on the bed make you sex

Well now, in a survey of more than 2,000 readers worldwide, we found that women are waiting for us to teach them how to go crazy and out of bounds: more than 90% of women show a strong desire, 70% of them Some people have the urge to try these weird ideas.

And the other 21.5% of the women faced these weird thoughts, and they were very excited. “If they are in bed, they should ask me this!” If it is really useful, don’t call it “weird thoughts”. Think of it as a kind of entertainment that will make it easier for you to get happy, and throw your doubts about it out of the clouds.

I. Bonding, ordering, obedience, abuse

Don’t be surprised by the abbreviation of the initials of several words, B, D, S, and M stand for binding, order, obedience, and abuse. Now let’s look at the letters B and D, which are bundles and commands, which may be more fashionable than you think.

“When she was restrained, that strong sexual desire would excite them, and many women were very interested in this practice,” said Carol, MD. She is a sexologist, and also runs a sex toy store herself and runs it well. “Their rebellion will give them an impulse, and when they are bound and bound, a good show is about to take place.”

First: When you are playing around, cover your head with her with your hand, so that she can’t move. If she likes it, then you should consider how to further control her. She grabbed a tie, her silk scarf, or a pair of stockings and tied her gently. Then bundle, don’t stop, be sure to slow down.

Yelling loudly can make you play more vigorously. “It’s up to you personally to scream hard,” said Emma Taylor, one of the co-authors of “The Nervous Guide to Sexual Life.” Son. “This is your sex additive. If she laughs, you laugh with her. Let her keep moaning.

Then: let’s listen to the advice of Alder, a sex researcher, “BDSM may be dangerous for those who have little experience in this area or are too enthusiastic about BDSM. It is important to understand beforehand Check this knowledge so as not to hurt the other party. “Before you start, you should instill the word” safe “in your head, so that you can grasp the time and proportion when you play.

Second Sex Video

Don’t hope too much first. In our survey, only 15% of women will record their activities in the bedroom, probably because they are afraid that other people will see it too. “They were curious about what she was like when she was full of passion, and that was the most natural person in her life,” said Candida, author of “How to Tell the Naked He How to Do”.

You can try if she can accept sexual video this way, but there is no guarantee of success. If she is nervous but very cooperative, you should give her the strap as soon as you are done, or destroy it when the excitement between you passes. If you absolutely want to save it, lock it up, and don’t let it be copied.

First: “Try to forget the strap,” Candida said. “We can connect a video recorder to a TV,” she said. “It’s best to put the screen at an appropriate angle so that we can see ourselves even when we are most passionate. In the beginning, we can Consider using more secure still-life cameras, digital or polaroids. This will also ensure that beginners are protected from or are less frightened.

Then: Sex is a wonderful experience, but when we look directly at it, we may not get used to it. “Don’t hang photography lights on the ceiling,” Candida said. “It creates shadows, and when the lamp is above your head, it may look ugly,” said Robert M.D. The clinical sexologist also reminded us that when men are intoxicated with visual impact, “women trust the hearing more. The greater the moaning and shouting, the more women can enjoy it.”

Three, role-playing

Two people can change various role relationships, such as boss and secretary, teacher and student, cleaner and occupant, but all of this must have a theme, such as one of them is weak and the other is to him or she gives infinite tolerance and mercy. This is a powerful motivation that can even improve your health and interesting sexual relationships between you.

First of all: we can have this feeling of change in the bedroom. “Putting on different underwear, it seemed like I was a different person on the bed, becoming very erotic, crazy, and mighty,” Kun said. Go to a bar that you are not familiar with, and you can give yourself different feelings in public.

I arrived 20 minutes earlier than her, and then made the appearance that neither of you knew anyone. If you can design a story for you “for the first time”, do it. In addition, it is more interesting to design an ambiguous scene for the other party when they meet with you by name, profession, etc. Then you found each other and hugged more passionately than usual.

Then: Play a little prank “Let her forget”. Wear a dress she has never seen before and spray different colognes, because the smell is always tightly tied to memory. All you have to do is make her forget who you are. Try to make yourself happy, of course, not the kind of hysteria. For example, if you work in sales, then you act as a traveling salesman, throw her alone at home, and let her be a lonely waiting wife at home. A rapid sexual storm will make it difficult for you all to extricate yourself.

  1. Sex Toys

Sex toys, be aware that when you are not with her, she may have used something like an oscillator. This is sex toys. “Men may be most worried about whether they will be replaced from now on, or women indulge in it, and later, even if they want women to reach orgasm, they can’t do it,” said Johnson, an experienced sex therapist.

First: Start with a bath and prepare a bottle of massage oil. The way to make a woman feel intense physical stimulation is usually in conjunction with non-traditional sexual activities. The best time to use sex toys is on Friday night. A full set of tools includes a bath ball, orange mango body oil, massage liquid, and a magical mini oscillator. Tell her that she will be given a new toy whenever she is ready.

Afterward: Her orgasm may come at any time. “If this woman uses an oscillator, when you enter her body, she can reach orgasm very quickly,” said Luo Yali. She recommended to us the oscillator with a simple outline. Although its design is very sexy, it looks very warm.

When we pulled a group of usually well-behaved girls to the oscillator, they all felt very interesting. So what does a man feel like?

  1. The “exposure” with just the right size

“The tremor after being noticed by passers-by is definitely related to the focus of so many eyes,” Kun said. “For women, it’s a feeling that puts them at the center, feeling that they are attractive and sexy, even though they look really different from ordinary people.”

First: When you rush out of the room wearing a skirt, make a decision immediately, take advantage of any opportunity, and at the same time help yourself realize your desire to show. “After a quick meal, I was going to accompany a friend for a drink. When I hurried to change clothes, I suddenly decided not to wear that underwear,” said Karen, a 25-year-old female writer. “I thought that if the light in the bar wasn’t that dim and we didn’t drink that much, maybe nothing happened, but I’m still happy to do it.”

And then: outdoor sex. “You have to make sure you are completely awake and you have to think about how much sexual experience you have,” Kun said. “When exposed almost completely without privacy, those poor teenage sexual experiences like teenagers can’t help worrying about them.”

30,000 years ago, sex toys, our ancestors more than we will play

You should know, since ancient times human beings for sex fascinating. The original cave is certainly human nature way to conquer his first wife, and enjoy sensual pleasures. You may be quite Adam and Eve broke the taboo criticism, but there is no satisfactory sex is no humanity, there is no such magic inventive.

In any case, the fact is that sex toys have a very long history, the United States and even Bijierjia (spread of epic character than 4000 years ago) is still long. If you do not believe, see these old-fashioned sex toys on display below.

AD 33000 years ago

This wood carving was found in a German cave in there, can be regarded as “the earliest pornographic material” was. Why? This obviously is a pair of exaggerated breasts and vulva. At that time people can not get “Playboy”, so it can only carve their inspiration in the wood.

Year 26,000 years ago

The credit belongs to the Germans again. The famous caves Fels Cave in the figure above what was found in the Ulm region. Scientists estimate that this thing is the ice age sex toys. I have to say it should be understood that those ancient people, at least you have not been found bare lower body awkwardly hiding in caves in the winter.

AD 500 years ago

Greeks-a passionate ethnic group. At that time, the Greeks had to abandon women and leave their homes to participate in the fight. They needed to find their own pleasure in an environment without women. Don’t believe it? Look at the vases left by them carrying women holding men’s big pencils.

350350 years ago

 Famous dating guide books. Lovers should try every pose described in the book and practice more.

500500 AD

This is a geisha balls. If you don’t know what they are used for, you should check out Fifty Degree Gray (a famous erotic novel). These are used for irritation ** and rubbing the vaginal wall. It is also probably the earliest tool for Kegel’s sexual movement (a yoga-like OX pose).

1400AD 1400

Renaissance paintings not only famous but also to the Italians for the first time tasted the feeling dildo. The figure stood a group of women who just got one of his toys. It is made from wood, difficult to avoid scratches. You probably can imagine how much they use lubricants – probably was doused with olive oil because of a lot before use.

1400AD 1400

Can you imagine the feeling when the kid’s candy was snatched it? They will try to hide the candy. This is the result of a large number of manufacturing these appliances Victorian abstinence. This leads men to pent-up desire for more sex.


(# You think this is a manual Morse radio button do?)

The doctor George Taylor is so famous that even Hollywood movie broke a theme to tell the inventor. He invented the first vibrating device. It is driven by the steam engine, which aims to women endure “exhausted.” In fact, he is not very smart, he could have used his pencil to treat patients rather than using this little machine.

AD 1898

Activate the iron horse to make life better and happier. Well, that seems to be the case. Men and women ride on it-for good health ~

AD 1941

The Nazis did not look cute doll is the world’s first sex doll. This is tense and troops swap boring product life. These toys allow soldiers busy all day.

The year 1994

For this device, every man is knowledgeable. But the only problem is that when a user reaches a climax, grabbed each other’s hair can not enjoy it.

The year 1998

Rolls Royce Vibrator-Some women chose to live single because of this invention. The electric boyfriend was more loyal to them than B.O.B (a rapper who was popular with women at the time).

AD 2009

Sex toys have been integrated into smartphones. This is the MyVibe app available on the Apple market. Now, your phone can be more than just your best friend. If you beg on your phone, it will be willing to be your boyfriend.
AD 2012

This thing has been out for a while, but it has only recently gained popularity. Put the white pad in your underwear chest pad. These little white pads have mini vibration modules inside that can stimulate your most sensitive parts of the body. All you need to do is to suppress your expression when using it in public.

Sex toys also need to be intelligent and begin to use VR to free their hands

There are several basic human needs: eating, sleeping, and having sex.

However, seeing that you have so many singles, and the quality of life of people in the new era has improved, but the physical quality is deteriorating, so except for the first demand being greatly met, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve the second or third.

Today, I will introduce an absolutely explosive product to save your passion hormones that are about to pass away.

Smart electric hip

It is said that as a man ages, his aesthetics for women will shift from the upper part to the lower part. A mature man will think that the sexiest part of a woman is the hips. They appreciate the waist-hip curve of a woman. A perfect hip-up can quickly evoke a man’s desire, and twisting the hips when walking can highlight the uniqueness of a woman. A variety of styles

And playful and cute

Well, lonely men and women, your blessing is here.

One of the world’s top five sex product manufacturers, TopcoSales’ fashion sex brand “69” has released a smart electric hip to help otakus improve their “sex”. Unexpectedly, sex toys are all intelligent, and the service of technology to human beings is meticulous. Let’s take a look at how this “unseen” smart sex product “plays”.

The “69” smart electric hip uses the world’s top virtual skin biomimetic material CyberSkin, which is synthesized by a number of American electric hip dancers. The advantage of this material is that it can guarantee the original touch to the greatest extent, and let us have unlimited in feel and appearance. The sensory stimulus brought by approaching the real human body.

This smart electric hip has a built-in heating function and can automatically heat up to 37 ° C. At the same time, the research and development team found an interesting combination of electric hip-hop dance and fun, so after collecting data from more than 100 electric hip-hop girls in the United States, it added the function of electric hip-hop synchronization, and built a large number of videos to follow the music. Perform rhythmic movements.

If girls are interested, they can buy an electric hip-hop dance and show it to those who need it.

Combined with the matching APP, you can adjust the electric hip mode as you like. It has four functions: clamping, absorbing, shaking, and shaking. The picture is too fresh …

If you want more excitement, you can use it with VR glasses. This 3D VR glasses with “69” smart electric hip is the first domestic product that combines virtual reality and emotions. You can feel the phenomenal level by uploading your favorite videos Three-dimensional interaction. Now you can send a few people to do shame in the open at home …

There are many styles for you to choose, not bad for the hips!

sex toy

This street fashion brand actually came out of the airplane cup!

Today, co-branding in the fashion world is commonplace, challenging cross-border cooperation in different fields is the highest truth. For example, the two protagonists of today’s article, their co-branding is enough!

The brand Anti Social Social Club released a new co-branded new work. This time, the cooperation is not with colleagues, but the single boy’s favorite baby TENGA (Aircraft Cup)!

From the appearance of the product, ASSC uses the signature pink appearance, adding the classic words “GET WEIRD” and “NEVER AGAIN NEVER YOU”, which has a very strong taste.

It is reported that this joint list product has been on sale on March 21st, US time, interested boys may wish to buy and experience.

sex toy

Amazing! Master is married to the inflatable doll and wants to grow old with her

On March 28, in Hangzhou, Zheng Jiajia married a smart sex doll named Yingying under the witness of her mother. Zheng Jiajia, 31, graduated with a master’s degree from Zhejiang University in 2011. His research direction is artificial intelligence. In addition to the mother, Zheng Jiajia’s colleagues and classmates came to the wedding ceremony. The bride Yingying is a smart inflatable doll made by Zheng Jiajia herself, currently under one year old.
In 2014, Zheng Jiajia left the business. At the end of last year, he started a business as an intelligent robot. The first thing he did was to create Yingying.

Zheng Jiajia’s friend broke the news: “He lost his love once a few years ago, and the master of Zhejiang University was rejected by his crush in high school. He never fell in love, and was anxious at home … So he got a robot girlfriend when he was angry!” But Zheng Jiajia said that It’s a friend who is joking.

He was very interested in artificial intelligence in college. He also made a robot that can play football and won prizes in national competitions. After Yingying was born, Zheng Jiajia wanted to chat with her, so she connected a computer to Yingying, and they could communicate through voice and text.

Yingying can also perform image and graphic recognition. For example, Yingying will automatically take a picture when she sees a flower, upload it to the cloud server for identification, and she can know whether the flower is a rose or a peony, and then remember it. So after Yingying met with friends and relatives of Zheng Jiajia this time, she can call them by name next time. Zheng Jiajia and Yingying had a two-month relationship and they got married.

In the future, he plans to give Yingying more upgrades so that she can walk, move, and even do housework. When it’s okay, he will take Yingying to take a walk in the town, chat with her, and help her organize her clothes. He hoped that, just like Yingying, he would gradually grow old.

Sex Toy Market 2017-2021 Trend Forecast

The US business website businessinsider released a report on the global toy industry’s 2017-2021 trend. This report is based on in-depth market analysis and the opinions of industry experts. It is predicted that the global toy market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.71%, and the users of sex toys are concentrated in the 30-50 years old. The details of this report are paid. The following is a summary:

  • The mainstream class (middle class) ‘s acceptance of adult sex toys will be recognized as the main driving force for market growth; products such as vibrators, collars, and simulation appliances have been used by a large number of adult users. Many people think that talking about, using, and having sex toys are immoral and inappropriate. To overcome these challenges, sex toy businesses need to rebrand and reposition their markets to change their perceptions.
  • 3D printing technology has imagination space;
Gay rainbow flags at Montreal gay pride parade with blurred spectators in the background
  • The number of LGBT people is growing. With the liberation of personality, more and more people dare to publicly acknowledge their own distinctiveness (coming out), and the number of people with special sexual orientation in society is growing rapidly;

Play with sex dolls, teach you two tricks to have fun

But foreplay in the face of sex dolls? So as to better improve the satisfaction of intercourse. Let ’s take a look at sex dolls in action and find out.

First, the actual foreplay with sex dolls is mainly listening to music, fantasy

Because there is no language to communicate with sex dolls, it is more to be realized through sexual fantasies. It is also possible to fantasize about a star or a girl he likes, a girl who has a crush on it, or an ex-girlfriend.

This is an impulse to have sex. Good foreplay should satisfy the four major needs of people’s vision, touch, smell and hearing. Use music and light to create an atmosphere, say something provocative, and breathe in contact… You don’t have to be too formal, you can change the pattern every time and have more forms.

Second, do a good job of follow-up

According to a survey, in Asian countries, 40% of men have not expressed tenderness to their wives after having sex. It is pointed out that without interplay, women will have the idea that “he only cares about venting himself, and he doesn’t care about me at all”, and hugging and chatting for a while after love can play a good role in emotional lubrication. I think it is also applicable to sex dolls. After the passion, we must continue to be gentle and remember the process of just passion.

The difference between exquisite simulation silicone solid doll and inflatable doll

Many netizens have huge differences in ordering inflatable dolls and product pictures on the Internet. They are deceived, but because of the special products of adult products, they have no choice to defend their rights. The doll received couldn’t bear to look straight. Silicone solid doll manufacturers here teach everyone to distinguish between solid dolls and inflatable dolls, on the one hand to make everyone stand up, on the other hand to prevent being cheated by illegal merchants.

Basic differences:
    The inflatable doll is an inflatable product as its name implies. It must be filled with an inflator to have the appearance of a simulated doll. If it is not inflated, it is just a piece of skin. Just like children’s balloon toys. The other key parts of the inflatable doll are distinguished solid parts, most of which are made of plastic. The relative appearance of inflatable dolls is relatively rough.

    Silicone solid dolls are made of human silicone, which is more expensive and is basically handmade. The process is more complicated and takes longer. The physical doll looks exquisite
Price difference:
   Inflatable dolls are basically made of plastic, with simple workmanship, can be processed in batches, have a low cost and a low price. Inflatable dolls are basically tens of dollars.
   The solid dolls are made of medical-grade silicone, which has high material costs and built-in metal skeletons. Most of them are handmade and carved. The complex process takes time and costs. The price of silicone dolls is basically several hundred dollars. Some unscrupulous merchants write that dozens of dollars of physical dolls are actually scams when they price. The pictures are physical dolls, and the delivery is all inflatable dolls. The seller claims that the unconditional return is also flickering, and then shirks for various reasons, such as unpacking, and even directly refuses to communicate.

Weight difference:
Inflatable dolls are generally inflated and inflated, so the weight is generally about 2kg, which is convenient to carry and easy to use.
The body of the solid doll is composed of silicone and metal bones, and it weighs a little bit lighter than that of a real person. The height of a solid doll over 150cm is basically 30KG or more.

Details differences:
The details of the inflatable doll are rough, the plastic taste is heavy, the texture is hard and not realistic.
The solid dolls are mostly handmade, and the details and textures are realistic. They are usually carved by the master. The hair is mostly implanted by hand. The simulation of eyeballs, joints, and skin texture is high.
Because of the low degree of simulation of the appearance and shape of inflatable dolls, and the high degree of simulation of physical dolls, many businesses have used the pictures of physical dolls to publicize, and actually sell inflatable dolls, causing many netizens to be deceived. Japanese physical dolls have the most realistic workmanship and have the most stolen pictures. As long as all netizens polish their eyes, distinguish the price, weight and details of the doll, choose a secure channel to buy it will not be deceived, and do not look at the sex doll based on the picture too much, all are based on the actual object . Such as the price of some stations are significantly different.
The price of physical dolls will not be too low. You can’t just look at the pictures, everything depends on the real thing.

Like an inflatable doll, American girl Dakota is popular in Japan

Recently, a Japanese netizen discussed a hot post about the “evolutionary version of inflatable dolls” that attracted the attention of the editors. There was a photo of an inspiring beautiful girl that looked like a sex doll. Simple Japanese netizens have praised the rapid development of Japanese technology. , Has evolved to such fields.

Seeing this is just an unobtrusive radian rising from the corner of the mouth. In fact, the beautiful girl in this photo is really someone. It is an American girl with a net name “Dakota”. And also noted “I’m a real person” on her profile page.

Of course, speaking of this topic, I have to say that the real-life Ukrainian Barbie doll Valeria Lukyanova caused a sensation on the Internet some time ago, but because it is artificial surgery, it must be said that it is a pity.