Curious answer: What kind of experience is selling sex toys?

I believe that in the eyes of many people, people who sell sex toys are probably like this:

Yes, debauchery! Especially open!

Or something like this:

The male boss who runs the sex toy store should focus on the theme of washing and cutting for 20 years, and always have a kind of ignorant temperament that cannot be hidden.

Or it is like this:

Yes, the female boss must be such a brightly colored killer, in order to meet the “industry nature.”

Even in the minds of many people, the people who run the sex toy store are filthy. They always feel that these operators are filled with a lot of yellow storms, so they will run such an industry. So many people should be mentally minded when they see adult stores on the street or online:

However, in fact, among the eighty-nine of these people, they have studied the products in the store. In order to conceal the inner sense of guilt, they immediately placed themselves in the role of “criminating evil”. In fact, why bother? Sex toys are not a savage beast. Buying sex toys is not a bad thing, and running sex toys is not a shameful thing.

Although the society is still not tolerant of the adult products industry, with the rise of the new generation of power, this situation will improve sooner or later. Because there are related statistics show that the consumption of sex toys has been routinely after 90, just as normal as buying toothpaste, then we believe that after the 00, which is becoming the main consumer, there will only be an increase in the consumption of sex toys. No reduction, after all, their “knowledge” is more than ten times richer than the 90s.

In the past, operating adult products was really not an easy task, because the operators first faced not the social doubts, but the parents and family members did not understand, and in the absence of support, they resolutely decided to operate the industry. The bitterness of it can be imagined.

However, in recent years, there have been more and more international adult exhibitions, and the content and form of exhibitions have become more and more abundant. This allows more people to correctly understand the interesting industry and understand the positive meaning behind it. Therefore, we firmly believe that all the wind and rain are temporary, and the fun industry will rise!

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Adult sex doll science knowledge: cleaning articles

You need to know before cleaning your body with your baby.

Hair cleaning – doll hair is also needed to care, wash the wig for one to two months, the same as washing the head, the difference is not to circle, slight sputum can be, want to make the wig achieve better results, you can use conditioner. After washing, rinse with water and conditioner, soak for about half an hour, take it out and let it dry naturally.
Vaginal cleaning – gifts have a vaginal washing device, in fact, the mouth and anus can be used, you can prepare more, very cheap things, but very convenient. When you see something, it will be used. It is the same as the water-absorbing pen. It absorbs water, sprays water, absorbs water and sprays water. . . . There will be residue, simple, let the sex doll sit, the water will come out naturally, or you can take a hairdryer and blow it down. After a long time, you can occasionally use what to do with the woman, not for the doll, for your own, there is disinfection. But remember to use herbal neutral, Fu Yan Jie a dozen pieces. The mouth is the same as the vagina, but it must be screwed down and washed. Of course, it can be washed directly when taking a bath.

When cleaning, if you find that the sex doll is dirty, don’t trust other people’s immature treatment methods, such as using alcohol, gasoline, or even disinfectant. Slightly dyed the merchant will let you buy the color paste. Big Brother, a little common sense, you will know that it will corrode the doll. Ok. Use normal water for cleansing and add body wash. What to do with dirty things, use olive oil, or other oil, pour on the cotton pad, try Bailing, wash and healthier. In addition to large areas of staining, as well as very serious, you can use a color paste, others are not recommended.

Most of the silicone doll materials are not silica gel but it

I believe that everyone can distinguish between inflatable dolls and sex dolls. Some people refer to solid dolls as silicone dolls. However, most of the simulated dolls on the market are not made of silica gel, but TPE is used as raw material. Let’s take a look at what science is TPE, and hope that everyone can get up.
TPE is also called thermoplastic elastomer, and it is a polymer material that is the most common rubber and plastic in life. TPE has the dual characteristics of rubber and plastic and has its own advantages. It is widely used in adult sex toys. In addition to artificial body dolls, there are many kinds of raw materials such as aircraft cups, artificial human body molds, vibrating stick massage sticks, and simulation DD. TPE used.
Some people may ask, why do we call silica gel as a raw material? That’s because silicone is actually harder to touch, and the cost of silicone is several times higher than TPE. Therefore, when the simulation doll was first introduced, the price would be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, because at that time it was made of silica gel, and the price of the physical doll now dropped sharply.

Of course, silica gel has some advantages over TPE, such as durability, plasticity in product details, etc., so some doll manufacturers still insist on using silica gel as raw material.

The following is a professional introduction to the chemical industry of TPE:

TPE was born about 35 years ago and is quite attractive as an alternative to rubber elastomers. TPE can be processed by thermoplastic processing machinery, which is a simple and energy-saving polymer material compared with vulcanized rubber.

Rubber and plastics have an extremely important position in the rubber and plastics industry. As the third polymeric material (thermoplastic elastomer TPE), it has gradually become the most attractive rubber elastomer material in the industry.
    TPE elastomers are also known as elastomers or synthetic rubbers. TPE elastomer not only has the excellent functions of high elasticity, aging resistance and oil resistance of traditional cross-linked vulcanized rubber, but also has the characteristics of convenient processing and wide processing mode. It can be produced by injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and other processing methods. At present, the thermoelastic TPE material has become the latest material to replace the traditional rubber. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, comfortable to the touch and exquisite in appearance, making the product more creative. Therefore, it is also a new type of synthetic material with more humanization and high taste. It is also a world standard environmental protection material.

TPE does not need to be heat vulcanized, and the production of the product can be completed by using general plastic processing equipment, which can shorten the production process of the rubber industry by 1/4, save energy by 25%-40%, and improve efficiency by nearly 10 times-20 times. In addition, due to its easy recycling, strong self-compensation performance, and simplified formula, it has become a hot darling in the rubber and plastics industry. In addition to being used as raw materials for adult sex toys, it is also widely used in automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, etc. field.

TPE, which is in the limelight, has many obvious advantages over rubber and plastics, but whether its performance and durability can withstand the time, whether it is environmentally friendly during processing and use, whether there is any public hazard, etc. It is a technical issue that must be faced by international and domestic circles and needs further improvement.

The main features of its TPE materials are: 1. Environmental protection, non-toxic, non-polluting (with non-toxic certification); 2. No vulcanization, simple processing; 3. Good resistance to low temperature and high temperature; 4. Soft-touch, surface quality temperature; 5, a wide range of hardness: 0A-100A; 6, nozzle material, trim can be recycled, environmental protection.

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High simulation entity silicone doll birth

They are even more beautiful than real people, with long legs, thin waist, big breasts, narrow shoulders, small face, sexy and glamorous, but also pure cure is the look of many male dream lovers. As long as there is a need, the image of a lover and a wife may be able to live in the body of a silicone doll.

In the silicone doll user group, in addition to singles, there are 30%-40% of girlfriends and families. So silicone dolls, is it a sex toy, or a humanoid partner? Can it replace the real person emotionally? Does its existence have any influence on intimacy in reality?

Inside the Sex Doll Factory

As soon as I entered the office area, a 3D printer on the left was printing a female face.

Every room, office, and finance room that has passed through has a silicone doll sitting or standing in the real person.

Then it entered the assembly line production area, the production area was exceptionally clean, and the workers worked in a well-organized manner on the assembly line.

Create a humanoid skeleton, each skeleton consisting of more than 100 parts.

Make the body of the doll, fill it with a sponge outside the skeleton, and then apply a protective layer

This step is equivalent to shaping the figure of the doll. Each order is customized according to the user. The factory once conducted a user survey. The ideal doll for the user is 154-162cm in height and 35-36 in the foot. Chest B, C cups, not big, but A certainly can’t.

Make skin and cast silicone on the outermost layer of the doll.

This area hangs all bare human bodies on hangers. Each sex doll has a long leg, a thin waist, a large chest, a narrow shoulder, and a small face, just like the perfect human body between the second and third dimensions. Recently, even the blood vessels on the skin are clearly visible.

With the initial shape, give the sex doll a bath, then polish, wipe, apply makeup, make nails, and make hair – every step is very careful as if taking care of a girl who is not wearing clothes.

After this step is completed, a silicone doll is completely completed. Finally, split the body part of the silicone doll into the box and wait for delivery.

How do zero-experiencers make realistic adult dolls?

The dazzling array of adult entity dolls in the market is dazzling and unobtrusive. These dolls have a delicate touch and are very realistic.

If you want to create a real doll that belongs to your own dreams or sell such a solid doll in mass production, without any experience base, will it be difficult to achieve? Look at it, you have the answer.

How is such a product made? We start with the following three aspects:

  1. Mold aspect:
    Choose or develop a set of doll molds you want
  2. Process aspects:
    Solid dolls, we usually use molding or glue filling process to make molding
  3. Materials:
    We need to choose an excellent TPE environmentally friendly material

Compared to the silicone process, it looks a lot simpler, but there are always many problems when we actually try it. The common problems are as follows:

  1. Bubble: surface bubbles are difficult to eliminate when molding
  2. Cracking: cracking may occur after molding cooling, or the glue position is not enough
  3. Coloring: It is not easy to color during the process of makeup after molding.
  4. Weight: The doll is made very well, but the weight is difficult to control.

In fact, it is very important to choose the right materials. For example, the long-lasting and bright TPE material has been successfully upgraded. The 7th generation of hydrophilic skin-friendly TPE material far exceeds the market common materials and has the following characteristics:

  1. Formed without bubbles, odorless
  2. It is not easy to crack after molding, it can be glued
  3. Easy to color TPE solution
  4. Add filler material, high compatibility, reduce the weight of the sex doll without affecting the quality
  5. Silicone feel, the lock oil does not seep out
  6. Provide technical support and arrange free process guidance until successful trial production.

Which type of silicone should be used for silicone fake chest?

Silicone fake chest should choose which hardness of silicone feels better?


·Used for silicone products such as sexual organs and adult products.

●How to use and precautions

·Original treatment: release agent: professional release agent available

· Mix the two components A and B according to the weight of 1:1, and then water them by vacuum defoaming. Room temperature (28 degrees) 30 minutes operation time, 2-3 hours complete curing; heating 60-120 degrees, can be fully cured in tens of minutes.

• Separate from the container using the condensation type silicone rubber during operation. Operate the silicone rubber with a non-use room temperature silicone rubber tool.

·Because this product is a platinum catalyst, water, impurities, organotin catalysts, acids, alkalis and other organic substances containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen may affect the curing of the glue. When used, it should not be mixed or contacted. In use, it should be prohibited and condensed. The organotin compound of the silicone rubber is mixed. Otherwise, the rubber is not vulcanized. It should also be avoided to mix with organic compounds containing sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen, metal salts of organic acids, etc., and the vulcanization of the product may not be complete or not. vulcanization.

·Before using, if you do not confirm the original model material, you can clean the original model and then perform a skin test on the model to see if it will solidify and put it into use.


Low shrinkage, no low molecules are released during cross-linking, so the volume is constant and the shrinkage is less than 0.1%.

Deep curing without product thickness limitation

Excellent high-temperature resistance, the erature can reach 300-500 degrees

Food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, FDA food-grade certified

High tensile and tear resistance

Good fluidity, easy to infuse; can be cured at room temperature or warmed, easy to operate.

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Skeleton material and joint introduction of sex dolls

Sex doll bones generally have 14 movable joints. They are neck joints, shoulder joints, elbow joints, wrist joints, lumbar joints, double hip joints, knee joints, ankle joints, etc. The fingers are also made of metal wire to make a universally bent phalanx.

The standing version will have 3 bones on the sole of the foot and the bones of the soles of the feet. When the sex dolls stand up, the screw caps on the bottoms of the feet will support the body weight. The standing function is a favorite of photography enthusiasts. These movable joint designs are very close to the real range of physical activity and can simulate most of the sexy postures that people pose.

The wavey doll has recently launched a new joint skeleton that can shrug. The shrug joint is a joint between the shoulder joint and the clavicle. Holding the upper arm of the silicone doll with your hand and lifting it up, she will make a shrug posture, very simple. Users who have a personal need or like it and who can pose can choose this option.

How to use the doll

When we decided to use the physical doll to solve our normal sexual physiological needs, then we must choose some better dolls, only in this way can let us experience very good sex.
First of all, when we receive the physical doll, we must keep it in some cool places, not under the sun, or let it be close to the fire source, or put it next to some stores, so It may also have a big impact on her. In addition to how to put it, some people may want to ask how to use a physical doll?

When we use it, we must clean the solid sex dolls so that some bacteria can be cleaned. We can use disinfectant sprays, disinfectant wipes, or 95% alcohol disinfectant.
Another point is that we can’t put it in the water for a long time. It contains a lot of water. We need to wipe it clean before use. When using it, we also need to use some inside the vagina of the entity doll. Lubricants, when we use solid dolls, we will get a better sense of friction because we have enough lubrication so that we can reach the peak state, no need to worry about how to use the physical doll.

However, some people think that if you put your little brother directly into the physical doll, it seems that it is a little unsafe. Then we can also use some condoms with higher lubrication levels. In this case, we can achieve a certain degree of lubrication, so as to avoid Appeared, after entering the physical doll, there will be some rupture.
And there is another problem, that is, when we use the physical doll, we must clean the inside of the private part of the sex doll with clean water, and clean it, and wipe it clean, put it Go to a cool place. Once I have done it once, I have experience and become an old driver. We will not ask how the physical doll is used.

What are the requirements for the storage environment for silicone dolls?

Avoid direct sunlight. Mild skin fading may occur when silica gel is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.

The environment with excessive dust should be avoided. The surface of the silica gel is prone to stickiness and static electricity and is highly susceptible to dust.

The wet environment should be avoided. The inside of the doll is filled with sponge. The environment will absorb moisture and it will be difficult to disperse. Do not soak the person in the water for a long time while bathing. Do not pour water into the neck joint. It is difficult to dry after entering the water.

Do not place the sex doll on the artificial leather or dyed leather seat for a long time, and avoid wearing dark clothes for a long time, so as not to cause the surface of the silicone to be pigmented and difficult to remove.

Avoid squeezing when storing the doll. Long-term squeezing will cause the doll to deform.

Please keep the doll out of reach of children. This product is not a children’s toy. Please avoid contact with children.

Sex doll nails

Presumably, many friends have thought on the nails of the dolls, and have purchased a large number of equipment, armor oil, unloading water, dryer, and colorful nail polish…

In fact, not only do you have to be beautiful on your hands, but you must be more beautiful on your feet.

This way you can play a universe on your nails!
Adding a charm under the legs like a doll is no more powerful than this!

sex doll