5 Foods That Decline Men’s Sexual Function

As the saying goes: disease comes in from the mouth, and disaster comes out of the mouth. As living conditions get better, more and more food is eaten, but know […]

Increasing love between same-sex, sex toys going hot

In the past, non-heterosexual men and women were called “homosexual patients”. Obviously this was discriminatory because in general, only patients were said to be “patients.” It can be seen that […]

How to use a lubricating fluid?

How to use lubricating oil? Sexual lubricating oil is a kind of lubricant used by people in sexual life. West, but many people don’t know how to use it. It […]

Primary female masturbation Guide

Sex is a very common desire of human beings. When it can not meet the benign requirements, single men and women will seek sexual liberation through masturbation. So, how do […]

VR Adult Industry Report, Alternative Business Blue Ocean

When sex toy provider Virtual Doll’s toys specially made for VR first appeared on the Indiegogo crowdfunding, they were snapped up; adult movie companies always occupy the headlines of global […]