Why has there been so much curiosity about the ultimate outcome of “sex doll partners”?

In Greek mythology, there was a sculptor Pygmalion who fell in love with the statue he carved out of ivory. So every day he spoke to his idol, and it became a real goddess.

In his book erotic dolls, Dr. Marquardt Smith notes that there is a lot of literature suggesting that: “The sculptor not only communicated with the statue, but also united with the body.” After all, human beings have a lot of time is in the lower body thinking, sculptors on the statue of flesh and spirit combination is also a minority. How to face such rigid need?

In 1950, “The Bild Lilli doll” came out. It was based on Lilli, a sexy, spontaneous comic book character. The lilly doll was an 11.5-inch plastic model that did not function as a sex doll. In “the history of sex dolls,” Anthony Freguson calls lily’s dolls “erotic simulators.”Although the doll was invented for adult men, many believe it inspired barbie’s creator.

What comes to mind when you look at this picture?

It really wasn’t the scene of the horror wax museum model. What you see is part of the “sexual partner” of millions of people in need. In a CNN report, photographer Robert Benson takes a look at the “benefits” of a sex toy factory. This is no ordinary manufacturing facility, but it is nothing new to the west. This Real Doll factory “Abyss Creations” in San Diego, California, USA, one of their teams can produce 300-400 Real dolls a year, which can be regarded as “the Rolls-Royce of pleasure”. A professional artist and sculptor, founder Matthew McMullen also created a life-size life-size doll for himself in a chance Halloween mask production opportunity in 1996.By 2017, the Real Doll factory will be upgrading to an intelligent robot (temperature, sound).

A few days ago asked my friends about the view of real doll, everyone mentioned straight man and sex doll marriage joke. A 28-year-old man who took sweet wedding photos with an inflatable doll in Beijing says he doesn’t have cancer, but the news has been picked up by many major media outlets. In this sense, without the cover of the topic of “social care”, real dolls would not be considered appropriate in many countries where sexual culture is not open. Even the island businessman, the favorite of the recently repatriated students, is said to have taken apart the doll’s vagina and body to sell it in order to avoid the government’s influence, so as to create the image of “the little man is not selling pornography”.

That is not a lot of people also like me, once felt that the people of the motherland in dire straits to enjoy doll welfare So I contacted the general agent of Real Doll in China. The agency has also represented dolls from other European countries, but it is relatively easy for China to ship them in the United States. So over time, Real Doll became the company’s flagship product. First, give Real Doll a price tag starting at $12,000. To know that $12,000 doesn’t start from scratch, look at the precision and fidelity of the workmanship of the Real Doll. How true can simulation be? Picture is truth. They can provide customized details including: face, body type and details. The fine print includes skin color, pupil color, eyeliner and eyeliner color, eye shadow color, lip color, nails/toenails, hairstyle/hair color, breast shape, vaginal style, pubic hair style and pubic hair color.

This game is much more brainy than 4399 makeup game, full of artistic synthesis namely visual sense. The collection of 28 female faces and 13 female bodies, combined with specific outfits, has created a lot of curiosity about the ultimate outcome of one’s sexual partner.

Feminists, cynics, all sorts of people might jump in: “why is it so blatant to amuse women, to go from type 108 to poetry?”

A misunderstanding, because Real Doll is for three-way people, and Facebook’s 56 non-traditional gender groups can easily break in. You see, they have male dolls, too! Although men have only three faces and two bodies to choose from.

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