What are the regular supplies for maintaining dolls?

1.Shower Gel

Baby’s, Johnson & Johnson’s melancholy, neutral, smells good.

2.Vaginal cleaner, can be reused, a part with one, if you do not mind can be used alternately.

3.Talcum powder

If you like that one, the talcum powder on the sex doll will taste better than others.


To choose the one that can’t shed hair, there’s a good one with strong water absorption.

5.Makeup cotton

Also known as makeup remover cotton, mainly with olive oil, can be used to clean local washable dirty things, can also be used to remove slight dyeing.

6.Olive oil

Simple, not very expensive, dirty things are washed by this, as well as make-up removal, will be used.


This mainly depends on the taste. It can be refreshing. It may be too strong to bear. It can smell when you buy it.

8.Small watering pot

Small-sized, mainly used for wig care, the wig is not smooth, in which there is a mixture of conditioner and water, usually, just tie hair, you can use water directly.

9.Lubricating fluid

Condoms, are the most commonly used, depending on personal preferences, but recommend a female condom, after use without washing directly throw the condom.

10.Female Privacy Launderers

Buy one at will, as long as it doesn’t expire. Easily do not use alcohol, the body with bath fluid what is enough, anal and pudendal mouth, you can use Fuyan Jie, and more targeted.

11.False nails

The armor towel can be unloaded by the manufacturer or bought by oneself. It can be basically used. Disassembly and installation is a technical job.

12.Nail Polish

Look at personal preferences, nail glue should be used a little less, it is best to find a toothpick dipped in, do not directly upside down. Repair fluid is the same.