28 frequently asked questions and answers about sex toys-part two

Q1: Do dolls dye when they wear wigs?

 Buy the wig from normal doll factory directly or distributes from doll factory with the doll won’t dye, the wig that buys from the merchants without quality assurance needs to pay attention to quality problem.

Q2: How often do dolls need to be powdered when they are kept in boxes? 

Doll had better one to two months to be powdered, if give oil much will meeting agglutinate, deal with more trouble at that time.

Q3: How to wash doll’s hair, take it down and put it in the bath water or buy a bath cap to wash it? Is it air dry or blow dry after washing? 

Take down the hair of the doll, soak in the water with a little shampoo rub, rub left to right, do not play circles. Then rinse off the foam with water, then mix the bubbles with conditioner or conditioner for half an hour, remove and dry. The process is simple. 

Q4: Is the remove color paste also corrosive after doll dyeing?

Go lubricious cream can have slight causticity to doll, do not use easily, when dye is serious cannot remedy reoccupy dye cream.

Q5: Is there any effect for large area dyeing of buttocks? How long can it recover?

It’s effective, after the use of general can be intact.

Q6: How long does a well-maintained doll last?

Normally about 4-6 years.

Q7: Can the doll be stressed in one place for a long time? Does sitting hurt? 

Instead of staying in one position for long periods of time, switch to a different position for three or five days, lying on your side, on your back, etc.

Q8: How to deal with the indentation of the doll?

Use hot water, or hot towels, so that it can be restored.

Q9: How should the doll be rubbed with olive oil? Just apply it and wash it?

Wipe with olive oil, rinse with water, and finish with powder.

Q10: Olive oil is edible olive oil?

Olive oil is usually used for skin care.

Q11: How to wash fluid with department of gynaecology?

Wash fluid of department of gynaecology adds water, the close that takes doll to equip next is cleaned implement to suck, spray inside next.

Q12: Can the sex doll stand?

A doll with three screws at the foot can stand.

Q13: Doll ankle bend much, how does the skin crease fold? 

The doll is made of soft TPE material. After a long time of unnatural twists and bends or pressing the doll’s part, it will appear wrinkles or indentation. This is normal.

Q14: Can the waist of the doll be bent? How to pose?

Part doll has waist joint (can bend forward, cannot bend backward, can turn about) new doll joint can be tighter, run in period of time, good. Waist use: press both sides of the shoulder, can turn; Lay the doll flat and press the button with your foot or one hand. Then grab the shoulder and lift it up.

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