Visiting doll factory

Sinthetics, a company that has made a big taste, is located in an office in Los Angeles. The company’s owner, Bronwen Keller, and her husband, Matt, have worked for Sinthetics for many years, and they bought the company last year. They look very good.
Since Sinthetics is famous for his cup, Bronwen showed me (original) a football match with Ron Jeremy’s signature. Its origins are also very simple, a customer asked for an ankle, so Sinthetics made some foot cups, and it turned out to be a fire.

In 2016, Sinthetics wanted to further develop the market, so she targeted women and wanted to design sex dolls for them. In fact, these male sex dolls were originally created by the Keller couples for their customers, but the market is not broad enough. Later, a woman bought a doll, and Sinthetics decided to start producing male dolls for women. They don’t know if women can break the shackles of sex toys, but they feel that opportunities and risks coexist. They also have a private purpose to make sex dolls, Bronwen said it is a passionate project.

Matt will design each sex doll based on the customer’s order. Like most people in the same-sex toy industry, Matt did not intend to enter this field. He studied industrial design at school. For more than a decade, he has worked in the Halloween industry, designing life-size scary decorations, and he likes the job very much. But he said that the high-end company started to go to the public. After his boss outsourced his business to China, he began selling products at Wal-Mart. His handcrafted art became a mass-produced shit, so he resigned.

A friend recommended him to a sex doll making company. He fell in love with this profession, where he was able to make high-end, order-made dolls. Matt said: “Some of our customers said that dolls saved their lives.” A customer received a late diagnosis, so the customer bought a doll in the last few months of his life. For ten years, he is still living well. Matt said: “The customer bought another doll and plans to bury it with these two dolls. Sometimes customers buy dolls because they are too lonely or they have Asperger’s disease (autism without mental retardation) ).”
Customers will take pictures of their dolls and hold a photo contest online. Bronwen first entered the industry because Matt, who was still her boyfriend, needed a secretary to help him with e-mail. Now she runs a business with her husband.

Bronwen took me to visit Matt’s studio, where sex dolls were chained to the ceiling. She pointed to one of them and said, “This guy will surf, and that will be freckled.” She said her finger moved to another silicone man’s vein.
His veins are very realistic, and Matt will study the human body for a long time in order to achieve this effect. Once, Matt didn’t know how far the egg and chrysanthemum should be set. As a member of the obsessive-compulsive family, he consulted many books and finally found the answer in the sex shop.

The pencil size of the sex doll will also be made according to the customer’s request. Since the email couldn’t make it clear that some specific feelings, Bronwen would mail the customer a reduced sample of silicone eggs and silicone heart for the customer to understand. Some customers want sex dolls with small pencils, but so far there are basically no pencils men will let Matt model their pencils. Bronwen said: “We are looking for smaller pencils.”

The couple have made changes to the products they designed for women. Matt’s silicone men usually weigh up to 49 kilograms and 175.3 centimeters tall, but female customers’ sex dolls are usually smaller. After all, no women will call female friends and let them help move a sex doll.

Although many people think that sex dolls developed by companies such as Sinthetics are terrible, Matt and Bronwen insist that people will eventually establish relationships with these dolls. In their market, Sinthetics has begun to use “manikins” to replace the term sex dolls in order to counter the negative effects of product names.

Matt isn’t sure if women will buy sex dolls like Kidd and Straight, but the company’s previous adventures have paid off: after all, Matt didn’t think it would be so popular. In their office, I also saw a container filled with pencils. Bronwen said: “We sold a lot of pencils.”
These pencils come in different sizes and surface treatments. Bronwen took a bag of giant pencils and said that one of the pencil models was Matt’s pencil, but she didn’t say which one.

Matt has read a lot of information in order to make a realistic doll, but he still doesn’t know how to make a realistic foreskin. He also said that pencils are always the hardest to do. When Matt modeled the pencil, he needed the model to erect for an hour or so, which was almost an impossible task.
Like Greek artists, Matt will spray a male doll with a spray gun in a separate, all-white room for a long time. In order to make the male doll look attractive, he has to draw many layers on the mannequin. Because men have a lot of body hair, male dolls are more complicated than women.
Matt scientifically breaks down the doll making process so that his three employees can help him speed up the production process, which often takes six months. Bronwen thinks it’s time to make this sex dolls their high-end products. Bronwen said: “Many mid-range manufacturers think their high-end product makers are funny because they are not at all.”

Matt also agrees with this statement: “They are just manufacturers, and we are artists.”