TPE Sex Dolls Skeleton Repair

In general, the skeleton of the TPE sex doll is the most difficult part to repair. If you just bought your doll, you can try to contact the manufacturer to help you replace it. If the doll is not within the scope of the service, then you can try this tutorial to repair the skeleton of the doll. Because the skeleton of the doll must be cut the skin of the doll,then the inner metal skeleton can be seen. And some parts may have to withstand a wider range of deep cuts.

First you need to find a schematic diagram of the skeleton that matches your love doll, to understand their structure and connection, which you can get at the manufacturer of the doll or by Google. Once you find where the skeleton accessory you want to replace, you can do it. Take the repair of the doll thigh skeleton connection as an example.

Put a layer of cloth on the legs to protect the surrounding area and then arrange the tools. The cutting tools are best to use scalpels or wallpaper knives. It is necessary to cut the flat color of the sealing film to facilitate the adhesion.

It is the best solution to remove the thigh skeleton link and take it to welding. Finally, clean the internal foam slag that has fallen before, and then stick the wound with a silicone glue, and fix it with a transparent tape.

Usually, when the weld breaks and you re-weld the area, the area tends to break again due to metal fatigue. So you’d better contact the supplier to replace a new sex doll or replace the skeleton part.