Sex toys also need to be intelligent and begin to use VR to free their hands

There are several basic human needs: eating, sleeping, and having sex.

However, seeing that you have so many singles, and the quality of life of people in the new era has improved, but the physical quality is deteriorating, so except for the first demand being greatly met, I am afraid it is difficult to achieve the second or third.

Today, I will introduce an absolutely explosive product to save your passion hormones that are about to pass away.

Smart electric hip

It is said that as a man ages, his aesthetics for women will shift from the upper part to the lower part. A mature man will think that the sexiest part of a woman is the hips. They appreciate the waist-hip curve of a woman. A perfect hip-up can quickly evoke a man’s desire, and twisting the hips when walking can highlight the uniqueness of a woman. A variety of styles

And playful and cute

Well, lonely men and women, your blessing is here.

One of the world’s top five sex product manufacturers, TopcoSales’ fashion sex brand “69” has released a smart electric hip to help otakus improve their “sex”. Unexpectedly, sex toys are all intelligent, and the service of technology to human beings is meticulous. Let’s take a look at how this “unseen” smart sex product “plays”.

The “69” smart electric hip uses the world’s top virtual skin biomimetic material CyberSkin, which is synthesized by a number of American electric hip dancers. The advantage of this material is that it can guarantee the original touch to the greatest extent, and let us have unlimited in feel and appearance. The sensory stimulus brought by approaching the real human body.

This smart electric hip has a built-in heating function and can automatically heat up to 37 ° C. At the same time, the research and development team found an interesting combination of electric hip-hop dance and fun, so after collecting data from more than 100 electric hip-hop girls in the United States, it added the function of electric hip-hop synchronization, and built a large number of videos to follow the music. Perform rhythmic movements.

If girls are interested, they can buy an electric hip-hop dance and show it to those who need it.

Combined with the matching APP, you can adjust the electric hip mode as you like. It has four functions: clamping, absorbing, shaking, and shaking. The picture is too fresh …

If you want more excitement, you can use it with VR glasses. This 3D VR glasses with “69” smart electric hip is the first domestic product that combines virtual reality and emotions. You can feel the phenomenal level by uploading your favorite videos Three-dimensional interaction. Now you can send a few people to do shame in the open at home …

There are many styles for you to choose, not bad for the hips!

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