how will the advent of sex dolls affect men

General characteristics of sex dolls

(1)Her eyes、nose、mouth、size and height are just like the man of you dreams.

(2)she is just your type,she doesn’t get old,she doesn’t get fat,she doesn’t make trouble out of nothing.

(3)she will not spend money,not defeated,you earn less,she does not mind,you earn more,she does not cheat,she always against you loyal.

The arrival of the sex doll is a foregone conclusion

Harmony,the country’s first truly artficial intelligence sex doll,can be black,white or asian,she’s made of silicon that mimics human anatomy and even has a body temperature.

In character,she can be a shy ignorant girl who needs you to teach her,or she can be an experienced sexy woman who gives you tips,or she can be a little rogue who occasionally makes fun of you.

Sex with dolls could be addictive and could even replace human sex altogether,experts have warned.

partner robot developer serge santos told the media that he is working on a plan to have a baby with his robot partner samantha,he has long argued that human-robot marriages are only a matter of time,and will be common in the future.

Would man like to try a sex dolls

In recent years,thank to the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of bionic technology,previous silicone dolls can evolve into robots with mechanical skeleton and AI system,which are infinitely close to real people.

in fact,there are a lot of developed countries that are developing arguably more realistic sex dolls that,in addition to not being able to clean and do housework,can talk,have emotions,and even have emotions just like ordinary people.

in the sample of 12000 people around the world,nearly a third of men would give up trying to find a girlfriend in real life for a sex robot,what is it about 12000 people who make this choice.

first of all,it is worth mentioning that sex doll in many ways than the real girlfriend, has a congenital adventage.i think a lot of people are not wiling to accompany the girlfriend to go shopping,when playing games do not like to have girlfriend to disturb,so the adventages of the robot reflected out,they do not need to accompany,do not need to coax,will not disturb you to play the game.

for many straight men,this is the life partner of choice,and they can tailor their looks to the needs of their clients,which is believed to ba aboon for many otaku.

the appearance of sex doll can be infitely beautiful,but she is not a soul,love is not only the content of the body,more important is the collision between the souls.

so the sex dolls is in the development,she is also just an intelligent sex toy,people still want to fall in love with real people.