Sex doll makeup

Have you seen the sex dolls?

Because TPE dolls need to constantly make up makeup, the natural makeup powder deposition is getting thicker and thicker, so it is time to give the doll a refreshing skin.

Today, big cleaning was carried out. In addition to the eyebrows, she cleaned her. In the past, adjusting the eyeball angle or changing the eyeball for the TPE doll was a big project, because it would damage the makeup around the eyes and even damage the eyelashes.

1: powdering, and a very light lower eye shadow

2: Added eye shadow

3: Complete the eye shadow around the eyeliner and the eyes

4: Put a very light blush

5: Lipstick on the map, and the secret painting I invented myself, to make the doll more beautiful.

6: Stick the eyelashes, and you’re done.