Do you know TPE dolls?

In general, how much do you know about TPE dolls?

TPE dolls, one is to completely imitate the human body structure, change the mold, make the chest and abdominal cavity (the cavity can be slightly smaller). In this way, it is possible to save raw materials and reduce costs as well as reduce weight. If the doll has a chest cavity, there are many articles that can be done in the future.

Second, the metal bracket inside the doll can be changed into a metal hollow tube (such as an aluminum tube) with a certain diameter. In this way, it is possible to increase the maturity of the doll, as well as save TPE material and reduce weight.

But you remember, cotton or air, all belong to inflatable dolls, and the inside contains metal skeletons, all of which are physical dolls.
The higher the height of the sex doll, the more you must buy the stand-up, otherwise, the footsteps will hurt the silicone, so the overall is not very beautiful.