Some advice of sex doll manufacturers

Many problem after the purchase of a sex doll has always been a concern of most users, even because there is no good solution to this problem and it cannot be purchased temporarily. Buying some outfits for your doll can be one of the best ways to have a realistic experience. Both actions of dressing and undressing your doll will help to build intimacy, and make your doll appear more real.

Warming up a doll to near human body-temperature is also an awesome way to improve the pleasuring aspect you derive from sex with your doll, and it is very easy to attain. The only need in this case is some warm water. Washing your doll before use is a great way to integrate this into your process and make sure your doll is as clean as a whistle before usage. In the event that pre-washing your doll is too complicated, there are also electric warming tools that you can purchase.

real doll

Finally, how to collection problem. The height of the lifelike sex dolls ranges from 1 meter to 1.7 meters. The built-in metal skeleton can not be folded when stored. Therefore, the height is more difficult to store with the increase of height. In this case, the sofa box can be considered. The appearance is the sofa. People can’t see what it is. They don’t know that this sofa can actually be opened, and it is also equipped with hidden locks.