30,000 years ago, sex toys, our ancestors more than we will play

You should know, since ancient times human beings for sex fascinating. The original cave is certainly human nature way to conquer his first wife, and enjoy sensual pleasures. You may be quite Adam and Eve broke the taboo criticism, but there is no satisfactory sex is no humanity, there is no such magic inventive.

In any case, the fact is that sex toys have a very long history, the United States and even Bijierjia (spread of epic character than 4000 years ago) is still long. If you do not believe, see these old-fashioned sex toys on display below.

AD 33000 years ago

This wood carving was found in a German cave in there, can be regarded as “the earliest pornographic material” was. Why? This obviously is a pair of exaggerated breasts and vulva. At that time people can not get “Playboy”, so it can only carve their inspiration in the wood.

Year 26,000 years ago

The credit belongs to the Germans again. The famous caves Fels Cave in the figure above what was found in the Ulm region. Scientists estimate that this thing is the ice age sex toys. I have to say it should be understood that those ancient people, at least you have not been found bare lower body awkwardly hiding in caves in the winter.

AD 500 years ago

Greeks-a passionate ethnic group. At that time, the Greeks had to abandon women and leave their homes to participate in the fight. They needed to find their own pleasure in an environment without women. Don’t believe it? Look at the vases left by them carrying women holding men’s big pencils.

350350 years ago

 Famous dating guide books. Lovers should try every pose described in the book and practice more.

500500 AD

This is a geisha balls. If you don’t know what they are used for, you should check out Fifty Degree Gray (a famous erotic novel). These are used for irritation ** and rubbing the vaginal wall. It is also probably the earliest tool for Kegel’s sexual movement (a yoga-like OX pose).

1400AD 1400

Renaissance paintings not only famous but also to the Italians for the first time tasted the feeling dildo. The figure stood a group of women who just got one of his toys. It is made from wood, difficult to avoid scratches. You probably can imagine how much they use lubricants – probably was doused with olive oil because of a lot before use.

1400AD 1400

Can you imagine the feeling when the kid’s candy was snatched it? They will try to hide the candy. This is the result of a large number of manufacturing these appliances Victorian abstinence. This leads men to pent-up desire for more sex.


(# You think this is a manual Morse radio button do?)

The doctor George Taylor is so famous that even Hollywood movie broke a theme to tell the inventor. He invented the first vibrating device. It is driven by the steam engine, which aims to women endure “exhausted.” In fact, he is not very smart, he could have used his pencil to treat patients rather than using this little machine.

AD 1898

Activate the iron horse to make life better and happier. Well, that seems to be the case. Men and women ride on it-for good health ~

AD 1941

The Nazis did not look cute doll is the world’s first sex doll. This is tense and troops swap boring product life. These toys allow soldiers busy all day.

The year 1994

For this device, every man is knowledgeable. But the only problem is that when a user reaches a climax, grabbed each other’s hair can not enjoy it.

The year 1998

Rolls Royce Vibrator-Some women chose to live single because of this invention. The electric boyfriend was more loyal to them than B.O.B (a rapper who was popular with women at the time).

AD 2009

Sex toys have been integrated into smartphones. This is the MyVibe app available on the Apple market. Now, your phone can be more than just your best friend. If you beg on your phone, it will be willing to be your boyfriend.
AD 2012

This thing has been out for a while, but it has only recently gained popularity. Put the white pad in your underwear chest pad. These little white pads have mini vibration modules inside that can stimulate your most sensitive parts of the body. All you need to do is to suppress your expression when using it in public.