Would you like to buy a physical doll as a girlfriend?

Japan has a wide variety of sex dolls for virgin men and magicians. Experienced old drivers must be very familiar with the company of Eastern Industries. Their products have high values, good quality, and natural prices. The housemen laughed and said that if they were forced to throw out the “Final Fantasy”, they would scare the passerby ABC. In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the establishment, the official held a special doll show. 18 banned cartoonists have bought this kind of doll, I did not expect that I am allergic to the material of the doll, too close to be eczema, and finally only put the stockings and long gloves on the doll to carry out intimate behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to be cautious in dealing with intimate contact. For the sake of the body, we must pick good quality. Oriental Industries was established in 1977 and is an old shop in Japan. At that time, the dolls sold in the market would be leaky, and compared with the real people, the company was established to overcome these weaknesses, and it was mainly for people who had difficulty in rolling sheets. Later, it was promoted to the elderly, single dogs, and married but single-persons. Because their goods were too realistic, they were suspected to be dead bodies and were repeatedly inspected by the police. In order to avoid such troubles, if the customer wants to throw away the doll, the Eastern Industry will send someone to recycle. Due to the high price, they also provide rental services, which can be described as sound special customs. In order to make realistic dolls, they also hired stylists and dental experts in various fields.
The case occurred in Russia, where the local police asked a very famous local scholar, Anatoly Moskvin, for a case. But when the police walked into the scholar’s home, they found it very wrong. The scholar clearly does not marry and have children, but there are many life-size dolls at home. The police felt that things were very embarrassing, so they began to search in the scholars’ homes. As a result, in this scholar’s home, there are not only many life-size dolls but also many toys and costumes for children. After a thorough search, the police found that these life-size dolls were not only very realistic but also had a strange taste. After investigations by the police, it was discovered that these were not dolls at all, but dolls made by real human bodies. Anatoly was covered with lacquer and other substances on the body to cover up the original appearance of the bodies.

Later, when confirming these bodies, the police found that the bodies were all in their teens. The scholar also admitted that he did this because he lost a very good partner in his teens, and he hopes to retain his friends in this way. Anatoly has been fighting these acts for more than a decade. He has stolen hundreds of bodies and some of the bodies that could not be saved successfully will be stolen back to the cemetery. Anatoly will also have afternoon tea with these dolls. He stated that he had no special thoughts about these dolls, just wanted to be with them. However, it is obvious that such an approach is not accepted by everyone and has violated Russian law. This amazing thing is really terrible! Penguin feels that if the gentleman really likes the doll, he can buy an inflatable doll or wait for a big hand! Although the price is expensive, it will at least not be taken away by the police uncle.