Which part are women most attracted by men?

Men usually look at a woman’s body, face and chest, but when women choose a man, what parts of him do they appreciate? This is the answer all unmarried men want to know. After all, when we let women look at men’s body, we can give them the right medicine to fully show the parts we are appreciated by them. Maybe unmarried men will get satisfactory results on the way to find girlfriend or date. With this problem, I have discussed it with many women around me. Although women of different ages give different answers, at least some conclusions can be drawn from their mouths. Let’s find out, when our sisters appreciate men, which part of men should they look at first?

1、 Clean hair: don’t think that after a woman has seen a man’s facial features, she begins to pay attention to the part under his head. No, men look good or bad. Although this is the first impression of women, in fact, many women don’t care about men’s appearance. After all, women value men’s abilities and talents. If they only live in embroidered pillows, it’s the biggest sorrow and pain for women. The first thing a woman see is a man’s hair. Why his hair? Because they don’t want to be friends or have sex with a man with greasy hair. Because sex toy are more attractive than that.

2、 Overall facial features: after all, people rely on appearance to attract people. Beautiful appearance is more attractive. Women don’t just love men’s wallets and power. In fact, in the process of choosing men, they also attach great importance to the appearance of men. Only beauty can satisfy a woman’s vanity. In fact, everyone has such a mentality that they are willing to go with beautiful people. It also seems to have their own taste. So, handsome men are definitely women’s natural killers. I think handsome men have to kill women of all ages. Even the choice of a sex doll needs to be aesthetic.

3、 Clear eyes: they all say beautiful eyes can speak. Don’t misunderstand that it’s just about women. People’s eyes can also speak, some people’s eyes can be deep enough to let us fall into it, as deep as the sea; some people’s eyes are floating, such people’s eyes are doomed not to be lonely for you; some people’s eyes are dull, like the scarecrow lost his soul; some people’s eyes can reveal his inner world, such as courage. Be generous, timid, shy, or evasive. If a man’s eyes are always smiling, it proves that this man will bring happiness to his woman, because he is always humorous and makes you as happy as a cloud.

4、 Powerful arm: it is said that a man’s arm is a symbol of strength. If a man raises his hands and feet in a soft way, it really doesn’t interest women. Men are power, that is to say, they have more physical strength than women. If you have the same arms as a woman, she can also find a same-sex life directly. Men’s strong arms can also protect women. When you hug her tightly, a girlfriend will feel safe and protected. As a result, the arm is covered with muscle and fur, which is the most attractive arm for women.