Why ban your husband from purchase sex doll

In long-term marriages, more and more couples have no sex. Sex dolls are a good gift to maintain their long-term relationship, and they have prevented many couples from breaking their marriage. Although sex doll can stimulate, they are still different from sex robots designed for much more complex sexual acts or interactions. Sex dolls are just toys that your husband can use to masturbate while you’re away.

TPE and Silicone sex dolls are both durable but it also depends on how they’re used. They have to be taken care of properly in order to increase their lifespan. TPE’s advantage is that it is stretchy and bendable, allowing it to prevent pressure-related tearing, and it can reshape itself over time. Silicone material is more rigid, which allows it to withstand more physical damage, but is not nearly as stretchy as TPE so it can break and tear more easily from stretching.

tpe sex doll

Sex dolls are artificial products that can not trigger emotions. Although these lifelike sex dolls, they are obviously not real and can not give your husband compassion or affection. And although they are love doll, they can not sleep with their husband. They only act as sex toys, so your husband would never be emotionally associated with these dolls. Her husband will only use the love doll to satisfy his sexual desires and nothing else. Despite the recent developments in these dolls, they have no human mind and no ability to think.

First tell him that the sex doll may only be used at certain times. These times include; if you are ill or pregnant, are not at home and if you basically do not feel like having sex. Excessive use of the sex doll can lead to loss of interest in the woman. Also tell your husband that the doll may only be used for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. Discourage things like carrying the sex doll around in restaurants, nature parks or shops. The doll should only be used at home and at certain times. Given the immense benefits and compliance of sex dolls, there is no reason to ban your husband from purchase the doll.

The development trend of sex dolls

Sex dolls continue to grow as demand for them grows and some of the most demanding conditions come with them. For example, some people require the sex doll to have a very beautiful appearance and hot body, but also require the doll’s skin to feel like a real person’s skin, both smooth and elastic, so the doll in the process of development, need to continue to improve, so as to be able to meet these requirements.

The appearance of the doll, solved the physiological demand of people, and also good for social security, a lot of people want to abreact their desire when, can use the doll. life-size real doll is the same size as a real person, so it is more popular among men. The development of sex dolls indicates that there is a growing demand for dolls, and only those dolls with a high standard can stand out from others. It and the ordinary inflatable doll is not the same, mainly because it has its own unique use experience, she has even reached the perfect state.

In the future, the doll material will be improved to some extent, so that when people touch it, it will feel like the skin of a real person, which is more delicate and elastic than the skin of a real person. The future development of the sex doll depends on more high-tech, with the help of these high-tech, this doll material USES some chemical synthesis materials, so it can bring the public a better use experience.
The sex doll has a built-in precious metal skeleton that can be positioned in various positions and functions, and the doll can also stand up for various operations. The smart model can also be charged and heated, so that the doll has a temperature all over the body, feel softer and real, and feel more like a real person.

tpe sex doll

In addition to addressing our physical needs, the sex doll can also serve as a companion for us. What is happy and unhappy in life, can be told to the love doll, no longer what is hidden in the heart, the doll is the best listener. In my spare time, can go out with the doll to take photos and record the details of the doll’s life. When you take care of the doll as a girlfriend or wife, you will feel the charm brought by the doll. The doll is no worse than the real person in every aspect, and you deserve the real sex doll.

Short-term and Long-term Storage Recommendations for Lifelike Sex Dolls

Perhaps you have seen many forums or articles discussing lifelike sex dolls that can’t sit for a long time and stand for a long time. Even lying down, the butt will be flattened. The only thing that seems to be no problem is hanging. But with the head, you have to punch in the back. If you don’t take the lead, it’s too scary. And the weight of the doll seems to have to be customized to a special shelf to bear, not everyone has a place to put so many shelves, hanging the body.

Lying flat under the waist, padding a pillow to lift the buttocks. This is the most practical and effective way I think at the moment. Although I have never used this method because I want to make her beautiful on the sofa in the hall, as long as you are not long-term In a particularly hard place, it’s still pretty good. It’s not so serious. Try to lie down or sit in a soft place. Then you can play with her and don’t move for a long time.

If you live in a house that doesn’t need to hide your realistic sex doll, you can choose to customize a doll’s sofa to place the doll on a daily basis, to prevent the buttocks from becoming crushed. Of course, if you want to make it yourself, you can do it. If you don’t want to spend time and money to customize, you can use the above simple method to solve.

It is also very easy if you just want to hide it. You can try to put a sofa with a box, a bed, etc., or buying a large wardrobe is also a good way to collect, do not just throw it at the bottom of the bed. How to store the solid sex doll, some beds are very large, open the mattress, the lower board can be opened and the doll can be placed, and put a few.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅱ-Replicas of dead lovers

We know that sex dolls can treat people’s loneliness, but sex dolls that make a real face need permission. Some customers who feel lonely because they are lost want to be offered a special service to create a replica of silica gel for the dead partner.

This is a design work centered on a customized service. It is possible to create a realistic reality simulation model that is almost identical to the real person. Such companies say that loneliness is a big problem in the UK, which is why we are surprised by such industries and there are still so many needs to be met.

Although we mentioned that silicone sex dolls first thought of “sex” function, in fact people often associate sex dolls with dirty and sexual. Every incoming customer can fully experience the fact that this is not the case. Despite the many different views, they finally lost their loneliness and went to find a custom-made, long-awaited realistic sex doll.

Many of us may not even understand the idea of ​​finding comfort in a replica of a dead lover, but such an approach needs to be understood and gradually accepted by society as a source of comfort.

Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅰ- Companionship

There is no doubt that the origin of sex dolls comes from this. However, in our emotional composition, it is also inseparable from companionship. When we are children, we have all kinds of teddy bears, robot models, anime dolls, and we will talk to them and think that they are living entities. Although this companion is still indispensable to life as we grow older, it is what we have been pursuing.

It is as if we will have pets, love, marriage, and close relationships with the outside world, from dolls to animals , people then to dolls,again. There is no denying the importance of companionship.

When we feel lonely, especially in the real society, the reduction or intimacy of intimate relationships, as well as the limitations of the circle of interest in the life circle, there are many lonely old people who are in need of companionship.

About a 60-year-old man and his six silicone girls. He bought six TPE sex dolls to be used as daughters to raise them. The old man spent more than $10,000 on these dolls, and the six “daughters” had more than 200 sets of clothes. And he does not exceed ten sets. The loneliness of the old man can indeed be alleviated by the doll. Although these love dolls are silent, they give new meaning to him with flesh and blood. When you believe that they are listening, your statement is valuable.

Otakus members of the modern community are often “strange” in terms of sex and find it difficult to express themselves to humans.

In Japan, a new “variety” has appeared in recent years, called “herbivore.” These men have given up on traditional male characteristics, such as competitiveness and decisiveness, preferring a leisurely life. As a result, these new men’s waves chose the realistic sex doll as a romantic companion.

Men who are tired of interpersonal relationships because of constant quarrels and disagreements have chosen the path of the dolls.

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  1. Realistic Sex Doll Owners Ⅱ-Replicas of dead lovers

Realistic Sex Doll Owners-Take you to know real dolls

Sex doll customized as original services of sex doll producers, they were made to provide convenient services to customers worldwide.

Usually defined as sexual agents, although they are much more than that. If a partner can’t play sexual function, so can’t enjoy sex life, but don’t want a lover outside, sex dolls seem to be their partner for the substitute, they can share the close relationship, so usually also solve the couple problem as the toy was purchased.

Instead of spending money and unsafe sex in brothels, erotic massage shops, and strip clubs, invest in a TPE sex doll. There is no need to spend a lot of money to maintain a relationship, and dolls who don’t want to buy food and movies will satisfy all your physical and emotional needs.

You can customize them just as you want them to have tan body lines, tattoos, real hair, manicure, perforations and other details. You can illuminate their mouths with a little light, as if they are smiling, you can make their eyes have a soul. Realistic sex dolls‘ appearance and character background settings will not make you feel that they have no life. In fact, you can find each of their different personality settings on the official website and decide which one to buy. There is always one of many dolls that is right for you. The users who own them can be roughly divided into the following categories, and you can find the answers in the next blog post.

  1. Companionship
  2. Replicas of dead lovers
  3. Spice up your sex life
  4. Enthusiastic at dressing
  5. Medical and model
  6. Consignment of feelings, love is irrelevant

Development of sex doll robot

Not just because of the love itself, but also to express the matter, the festival provides a good expression. Usually like dormant lovers, tacit haunt in the streets, holding hands and hugging, at any time may be ahead of the warning. The human fantasy of love never stops, if you still have time to check your phone on valentine’s day? So come on, who says technology doesn’t have the fun love you want?

The company, which is based in suburban SAN marcos, California, has announced that Harmony, a new sex doll robot, can not only talk but also move. Although Harmony’s head, eyeballs and lips look rather rough and conversational, it is an important part of a new robot revolution in which artificial intelligence (AI) is being incorporated into very human-like bodies. Harmony, founded by Matt Mc Mullen, also has humanoid robots in front of its reception desk, who are dressed in business attire rather than underwear like most toys, waiting to greet visitors, according to overseas tech reports.

The walls of the lobby are covered with pictures of beautiful women, until you look closely at them and realize that they are posters of inflatable dolls. With the increasing maturity of artificial intelligence, can the future “man-machine love” be popularized in reality? At linear toy retailer Neil Slater believes real sex doll robots will become the mainstream of the future. “Technology has always improved over time, and early robot toys still cost more than most people could afford,” he said.

We can configure the sex robot’s personality by using apps that can be built into the robot or independently, such as a virtual human on a smartphone or similar device. Users can choose from a variety of personalities, including temperament, anger and likability. You’ve chosen the “jealous” character for your sex doll robot, who always asks him to delete the girl from Facebook. All bespoke dolls, which resemble barbies with waists and hips and choppy breasts, cater to a particular aesthetic.

tpe sex doll

Sex robots have been around for seven years.From its development process, there is no doubt that it is moving towards the direction of more and more simulation, to simulate human emotions, mind, close to real people. However, the principle has always been to enhance the sexual experience, which can trigger an actual physical response through the brain, or a complete sexual experience in the brain, which is safe and free of the risk of sexual confusion and sexually transmitted diseases. Through this technology, humans can improve their sex lives. But along with it, there are many voices against the existence of sex robots.So are you for it or against it?

5 Tips Help You Pick up a Cosplay Sex Doll

  • Appearance

Thinking from the starting point of cosplay, the first thing to consider is whether the appearance is realistic and beautiful, for the final styling effect and the degree of restoration of the character. There are many different options from the size of the realistic sex doll to the material, which can be chosen according to personal taste.

  • Costume changing

Changing clothes for love dolls is also a factor that can’t be ignored by people who are keen on cosplay. If you don’t want to sweat every time you change clothes for your doll, then you must remember to choose a doll that is easy to move. Since the surface of the doll is not as smooth as the surface of the human skin, there is frictional resistance between the clothing and the contact surface of the doll. Therefore, it is important to select a doll with smooth skin surface. Generally speaking, the material of the silicone sex doll is better. The hard material can make the doll have a good shape and smoothness. The TPE sex doll is the second, but there are also many well-made dolls to solve this problem. Another important point is the ability of the doll’s joint activity to be introduced later.

  • Makeup

In addition to the oil to be cleaned and smashed, the daily maintenance of the doll should also pay attention to the problem of material aging and makeup remover. First of all, to avoid glare, sunlight, light, and ultraviolet light can cause yellowing problems. Use a fine sandpaper film to drop.

  • Skeleton

Soft joints are easy to move, and hard joints are suitable for styling. They are generally used in combination, such as hard joints for elbows on the arms and soft keys for places like fingers. The key points are the waist and ankle, which is the difference between the ornamental and the practical.

  • Weight

In general, dolls with skeletons will be heavier, and the bigger the doll is the more important the material will be. If it is affordable, it would be better to buy a full-size sex doll. Although heavier, from the ornamental to the clothing can be replaced to meet the visual enjoyment, but also a greater range of clothing to choose from, as long as the human can wear ,cosplay costume can be displayed on it. That is why many people use life-size sex dolls to shoot photography.

A Compass that Guides your Safe Sex with Sex Doll

Some adult sex dolls are made from chemicals that are unsafe for the human body. These chemicals can cause itching, burning, rashes and tissue damage.

If you are buying a realistic sex doll made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE sex doll), then you need to consider and check the source of the factory. For example, a qualified factory: no phthalates. A handy technique for checking unsafe materials is the odor test. If the product has a strong odor, this is a good indicator of using cheap, unsafe materials to make it.

This latex material is commonly used to make dildo. It has a pungent odor and often causes an allergic reaction. If you buy a rubber sex toy, be sure to use a condom because it is porous.

But the doll is not contagious, you don’t have to be nervous when using it, you just need to put most of your work before you buy it. Here we have a recommendation.

Racyme sex doll offer you the most guaranteed service:

With medical silicone and TPE material, metal skeleton and flexible joints for many positions, we ensure safely human use.

With DHL, UPS, FedEx and special express delivery channels, it will be fast, stable, safe to arrive at your door in 7-15 days.

Sales directly from the manufacturer with most cost-effective. free-shipping worldwide. Promotional price is even up to 50%.

Order information is encrypted. Confidential parcel shipment. No product details on the parcel, just as a mysterious gift.

Is Your Sex Doll Safe?

What we are talking about here is not whether the sex doll purchase is legal. We judge whether sex dolls meet safety standards, and there are three main aspects of knowledge.There are three basic safety considerations that quality, materials, and designers should be aware of.


The so-called quality assurance, you need to figure out who the factory is and how it is made before buying a lifelike sex doll. If necessary, you can ask the customer service related guarantee regulations to ensure that there is good service after purchase. Because of the sensitivity of the product, many customers do not maintain their own consumer rights after purchase, so you should do a good job before buying.


Whether the chemical composition of the TPE sex doll is harmful to the human body. Although medical grade materials are generally claimed, they are still worth noting the chemical content of the products they describe, thus ensuring the safety of raw materials. Especially for people who are allergic to it, it is more noteworthy. If your doll has a pungent odor that often causes an allergic reaction, be sure to use a condom because it is porous.


The design of sex toys is generally porous. Porous sex toys provide a comfortable home for bacterial growth. Bacteria thrive in these places because they cannot be properly disinfected. If you choose to use a porous toy, always use a condom. Non-porous toys are smoother and have a waterproof surface. These materials do not contain bacteria because they can be sterilized with boiling water and bleach .

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