Why are fewer and fewer people buying inflatable sex dolls


Judging from the sex dolls currently available on the market, it has to be said that the design is quite good. Developed from the first generation of inflatable dolls, it has been innovated and adjusted while retaining its characteristics, and it has been improved. For example, the appearance design of realistic sex doll is more delicate, with the proportions of real people, the eyebrows and eyes are made more vivid, almost the same as the appearance of real people, and the use of TPE materials and silicone is mainly used to increase the touch of the skin of sex dolls, which is similar to human skin , Which can more promote the user experience.

Moreover, sex dolls have more functions. Compared with the rigidity of inflatable dolls, sex dolls bring a very high degree of enthusiasm. Temperature control and sound control have brought great comfort to the soul of lonely people. In a person’s night, there is no need to suffer from loneliness and loneliness, and the company of sex dolls, so that their body and mind can be liberated. , I have to say that this is a good choice to relieve stress and comfort yourself.

Sex dolls have the characteristics of fever and have a better experience when hugging or kissing people. The third-generation sex doll can heat up in sensitive parts, bringing you a real-life experience.

Again, the material of TPE sex dolls is very safe and can be used with confidence. Sex dolls are high-end dolls, made of high-tech materials. It has been strictly inspected before leaving the factory and will not cause safety hazards to the human body during use.

Also, the appearance and clothing of sex dolls are more satisfying than real people. The facial features of sex dolls are very delicate, which can be said to be ideal for many men. The figure is close to perfection, and matching different styles of clothing can show you different characteristics.

Differences between sex dolls and real people

In recent years, due to the increasing pressure of people to survive, many people have not found a suitable partner when they reach the age of marriage or dating. With the increasing number of single men and women, it is difficult for this group of people to meet their physiological needs. Therefore, some people choose some sex toys like inflatable dolls in order to be able to solve their personal needs in daily life. Is there any difference between a realistic sex doll and a real person?

If you don’t know so much about sex dolls, you will definitely have such questions. In fact, this product is modeled after the human body, and the product has a very close structure to the human body. When most people choose an inflatable doll, it is often to meet their actual needs. Few people can really explore the difference between it and real people. If you analyze it in depth, you can find that there are indeed some differences between this kind of sex toys and real people.

For example, some ordinary sex doll have no body temperature, and it is impossible to carry out actual emotional communication. However, as the market for such products continues to develop, more and more high-tech products are incorporated, and some products that can change body temperature and produce sound have appeared. And such products are often different from real skin in terms of material selection. Too much difference. Whether it is the feel or touch, it is very soft and very close to real people.
If there are any advantages over sex doll compared to real people, it is that it can give people a more satisfying experience. Many users are particularly satisfied with this. This is also an important reason for the rapid development of such sex toys.

Sex Doll shopping guide

Realistic sex doll ,One is tpe and the other is silica gel. The craftsmanship is similar. Don’t worry, tpe is relatively rough in the hand (you can wear clothes and stockings), oil will be released in the later period, and there will be peculiar smell in the later period, and the price is relatively cheap. The silicone feels relatively smooth, has no peculiar smell, and is more expensive. There is also platinum silicone, which is more resistant to aging, high temperature and environmental protection than ordinary silicone. In fact, it is silicone. (The first two materials are also It meets environmental protection requirements and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body.) Of course, the price is more touching.

I personally do not recommend it, because it is impossible to distinguish the difference between ordinary silica gel and platinum silica gel for ordinary baby friends. It is easy to fall into unscrupulous profiteers. Trap, while the large Japanese manufacturers cost $6,000 to $7,000 , which is not what I wait for ordinary people to spend (what is not good to buy, what kind of doll to buy), in terms of personal opinion, I want to buy vent toys and buy tpe sex doll , Take pictures, model, be a daughter, buy silicone.

First of all, if you can buy a realistic sex doll, you can buy a big one. If you buy a small one, you must buy a letter. Don’t buy a miscellaneous brand that you don’t know where to come out. I have never heard of it. Some black-hearted manufacturers even use 95 % Of recycled materials are used to make dolls, deforming and smelling, and the dolls are ugly, and you will not have time to cry.

The big factory sells expensive, naturally there is a reason to be expensive, craftsmanship, quality, are very important, the quality control of the big factory can be assured. For small factories, quality must yield to revenue. Because some problems are not serious, they can also be shipped. This is also the reason for the unstable quality of some small factories.

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Do I still need a girlfriend after I have a real doll?

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether a tpe sex doll is realistic or not. Although physical dolls are very realistic, they are not real people. It can’t replace a real person but it looks like a real person. It is very real and has a high value. It can satisfy the sexual desires of baby friends, stimulate their imaginations, satisfy their best fantasy, and make you who are now alone. Have a company.

If you buy a baby as a companion, then it is recommended to buy a silicone material. The TPE material seems to have a bigger taste, and it is not a good experience to sleep with you. Buying a baby to play and develop, this is the correct way to open a physical doll. The doll is really fun to dress and make up, and the photos taken are also beautiful.

The realistic sex doll is very realistic, not only can move the joints, but also has a real-life skin. Then someone may ask, the physical dolls are so realistic, do you still need a girlfriend? I bought a physical doll and can enjoy the pleasure of the live-action version, and this girlfriend does not need to coax, there will be no requirements, and will not betray you.

In general, the ornamental value of a baby is far greater than the practicality of sex.

Plain life, realistic sex doll bring you more happiness.

People living in big cities run around for work and life every day, leading a busy and ordinary life. Without the company of friends and lovers, it seems that our daily lives can only be passed on through mobile phones. In fact, everyone has the need to talk to and needs a friend, but we can’t find such a person. The emergence of physical dolls can solve this problem to a large extent.

Now the sex dolls are no longer pure plastic dolls. The sex dolls made of new materials are very similar to real people. The physical doll made of polymer material feels similar to a real person, and the new generation of products can glow and generate heat.

Although the TPE sex doll can’t speak, they have the magic touches people’s hearts that we can’t imagine. This is a warm and healing story. We hope it is not just in the movies.But fortunately, his family gave him great support. This is where the film has deep meaning.
The most important thing between people is frankness and understanding. Although sex dolls can’t replace real people, but it is a way to try. His realistic sex doll satisfied his physical needs, the need for security, and his desire for love. These are what we all need, but the way each person chooses is different. You may chose sex doll, some people chose computer games, some chose dolls, and some chose sex partners. Sex dolls is just a high quality sex toy that can achieve emotional release and wonderful fantasy.

Realistic sex doll can be our companions in life. When a person is in a rental house, one must hope that someone can accompany him. Choose a physical puppet, he can bring more comfort to your life, no longer let you bear everything alone. With his company, it will bring more comfort to your soul.
Physical dolls can become our loyal listeners. If you first speak out what is in your heart, then you can talk to him. Moreover, the entity doll will not reveal your secrets. It can solve the problem of excessive psychological pressure of modern people. Pour out the garbage in your heart so that you can face life better.
Physical dolls can solve certain physiological needs. If you don’t have a life partner, your physical needs become a big problem. If you don’t solve it for a long time, it will have a big impact on your life and your body. And physical dolls can solve this problem well, with handsome looks and diverse styles, I believe there is always one suitable for you!

realistic sex dolls are usually made of rubber materials, and its existence brings more fun to our lives. There is a huge demand for realistic sex dolls in the adult products market, and many people choose realistic sex dolls to accompany themselves. Although the realistic sex doll is good, it also needs some maintenance, so as to bring us a more lasting good experience.

When choosing a real doll, several things should be considered

The needs of life and emotion have made the realistic sex doll market better and better. In recent years, it has become a classic choice among many adult products. Judging from the processing of real dolls on the market today, it meets the needs of many users. So how do you generally choose? Learn some basic selection knowledge.

Material: If you want to get a comfortable enjoyment from the real doll, of course the material requirements are relatively high. In recent years, the processing and design technology of dolls has been continuously advanced and developed, and the discovery of various new materials has also made up for the lack of feeling in the past. Speaking of materials, naturally, silica gel is the best. Silica gel gives people a more delicate feeling, more similar to the touch of a real person, and can stimulate emotional needs.

Design: The design of the real doll determines whether it can meet the needs of users, whether it is the design of the facial features or the design of the limbs, it is about the golden ratio. As users demand for real dolls, there are more and more styles in design, such as loli type, royal sister type and next-door sister type, etc. You can choose according to your own preferences when choosing. Who is fine and flexible.

Function: The function of the tpe sex doll is also where users need it, and this can be taken into consideration when choosing. Over the years, the functional design of real dolls has changed quite a lot, such as sound and body temperature are all newly added designs in recent years. Of course, there are some other functions, you can consider yourself when choosing to see if it meets your needs and choose high-quality dolls.

The world’s first vocable sex doll

At least in 1922, the dolls had pronunciation function. These bodies are like living men and women, and they can change their postures at will with a simple pressure… This complete set of machines, regardless of gender, is 3000 francs. . The instrument can be equipped with recording accessories to record and play any sound, 3250 francs for men and 3,500 francs for women.

Just like the selfless and harmonious atmosphere in the forum, other countries on the European continent have said to the French: “A good man lives in peace.” Because France does not monopolize this technology, but allows it to spread widely. Since then, sex dolls have not only blossomed everywhere in France, but Germany, Austria and other countries have also begun to imitate them. However, Germany is the cheapest and Austria is the most expensive.

But so far, people still secretly put the realistic sex doll in private to enjoy, but soon a famous artist showed the dolls publicly for the first time, this person is Oscar Kokoschka.

He and his brother Fritz and Lotpinzer created his first doll in 1933.

The main body of this doll is made of a broomstick and part of a metal rod, and is covered with a wooden shell. The difference from the past is that the tpe sex doll is hollow inside. In order to further express his secret desires, Bell disassembled the doll, rearranged its parts, posing a series of suggestive poses to represent his fantasy, and he also took many photos for it.

6 manifestations of men in their “menstrual period”: love to be angry and smoke

Men also have a menstrual period, which is more annoying than the soul of a poet, and more difficult to deal with than a mess after a meal. For them, every certain period of time, there will always be a few days of emotional fluctuations, and even physical discomfort. Medical experts call it a male “low ebb” phenomenon, and some doctors jokingly call it a male “physiological” phenomenon. period”. This is actually a change in biological rhythm, the result of changes in hormone levels. It’s just that some people have obvious rhythms, while others are not. Take a look at how men behave when their menstrual period comes.

   1. Fidgeting

   When a man’s menstrual period comes, he will show restlessness. You ask him what happened, and he says that he doesn’t want to talk, and it keeps you confused. Fidgeting is a manifestation of a man’s inner anxiety. He doesn’t know why he is upset, but he just can’t control himself.

   2. I don’t know what I’m going to do

   For a period of time, men didn’t know what they were going to do or what they needed. He always sits and reads books, but he always flips through the books; or when he watches TV, he tunes in the TV station, and he can’t find what he wants to watch. When going out to eat or go shopping, he also seems undecided, who is usually very assertive, so you can choose for yourself.

   A man during his menstrual period does not understand himself, and it is more difficult to understand others, so don’t let him make up his mind, let him stop for a while.

   3. Indifference

   He suddenly became cold, even indifferent, and didn’t take the initiative to speak when he saw you. When you try to get close to him, he feels uncomfortable and will give you a bad face, thinking that you have influenced him.

   He disappeared, who was usually active and attentive, and became indifferent as if he could not see you. Let him be quiet, don’t disturb him, the menstrual period will pass.

   4. Slurred speech

   You only need to be careful and you will find that for a period of time, the rhythm and intonation of a man’s speech become uneven, his voice is low, his speech is slurred, and may even be accompanied by stuttering. Don’t think that he has become stupid because of some shock. In fact, it is just the most common period of menstruation.

   When a man is in his menstrual period, his nerves will become tense inexplicably, and his words will change in a tense situation, but don’t think that he has done anything to sorry you.

   5. Get angry

  He usually takes good care of you, prevents you from being wrong at all, and does not let you shed a tear. However, he has changed. He gets angry from time to time or is worried about some inexplicable little things. The cheerful smile could no longer appear on his face, and he was frowning all day long.

   During the menstrual period, a man will have an endless fire in his heart. A little trivial matter can become the fuse, igniting the raging fire in his heart, and become angry.

  6. ​​Smoke

   Men always regard smoking and drinking as the best remedy for worry. When they feel unhappy, they either go out to drink and have fun with their friends, or they smoke suffocated cigarettes by themselves, and they are breathing heavily from time to time.

   He hopes to get out of the trough of his menstrual period as soon as possible and restore his optimistic self as soon as possible, but he hasn’t managed to cope with it yet, so he smokes sullen cigarettes and tries his best.

   If you don’t understand your husband’s psychological cycle, you are likely to suffer inexplicable emotional shocks at this time. You will find that without any obvious reason, the beloved man will suddenly alienate himself every once in a while.

   He seems to be very cold, even unwilling to talk to you, always hides aside, or reads books, or watches TV. When you try to get close to your husband, his reaction can be unacceptable. He would dodge and even loudly say: “Go away and let me be quiet for a while.” If you think that love is over, you are wrong. In fact, this is the periodic emotional disengagement caused by men under the effect of psychological “period”, and it is neither his fault nor yours.

   When the husband’s mental cycle comes, his wife should not try to bring him back. Women should use this time to do things that they wanted to do, give him freedom, and let him drift out of your attention. After those few days, he will come back by himself.

   You need to let your husband feel the rich meaning of life, and don’t let him focus entirely on his career gains and losses. If you want your husband to realize that there are many other fun and goals in life besides success and fame, the best way is for the wife to use her own drive to let her husband try as many leisure and entertainment methods as possible, whether it is traveling, fitness, collecting, or piano, chess, calligraphy, and painting. Can achieve this goal.

Of course, the companionship of a sex doll is indispensable, if you want to buy it for your significant other.

Are ‘real dolls’ more than a toy?

When we face difficulties, embarrassment, and unknown, everyone around you reminds you to be more sophisticated, more mature, and more independent. You can’t help but shrink, cowardice, and doubt.

And when we project bravery and self-confidence on an object, we can hypnotize ourselves. As long as we accompany and depend on each other, we can find hope and love, even if we are hurt, we can see the distance. That silicone doll is such a thing.You will know yourself more in getting along with realistic sex dolls.

  1. First of all, its interior is not inflated but solid, and there is no such thing as an inflatable sex doll entity. Only full-size sex dolls can bring the best experience.
  2. The touch feel is comparable to that of real people. The skin’s complexion and delicate luster are also the same as those of a real person.
  3. Because of the structure, the lure real doll is also easy to clean. It can be washed, washed, drenched or sprinkled.
  4. All joints of the real doll are made of TPE material with alloy mechanical support inside, so that they can change posture and experience more happiness.

Is the silicone sex doll out of the need for sex and companionship?

The role of sex dolls is not only in sex, but also in the meaning of companionship. Simply called sex toys or sex dolls, there is a manifestation of defiled dolls. It is undeniable that physical dolls can solve people’s normal physiological needs and give people the pleasure of sex. The appearance of the physical doll itself is similar to that of a real person. This is also the function of the doll to achieve real-life companionship. For autistic or single men, it can give psychological comfort. So it is not only a sex toy, but also a human partner.

Silicone dolls are the product of a person’s fantasy. Some people cannot get the ideal effect in the real emotional life. They hope to use physical dolls to achieve psychological satisfaction, because the real dolls will not resist, be angry, or make trouble with you unreasonably. Compared with the savage girlfriend in reality, the doll is more quiet.

But the doll will not replace the real person, but it can achieve part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, and repair the loss of part of the psychological desire.

There is feedback between people’s real emotions, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. Realistic sex doll, it can’t feedback its emotion, or the feedback of this emotion is only imagined by the user.