The growing technology of sex dolls

In the past few years, TPE sex doll that were once thought to be thrown away like inflatable toys have made a huge leap in quality to improve the durability of their appearance. You don’t have to worry about the insecurity that comes with this relationship. If you think that lifelike sex dolls are a good thing, then over the past few years, advances in technology have led to some disturbing and realistic dolls, and Oriental-made dolls are almost the same as real people.

There are two main material bases for sex dolls: silicone and TPE (thermoplastic). Silicone is considered a high-end material mainly because of its durability and quality of detail. Since life size sex doll have different meanings for everyone, if all dolls have the same voice, it will become a machine. The best way is to make each doll have its own feelings and memories.

In addition to the appearance of common silicone and TPE dolls, there are also artificial dolls. Back with synthetic fibers. A variety of dolls that are different from traditional dolls. There are anime faces and sex dolls just human torso. If carefully treated, platinum-cured silicone dolls can be used for 10 years, while TPE dolls can be used for 3 or 4, instead of about a year, which is a long time.

love doll

For customers, it’s not just about sex … if they live alone, they may It can be lonely. In addition, the sex dolls there help to solve the feeling of loneliness, customers begin to build intimate relationships with dolls, they may start to want to chat with them … and gradually develop a feeling that sex robots will appear in the near future.

Some people think that the softness of flat chested love dolls will make people feel more realistic and feel like touching human skin. Others argue that this is too soft.Tattoos, hair of different colors, eye color, shape, size and different variants of dolls. Not cheap for sex doll. Have you been thinking about buying a love doll, or have you just recently learned about most realistic sex dolls? Artificial human dolls are not only suitable for single men, but also for experimental couples who like to try new things over and over again.