Lesbian Invents Sex Toys: Simple Design Helps Conceive

Semenette is a kind of dildo that can help inject the donated sperm into your partner. Maybe there are many sex toys on the market to help people reach orgasm, but this sex toy can help your pregnancy.

Enjoying the process of creating a new life may be the most enjoyable experience for a couple. Of course, casual sexual relations are enjoyable, but a gender relationship with a sense of mission is even more exciting. You can make one with someone you like. New life is a wonderful thing, but not all people can create new life through sexual intercourse, and some people need to achieve pregnancy through other means, such as artificial insemination. For them, being able to become pregnant It’s even a very luxurious thing. The final successful fertilization of semen through a needle-free syringe is a traditional conception method, but the creation of Semenette has revolutionized artificial fertility. This means that artificial conception is not limited to some medical devices, and people can finally achieve their goals through sex toys. The design of this product is mainly for injecting liquids-it is a dildo that can eject liquids, and its working principle mimics the physiological functions of men.

Stephanie Berman, the designer of this sex toy, wants to have a lovely child with her wife, but suddenly she realizes that for gay partners, a new life is born in a romantic and loving environment. A very difficult thing. She told the media, for them. Not only is sexual intercourse difficult, but they must be able to find a suitable sperm donor to allow one of them to successfully conceive. The tools used in the process are also very difficult to choose from. “Searching” through various channels, Berman said, “My wife and I finally found that there is no suitable tool for us.”

Then her inspiration flashed, “You can think of the scene where you use a syringe filled with semen to prepare your partner with fluid and your partner is waiting by the side. Nothing is more interesting than this. “

But how effective is this syringe? The answer is of course, yes, Stephanie and her partner finally achieved their original goal. “After using it, my wife finally conceived successfully. This is an extremely great moment for me. The truth is that my wife is really pregnant and my” phallus “effect is powerful!”

Relevant research has confirmed that orgasm can effectively promote the success rate of conception. The latest paper published in the Journal of Animals and related research by British biologists R. Robin Baker and Mark A. Bellis also demonstrated that women’s Orgasm and the efficiency of men’s sperm rejection are related to conception.

    Although Semenette is not the first “sex toy“, it is worthy to be called the first sex toy that uses semen in a sterile environment to achieve the goal of a successful pregnancy. And the inner plastic tube of this sex toy can be easily disassembled and cleaned, so users don’t have to worry about cleaning.

    But some people question the value of this sex toy, because there is no reliable source of semen, this sex toy may be useless. “I have heard this kind of question many times, such as asking if we follow the product and we will give you semen.” Inventor Stephanie Berman said, “I want to tell consumers that we do not provide semen. For lesbian couples In terms of you, you can go to the sperm bank or go to someone who already knows what they are willing to provide you with semen. We only provide tools. “Sit down and say” Hey. You can lend your semen What? “Of course this is a very embarrassing conversation. But having someone who is willing to donate semen for you is also a mixed bag. “

    In fact, not only lesbians are interested in this sex toy, so Berman will continue to improve the product in the future to meet consumers’ continuous demand for the product.