Detroit: Become Human – When can we have such a doll?

Recently learned that a game “Detroit: Become Human”, the bionics technology inside is really imaginative, is definitely the perfect life size sex doll in your dreams. What is even more imaginative is that they have been specially designed to really want one. Try to think about it: when you get home, you have a good bath water, a good meal, you can massage, chat, and everything your girlfriend can satisfy, but it won’t bother you, except that you won’t have children, and you should have regular Add blue blood, no shortcomings, no temper, no need to buy this buy, no selfishness, will not dislike you have no money, will not dislike you ugly, will try to take care of your parents, will listen to you telling you Mind, will meet some of your requirements, even if it is a bit abnormal, as long as you are good to her, do not hurt her, she will not be abnormal, is simply a perfect creation, just like the angels arranged by heaven, when can this technology be available?

Maybe not many people, the Bionics in Detroit will appear. Seeing that the current doll robot has developed so rapidly, I believe it will be seen in the near future. For girlfriends and bionic robots, many people choose one to serve themselves instead of serving themselves, just as more and more people choose to buy sex dolls as their partners. It’s more than enough to pay a girlfriend and get a robot to get a robot.

At present, it is impossible to achieve such a perfect bionics technology. I can only buy a solid sex doll. I can help her wash her bath every day, play powder, wear clothes, take pictures, be more likely than her girlfriend, and choose beautiful models. The ideal way to customize sex doll, this will be the best service at the moment.

Unexpected use of inflatable dolls

1.Life raft

When the floods in Australia struck, two 19-year-old thought of using inflatable dolls as a means of escape, but unfortunately they finally failed. In the face of floods, we can only rely on the big trees to wait for rescue. The police warned that inflatable dolls can not be regarded as a floating device. Of course, in the critical moment of life and death, we can not regard this as a child.

The same role of inflatable love dolls was also discovered and entertained by Russians. They use inflatable dolls as floating objects for swimming competitions, but in fact it is more like a game, I mean that they are struggling to get into the water and can really make you happy.

2. Raincoat
For Dutch artists, inflatable dolls can also be made into raincoats. A Dutch artist, Sander Reijgers, made raincoats from recycled inflatable dolls.

3.traffic control
In order to drive on The Carpool Lane, many people use inflatable dolls as their co-drivers. Because it is required to travel more than 2 passengers on such a road, the dedicated lane of the vehicle can be used. This is also for the environmental protection and energy saving of the traffic line.

In China, a woman tells an inflatable doll to be tied to a tree on her front door to distract the driver and slow down traffic. She put on a red dress for the inflatable doll, hoping to slow down the high-speed car in this way, and in fact her practice does work, the accident has been reduced since the woman made a compelling solution.

4. Scarecrow
In order to prevent the radish in the ground from being eaten by the deer, the farmer David Gray from the United Kingdom used the inflatable sex doll as a scarecrow. And said that this method is more effective than the traditional Scarecrow.

Can you believe that he has collected 9 personality dolls?

He said that he only regards the sex doll as an acting daughter. There is absolutely no point in thinking, and he insists that he will not be called “perverted”. What is happening again?

The 60-year-old man from southwestern China has collected nine dolls and said that “my love for the doll is the father’s love”, and his hobby has become a topic in the region, especially since he established a social media account. Show him and his ‘daughter’ to visit local beauty or go shopping for pictures and videos.
So far, his wife divorced his wife more than a decade ago and has spent more than 100,000 yuan ($14,500) on clothing and props such as doll instruments. In order to avoid anyone getting the wrong impression, he stressed that he only took pictures with his doll, and his family had no problem with his pastime.
He said that he never photographed dolls without clothes and did not allow others to do so.

What is the reason for this?
Five years ago, when he saw a female silicon doll, his curiosity was first provoked. When he sold it in Beijing, he called it “so beautiful, so cute, so perfect.”
Due to the price tag of RMB 80,000, he was initially postponed to purchase, but a few months later he decided to take the risk of trying to order online.
He gave his first doll, Xiaoxue, a name. From then on, she celebrated the day she arrived at the home on her birthday and had a piece of cake.
He held a similar celebration of the eight sex dolls that have been acquired since then – four of them were donated by friends after their marriage and their wives asked them to dispose of – but he told the portal that he still likes Little Snow.

After I Saw The Life Size Sex Doll in The adult Exhibition

I have no idea totally for the life-size sex doll until I attended the adult exhibition. For me, it was a journey of exploration sex world. The exhibition displayed various sex toys I never saw. The lifelike sex doll is the most impressive. I finally visited what is going on of this controversy love doll in real. I thought many people judge it via photos from the social media.

100cm adult sex doll

After the exhibition, I had to edit videos, compile pictures back to the office. I found the sex dolls in the photo amazing. They look like celebrities, so pretty and sexy. I had a bold idea. Why not take such art back home?

In the following days, I looked for the sex doll by the images and keywords on google. And I collected some online sex doll stores. I found they have so many options available. You know it can not get in the physical store. The sex doll is too big and heavy. I assume that a physical store just supplies no more than 20 sex dolls. I am free to browse these beautiful faces without peering from the sales clerk.

Finally, I bought a 100cm sex doll, and the site informed me the tracking No. two days later. I felt safe and exciting during the purchase process.

Crave Comfort Relationship? Try Sex Doll

A long time he has single, he craved to own a life partner for good accompany. Hence, he ordered a lifelike sex doll, which the size and shape same as the natural woman. He feels sweet when back home after work. He could not stop anticipating and felt thrilled for a great lover.

love sex doll

From the moment he signed for the sex doll parcel, he was devoted to trying to make the special mate look great. Each time their eye contact, he felt satisfied with the current situation. Of course, the public condemned it was a morbid fantasy. It was a long and not to be understood relationship. Living with the sex doll is not only a weird circumstance, it also reflects the anticipation from the man to an ideal life partner.

lifesize sex doll

The men dream that the female partner accompanies them forever. When they facing a real woman, the men feel more uncertain if they can maintain a healthy relationship than women. The wonderful world is fulfilled with kinds of temptation. The men are upset when the women betray their love.

The lifelike sex doll is not the best path in the sexual life, but it is the relatively convenient and desirable choice for the men.

Sex Dolls Rescue: Taking People out of Pornography

Pornography has dominated the half of the adult industry. whatever you think about the pornography, it is absorbing the booming visitors. Even if it is a taboo topic, but people have to admit its importance in American culture. Apparently, it has been a way of sexual education for young people.

People seem to think nothing of that pornography probably become harmful to health. But in fact, the long-term pornography stimulates to the pleasure center of the brain. It will build an immune barrier that will effectively eliminate the natural reflection of social life. Thus, most of the people addicted to pornography will be hard to remain a long stable relationship. They bring the sexual desire fully to awareness and become the sexual master in the fantasy world. They have the special expectation to the sexual partner. But the real life is not exactly wonderful. They cannot be satisfied the natural sexual experience. It is not easy to engender a sense of acceptance for the female partner, even more, enjoy the intimate relationship.

Don’t get frustrated, though. Obviously, it is less effective to ban the spread of pornography. Then regardless of the prejudice, finding out the resolution to make yourself comfortable and get involved in a happy time.

We found the lifelike sex doll has been decried heavily for objectifying women. Is it reasonable? Sex doll was created to satisfy people’s fantasy. It helps people to get away from sex drive.

All the conversation about sex dolls and women have no sense. Will sex doll break the balance of male and female? We can accept pornography is one of our social cultures, rather condemn sex doll is a product of social stigma.

Sadly, many people are shamed to get a sexy sex doll. They are glad it helps to satisfy their fantasy, on other hands, they feel concerned to be judged by the public.

While it seems to be more acceptable to make use of sex doll to explore sexuality than focusing on an unwilling relationship.