What kind of material is good for buying a doll?

Sex dolls, I believe many male friends know it? There are also many male friends who also have one at home, or are now hoping to buy. So, which material to choose when buying a sex doll is better? Then let’s start with the common sex doll material.

First, what are the common sex doll materials?

1, ordinary PVC material, is like the kind of balloon that you usually see. Feel bad. Work is not good. This is the lowest level of the inflatable doll. The face also posted a layer of plastic star face.

2, a little better plastic, plus some other rubber materials, such as the head and so on. This kind of inflatable doll belongs to the second level, but most of the looks are scary.

3, silicone material, full-body simulation inflatable doll, currently there is no full silica gel on the market. There are two kinds of all-silicone on the market, called Korean girls, which are scaled-down, but it is a very good choice for those who are looking for the feeling of solid simulation dolls.

4, special skin materials. The skin is a layer, another layer of the inflatable bladder, this is the best sex doll on the market in China, the feel and touch are first-class.

A good sex doll is soft and elastic, and the skin is similar to a real girl. It is similar in appearance to real people.

Also, although the role of sex dolls seems to reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the surface, if multiple people use a single sex doll and the disinfection is not strict, it will be a contagious disease. It is therefore recommended that the use of sex dolls should be used as their own.

Tips: Buying dolls are best to buy soft and elastic, but the price of this sex doll is relatively high, depending on the price you can afford.