Do men use sex toys to harm women?

Sex toys can help the sex life between men and women add spice. This is the way to change the boring sex. However, when using sex toys, female friends should pay attention to the protection of private parts. Because the use of some sex toys may hurt your private health, let’s take a look at these taboos.
Taboo 1: enchanting perfume spray

This kind of spray is sold in the face with the slogan of wake-up, but in fact soap and water can achieve the above effects. Experts warn that some of the sprays are made of benzocaine. In addition to causing allergic reactions, they can also mask the odor caused by infection or sexually transmitted diseases, and the user can not seek medical treatment in time to cause further damage.
Taboo 2: Temporary ink

Individual spa and beauty centres offer a five-day vaginal inkjet pattern service, but if exposed to the thin labia, these inks have the potential to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Whether it is permanent, inkjet or printing, if it is to be in the lower striated pattern, it is best to mark it outside the line of the Kennedy.

Taboo 3: Gel gel sex toy

There are many first-class sex toys available, but products made from so-called gelatin compounds (ie, phthalates) have been shown to increase the risk of allergic reactions and even cancer. Another disadvantage is that the surface of the product will form a gap, that is, the cleaning can not remove the hidden microorganisms after use, and thus may cause infection in the next use.
Taboo 4: shame dye

Changing the color of the pubic hair to create a surprise for the male partner seems to be very interesting, but even a specially formulated shame dyeing agent can cause damage. Experts say that the chemical substances in the dyes can cause irritation and cause adverse reactions, resulting in burning, which can not be achieved for weeks.