What are the joys of using a physical doll for the elderly?

The elderly due to the increasingly less physical strength and energy, to participate in social activities, business operation, the passion of life, reducing faded, and feelings of loneliness, loneliness, fear of the unknown on the upcoming elderly life, fear of disease and death is increasing, therefore, the elderly population is eager to can from group activities (such as a square dance, party in the park, etc.), a hobby, and personality, get some attention, and get a real sense of fun.

According to statistics, the cases of middle-aged and elderly people using sex dolls as spiritual “partners” and sexual partners are increasing year by year, which is a thought-provoking “attention diversion” of middle-aged and elderly people’s sense of loneliness, fear of aging and fear of death.


Similarly, due to the emergence of this phenomenon, the whole society has to pay attention to the use of sex dolls, physical sex dolls such as “companion products”, the elderly can get spiritual comfort and fun?

According to the author’s observation, the comfort and pleasure of using sex dolls as “spiritual partners” or “physical partners” mainly include the following aspects.

1、shift your attention.

With the company of “people” around, no matter in spirit or body, they will no longer feel empty and lonely. Therefore, middle-aged and old people will no longer think about life and death, disease, aging and other topics that make people retreat.

Sex dolls, so to speak, divert the attention of the elderly.

2、emotional comfort.

For the elderly, the most important thing is not whether the “occasional” and “temporary” sexual desire has a place to vent, but whether there is emotional support and emotional comfort.

It has to be said that the sex dolls not only divert the attention of the middle-aged and the elderly from the approaching “negative energy” such as disease, aging and death, but also serve as a companion comfort.

3、 the author is of the opinion that middle-aged and elderly people should actively seek emotional support and use sex dolls as “companions”, and as children, they should fulfill their filial duty and encourage their elders (especially single elders) to find their “companions”.

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