This year’s sex toys are brightly colored.

The sex industry is constantly evolving, and sex toys are becoming as diverse as users. In order to attract more users, sex toy manufacturers are also eager to use high-quality silicone materials, a combination of multiple functions, the application of new technology, just to help users open the door to exploratory pleasure.
The role of sex education is increasingly important. It helps people understand their sexual needs and makes the use of sex toys a natural way to live. Today’s developed networks make product descriptions no longer limited to specifications, and more and more products use instructional videos to help consumers understand sex toys and guide them on how to use them.

The strategy director of VooDoo Toys mentioned: “The mainstream media today is not shy away. We can see a lot of articles about masturbation and climax, such as how to use the vibrator to get the climax, what are the benefits of climax, etc. Relevant education articles The constant popularity is also a signal. When you see more and more ins reds sharing their own life details, there will be a lot of sex toys on the mirror, which will allow consumers to see the healthy side of sex toys.”

Joyboxx, a company dedicated to solving the problem of storing sex toys for its users, said in an interview with the founder Deborah Semer: “In the absence of people’s general lack of sexual health care, the pressure on social life is increasing. Start trying to accept sex toys for pleasure and relaxation. Once people realize that physical health is not just as simple as physical functioning, mental health and sexual health will make breakthrough progress. You see, many people are trying to use sex toys. Come to the climax.”