The future of sex: The rapidly developing robot lover

The robot industry, which has been developing all the time, makes people have a good vision for the future life. Nanny robots can handle dirty and tiring housework for people, and production robots can solve rigid assembly line work…But the emergence of sex robots has caught us off guard.

Some believe that sex with a robot is an unrealistic fantasy. But it’s not. Increasingly realistic sex robots have already entered the market, become an important part of the sex industry, and have many loyal fans. In addition, futurist Dr Ian Pearson, who has published a report predicting the future of sex, believes that sex between humans and robots will become so popular around 2050 that robots may even replace human sexual partners.

Although many people are still skeptical about this, however, in today’s rapidly developing technology, robots that can fall in love with humans are no longer far away. On the contrary, they have gradually entered our lives. So will the future of human companionship be a battle between machines and humans?

The future of sex:The rapidly developing robot lover. When you see the word “robot”, you may think of cold steel, hard bodies and mechanical limbs…However, today’s sex robots not only have highly realistic skin and posture, but can also mimic human language and movements and interact with humans in simple ways.In terms of sex, the sex robot has a heating device that mimics human body temperature, creates a sense of touch with electronic sensors and vibration systems, and a synthetic sound device that makes sexy sounds.

The origins of sex robots can be traced back to the 17th century, when Dutch sailors made dolls out of leather and old clothes for masturbation. These dolls gradually became sex dolls designed to meet people’s sexual needs. Later, sex dolls developed into inflatable dolls, but their durability and sense of experience were lacking, so manufacturers began to slowly improve the authenticity and durability of the dolls in order to further expand sales.At the same time, newer robotics technology has become a major direction for manufacturers to develop sex dolls.The first generation of sex robots, the RealDolls, were made in the United States, and despite technical limitations, such as rigid communication and simple vibrating devices, they felt realistic, like human skin. So, even if it’s expensive, it’s not going to stop it from becoming one of the hottest sex toys.

In the late 1990s, sex robots entered a phase of rapid development. In addition to the United States, Spain, Japan and other countries are not far behind. Barcelona’s Dr Serge Santos has developed Samantha, a sex robot that can switch between sex and family mode and can talk to users about philosophy in addition to daily chats and satisfying their sexual needs. Apan, long one of the world’s leaders in the adult-product industry, has also introduced sex robots that can generate personalized faces and bodies based on user preferences.

The sex robot industry is growing so fast, and profits are the main driver. The first generation of sex robots, the RealDolls, were priced at about $7,000 to $9,000 when they first came out, but the high price didn’t dampen buyers’ enthusiasm, with more than 1,000 people booking in a short time. According to preliminary estimates, the sex robotics industry is worth $30 billion and growing.

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