Telling sex jokes before intimacy can ignite passion

In your sexual life, There are many different ways to express love. According to the Indian Times recently, a little more laughter can make the bedroom full of humor, more can ignite sex, enhance pleasure.

Dr. punocassi gautari, a famous sexologist in India, said that if you find sex boring, you should add some different feelings to sex. “You can use drugs, sex toys, sex dolls, etc. to enhance your libido, and hope that you can stimulate your body’s sexual attraction in a depressed state through healthy laughter.”

Some studies have shown that telling jokes about sex can reduce psychological pressure and stir up emotional waves. Before two people in love have intimate behaviors, a happy smile or laugh can lead to positive emotions and resonate. Shermila Gupta, a media worker who has just celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary, said that laughter helps to draw each other’s hearts closer and arouses their excitement when they are intimate with their partners.

For many couples, playing jokes about sex from time to time, talking about their little embarrassment in intimacy, choosing a nickname for their partner only when they have sex, or watching comedies related to gender awareness and cognition are all helpful to relax their mood, make people laugh and make each other enjoy sex more happily.

In addition, the study found that men can extend the time of sexual love by sunbathing for one hour a day. Psychiatrist Marcel pointed out that some studies showed that the serotonin in men with premature ejaculation was not active and secreted less. But if these men were stimulated with light, they could increase the secretion of serotonin.

Dr. Simon of McGill University in Canada pointed out that going out to the outdoors and more sun exposure can improve the level of serotonin in the brain. Even in overcast days, the natural light received by the human body can enhance the effect of serotonin. The effect of “helpfulness” is the best. The United States has also developed a special lamp, which can emit light waves similar to sunlight. Tryptophan is a key component of serotonin. Increasing the intake of this component can also indirectly enhance the effect of serotonin. The tryptophan content in Turkey and banana is very high. You can eat some in moderation.