A great way to improve male sexuality

Men’s long-term bad habits will have certain adverse effects on sexual desire and sexual ability, such as the effects of smoking, excessive drinking, obesity, chronic diseases, and physiological degradation. Especially after men are over 40, their sexual desire and sexual ability will be significantly reduced. So how can middle-aged and elderly men maintain their sexual abilities and improve the quality of life for couples?

Several suggestions for improving sexual ability

  1. Improve initiative and insist on sex. For young men aged 25 to 29, 51% think of sex when they see their wife’s nakedness, but by the age of 45, this number has dropped to only 40%. The study found that 90.4% of men over the age of 60 have sexual desire, and 54.7% have strong sexual requirements. Middle-aged couples should not only have sex when they are sexually impulsive. Instead, they should “do it deliberately”, improve their initiative, and be considerate of each other.
  2. Control the speed. Young people have fast sex and sufficient power, which can quickly produce pleasure, but after middle age, whether men or women, pleasure will come slowly. Therefore, men should not pump too fast, each time they suffocate their strength and gradually reach the climax.

3, regular exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restrictions have a positive effect on sex. People who adhere to regular exercise have a quick response, slow organ aging, and enhanced disease resistance. If you are strong, you will slow down the decline of sexual function. Research by Dongguan Sex Toys Manufactory proves that alcohol can slow down the production of testosterone, and the toxins in smoke can also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.

  1. Insist on zinc, selenium, zinc and selenium combined force to improve men’s sperm quality and sperm motility, shorten sperm liquefaction time, promote spermatogenesis and improve immunity. Only with increased sperm motility can male sexual performance be maintained. Medically, it is recommended that men aged 50 years and older take Yuzhiyuan tablets for 2-3 months, which can greatly promote male sperm production, improve sperm activity, and maintain male sexual function.
  2. Find new ways. The older you get, the more you have sex experience, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to explore anymore. Experts point out that couples also have to work hard to find and create new ways, which can keep sex fresh and also a good way for sex to continue to improve.

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