sex,is the lowest level of inflatable doll function

“An inflatable doll is the last dignity of a man who cannot afford a wife”—-from the enduring commentary of the headlines.

i thought it over,and it was.

Long legs,narrow waist,big chest,narrow shoulders,oval face……

Can be pure and moving,but also sexy beauty yan,it is the boys release prehistorical powers dream partner.

In the past,it had only one drawback,it was easy to leak air.

However,i think most people have a deep misunderstanding about inflatable dolls.


“see a short sleeve,think of the white arm,immediately think of all naked”-lu xun honest not bully me.

But the inflatable doll has been around for decades,does it really live for sex?

No, it isn’t.

Prequel:made in germany

Hitler is the father-in-law of a doll lover.

During the seconed world war,when the larger Numbers of german soldiers were uprooted from the their homes,Hitler realized taht another problem was more intractable than the hardships and suffering of the war.chronic abstinence.

The germans are not willing to adopt the the inhumane comfort women policy,and do not want to be like the british solders,”let’s bend it together”.

in the later years of virgo,Hitler and ss chief himmier figured out that we should just make our own girls!

In 1940,Hitler personally ordered that the plan to have a girl be started by the German health center,known as the ”berghield” project.

Hitler also described his image of a girl with white skin,blonde hair,blue eyes,and sex breasts,whose height was set at 176cm.

The”borghilde” researchers of the day,the doll Hilter requested was reproduced as follows:

After a struggle,the berghield team persuaded the future to abandon the line of perfect star dolls.

instead,he chose the vulgar appearance of “water-based yanghua,you would like too see pa”.his height was also relaxed to 168,176 and 182 models.

On September 15,1941,the first inflatable doll was born.

But before the dolls could be sen the front,the germans withdrew from the plan because of the total defeat of the front line.

in february 1945,the allied forces bombed dresden,where the german health center was located.

the ashkenazi doll is broken!

knowing this section of history,you will be able to see hilter’s father-in- law gaze in the sky when you use the inflatable doll.

japanese dolls,eat sex ,make dolls to “understand human nature”

Hilter’s unfinsihed baby business was inherited by the japanese and the americans,but to be honest,the japanese discovered the secret of shy toys much earlier.

and in japenese dolls,with inflatable doll maker …. in dustry the most repersentative(translation,received industry).

back in 1977,36 years after hilter’s factory was bombed, orient’s founder dreamed of”leting every man have the pleasure of being a man” and made its first product ,Hohoemi,smile.

this is so simple,but still achieved success ,which is more determined to strengthen the company, for otasku hands.

in addition to eating Hohoemi’s old books,they spent ten years studying.

in 1982,orient introduced the first second-generation product that shocked japan’s nerds,Omokage.

For the first time,it touches otaku’s g-spot,has latex skin that feels lifelike,and limbs that can even be removed ,allowing otaku to unlock more poses.

do the most important doll is not craft, but read human nature,know”eat color sexalso”,it wasn’t until 1997 that orient decided to kill itself by introducing the three sisters.

it’s biggest breakthrough is the realization of 2019 web celebrity people play the most glib replacement function,for 48000 yen,the user gets a body and three heads,which are self-assembled and replaced,

long hair sexy big sister caihua on monday and tuesday,two gentle straight hair sister youhua on wednesday and thurseday,three younger sister meihua with short hair on friday and staturday.

on sunday? sunday off!7 days a week do you all take tonifying kidney pill to grow up?

orient has been around for years in japan,where competition is fierce.

by the time rivals began to emulate the there sisters ,they had already observed a shift in japan’s post-1980s aesthetic weayhervane,the seconed dimension.

so in 2000,they started a whole new line,fantastic

anime doll!

authenticity,texture,this is 20 years ago!but it has reached new heights in terms of body structure,touch and sound.

for example,the petite jewel,launched in 2001,was snatched up with 20 minutes after its release ,and is still an unattainable goddess in the hearts of many island otaku.

how real are the dolls they make?

real to the teeth!

To add authenticity,orient teamted up with the center for dental research at show a university,where each doll’s teeth are real enough to stand the scrutiny of a dentist.

until now,orient dolls.who are both real and human,have been the last of japan’s nerds.

American doll,a real doll made to look better than an ex-girlfriend ,Across the pacific,the baby business started much later in 1994,art graduate matt mcmullan wanted to make a sculpure with a high degree of authenticity.

at the time,almost all dolls were made of plastic,and mcmullan thought,i should try silicon.

over the course of three years,he created a fully connected skeleton 1997,he was interviewed on a popular show about the doll.”this is the best sex i’ve ever had in my life”,he said”her name iws real doll”.

his real doll went viral as soon as the show aired .

mcmullan then decided to make the doll his life’s work,seeling realdoll dolls for$3500.

of course,it was a logical progression for mcmullen to set up abyss creation ,the now most powerful doll company in the us.

it’s greatest contributionin the history of dolls is to industrialize the production of silicone dolls with ultra-high fidelity,turning dolls with ultra-high fidelity ,turning dolls from the toys of the rich into mass lovers.

in the abyss’s creation factory,the dolls are like assembly line parts.

following in the footsteps of their japanese counterparts,abyssden also pursues the turn of dolls.

splashable skin,soft tongue and white,hard teeth all add up to just $6000.

deep creation of the human body reaearch to the extreme,here,every detail can be customized,only to make the perfect goddess in the heart of the customer.

top up enough,you are the god who can pinch people.

on their website,you can find:

11 different body types,31 face models,30 chest types,more detailed eyebrows,tattoos,piercings,even throat depth….

but the abyss also has its principles.

no amount of money,no children’s dolls,no celebrity dolls(a client once offerend millions of custom fees to make a live johnny depp doll,but refused)

in the history of doll manufacturing,it is abyss creation to prop up the american real doll with one action,survived the era of orient hengermony.

the demonized inflatable doll,when it meets artificial intelligence .

which is better,the japanese or amercian doll industry?

it wasn’t clear untill 2013,but in recent years,american dolls have been able to pull away from rivals with the power of technology.

abyss creats the most amazing work,hidden in their future laboratory,the partner doll,can love ,has the body movement and the reaction,can remember you to like,simultaneously has the top-notch manufacture skill.

how boring it would be if we built a robot and programmer it to be nice to you,to think about you exactly the way you want it to be.

so the doll created in the abyss belongs to the future companion doll,which has a variety of natures to choose from,such as tenderness,shrewdness and even frigidity.

users can set the doll’s emotion and character according to their own preferences.

you can lower the “interaction value “to make her a pure female student.

then ask wildly,do you like sex?

it will send you a nice card right away!

deep creation decided to make the AI doll because her body had reached the peak of its current craft 10 years earlier,then continue to do,that is .”head” and “mold” the difference.

it never occurred to the “doll makers” that the painstakingly made dolls would eventually become”sex tools”.

they want to satisy the highest emotional needs.

we see the inflatable doll always can only see their phsical needs,but behind the company,friendship ,feelings,those who are not worse than the good things,are ignored.

many people are horrified by the idea of living with dolls as real people.

but is more of a demonisation of the inflatable doll itself.

this cross-species feeling is the same as it used to be,with pets as children and objects as objects of affection.

if this objection goes further,it starts to have its own feelings,then this love,isn’t it real?

inflatable dolls,after decades of “evolution”,become the perfect sex toy.

it has only one drawback,”sex with the inflatable doll,only one person moving”

but after ai dolls become the new human emotional partners.

“sex is the lowest function of an inflatable doll”