Smart adult sexual appliances will leak your sexual secrets

You never think that smart sex toys may leak your sexual secrets.

A well-known brand sex toy vibrator is the latest network intelligent sex toy. As long as a smartphone is connected to the vibrator via Bluetooth, your sex couple can remotely control the vibration intensity and vibration mode. The world is connected.

It’s very cool, but the problem is coming. In fact, the manufacturer of sex toys has already collected various parameter data of your sexual life in this process and compiled them into a report. The interpretation of smart sex toy manufacturers is: we need the exact date and time, temperature, vibration mode and type used. These data are mainly used for hardware diagnostics to ensure the safe use of equipment.

I have two problems.

First of all, the privacy policy of this vibrator’s website does not make any statement about the collection of data. (A spokesperson later stated that the company is in discussions with additional security and privacy experts to actively work to update our privacy policy and data collection agreement to ensure the security of our customers’ private information).

But the second question is: Is the data they collect secure?

The company stated that customers can choose to use the mobile APP application anonymously. But the point is that private data for these sex lives have been unknowingly collected. From the user’s point of view, every company must ensure the security of internal information, whether it is a children’s toy, a sex toy, or a smart device.

The company stated on its website: “We can ensure the security of all kinds of private information of our customers. All data transmission is encrypted and stored on a very secure server. All users’ communication records (text (Messages and photos) will be deleted after use, there will be no backup storage. “

The smart sex toys with internet connection are very fashionable now, but if your privacy of sexual life is exposed to the public eye, it is a little funny, but it is sadder.