When hackers focus on sex toys, your data will be “stolen”?

As sex toys become more intelligent, they are now able to calculate calories, get people to locate them, record audio and video, plus Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, people can even remotely control each other’s happiness.
Whether it’s cracking exploring sex toys or DIY new sex toys, people will be able to break taboos and shame, get better sexual pleasure, and more importantly, many revolutionary concepts created by hackers, targeting a few Crowd innovation, mainstream big companies can hardly see or realize similar ideas due to their various restrictions.

This also opens the door to hacking toys. In the SexTech hackathon and DIY sex toy workshops where most hackers in the sex field gather, more and more hackers spontaneously form communities to find new ways to write sex toys together, and some are carried out with the support of adult sex toy companies.

Therefore, when we buy a sex toy or sex doll, we should first ensure that it meets the standards for safe use, and then we must check the device’s privacy terms and data collection policies, and have a strict sense of privacy protection at all times.

But when intelligence becomes embedded in the tools of our lives, the privacy crisis will only continue to expand. This is still a difficult problem that cannot be curbed now. The only way we can completely avoid it is to stay away from intelligence, or until there are more intelligent ways to solve it.